Number of people with the title of Admin Specialist Inter Health:145
Maximum Salary$ 91,245.77
Average Salary$ 61,149.46
Minimum Salary$ 42,455.26

Title Results for Admin Specialist Inter Health 2014-15
NameTitleDeprtment FTR (Salary)GF (Amount from General Fund)
Allen, Kathy MAdmin Specialist Inter HealthUMH TC Administration$91,245.77$0.00
Garbinski, Anne MarieAdmin Specialist Inter HealthSchool of Nursing$87,125.00$21,781.25
Rentschler, Debra AAdmin Specialist Inter HealthUMHS Financial Srvcs$79,793.73$0.00
Wintermeyer-Pingel, Susan AAdmin Specialist Inter HealthUMH Pat and Fam Support Svc$78,788.92$0.00
Toth, AndreAdmin Specialist Inter HealthSchool of Nursing$78,412.50$78,412.50
Byrd, Sherry DaleAdmin Specialist Inter HealthMichigan Health Corporation$73,630.00$0.00
Schork, Terri LeighAdmin Specialist Inter HealthUMH Graduate Medical Education$73,625.99$0.00
Hines, Susan MAdmin Specialist Inter HealthNeurosurgery$73,455.77$0.00
Bearman, Catherine AAdmin Specialist Inter HealthPathology Department$72,726.31$0.00
Goodwin, Elizabeth LAdmin Specialist Inter HealthBiological Chemistry Dept$72,301.63$72,301.63
Wu, Grace Li-HsingAdmin Specialist Inter HealthMetabolism Endo and Diabetes$72,125.57$18,031.39
McKeon, CarmelitaAdmin Specialist Inter HealthUniv of Mich Cancer Center$71,338.89$42,803.33
Taylor, Gordon LAdmin Specialist Inter HealthUMH Med Proc Unit - Tech$71,276.54$0.00
Nelson, Bridget AnneAdmin Specialist Inter HealthUMH Gen Thoracic Surg - Tech$70,748.39$0.00
Whitney, Katherine AAdmin Specialist Inter HealthOphthalmology and Visual Science$70,746.78$0.00
Thomas, PauletteAdmin Specialist Inter HealthUMHS Gov Relations$70,285.77$0.00
Gacioch, Linda JAdmin Specialist Inter HealthUMH Psych Contr and Other$69,868.68$0.00
Hunter, Haunani SypherAdmin Specialist Inter HealthOMSE Curriculum Srvs General$69,766.61$0.00
Meeks, Karen MAdmin Specialist Inter HealthCell and Developmental Biology$69,646.45$66,164.13
Rauch, Colleen MAdmin Specialist Inter HealthAnesthesiology Department$69,429.32$0.00
Eddy, Marie ChristineAdmin Specialist Inter HealthUrology$69,038.24$0.00
Grech, Elaine CAdmin Specialist Inter HealthInternal Medicine Department$68,935.74$0.00
White, MarkAdmin Specialist Inter HealthUMH Cardiac Surgery VAD Prgm$68,934.41$0.00
Labut, Laura AnnAdmin Specialist Inter HealthPathology Department$68,417.62$0.00
Edwards, Mary EllenAdmin Specialist Inter HealthInternal Medicine Department$68,390.40$0.00
Schneider, Lisa AAdmin Specialist Inter HealthUMH Pat and Fam Support Svc$68,261.34$0.00
Mattson, Jeanette MarieAdmin Specialist Inter HealthPathology Department$67,863.61$0.00
Parise, Michael DAdmin Specialist Inter HealthMI Nanotechnology Institute$67,442.97$0.00
Fogarty, Pamela AAdmin Specialist Inter HealthUMH Volunteer Svcs$67,434.83$0.00
Smith, Sheryl HansenAdmin Specialist Inter HealthMicrobiology and Immunology$67,209.05$0.00
Steyer, Kelly JAdmin Specialist Inter HealthUMH Office Clinical Safety$67,019.57$0.00
Schork, Jude TAdmin Specialist Inter HealthPathology Department$66,876.41$0.00
Wutke, KarenAdmin Specialist Inter HealthUMHS Compliance - Shared Srvcs$66,462.50$0.00
Werden, Stacey LynnAdmin Specialist Inter HealthSurgery Department$66,453.74$0.00
Williams, Jean FAdmin Specialist Inter HealthUMHS Contracting Office$66,418.74$0.00
Weston, Michele BushawAdmin Specialist Inter HealthInt Med-Gastroenterology$65,693.12$0.00
Grahl, Karen LynnAdmin Specialist Inter HealthHuman Genetics Department$65,448.30$55,631.06
Torres, Jacquelyn Joann KutkuhnAdmin Specialist Inter HealthPediatric and Comm Diseases Dept$65,360.75$65,360.75
Shill, Karen LesleyAdmin Specialist Inter HealthUMH Volunteer Svcs$65,205.15$0.00
Jones, Eleanor GAdmin Specialist Inter HealthUMH TC Administration$64,262.89$0.00
Phillips, BrendaAdmin Specialist Inter HealthInt Med-General Medicine$64,219.07$0.00
Smith, David LouisAdmin Specialist Inter HealthIntMed-Geri and Palliative Med.$64,210.00$16,052.50
Miller, Lisa MAdmin Specialist Inter HealthUMH Non-Contract Other H.O. IM$64,197.03$0.00
Holden, Raye MichelleAdmin Specialist Inter HealthInternal Medicine Department$64,188.99$0.00
Singer, Jane TAdmin Specialist Inter HealthSurgery Department$64,153.19$0.00
Donnelly, Lynn MAdmin Specialist Inter HealthUMH Graduate Medical Education$64,123.02$0.00
Hauck, Lois AAdmin Specialist Inter HealthPediatric and Comm Diseases Dept$64,028.13$64,028.13
Galazka, Denise SAdmin Specialist Inter HealthDermatology Department$63,976.62$0.00
Mrozowski, Camille SAdmin Specialist Inter HealthOffice of Research$63,669.83$0.00
Hummel, Colleen CAdmin Specialist Inter HealthInternal Medicine Department$63,524.78$0.00
Calhoun, KarenAdmin Specialist Inter HealthMICHR - Operations$63,477.85$0.00
Melis, Michelle SAdmin Specialist Inter HealthPIBS$63,320.78$0.00
Williams, Heidi RAdmin Specialist Inter HealthUMH Contracts and Proc Admin$63,215.13$0.00
Spaulding, Renee MAdmin Specialist Inter HealthUMH Medical Staff Services$63,135.98$0.00
Evans, Michele GraceAdmin Specialist Inter HealthPsychiatry Admin-Central$63,015.33$0.00
Sassano, MarieAdmin Specialist Inter HealthUMH Clinical Lab Admin$62,692.76$0.00
Emiline-Fegan, CathyAdmin Specialist Inter HealthUMH Chief of Clinical Affairs$62,527.80$0.00
Aksamit, Michael TAdmin Specialist Inter HealthLab Animal Medicine Unit$62,367.65$31,183.83
Rudolfi, Julie AnnAdmin Specialist Inter HealthUMH Med Equip Operating$62,266.02$0.00
Koitch, Claudia LAdmin Specialist Inter HealthUMH Graduate Medical Education$62,016.67$0.00
Lambarth, Kathleen CAdmin Specialist Inter HealthUMH Briarwood Fam Med - Prof$62,005.95$0.00
Schneider, Nancy CAdmin Specialist Inter HealthUMH Office Clinical Safety$61,950.00$0.00
Styrk, Kandy MaeAdmin Specialist Inter HealthFacilities$61,849.48$0.00
Lane, JenniferAdmin Specialist Inter HealthCW Adolescent Hlth Initiative$61,666.98$0.00
Herbel, Maria MAdmin Specialist Inter HealthInternal Medicine Department$61,360.00$0.00
DeHaan, NicholasAdmin Specialist Inter HealthRsch Strategic Plan Wk Streams$61,350.00$36,196.50
Saltz, Shannan EAdmin Specialist Inter HealthOphthalmology and Visual Science$61,350.00$0.00
Greene, Mary ElizabethAdmin Specialist Inter HealthPathology Department$61,291.55$0.00
McVicker, Michael WilliamAdmin Specialist Inter HealthUMH Gen Surg Clinic - Tech$61,171.32$0.00
Hoy, Jennifer DAdmin Specialist Inter HealthDLHS Administration$61,035.51$0.00
Wankel, Sandra JAdmin Specialist Inter HealthInt Med-Cardiology$60,938.01$0.00
Myers, Karen DAdmin Specialist Inter HealthDermatology Department$60,830.00$0.00
Dyer, Melissa BethAdmin Specialist Inter HealthCW Mott Administration$60,792.32$0.00
VanMeerbeeck, Lisa HAdmin Specialist Inter HealthBiological Chemistry Dept$60,403.85$60,403.85
Salyer, Connie LAdmin Specialist Inter HealthBRCF Administration$60,352.08$60,352.08
Suliman, Angela MAdmin Specialist Inter HealthPathology Department$60,323.81$0.00
Walker, Karen MAdmin Specialist Inter HealthUMH TC Administration$60,272.24$0.00
Brown, Cynthia JAdmin Specialist Inter HealthUMH Survival Flight$59,855.30$0.00
Wolfe, JasonAdmin Specialist Inter HealthHealthcare Policy and Innov-IHPI$59,816.25$0.00
Munch, Lisa MarieAdmin Specialist Inter HealthCW Child and Family Life$59,683.91$0.00
Judge, Therease MarieAdmin Specialist Inter HealthUMH Office Clinical Safety$59,679.33$0.00
Johnson, Anita J FAdmin Specialist Inter HealthMICHR - Operations$59,554.82$29,777.41
Olech, MichaelAdmin Specialist Inter HealthFaculty Affairs$59,552.14$0.00
Shilling, JacquelineAdmin Specialist Inter HealthFaculty Affairs$59,552.14$0.00
Theros, Beth AnnAdmin Specialist Inter HealthUMH PmandR-Administration$59,448.89$0.00
Gregg, Hugh SAdmin Specialist Inter HealthUMH Mlabs Program$59,104.33$0.00
Boggs, Michele LAdmin Specialist Inter HealthMolec and Integrative Physiology$59,073.86$35,592.00
Howard, PamelaAdmin Specialist Inter HealthUMH Clinical Lab Admin$58,893.86$0.00
Goble, Shauna MAdmin Specialist Inter HealthUniv of Mich Cancer Center$58,802.01$0.00
Sparaco, Jenna SuzanneAdmin Specialist Inter HealthUMH - MiBOQI Project$58,686.55$0.00
Medley-Fields, Mary KAdmin Specialist Inter HealthUMH CC-MOQC-BCBSM Project$58,338.68$0.00
Bryant, Bonita JAdmin Specialist Inter HealthNeurology Department$58,119.51$0.00
Hoeft, JaredAdmin Specialist Inter HealthVascular Surgery Section$58,000.00$0.00
Wiley-Rice, TammieAdmin Specialist Inter HealthPhysical Medicine and Rehab Dept$57,960.80$0.00
Damp, Doreen EAdmin Specialist Inter HealthUMH Home Med Admin$57,662.55$0.00
Murphy, AnnAdmin Specialist Inter HealthInt Med-Rheumatology$57,305.00$0.00
Belanger, Laurie LynAdmin Specialist Inter HealthUMH-Adult Palliative Care$57,304.89$0.00
Novak, ZacharyAdmin Specialist Inter HealthInternal Medicine Department$57,260.00$0.00
Jones, AlishaAdmin Specialist Inter HealthSurgery Department$57,221.66$0.00
Skala, Carol SuzanneAdmin Specialist Inter HealthPsych Substance Abuse$57,116.57$11,423.32
Marko, Lisa JAdmin Specialist Inter HealthUMH Facilities Planning$56,901.34$0.00
Lewis, Tameka FAdmin Specialist Inter HealthInt Med-Pulm./Critical Care$56,865.64$0.00
Meldrum, Christine AAdmin Specialist Inter HealthUMH Mlabs Program$56,812.02$0.00
Ashton, Carrie LAdmin Specialist Inter HealthGlobal Reach$56,607.89$0.00
Pohs, Shelley MarieAdmin Specialist Inter HealthUMH Medical Staff Services$56,528.76$0.00
Kent, CarolAdmin Specialist Inter HealthMicrobiology and Immunology$56,522.13$0.00
Curts, Dawn EAdmin Specialist Inter HealthUMH Facilities Planning$56,512.65$0.00
Burger, Dawn ReneeAdmin Specialist Inter HealthAnesthesiology Department$56,237.50$0.00
Aquil, Zarinah UAdmin Specialist Inter HealthPIBS$56,196.31$0.00
Ketola, HilkkaAdmin Specialist Inter HealthOMSE Curriculum Srvs General$56,162.19$0.00
Baragi, Prasanna VAdmin Specialist Inter HealthBiological Chemistry Dept$55,902.87$55,902.87
Downie, TeresaAdmin Specialist Inter HealthUniv of Mich Cancer Center$55,882.88$0.00
Fox, Sarah ElizabethAdmin Specialist Inter HealthUMH Cardiac Surgery VAD Prgm$55,701.71$0.00
Refalo, Heather AliciaAdmin Specialist Inter HealthInt Med-Gastroenterology$55,241.50$0.00
Mann, JasonAdmin Specialist Inter HealthInt Med-General Medicine$55,215.00$0.00
Trusty, MollyAdmin Specialist Inter HealthDean-s Office$55,000.00$0.00
Stewart, Tiffani AnnAdmin Specialist Inter HealthUMH - MiBOQI Project$54,926.66$0.00
Smith, Tamara CAdmin Specialist Inter HealthMICHR - Rsrch Innovation(MCRU)$53,651.86$21,460.74
Chottiner, RebeccaAdmin Specialist Inter HealthUMHS Compliance - Shared Srvcs$53,190.13$0.00
Bellers, Shannon SueAdmin Specialist Inter HealthUMH - HIM Compliance and Auditin$53,000.00$0.00
Winningham, Megan LeeAdmin Specialist Inter HealthUMH PACE$52,528.90$0.00
Low, SusanAdmin Specialist Inter HealthRsch Strategic Plan Wk Streams$52,527.26$0.00
Bowles, Melissa GAdmin Specialist Inter HealthUMH Medical Staff Services$52,440.15$0.00
Plotts, ElizabethAdmin Specialist Inter HealthUMH Data Integrity$52,019.69$0.00
Schroer, AmyAdmin Specialist Inter HealthUMH Frankel CVC Administration$52,019.69$0.00
Champagne, EllenAdmin Specialist Inter HealthMICHR - Operations$51,976.24$0.00
Connally, Lisa MAdmin Specialist Inter HealthMICHR - Operations$51,913.45$25,956.73
Spencer, Amy ElizabethAdmin Specialist Inter HealthDepartment of Radiology$51,832.79$0.00
Owen, Karen Elizabeth LaneAdmin Specialist Inter HealthUMHS Dev. - Campaign$51,802.41$0.00
Nowling, Patricia LeannAdmin Specialist Inter HealthUMH Medical Staff Services$51,700.81$0.00
Mueller, HeidiAdmin Specialist Inter HealthCtr for History of Medicine$51,586.88$0.00
Brehmer, BridgetAdmin Specialist Inter HealthUMH Medical Staff Services$51,125.00$0.00
Johnson, MonicaAdmin Specialist Inter HealthUMH Data Integrity$51,125.00$0.00
Stanichuk, Jessica IreneAdmin Specialist Inter HealthHealthcare Policy and Innov-IHPI$50,876.80$0.00
Barton, LisaAdmin Specialist Inter HealthInt Med-Geriatrics Center$50,743.38$0.00
Dewees, RachelAdmin Specialist Inter HealthInt Med-Geriatrics Center$50,743.38$3,552.04
Lawrence-Jacobson, AbigailAdmin Specialist Inter HealthInt Med-Geriatrics Center$50,743.38$0.00
Orzechowski, JoannaAdmin Specialist Inter HealthInt Med-Allergy$50,688.30$0.00
Dewolfe, Amy LynnAdmin Specialist Inter HealthUMHS Rev Cycle (PTO)$50,293.39$0.00
Gottman, Corinne MAdmin Specialist Inter HealthUMHS Rev Cycle (PTO)$50,199.00$0.00
Gurskey, KellyAdmin Specialist Inter HealthUMH Data Integrity$50,198.99$0.00
Bekiares, MargaritaAdmin Specialist Inter HealthCellular Molecular Bio Grad Pg$50,000.00$0.00
Alber, KateAdmin Specialist Inter HealthFaculty Affairs$49,885.54$0.00
Dluzniewski, EricAdmin Specialist Inter HealthUMHS Dev. - Communications$49,456.25$0.00
Bembeneck, Erin MarieAdmin Specialist Inter HealthUMH Psych Clinic-Outpatient$42,455.26$0.00

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