Number of people with the title of Admin Specialist Senior Health:88
Maximum Salary$ 112,044.04
Average Salary$ 77,853.62
Minimum Salary$ 63,345.00

Title Results for Admin Specialist Senior Health 2017-18
NameTitleDeprtment FTR (Salary)GF (Amount from General Fund)
Standardi, Carol LAdmin Specialist Senior HealthUMH Ophthy Glaucoma Clinic-PRO$112,044.04$0.00
Garbinski, Anne MarieAdmin Specialist Senior HealthSchool of Nursing$101,905.08$0.00
Davis, Janice WizorekAdmin Specialist Senior HealthSurgery Department$93,452.09$0.00
Kestly, Susan DAdmin Specialist Senior HealthGSA - Administration (GSA/ADM)$87,941.15$0.00
Fisher, Susan JAdmin Specialist Senior HealthDepartment of Radiology$86,868.83$0.00
Mulholland, Pamela LeeAdmin Specialist Senior HealthAnesthesiology Department$86,863.63$0.00
Allen, Margaret OAdmin Specialist Senior HealthMicrobiology and Immunology$86,860.58$73,831.49
Rentschler, Debra AAdmin Specialist Senior HealthUMHS Financial Srvcs$86,767.44$0.00
Vuocolo, Caitlin ElizabethAdmin Specialist Senior HealthInt Med-Hematology/Oncology$86,070.03$0.00
Bartow, Marilyn JAdmin Specialist Senior HealthInt Med-General Medicine$85,503.92$0.00
Cattell, Sherry JAdmin Specialist Senior HealthPsychiatry Admin-Central$85,110.78$0.00
Mirabitur, Lori JeanAdmin Specialist Senior HealthCell and Developmental Biology$84,968.58$63,726.44
Wurz, Mary SAdmin Specialist Senior HealthFaculty Affairs$84,957.32$0.00
Jenkins, Stacey LAdmin Specialist Senior HealthNeurology Department$84,635.94$0.00
Fox, Robin MAdmin Specialist Senior HealthDean's Office$84,477.21$0.00
Terlecki, ShirleyAdmin Specialist Senior HealthPsych HlthSvc Outcome Research$84,268.37$84,268.37
Peake, Janet MAdmin Specialist Senior HealthComp Med and Bioinformatics$84,102.85$84,102.85
Robert, MichaelAdmin Specialist Senior HealthUMH Adult ED Admin$83,600.00$0.00
Turner, Laurie AAdmin Specialist Senior HealthCW Mott Resp Therapy$83,311.37$0.00
Saunders, Cherie LAdmin Specialist Senior HealthFaculty Affairs$83,089.96$0.00
Bailey, Trina LaNell LuckettAdmin Specialist Senior HealthMetabolism Endo & Diabetes$83,055.15$0.00
Clay, Christina JAdmin Specialist Senior HealthDean's Office$82,990.55$0.00
Brandon, Sonja AAdmin Specialist Senior HealthRadiation Oncology - Ann Arbor$82,717.51$0.00
Banka, DiannaAdmin Specialist Senior HealthCtr fr Translational Pathology$82,596.54$0.00
Leahy, Kimberley AnneAdmin Specialist Senior HealthFaculty Affairs$81,970.99$0.00
Taylor, Gordon LAdmin Specialist Senior HealthUMH Med Proc Unit - Tech$81,362.45$0.00
Malec, Mary AAdmin Specialist Senior HealthMI Diabetes Research Training$81,185.03$10,229.31
Nelson, Julie TiteAdmin Specialist Senior HealthHealth & Well Being Admin$81,093.00$0.00
Giles, KarenAdmin Specialist Senior HealthCtr fr Translational Pathology$80,902.87$0.00
Kohoyda-Inglis, Carla JAdmin Specialist Senior HealthGSA - Administration (GSA/ADM)$80,766.80$0.00
Martinez, Janet LynnAdmin Specialist Senior HealthCE Office of the COO$80,237.00$0.00
Ward, Carol AAdmin Specialist Senior HealthUMH Facilities Planning$80,094.90$0.00
Bertoia, Karen Faye GarrettAdmin Specialist Senior HealthFaculty Affairs$80,000.00$0.00
McKenna-Carney, Christal AAdmin Specialist Senior HealthUMH Chief of Clinical Affairs$79,955.63$0.00
Lombard, WendyAdmin Specialist Senior HealthHealthcare Policy & Innov-IHPI$79,950.00$0.00
Wilcox, RobertaAdmin Specialist Senior HealthOtorhinolaryngology Department$79,950.00$0.00
Prokop-Heitman, Janice MAdmin Specialist Senior HealthUMH Medical Staff Services$79,608.70$0.00
Dudley-Short, Sarah LeighAdmin Specialist Senior HealthPathology Department$79,211.47$0.00
Wilson, June AAdmin Specialist Senior HealthInt Med-Nephrology$78,958.27$0.00
Ventura, Debra AAdmin Specialist Senior HealthInternal Medicine Department$78,804.76$0.00
Rakowski, BettyAdmin Specialist Senior HealthFamily Medicine$78,613.02$0.00
Robinson, Crystal AAdmin Specialist Senior HealthOphthalmology & Visual Science$77,387.50$0.00
Steyer, Kelly JAdmin Specialist Senior HealthClinical Risk$77,175.00$0.00
Hummel, Colleen CAdmin Specialist Senior HealthPediatric & Comm Diseases Dept$77,101.94$0.00
Miklosovic, Mary EAdmin Specialist Senior HealthMHC Administration$77,005.00$0.00
Hathaway, Anne EAdmin Specialist Senior HealthSurgery Department$77,000.00$0.00
Parise, Michael DAdmin Specialist Senior HealthMI Nanotechnology Institute$76,997.68$0.00
Boggs, Michele LAdmin Specialist Senior HealthMolec & Integrative Physiology$76,875.00$42,473.44
Kish, CarlyAdmin Specialist Senior HealthIntMed-Geri & Palliative Med.$76,735.00$0.00
King, DarrinAdmin Specialist Senior HealthRadiation Oncology - Ann Arbor$76,718.05$0.00
Montalvo, Sara AAdmin Specialist Senior HealthUMH Medical Staff Services$76,271.50$0.00
Marchand, Maria SAdmin Specialist Senior HealthUMH Accreditation$75,860.15$0.00
Durham, BrianAdmin Specialist Senior HealthOtorhinolaryngology Department$75,850.00$0.00
Schon, Melissa LynnAdmin Specialist Senior HealthObstetrics and Gynecology Dept$75,697.18$0.00
Hall, Trudy TawanaAdmin Specialist Senior HealthUMH Ofc/Multicultural Health$75,613.43$0.00
Richmond, Carol KAdmin Specialist Senior HealthUMH PMR IP OTPT Acute$75,411.92$0.00
Schneider, Lisa AAdmin Specialist Senior HealthUMH Pat and Fam Support Svc$74,771.18$0.00
Wagner, Susan PAdmin Specialist Senior HealthInternal Medicine Department$74,104.08$0.00
Suliman, Angela MAdmin Specialist Senior HealthPathology Department$73,725.66$0.00
Sutorka, Susan BethAdmin Specialist Senior HealthMHC Administration$73,542.00$0.00
Bryant, Bonita JAdmin Specialist Senior HealthUMH Psych Contr & Other$73,251.68$0.00
Weston, Michele BushawAdmin Specialist Senior HealthInt Med-Pulm./Critical Care$73,194.25$0.00
Jaworowski, Jennifer JeanAdmin Specialist Senior HealthUMH Frankel CVC Administration$73,173.07$0.00
Prieskorn, Diane MarieAdmin Specialist Senior HealthKresge Hearing Research Inst$73,080.21$0.00
Evans, Michele GraceAdmin Specialist Senior HealthPsychiatry Admin-Central$72,774.39$72,774.39
Blanzy Hodges, Robyn LAdmin Specialist Senior HealthGlobal Reach$72,703.60$0.00
Laurinec, Stephanie LAdmin Specialist Senior HealthEmergency Medicine$72,474.00$0.00
Santee, VashniAdmin Specialist Senior HealthPathology Department$72,100.00$0.00
Gasaway, Janice JAdmin Specialist Senior HealthMHC Administration$71,991.00$0.00
Cramer, Marilyn MarieAdmin Specialist Senior HealthInt Med-Cardiology$71,889.13$0.00
Goble, Shauna MAdmin Specialist Senior HealthUniv of Mich Cancer Center$71,858.57$0.00
Velikan, KarlaAdmin Specialist Senior HealthFaculty Affairs$71,750.00$0.00
Fete, Stacy AAdmin Specialist Senior HealthOtorhinolaryngology Department$70,725.00$0.00
O'Connor, PatrickAdmin Specialist Senior HealthUMHS Shared Human Resources$70,725.00$0.00
Szemak, Karen MAdmin Specialist Senior HealthInt Med-Gastroenterology$70,030.48$0.00
Fiolek, Diane McHarrisAdmin Specialist Senior HealthDermatology Department$69,986.82$0.00
Ramsey, MeaganAdmin Specialist Senior HealthMICHR - Operations$69,866.56$0.00
Johnson, Angela MAdmin Specialist Senior HealthUMH Ofc/Multicultural Health$69,467.93$0.00
Munn, Jill KirbyAdmin Specialist Senior HealthInt Med-Cardiology$69,392.50$0.00
Sargent, Erin ElizabethAdmin Specialist Senior HealthO-CTSU Administration$69,303.49$0.00
Allen, Lora LAdmin Specialist Senior HealthUrology$69,194.92$0.00
Zynda, KarenAdmin Specialist Senior HealthUMH Cmmnty Bnft & Needs Assmnt$68,675.00$0.00
Dougherty Reyes, Brooke MAdmin Specialist Senior HealthPathology Department$68,250.00$0.00
Evers, Julie AAdmin Specialist Senior HealthFaculty Affairs$65,765.41$0.00
Saveski, VericaAdmin Specialist Senior HealthFamily Medicine$63,960.00$0.00
Racine, Shannon ElaineAdmin Specialist Senior HealthUMH Safety Management Services$63,833.55$0.00
Giletto, JacquelineAdmin Specialist Senior HealthDermatology Department$63,690.70$0.00
Spencer, Amy ElizabethAdmin Specialist Senior HealthDepartment of Radiology$63,345.00$0.00

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