Number of people with the title of Admin Specialist Assoc Health:108
Maximum Salary$ 72,100.00
Average Salary$ 50,811.13
Minimum Salary$ 38,609.55

Title Results for Admin Specialist Assoc Health 2009-10
NameTitleDeprtment FTR (Salary)GF (Amount from General Fund)
Bhattacharya, AtanuAdmin Specialist Assoc HealthInt Med-Gastroenterology$72,100.00$0.00
More, Claudia LAdmin Specialist Assoc HealthUMHS Human Resources$67,079.57$0.00
Hilfinger, Diane L NelsonAdmin Specialist Assoc HealthInt Med-Nephrology$65,245.35$0.00
Prichard, CharmaineAdmin Specialist Assoc HealthInt Med-General Medicine$65,000.00$0.00
Althouse, Stacey EAdmin Specialist Assoc HealthUrology Surgery$64,890.00$64,890.00
Sommer, Christina JAdmin Specialist Assoc HealthMich Inst for Clin - Hlth Resr$60,973.12$30,486.56
Wurz, Mary SAdmin Specialist Assoc HealthMSA Faculty Affairs$60,957.52$0.00
Leahy, Kimberley AnneAdmin Specialist Assoc HealthMSA Faculty Affairs$60,424.00$0.00
Plasman, Frederic BoitenAdmin Specialist Assoc HealthCardiac Surgery Section$60,000.00$0.00
Shay, Barbara RAdmin Specialist Assoc HealthInt Med-Geriatrics Center$59,614.34$0.00
Vuocolo, Caitlin ElizabethAdmin Specialist Assoc HealthInt Med-Hematology/Oncology$59,485.00$0.00
Wankel, Sandra JAdmin Specialist Assoc HealthMI Metabolical - Obesity Ctr$59,317.75$0.00
Schork, Terri LeighAdmin Specialist Assoc HealthUMH Graduate Medical Education$59,295.50$0.00
Hubbard, RhondaAdmin Specialist Assoc HealthMI Nanotechnology Institute$58,122.00$0.00
Kennedy, Cassie AAdmin Specialist Assoc HealthUMH Radiology - Eng. Services$57,703.69$0.00
Galazka, Denise SAdmin Specialist Assoc HealthDermatology Department$57,383.36$0.00
Heibel, Jane DAdmin Specialist Assoc HealthMolec - Integrative Physiology$57,008.64$8,551.30
Whitlock, Betty JAdmin Specialist Assoc HealthInstitute of Gerontology$56,672.73$36,837.27
Parise, Michael DAdmin Specialist Assoc HealthMI Nanotechnology Institute$56,012.43$0.00
Myers, Brigette JAdmin Specialist Assoc HealthUMH - HIM Problem Summary List$55,729.18$0.00
Smith, Sheryl HansenAdmin Specialist Assoc HealthMicrobiology and Immunology$55,358.38$27,679.19
Arnold, Patricia EAdmin Specialist Assoc HealthInt Med-Gastroenterology$55,300.70$0.00
Lane, Cindy MAdmin Specialist Assoc HealthMed Ed/Clinical Simulaton Cntr$55,166.80$0.00
Jackowski, Kyle JanineAdmin Specialist Assoc HealthUMH - HIM Problem Summary List$55,000.00$0.00
Sharp, Cynthia MAdmin Specialist Assoc HealthMSA Medical Education$55,000.00$0.00
Janus, Denice MAdmin Specialist Assoc HealthNeurology Department$54,904.00$54,904.00
Dyderski, Dana LAdmin Specialist Assoc HealthRegulatory Affairs$54,194.40$0.00
Ryszawa, SusanAdmin Specialist Assoc HealthSurgery Department$53,530.13$0.00
Wyman, Cheryl AAdmin Specialist Assoc HealthUMH Gen Thoracic Surg - Tech$53,521.89$0.00
Bertoia, Karen Faye GarrettAdmin Specialist Assoc HealthMSA Faculty Affairs$53,034.70$0.00
Bennett, Vicki LAdmin Specialist Assoc HealthOtorhinolaryngology Department$53,000.00$0.00
Blaisdell, Susan MAdmin Specialist Assoc HealthInt Med-Hematology/Oncology$52,957.60$0.00
Wunder, Jennifer AmyAdmin Specialist Assoc HealthDepartment of Family Medicine$52,878.14$0.00
Koitch, Claudia LAdmin Specialist Assoc HealthUMH Graduate Medical Education$52,847.15$0.00
Weeks, Rebecca ElizabethAdmin Specialist Assoc HealthInt Med-Pulm./Critical Care$52,463.84$0.00
Jordan, Steven EAdmin Specialist Assoc HealthUMH MCIT Med Cntr Device Sup$52,272.50$26,136.25
Woodard, MarleneAdmin Specialist Assoc HealthObstetrics and Gynecology Dept$52,000.00$0.00
Tislerics, Attila ThomasAdmin Specialist Assoc HealthCenter for Gene Therapy$51,984.10$0.00
Peffer, AnnalieseAdmin Specialist Assoc HealthEmergency Medicine Admin$51,941.66$0.00
Connolly, Patricia LynnAdmin Specialist Assoc HealthUMH Clinical Lab Admin$51,858.73$0.00
Schwartz, Mary AAdmin Specialist Assoc HealthMed Ed/Towsley Ctr Activities$51,544.29$0.00
Evans, Michele GraceAdmin Specialist Assoc HealthPsychiatry Admin-Central$51,500.00$0.00
Hunter, Haunani SypherAdmin Specialist Assoc HealthMSA Executive Assoc. Dean-s Of$51,500.00$0.00
Laatsch, Martha JaneAdmin Specialist Assoc HealthUMH CC Marketing$51,500.00$0.00
Mason, Jennifer LAdmin Specialist Assoc HealthAnesthesiology Department$51,500.00$0.00
Schultz, Karen LAdmin Specialist Assoc HealthVascular Surgery Section$51,417.60$0.00
Johnson, Angela MAdmin Specialist Assoc HealthUMH Womens Health Program$51,407.21$0.00
Kohoyda-Inglis, Carla JAdmin Specialist Assoc HealthGeneral Surgery Section$51,135.38$0.00
Howard, PamelaAdmin Specialist Assoc HealthUMH Clinical Lab Admin$51,000.00$0.00
Weatherwax, Brittany AnneAdmin Specialist Assoc HealthInt Med-General Medicine$50,867.10$6,358.39
Stegmeyer, Linda LAdmin Specialist Assoc HealthLab Animal Medicine Unit$50,472.46$0.00
Kitchen, Karyn SAdmin Specialist Assoc HealthUMH Psych Chair-s Office$50,470.00$0.00
Smola, AmyAdmin Specialist Assoc HealthUMH Employee Health Svc$50,302.51$0.00
Brazeau, Vanessa JAdmin Specialist Assoc HealthRadiology Department$50,300.00$0.00
Orsini, Kathleen LAdmin Specialist Assoc HealthUMH Amb Care Admin Central$50,265.52$0.00
Walker, Karen MAdmin Specialist Assoc HealthUMH TC Administration$50,056.24$0.00
Berrigan, Catherine JaneAdmin Specialist Assoc HealthMSA Faculty Affairs$50,000.00$0.00
Dunigan, Kara EileenAdmin Specialist Assoc HealthSurgery Department$50,000.00$25,000.00
Sullivan, Angela DAdmin Specialist Assoc HealthInt Med-General Medicine$50,000.00$12,500.00
Jaworowski, Jennifer JeanAdmin Specialist Assoc HealthCVC Clinic$49,919.30$0.00
Sturtevant, Carol AnnAdmin Specialist Assoc HealthUMH ACS Administrative Opers.$49,862.30$0.00
Fugate, Michelle DAdmin Specialist Assoc HealthUMH Clinic Operations Tech$49,822.09$0.00
Keeley, Kathryn TAdmin Specialist Assoc HealthDermatology Department$49,139.24$0.00
Tuck, Patricia AAdmin Specialist Assoc HealthUMH Home Med Admin$49,018.11$0.00
Munn, Jill KirbyAdmin Specialist Assoc HealthInt Med-Cardiology$48,934.46$0.00
Hire, Debra JAdmin Specialist Assoc HealthUMH Psych Clinic-Outpatient$48,695.31$0.00
Wilcox, Kelly JoAdmin Specialist Assoc HealthUMH ACS Administrative Opers.$48,453.63$0.00
Harris, Dawn MAdmin Specialist Assoc HealthMed Ed/Ofc of Ed Resources-Res$48,316.00$31,405.40
McCully, Mary SusanAdmin Specialist Assoc HealthUMH CC Patient Support Svcs$48,127.41$0.00
Wright, Deborah AAdmin Specialist Assoc HealthDepartment of Family Medicine$48,080.40$0.00
Young, Traci LynnAdmin Specialist Assoc HealthOtorhinolaryngology Department$48,000.00$0.00
Debardeleben-Phillips, Mary TAdmin Specialist Assoc HealthUMH Educat Svcs-Nursing$47,852.05$0.00
Brown, Cynthia JAdmin Specialist Assoc HealthUMH Survival Flight$47,834.13$0.00
Munch, Lisa MarieAdmin Specialist Assoc HealthUMH Child - Family Life$47,834.02$0.00
Wourman, Heather LAdmin Specialist Assoc HealthEmergency Medicine Admin$47,685.87$0.00
Haskin, KathyAdmin Specialist Assoc HealthCtr fr Translational Pathology$47,585.00$0.00
Kranick, Irene HAdmin Specialist Assoc HealthFac Group Practice Operations$47,381.60$0.00
Bryant, Bonita JAdmin Specialist Assoc HealthRadiation Oncology - Ann Arbor$47,288.00$0.00
Ketola, HilkkaAdmin Specialist Assoc HealthMSA Office of Student Pgms$47,282.15$28,369.29
Abbey, Jeana EAdmin Specialist Assoc HealthFGP Professional Billing$47,235.00$0.00
Hummel, Colleen CAdmin Specialist Assoc HealthNeurology Department$47,176.48$0.00
Jensen, James EAdmin Specialist Assoc HealthInt Med-Geriatrics Center$46,839.25$0.00
Baxter, Andrea RAdmin Specialist Assoc HealthDepartment of Family Medicine$46,505.00$46,505.00
Hobbs, Christine LAdmin Specialist Assoc HealthUMH Equipment Maintenance Svcs$46,401.50$0.00
Carroll, MonicaAdmin Specialist Assoc HealthUMH Amb Care Admin Central$46,342.40$0.00
Skala, Carol SuzanneAdmin Specialist Assoc HealthPsych Substance Abuse$45,210.00$18,084.00
Mejia, Kimberly AAdmin Specialist Assoc HealthUniv of Mich Cancer Center$45,000.00$0.00
Stovall, Jennifer LAdmin Specialist Assoc HealthPediatric Surgery Section$45,000.00$0.00
Vowler, Dawne MichelleAdmin Specialist Assoc HealthMetabolism Endo - Diabetes$45,000.00$0.00
Schuler, Jeannette AlaineAdmin Specialist Assoc HealthUMH Chief of Clinical Affairs$44,903.43$0.00
Sheldon, SharonAdmin Specialist Assoc HealthUMH Psych Adult I/P$44,692.98$0.00
Stiddom, Monica AAdmin Specialist Assoc HealthMich Inst for Clin - Hlth Resr$44,305.04$22,152.52
Washington, Nichole VAdmin Specialist Assoc HealthMich Inst for Clin - Hlth Resr$44,305.00$17,722.00
Starback, Casandra MariaAdmin Specialist Assoc HealthNeurology Department$44,290.00$0.00
James, Susan CAdmin Specialist Assoc HealthUMH Speech Pathology$44,150.55$0.00
Rendell, TracyAdmin Specialist Assoc HealthUMH ACS Administrative Opers.$43,933.17$0.00
Aquil, Zarinah UAdmin Specialist Assoc HealthMSA PIBS$43,919.20$43,919.20
Splan, Mary EAdmin Specialist Assoc HealthFac Group Practice Operations$43,836.74$0.00
Delgiudice, AndreaAdmin Specialist Assoc HealthDermatology Department$43,353.73$0.00
Newhouse, Tracy MAdmin Specialist Assoc HealthUMH MI Visiting Care$43,260.00$0.00
Stokes, Susan ValerieAdmin Specialist Assoc HealthAnesthesiology Department$43,260.00$0.00
Salazar, Stephanie AnnAdmin Specialist Assoc HealthPsychiatry Depression Center$42,000.00$0.00
Cunningham, Tania SamirAdmin Specialist Assoc HealthRadiology Department$41,514.15$0.00
Lore, Debra SAdmin Specialist Assoc HealthFac Group Practice Operations$41,386.84$0.00
West, DellaAdmin Specialist Assoc HealthFac Group Practice Operations$40,942.70$0.00
McCleery, Laura AAdmin Specialist Assoc HealthUMH - HIM Doc - Record Mgt$40,652.00$0.00
Fifield, CeliaAdmin Specialist Assoc HealthFac Group Practice Operations$38,998.89$0.00
Gottman, Corinne MAdmin Specialist Assoc HealthFac Group Practice Operations$38,609.55$0.00

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, Admin Specialist Assoc Health Flint Teaching Assistance
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