Number of people with the title of Admin Specialist inter Health:181
Maximum Salary$ 94,451.00
Average Salary$ 65,620.62
Minimum Salary$ 49,491.00

Title Results for Admin Specialist inter Health 2018-19
NameTitleDeprtment FTR (Salary)GF (Amount from General Fund)
Toth, AndreAdmin Specialist Inter HealthSchool of Nursing$94,451.00$0.00
Thomas, PauletteAdmin Specialist Inter HealthUMHS Gov Relations$78,721.38$0.00
Byrd, Sherry DaleAdmin Specialist Inter HealthMichigan Health Corporation$78,150.38$0.00
Schork, Terri LeighAdmin Specialist Inter HealthGME Admin Office$78,148.11$0.00
Hines, Susan MAdmin Specialist Inter HealthNeurosurgery$78,147.61$0.00
Hepler, Michelle RAdmin Specialist Inter HealthInternal Medicine Department$78,147.30$0.00
Nester, TheresaAdmin Specialist Inter HealthInt Med-Gastroenterology$78,145.34$0.00
Goodwin, Elizabeth LAdmin Specialist Inter HealthBiological Chemistry Dept$78,144.64$78,144.64
Niemiec, Catherine AAdmin Specialist Inter HealthPathology Department$78,141.54$0.00
Labut, Laura AnnAdmin Specialist Inter HealthPathology Department$78,125.60$0.00
Nelson, Bridget AnneAdmin Specialist Inter HealthUMH Gen Thoracic Surg - Tech$78,092.99$0.00
Whitney, Katherine AAdmin Specialist Inter HealthOphthalmology - Visual Science$78,091.21$0.00
Rauch, Colleen MAdmin Specialist Inter HealthAnesthesiology Department$77,011.28$0.00
Hunter, Haunani SypherAdmin Specialist Inter HealthOMSE Curriculum Srvs General$76,596.71$0.00
Grech, Elaine CAdmin Specialist Inter HealthInternal Medicine Department$76,463.34$0.00
Trinkle, Penny SAdmin Specialist Inter HealthTrauma Burn Program$76,440.00$0.00
Edwards, Mary EllenAdmin Specialist Inter HealthInternal Medicine Department$76,228.49$0.00
Parin, KirstenAdmin Specialist Inter HealthUMHS Development - Operations$75,645.00$0.00
Kennedy, Cassie AAdmin Specialist Inter HealthDepartment of Radiology$75,477.26$0.00
Fogarty, Pamela AAdmin Specialist Inter HealthUMH Volunteer Svcs$75,344.96$0.00
Smith, Valerie SAdmin Specialist Inter HealthNeuroscience Graduate Program$75,337.50$0.00
Smith, Sheryl HansenAdmin Specialist Inter HealthMicrobiology and Immunology$75,094.46$75,094.46
Baragi, Prasanna VAdmin Specialist Inter HealthBiological Chemistry Dept$74,557.07$74,557.07
Eussen, Julia NoelleAdmin Specialist Inter HealthBioinformatics$74,511.56$59,609.33
Williams, Jean FAdmin Specialist Inter HealthUMHS Contracting Office$74,499.91$0.00
Reed, Echo LynnAdmin Specialist Inter HealthAllergy Division$74,185.73$0.00
Turek, Lisa AAdmin Specialist Inter HealthExecutive Administration$73,950.08$0.00
Moran, Christa AnnAdmin Specialist Inter HealthUMH Interpreters Program$73,822.70$0.00
Torres, Jacquelyn Joann KutkuhnAdmin Specialist Inter HealthPediatric - Comm Diseases Dept$73,709.97$0.00
Singer, Jane TAdmin Specialist Inter HealthSurgery Department$73,650.82$0.00
Holler, KymberlyAdmin Specialist Inter HealthAnesthesiology Department$73,505.70$0.00
Werden, Stacey LynnAdmin Specialist Inter HealthSurgery Department$73,352.50$73,352.50
Miller, Erin MichaelAdmin Specialist Inter HealthPsych - Geriatric$73,272.65$0.00
Shill, Karen LesleyAdmin Specialist Inter HealthUMH Volunteer Svcs$72,853.74$0.00
White, KimberlyAdmin Specialist Inter HealthHuman Genetics Department$72,783.23$72,783.23
Saltz, Shannan EAdmin Specialist Inter HealthOphthalmology - Visual Science$72,730.87$0.00
Alton, Denise MAdmin Specialist Inter HealthPediatric - Comm Diseases Dept$72,284.69$0.00
Benci, Pamela LAdmin Specialist Inter HealthInt Med-Cardiology$72,245.78$0.00
Meyer, CatherineAdmin Specialist Inter HealthInt Med-Pulm./Critical Care$71,680.53$0.00
Fulkerson, MichaelAdmin Specialist Inter HealthUMH Orthotics-Prosthetics Ctr$71,140.04$0.00
Weeks, Rebecca ElizabethAdmin Specialist Inter HealthOMSE Curriculum Srvs General$71,069.44$0.00
Donnelly, Lynn MAdmin Specialist Inter HealthGME Admin Office$70,917.24$0.00
Smith, David LouisAdmin Specialist Inter HealthIntMed-Geri - Palliative Med.$70,910.40$14,182.08
Poirier, Denise MAdmin Specialist Inter HealthEmergency Med Critical Care$70,682.05$0.00
Patrick, Ellen EAdmin Specialist Inter HealthClinical Quality - Training Ad$70,638.65$0.00
Hughes-Krieger, Erin NorineAdmin Specialist Inter HealthPsychiatry Depression Center$70,606.44$0.00
Galin, RitaAdmin Specialist Inter HealthUMH Interpreters Program$70,214.54$0.00
Van Raaphorst, KristinAdmin Specialist Inter HealthRogel Cancer Center$70,000.00$0.00
Wilcox, Kelly JoAdmin Specialist Inter HealthUMH Amb Care Admin$69,722.37$0.00
Kitchen, Karyn SAdmin Specialist Inter HealthUMH Psych Chair's Office$69,681.59$0.00
Snodgrass, MarieAdmin Specialist Inter HealthCW Pediatric Trauma$69,540.21$0.00
Ashton, Carrie LAdmin Specialist Inter HealthGlobal Reach$69,405.18$0.00
Read-Munro, DonnaAdmin Specialist Inter HealthUMH Speech Pathology$69,395.25$0.00
Damp, Doreen EAdmin Specialist Inter HealthUMHS Compliance - Shared Srvcs$69,278.19$0.00
Weatherwax, Brittany AnneAdmin Specialist Inter HealthIHPI Scholars$69,263.68$0.00
McKeighan, Amy HAdmin Specialist Inter HealthPhysical Medicine - Rehab Dept$69,210.51$0.00
Lambarth, Kathleen CAdmin Specialist Inter HealthFamily Medicine$69,112.33$0.00
Aksamit, Michael TAdmin Specialist Inter HealthLab Animal Medicine Unit$68,842.22$34,421.11
Bidwell, Yvonne MAdmin Specialist Inter HealthPathology Department$68,760.13$0.00
Brown, Cynthia JAdmin Specialist Inter HealthUMH Survival Flight$68,716.65$0.00
Melis, Michelle SAdmin Specialist Inter HealthPIBS$68,705.14$0.00
Anderegg, Jennifer ReneeAdmin Specialist Inter HealthInt Med-Cardiology$68,465.25$0.00
Tislerics, Attila ThomasAdmin Specialist Inter HealthBRCF Administration$68,331.63$64,915.05
Myers, Karen DAdmin Specialist Inter HealthDermatology Department$68,062.04$0.00
Ketola, HilkkaAdmin Specialist Inter HealthOMSE Curriculum Srvs General$67,997.21$0.00
Belanger, Laurie LynAdmin Specialist Inter HealthUMH-Adult Palliative Care$67,823.66$0.00
Herbel, Maria MAdmin Specialist Inter HealthInternal Medicine Department$67,796.04$0.00
Urban, Patricia LAdmin Specialist Inter HealthInt Med-Pulm./Critical Care$67,716.00$0.00
Vanderkuyl, Nancy LAdmin Specialist Inter HealthDermatology Department$67,695.44$0.00
Murphy, Cynthia AAdmin Specialist Inter HealthOMSE Curriculum Srvs General$67,645.62$0.00
Chang, Chi-WeiAdmin Specialist Inter HealthUMH Interpreters Program$67,476.26$0.00
Fritzemeier, NancyAdmin Specialist Inter HealthUMH Surg/Necropsy Trans$67,233.35$0.00
Larkin, MichelleAdmin Specialist Inter HealthFast Forward Med Innovation$67,059.20$0.00
Sturtevant, Carol AnnAdmin Specialist Inter HealthInternal Medicine Department$66,953.84$0.00
Wozniak, Veneca ElizabethAdmin Specialist Inter HealthInternal Medicine Department$66,953.84$0.00
Adams, KarenAdmin Specialist Inter HealthTransplant Surgery (STX)$66,950.00$0.00
Gregg, Hugh SAdmin Specialist Inter HealthUMH Path MLabs Division$66,938.47$0.00
Howard, Amanda LAdmin Specialist Inter HealthBiological Chemistry Dept$66,877.06$66,877.06
Johnson, Anita J FAdmin Specialist Inter HealthMICHR - Operations$66,667.31$33,333.66
Betts, Christine MAdmin Specialist Inter HealthRogel Cancer Center$66,489.67$0.00
Moore, JodieAdmin Specialist Inter HealthHealthcare Policy - Innov-IHPI$66,480.46$0.00
Burger, Dawn ReneeAdmin Specialist Inter HealthAnesthesiology Department$66,441.52$0.00
Walker, Karen MAdmin Specialist Inter HealthUMH TC Administration$66,383.20$0.00
Thompson, Heidi MAdmin Specialist Inter HealthMicrobiology and Immunology$66,352.67$49,764.50
Howard, PamelaAdmin Specialist Inter HealthUMH Clinical Lab Admin$66,282.45$0.00
Baru, LuciaAdmin Specialist Inter HealthInt Med-Hematology/Oncology$66,253.95$0.00
Julin, ShielaAdmin Specialist Inter HealthGME Admin Office$66,219.26$0.00
Gilbert, LisaAdmin Specialist Inter HealthMetabolism Endo - Diabetes$66,146.34$0.00
Theros, Beth AnnAdmin Specialist Inter HealthUMH Pm-R-Administration$66,087.80$0.00
Beard, Shelby AnneAdmin Specialist Inter HealthDean's Office$65,920.00$0.00
Klingensmith, KarenAdmin Specialist Inter HealthDivision of Anatomical Science$65,825.39$32,912.70
Hansen, MaryannAdmin Specialist Inter HealthVascular Surgery Section$65,680.01$0.00
Bennett, Kristin DAdmin Specialist Inter HealthAnesthesiology Department$65,616.15$6,561.62
LaPointe, Mary JoAdmin Specialist Inter HealthInt Med-Pulm./Critical Care$65,613.23$0.00
Chottiner, RebeccaAdmin Specialist Inter HealthUMHS Compliance - Shared Srvcs$65,543.63$0.00
Downie, TeresaAdmin Specialist Inter HealthInt Med-Hematology/Oncology$65,449.09$0.00
Vowler, Dawne MichelleAdmin Specialist Inter HealthMetabolism Endo - Diabetes$65,384.65$0.00
Smith, Timothy JAdmin Specialist Inter HealthClinical Risk$65,205.00$0.00
Vitous, Susan MAdmin Specialist Inter HealthOphthalmology - Visual Science$65,179.46$0.00
Li, WeiAdmin Specialist Inter HealthGrant Review and Analysis$65,138.75$0.00
Janevski, SilvanaAdmin Specialist Inter HealthInternal Medicine Department$65,000.00$0.00
Baker, DevynAdmin Specialist Inter HealthUMH Pat and Fam Support Svc$64,880.09$0.00
Spencer, Susan CallanAdmin Specialist Inter HealthTransplant Surgery (STX)$64,631.50$12,926.30
Martin, Molly GAdmin Specialist Inter HealthHuman Genetics Department$64,575.00$54,888.75
Wiley-Rice, TammieAdmin Specialist Inter HealthPhysical Medicine - Rehab Dept$64,289.97$0.00
Barman, DianaAdmin Specialist Inter HealthInternal Medicine Department$64,260.00$0.00
Morton-Dziekan, Audrey LynnAdmin Specialist Inter HealthPharmacology Department$63,860.00$63,860.00
Reinhold, MichelleAdmin Specialist Inter HealthInt Med-Hematology/Oncology$63,564.03$0.00
Sikorski, Amanda ReneAdmin Specialist Inter HealthUMH Non-Contract Other H.O. IM$63,550.00$0.00
Jones, AlishaAdmin Specialist Inter HealthSurgery Department$63,470.11$0.00
Murphy, AnnAdmin Specialist Inter HealthInt Med-Cardiology$63,469.38$0.00
Steppe, EmmaAdmin Specialist Inter HealthHealthcare Policy - Innov-IHPI$63,468.00$0.00
Longeway, BrittneyAdmin Specialist Inter HealthCell and Developmental Biology$63,281.81$63,281.81
Ransier, BenjerminAdmin Specialist Inter HealthUMH Project Healthy Schools$63,088.99$0.00
Stafford, KathrynAdmin Specialist Inter HealthPatient Relations$63,037.50$0.00
Logan, Brenette LAdmin Specialist Inter HealthIHPI Scholars$63,000.00$0.00
Aquil, Zarinah UAdmin Specialist Inter HealthImmunology Graduate Program$62,820.19$0.00
Trusty, MollyAdmin Specialist Inter HealthFaculty Development$62,782.73$0.00
Wang, Sarah JAdmin Specialist Inter HealthHealthcare Policy - Innov-IHPI$62,525.00$0.00
Gabriel, MelissaAdmin Specialist Inter HealthInt Med-Gastroenterology$62,500.00$0.00
Buege, Amy MarieAdmin Specialist Inter HealthUMH Amb Care Admin$62,416.59$0.00
Hawkins, Sandra RAdmin Specialist Inter HealthUMH Infection Prevention$62,367.04$0.00
Mueller, HeidiAdmin Specialist Inter HealthCtr for History of Medicine$62,099.09$0.00
Trosell, StacyAdmin Specialist Inter HealthHealthcare Policy - Innov-IHPI$62,012.50$0.00
Moro, Jennifer MarieAdmin Specialist Inter HealthUMH Adult ED Admin$61,975.33$0.00
Zuhlke, Kimberly AAdmin Specialist Inter HealthRogel Cancer Center$61,800.00$0.00
Stricker, Kate CoverdaleAdmin Specialist Inter HealthInt Med-Hospital Medicine$61,620.00$0.00
DiMondo, MichelleAdmin Specialist Inter HealthOfc of Grad and Postdoc Studie$61,605.48$0.00
Boa, ShelleyAdmin Specialist Inter HealthInt Med-Pulm./Critical Care$61,560.00$0.00
Rentsch, SamuelAdmin Specialist Inter HealthIntMed-Geri - Palliative Med.$61,560.00$0.00
Orzechowski, JoannaAdmin Specialist Inter HealthAllergy Division$61,550.00$0.00
Skvarce, DawnAdmin Specialist Inter HealthClinical Quality - Training Ad$61,548.92$0.00
Reifler, Aaron NathanielAdmin Specialist Inter HealthOfc of Grad and Postdoc Studie$61,500.00$0.00
Schaible, Summer MonaghanAdmin Specialist Inter HealthOtorhinolaryngology Department$61,500.00$0.00
Smith, Tamara CAdmin Specialist Inter HealthUMH Path MLabs Division$61,500.00$0.00
Mangner, MicheleAdmin Specialist Inter HealthDepartment of Radiology$61,297.21$0.00
Scott, Carrie JeannineAdmin Specialist Inter HealthPathology Department$61,000.00$0.00
Schingeck, JamieAdmin Specialist Inter HealthOMSE Curriculum Srvs General$60,822.76$0.00
Smith, MegannAdmin Specialist Inter HealthInternal Medicine Department$60,511.50$0.00
Bartrum, KaileyAdmin Specialist Inter HealthEmergency Medicine Education$60,475.00$0.00
Robinson, Karla JoAdmin Specialist Inter HealthSurgery Department$60,148.28$0.00
Harkness, DaneAdmin Specialist Inter HealthOMSE Curriculum Srvs General$60,000.00$0.00
Aron, Vanessa LeighAdmin Specialist Inter HealthObstetrics and Gynecology Dept$59,962.38$0.00
McTaggart, Suzanne BAdmin Specialist Inter HealthOMSE Curriculum Srvs General$59,421.00$0.00
Comiskey, Holley MAdmin Specialist Inter HealthDermatology Department$59,284.69$0.00
Bembeneck, Erin MarieAdmin Specialist Inter HealthUMH Psych Clinic-Outpatient$58,937.50$0.00
Block, SarahAdmin Specialist Inter HealthObstetrics and Gynecology Dept$58,835.00$0.00
Flores, MariaAdmin Specialist Inter HealthDLHS Administration$58,639.23$58,639.23
Monahan, EricaAdmin Specialist Inter HealthUMH TC Administration$58,443.64$0.00
Hyde, Amy LouiseAdmin Specialist Inter HealthUMH Frankel CVC Administration$57,700.10$0.00
Goldsmith, LloydAdmin Specialist Inter HealthPatient Safety$57,400.00$0.00
Myer, Byron HAdmin Specialist Inter HealthCW Mott Community Relations$57,275.50$0.00
Solomon, CarolAdmin Specialist Inter HealthMicrobiology and Immunology$57,000.00$28,500.00
Berjaoui, DaniaAdmin Specialist Inter HealthUrology$56,733.75$0.00
VanderElzen, ElizabethAdmin Specialist Inter HealthPathology Department$56,732.79$0.00
Zelenock, KathyAdmin Specialist Inter HealthAnesthesiology Department$56,650.00$0.00
Desbrough, Kimberly JAdmin Specialist Inter HealthDepartment of Radiology$56,375.00$0.00
Gatonez, Oliver AndreAdmin Specialist Inter HealthUMH Interpreters Program$56,041.25$0.00
Howard, KortneeAdmin Specialist Inter HealthUMH Amb Care Admin$55,972.80$0.00
Ocelnik, PatriciaAdmin Specialist Inter HealthCellular Molecular Bio Grad Pg$55,683.13$0.00
Andrews, DavidAdmin Specialist Inter HealthInstitutional Review Board$55,518.53$0.00
Beathard, Erin ReillyAdmin Specialist Inter HealthHealthcare Policy - Innov-IHPI$55,069.03$27,534.52
Cornelison, KaleighAdmin Specialist Inter HealthCW Adolescent Hlth Initiative$55,000.00$0.00
Demlow, DaisyAdmin Specialist Inter HealthUMH Employee Health Svc$55,000.00$0.00
VanKempen, CraigAdmin Specialist Inter HealthCW Adolescent Hlth Initiative$55,000.00$0.00
Hearing, LeolaAdmin Specialist Inter HealthWellness - Risk Reduction Svcs$54,477.00$0.00
Kraft, Christina MirelesAdmin Specialist Inter HealthGME Admin Office$54,178.36$0.00
Korosso, Maria MAdmin Specialist Inter HealthUMHS - HIM Doc - Record Mgt$53,808.78$0.00
Tacconelli, NicholasAdmin Specialist Inter HealthUMH Virtual Health$53,779.70$0.00
Crouch, AshleyAdmin Specialist Inter HealthInt Med-Hematology/Oncology$53,522.41$0.00
Mardeusz, MelissaAdmin Specialist Inter HealthUMH Neurology IOM$53,522.41$0.00
Sumerlin, DeniseAdmin Specialist Inter HealthSchool of Nursing$53,500.00$0.00
Rittenhouse, Andrea SueAdmin Specialist Inter HealthUMH Amb Care Admin$53,402.50$0.00
Price, BethanyAdmin Specialist Inter HealthNeurology Department$53,045.00$0.00
Galanti, Nina MarieAdmin Specialist Inter HealthNeurology Department$52,869.90$0.00
Williams, Sara CatherineAdmin Specialist Inter HealthQuality Administration$52,869.90$0.00
Doletzky, Jessica JeanAdmin Specialist Inter HealthUMH NorthStar Reach$52,745.48$0.00
Markum, JulieAdmin Specialist Inter HealthCollege of Pharmacy$52,000.00$52,000.00
Triezenberg, ColleenAdmin Specialist Inter HealthUMH NorthStar Reach$51,330.00$0.00
Ekpiken, Brandie TyuseAdmin Specialist Inter HealthCME and Lifelong Learning$51,300.00$0.00
Bales, SusanAdmin Specialist Inter HealthBehavioral Health$49,491.00$0.00

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Baker, Jolyn Kay radia UMH Radiology Admin
Bazzi, Tahsine A Marketing Assistant Associate Library Collect - Preservation
Baker, Jane A Treasury Analyst Intermediate UMHS Financial Srvcs
Cunningham, Melissa Architect % %Clinical%Pharmacy%
Bazzi, Ali Ahmad registered nurse - level c UMH MI Visiting Nurse Assoc
Baker, Grace Ann Pre-Certification Specialist UMHS Rev Cycle (PTO)
Bazuine, Merlijn Instrument Maker Supr LSA Political Science
Baker, Enoch Patient services associate UMH Professional Dev and Ed
Baylis, TaMica Communications Director athletics