Number of people with the title of Admin Manager Inter Healthcare:133
Maximum Salary$ 120,000.00
Average Salary$ 97,194.09
Minimum Salary$ 69,437.75

Title Results for Admin Manager Inter Healthcare 2017-18
NameTitleDeprtment FTR (Salary)GF (Amount from General Fund)
Zogaib, Joseph WymanAdmin Manager Inter HealthcarePediatric Surgery Section$120,000.00$0.00
Baisch, Cheryl AAdmin Manager Inter HealthcareDENT Maxillofacial Surgery$118,805.55$59,402.77
La Vigne, Stephanie RAdmin Manager Inter HealthcareTransplant Surgery (STX)$118,450.00$0.00
Smith, Gary MAdmin Manager Inter HealthcareInternal Medicine Department$118,420.00$0.00
Kotsones, DeniseAdmin Manager Inter HealthcareUMH Nursing Business Operation$118,419.96$0.00
Edwards, Bruce MAdmin Manager Inter HealthcareUMH Audiology$118,353.46$0.00
Murphy, ColinAdmin Manager Inter HealthcareUMH Building Utilities$118,080.76$0.00
Barner, Michael KAdmin Manager Inter HealthcareUMH Wheelchair Seating Service$117,792.64$0.00
Baisch, Cheryl AAdmin Manager Inter HealthcareOral & Maxillofacial Surgery$117,645.69$0.00
Lee-Lehner, Bethany RAdmin Manager Inter HealthcareUMH Frankel CVC Administration$115,969.18$0.00
Sierra, Jane MAdmin Manager Inter HealthcareGrant Review and Analysis$115,652.88$0.00
Sweetland, Cheryl LynnAdmin Manager Inter HealthcareInt Med-General Medicine$113,769.58$0.00
Foley, JenevraAdmin Manager Inter HealthcareUMH Neurology Stroke Program$113,547.20$0.00
Neusius, Harry JAdmin Manager Inter HealthcareUMH Path I/P Phlebotomy$113,038.21$0.00
Wietzke, Julie NymanAdmin Manager Inter HealthcareInternal Medicine Department$112,642.21$0.00
LeBar, WilliamAdmin Manager Inter HealthcareUMH Microbiol Pathology$111,999.61$0.00
Beckerman, MargotAdmin Manager Inter HealthcareUMH Vestiblr Test - Tech$111,594.24$0.00
Stern, Sue CorlessAdmin Manager Inter HealthcareUMH Chemical Pathology$111,222.09$0.00
Sukumar, Vikram Kalyanaraman IyerAdmin Manager Inter HealthcareVascular Surgery Section$109,671.31$0.00
Gohl, Laura CAdmin Manager Inter HealthcarePediatrics-Infectious Diseases$109,522.01$0.00
Kearly, Gwen EmikoAdmin Manager Inter HealthcareUMH Nurse Recruit./Career Dev.$109,176.78$0.00
Nalepa, Dorothy AAdmin Manager Inter HealthcareUMH Orthopaedic Surg - Tech$108,879.43$0.00
Berry, Christine IAdmin Manager Inter HealthcareEmergency Medicine UM Adult$108,746.95$0.00
Weatherwax, Kevin JAdmin Manager Inter HealthcareMICHR - Operations$107,644.99$0.00
Weir, Sara JaneAdmin Manager Inter HealthcareOMSE Curriculum Srvs General$107,585.88$0.00
Kastle, Katherine AAdmin Manager Inter HealthcareUMHS Rev Cycle (PTO)$107,486.76$0.00
Gracik, Theresa AnnAdmin Manager Inter HealthcarePatient Safety$107,468.14$0.00
Houck, GlennAdmin Manager Inter HealthcareUMH Radiology UH$107,120.00$0.00
Wood, Jeff JohnAdmin Manager Inter HealthcareUMH East Ann Arbor Surg Admin$106,930.81$0.00
Johnson, Dawn JAdmin Manager Inter HealthcareUMH Radiation Oncology$106,360.44$0.00
Patierno, Cynthia CAdmin Manager Inter HealthcareUMH East Ann Arbor RAD$105,972.58$0.00
Postma, JohannesAdmin Manager Inter HealthcareInternal Medicine Department$105,791.43$0.00
Nomides, NicoleAdmin Manager Inter HealthcareUMH Infection Prevention$105,572.38$0.00
Webster, Melissa ColineAdmin Manager Inter HealthcareUMH Social Work$105,374.37$0.00
Schonscheck, Janet LAdmin Manager Inter HealthcareUMHS Development - Operations$105,334.24$0.00
Amlong, AmbrosyaAdmin Manager Inter HealthcareEmergency Medicine Education$105,190.63$0.00
Chang, Cheng-YuAdmin Manager Inter HealthcarePediatric & Comm Diseases Dept$104,942.86$0.00
Bhattacharya, AtanuAdmin Manager Inter HealthcarePediatrics-Intensive Care$104,809.60$0.00
Valliere, Susan JAdmin Manager Inter HealthcareUMH Mlabs Program$104,193.00$0.00
Havermahl, TamaraAdmin Manager Inter HealthcareMICHR - Operations$103,430.44$0.00
McMann, Kathleen SAdmin Manager Inter HealthcareUMHS Contracting Office$103,109.65$0.00
Neal, LoriAdmin Manager Inter HealthcareUMH Sleep Laboratory$102,759.01$0.00
Bell, Denise MAdmin Manager Inter HealthcareInternal Medicine Department$102,691.75$0.00
Tolle, BrianAdmin Manager Inter HealthcareUMH Pathology DQHI$102,654.19$0.00
Virzi, JessicaAdmin Manager Inter HealthcareMICHR - Rsrch Innovation(MCRU)$102,077.86$0.00
Dipzinski, Joseph GerardAdmin Manager Inter HealthcareUMH Med Proc Unit - Tech$102,003.80$0.00
Royce, Theresa ClareAdmin Manager Inter HealthcareO-CTSU Administration$101,778.04$0.00
Stanley, Beth AnnAdmin Manager Inter HealthcareCentral Staffing Resource$101,747.13$0.00
Vasher, Debra JeanAdmin Manager Inter HealthcareHITS Grand Central/HIM$101,568.19$0.00
Burhop, Sue AnnAdmin Manager Inter HealthcareMICHR - Operations$101,414.68$0.00
Paton, Sheila TAdmin Manager Inter HealthcareLivonia Surgery Center$101,391.25$0.00
Rigney, Christine EAdmin Manager Inter HealthcareUMH Clinical Lab Admin$101,148.79$0.00
Boyd, Deborah KayAdmin Manager Inter HealthcarePediatrics-Ambulatory Care Pgm$101,014.05$0.00
Lafleur, Lashawn MAdmin Manager Inter HealthcareUMH Taubman Neurology$100,783.44$0.00
Philo, Robert DeanAdmin Manager Inter HealthcareUMH CSR Adult$100,609.08$0.00
Voss, D AnnAdmin Manager Inter HealthcarePediatric & Comm Diseases Dept$100,450.00$0.00
Sullivan, JenniferAdmin Manager Inter HealthcareCW Pediatric OTO Clinic$100,345.18$0.00
Diehl, Kathleen AAdmin Manager Inter HealthcareUMH Social Work$100,021.55$0.00
Jacoby, Stacey AnnAdmin Manager Inter HealthcareTaubman Research Institute$99,892.91$0.00
Scott, Katherine AAdmin Manager Inter HealthcareAnesthesiology Department$99,240.50$0.00
O'Jack, Loree BrennanAdmin Manager Inter HealthcarePsych Substance Abuse$98,889.06$98,889.06
Grisdale, Jacquelyn RAdmin Manager Inter HealthcarePsych Substance Abuse$98,321.82$98,321.82
Guduri, SujataAdmin Manager Inter HealthcareO-CTSU Administration$98,149.39$0.00
Kirkpatrick, Nathan SAdmin Manager Inter HealthcareAnesthesiology Department$97,850.00$0.00
Hornbacher, Kelly LAdmin Manager Inter HealthcareNeurosurgery$97,760.00$0.00
Hilfinger, DianeAdmin Manager Inter HealthcareUMH TC Administration$97,724.58$0.00
Orians, Monica AAdmin Manager Inter HealthcareO-CTSU Administration$97,720.24$0.00
Picinotti, Allison ReneeAdmin Manager Inter HealthcareInternal Medicine Department$97,630.48$0.00
Zuiderveen, JodiAdmin Manager Inter HealthcarePediatrics-Cardiology$97,375.00$0.00
Granzow, DerekAdmin Manager Inter HealthcareOrthopaedic Surgery$97,203.83$0.00
Perorazio, ThomasAdmin Manager Inter HealthcareMICHR - Operations$96,657.50$0.00
Martin, Kristina LynnAdmin Manager Inter HealthcareUMH Clinical Lab Admin$96,487.50$0.00
Downs, Theresa AAdmin Manager Inter HealthcareUMH Pathology Blood Bank$96,348.67$0.00
Nuttle, Leonette ReneeAdmin Manager Inter HealthcareGSA - Administration (GSA/ADM)$96,000.00$0.00
Tocco, MaryAdmin Manager Inter HealthcareUMH Path Central Distrib$96,000.00$0.00
Carson, Dawn SAdmin Manager Inter HealthcareCW OB/GYN Clinic Tech$95,972.16$0.00
DuRussel-Weston, Jean EllenAdmin Manager Inter HealthcareUMH Community and Patient Srvs$95,548.56$29,620.05
Johnson, Catherine AnneAdmin Manager Inter HealthcareUMH Cardiac Surgery VAD Prgm$95,199.13$0.00
Washington-Wade, Bettye MAdmin Manager Inter HealthcareUMHS Rev Cycle (PTO)$95,136.27$0.00
Kayfes, Ellen JAdmin Manager Inter HealthcareUMHS Rev Cycle (PTO)$94,556.25$0.00
Flaugher, CareyLynnAdmin Manager Inter HealthcareVVWH$94,515.53$0.00
Denton, LauraAdmin Manager Inter HealthcareFaculty Development$94,415.20$0.00
Brand, StacyAdmin Manager Inter HealthcareUMH TC Administration$93,859.03$0.00
Fidler, Deirdre RuthAdmin Manager Inter HealthcareUMH Mlabs Program$93,069.27$0.00
Kota, Usha RaniAdmin Manager Inter HealthcareUMH Path Hemo/Coag Unit Uh$92,905.16$0.00
Roosevelt, Vickie JAdmin Manager Inter HealthcareQuality Administration$92,581.18$0.00
Borden, BenjaminAdmin Manager Inter HealthcareUMH Environmental Svcs - Admin$91,963.20$0.00
Chavez, CourtneyAdmin Manager Inter HealthcareUMH Spine Program$91,758.97$0.00
Carter, JasonAdmin Manager Inter HealthcareCW Mott Administration$91,535.71$0.00
Moore, SusieAdmin Manager Inter HealthcareHITS Portfolio Management$91,312.44$0.00
Lloyd, Norma J VAdmin Manager Inter HealthcareHealth Svc General Operations$91,164.33$0.00
Steller, MelissaAdmin Manager Inter HealthcareUMH MEND at Domino's Farms$91,000.00$0.00
Moore, MeghanAdmin Manager Inter HealthcareBmg Primary Care$90,458.81$0.00
Harris, Andrea DeeAdmin Manager Inter HealthcareUMH PM&R UH/6A Admin$90,176.50$0.00
Nagata, ChristopherAdmin Manager Inter HealthcareOphthalmology & Visual Science$90,174.38$0.00
Burchett, Laurie LAdmin Manager Inter HealthcareHealth Svc General Operations$90,018.27$0.00
Bouchard, Jean-JacquesAdmin Manager Inter HealthcareCW Mott Administration$90,000.00$0.00
Elder, Victoria DAdmin Manager Inter HealthcareUMH BHA Specialty - Technical$89,817.94$0.00
Ranalli, LaurenAdmin Manager Inter HealthcareUMH RAHS Pathways to Success$89,653.03$0.00
Slocum-Casper, MarlaAdmin Manager Inter HealthcareUMH Chelsea Health Center$89,381.93$0.00
Lambert, GregoryAdmin Manager Inter HealthcareUMH Entrance Services$89,303.13$0.00
Aughton, AshleyAdmin Manager Inter HealthcarePatient Relations$89,000.00$0.00
Lindsey, Kathleen ElizabethAdmin Manager Inter HealthcarePatient Relations$89,000.00$0.00
Zolondek, CoreyAdmin Manager Inter HealthcareInstitutional Review Board$89,000.00$0.00
Harris, Michelle AAdmin Manager Inter HealthcareUMH Interpreters Program$88,521.00$0.00
Harrington, Gloria JAdmin Manager Inter HealthcarePsychiatry Admin-Central$88,114.75$0.00
Gallagher, HillaryAdmin Manager Inter HealthcareInternal Medicine Department$88,000.00$0.00
Brady, PatrickAdmin Manager Inter HealthcareHealthcare Policy & Innov-IHPI$87,125.00$0.00
Gorsche, KristenAdmin Manager Inter HealthcareGSA - Administration (GSA/ADM)$86,676.56$0.00
Spence, Anginique RAdmin Manager Inter HealthcareUMH RAHS Pathways to Success$86,326.44$0.00
Insco, June AnneAdmin Manager Inter HealthcareRegulatory Affairs$85,257.94$0.00
Wilson, DianeAdmin Manager Inter HealthcareRegulatory Affairs$85,257.22$0.00
Jones, TheotisAdmin Manager Inter HealthcareUMH Pathology Satellite Supp$84,628.12$0.00
Rakes-Colvin, Stephanie NicoleAdmin Manager Inter HealthcareUMH Social Work$84,117.23$0.00
Todd, Deidre CAdmin Manager Inter HealthcareUMH Adult ED Admin$84,050.00$0.00
Skinner, Emily AAdmin Manager Inter HealthcareUMHS Rev Cycle (PTO)$83,907.40$0.00
Mayrand Jr, Niles NAdmin Manager Inter HealthcareDLHS Clinical Simulation Ctr$82,817.90$0.00
Austin, StevenAdmin Manager Inter HealthcareInstitutional Review Board$82,352.25$0.00
Sharp, Jody LynnAdmin Manager Inter HealthcareRadiation Oncology - Ann Arbor$82,287.81$0.00
Rzepecki, Paul MAdmin Manager Inter HealthcareUMH TC Administration$82,000.00$0.00
Jackson II, DarnysusAdmin Manager Inter HealthcarePatient Experience$80,000.00$0.00
Malone, Jennet EAdmin Manager Inter HealthcareUMH Briarwood Building 2$78,996.50$0.00
Ware, MelissaAdmin Manager Inter HealthcareHealth Svc Clinic Operations$77,860.91$0.00
Poe, Teresza RenaeAdmin Manager Inter HealthcareUMH Amb Care Admin$77,072.33$0.00
Sonnett, StephenAdmin Manager Inter HealthcareUMHS Rev Cycle (PTO)$76,935.82$0.00
Purcell, LaurieAdmin Manager Inter HealthcareUMH Briarwood Fam Med - Prof$76,674.61$0.00
Harold, Karen SueAdmin Manager Inter HealthcareUMHS Rev Cycle (PTO)$75,895.48$0.00
Collins, Emily AnneAdmin Manager Inter HealthcareUMH Amb Care Admin$75,190.00$0.00
Cochran, Ladele LatriceAdmin Manager Inter HealthcareUMH Ypsilanti Health Center$74,843.90$0.00
Hoeft, JaredAdmin Manager Inter HealthcarePsychiatry Admin-Central$74,160.00$0.00
West, JacobAdmin Manager Inter HealthcareUMH Otolaryngology - Tech$74,160.00$0.00
Heaton, MichaelAdmin Manager Inter HealthcareUMHS Rev Cycle (PTO)$72,242.76$0.00
Bona, LindsayAdmin Manager Inter HealthcareUMH Spiritual Care$69,437.75$0.00

Lists of recent searches of
, Admin Manager Inter Healthcare UMHS Rev Cycle (PTO)
Notario, Caitlin Communications Specialist %UMH%N%Psych%(Clinical%Pgm)%
Sawallich, Shelby Dir% UMHS Developm - Communications
Lavu, Srikanth Administrative Specialist UMHS TCS & Alcohol MGMT
ulrich, Athletic Trainer Clin Spec Pediatrics-Genetics
Bradley, Doreen+R Mktg Communications Sr Supr Michigan News
Keister, Kathryn Foundation Relations Ofcr Ld nursing%
Ng, Serena Web Marketing Manager %UMH%H%O%IM%Cardiology%
Wang, Xueding Physician Asst Surg Subspec T2 UMH Trauma Burn ICU
Kornder, Corinne Patient Financial Counselor UMH Briarwood Building 2