Number of people with the title of Administrative Dir Healthcare:57
Maximum Salary$ 200,000.00
Average Salary$ 144,881.30
Minimum Salary$ 112,255.46

Title Results for Administrative Dir Healthcare 2015-16
NameTitleDeprtment FTR (Salary)GF (Amount from General Fund)
Keiser, Joan AAdministrative Dir HealthcareHealthcare Policy and Innov-IHPI$200,000.00$0.00
Moore, Kathleen AnnAdministrative Dir HealthcareUMH Nursing Administration$178,972.15$0.00
Bandy, Kenneth PAdministrative Dir HealthcareUMH Nursing Administration$175,179.36$0.00
Smith, Sharon LeeAdministrative Dir HealthcareUMH Nursing Administration$174,379.22$0.00
Markel, Dorene SAdministrative Dir HealthcareDean-s Office$174,379.20$8,719.00
Bodewes, Cynthia AnnAdministrative Dir HealthcareUMHS Rev Cycle (PTO)$169,506.41$0.00
Moote, Marc JasonAdministrative Dir HealthcareUMH Chief of Clinical Affairs$164,603.98$0.00
Pousak, MaryAdministrative Dir HealthcareUMH Nursing Administration$164,000.00$0.00
Fortune, Shane EAdministrative Dir HealthcareExecutive Administration$161,084.58$0.00
Dechert, Ronald EdwinAdministrative Dir HealthcareCW Mott Resp Therapy$160,033.39$0.00
Widmann, SusanAdministrative Dir HealthcareCW Mott Administration$160,000.00$0.00
Blanc, VictoriaAdministrative Dir HealthcareRsch Strategic Plan Wk Streams$159,960.54$0.00
Peterson, Melissa AnnAdministrative Dir HealthcareUMH Amb Care Admin$159,960.54$0.00
Zahn, Deborah LynnAdministrative Dir HealthcareUMH Amb Care Admin$159,960.54$0.00
Holmes, Jennifer A GAdministrative Dir HealthcareUMH Adult ED Admin$158,832.98$0.00
Brewer, Karolyn BAdministrative Dir HealthcareUMH Home Med Admin$157,841.00$0.00
Chang, ConstanceAdministrative Dir HealthcareRsch Strategic Plan Wk Streams$157,209.38$0.00
Murphy, Anne LAdministrative Dir HealthcareUMH TC Administration$156,322.70$0.00
Palma-Davis, LaVaughn MAdministrative Dir HealthcareMHC Administration$154,686.00$0.00
Nugent, Bev LAdministrative Dir HealthcareMichigan Health Corporation$152,850.00$0.00
Komorowski, Debra ElaineAdministrative Dir HealthcareFaculty Affairs$152,238.11$0.00
Neff, Alison MAdministrative Dir HealthcareUMH Amb Care Admin$151,969.06$0.00
Gebremedhin, Lia TadesseAdministrative Dir HealthcareObstetrics and Gynecology Dept$150,000.00$0.00
Penoza, CarleenAdministrative Dir HealthcareUMH MCIT App and Implem Svc Adm$147,000.00$0.00
Samborski, Tami NoelAdministrative Dir HealthcareUMHS Rev Cycle (PTO)$145,727.88$0.00
Christensen, Arthur CAdministrative Dir HealthcareUMH Oper Rooms - Univ Hospital$145,660.73$0.00
Rutledge, Leo MAdministrative Dir HealthcareHealth Svc General Operations$145,222.35$0.00
Carleton, Julie AnnAdministrative Dir HealthcareUMHS Hlth Systm Planning$143,639.23$0.00
Wong, Cassandra KAdministrative Dir HealthcareBRCF Administration$142,536.50$106,902.40
Offhaus, Heather MAdministrative Dir HealthcareGrant Review and Analysis$142,188.00$0.00
Konkle, Mark AAdministrative Dir HealthcareUMH Resp/Cardiov Svcs$141,680.09$0.00
Cayen, Lisa LynneAdministrative Dir HealthcareUMH Amb Care Admin$140,694.01$0.00
Crane, Stephanie AAdministrative Dir HealthcareUMH Home Med Admin$139,665.57$0.00
Wilson, Heather MarieAdministrative Dir HealthcareUMH Office of the COO$138,705.00$0.00
Ogletree, GlennAdministrative Dir HealthcareUMH PACE$138,024.00$0.00
Lanava, Kathleen MarieAdministrative Dir HealthcareUMH Office Clinical Safety$136,869.54$0.00
Young, Vicki EAdministrative Dir HealthcareUMH Office Clinical Safety$136,869.54$0.00
Parry, Juanita SueAdministrative Dir HealthcareUMH Nursing Administration$136,634.46$0.00
Shever, LeahAdministrative Dir HealthcareUMH Nursing Administration$135,209.32$0.00
Pryce, SusanneAdministrative Dir HealthcareUMH Office Clinical Safety$135,030.44$0.00
Chervenak, Linnea ChristineAdministrative Dir HealthcarePopulation Health Office (PHO)$135,000.00$0.00
Mann, Thomas WAdministrative Dir HealthcareUMH MI Visiting Nurse Assoc$134,913.94$0.00
King, HilaryAdministrative Dir HealthcareUMH Office of the COO$134,900.05$0.00
Armstrong, Douglas RobertAdministrative Dir HealthcareUMH NorthStar Reach$134,371.96$0.00
Palazzolo, Krisinda PAdministrative Dir HealthcareUMHS Shared Human Resources$131,200.00$0.00
McCullough, Wayne RAdministrative Dir HealthcareOffc for Hlt Eqty and Incl$128,911.69$0.00
Walters-Smith, Whitney Marie-BlakeAdministrative Dir HealthcareUMH BCBSM Lean Coordinating$128,406.01$0.00
Samuels, Ellyn Autumn WheelerAdministrative Dir HealthcareUMH Amb Care Admin$128,125.00$0.00
Densen, Bradley RAdministrative Dir HealthcareOMSE Curriculum Srvs General$121,147.03$0.00
Ward, Patricia AAdministrative Dir HealthcareRegulatory Affairs$120,658.19$0.00
McKeown, Ellen SAdministrative Dir HealthcareUMH Office Clinical Safety$119,810.20$0.00
Gubaci-Root, Lisa DawnAdministrative Dir HealthcarePIBS$118,900.00$0.00
Voreis, Phyllis AnnAdministrative Dir HealthcareUMH QI Accreditation$117,458.85$0.00
Piotrowski, Tania LAdministrative Dir HealthcareGlobal Reach$116,850.00$0.00
Ficaro, Kimberly NAdministrative Dir HealthcareMI Nanotechnology Institute$115,000.00$0.00
Zwolensky, Amy MillimanAdministrative Dir HealthcarePOM ACO$115,000.00$0.00
Karls, Edward MAdministrative Dir HealthcareUMH PACE$112,255.46$0.00

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