Number of people with the title of Admin Coord/Project Coord:150
Maximum Salary$ 70,927.48
Average Salary$ 44,903.84
Minimum Salary$ 27,919.06

Title Results for Admin Coord/Project Coord 2011-12
NameTitleDeprtment FTR (Salary)GF (Amount from General Fund)
Burchfield, Keven SheaAdmin Coord/Project CoordROSS SCH Action Based Learning$70,927.48$70,927.48
Barrett, Kimberly JeanAdmin Coord/Project CoordCollege of Pharmacy$70,696.00$0.00
Carr, Linda MAdmin Coord/Project CoordSACUA$65,320.06$65,320.06
Hutto, Lynn FAdmin Coord/Project CoordROSS SCH Executive MBA Program$64,990.71$64,990.64
Miller, TammyAdmin Coord/Project CoordSchool of Social Work$64,482.74$0.00
Guenther, Marilyn KAdmin Coord/Project CoordDENT Pre-Doctoral Studies$64,093.25$6,408.69
Schaefer, Linda SAdmin Coord/Project CoordROSS SCH Student Life$60,304.44$60,304.40
Lillemoen, Linda AAdmin Coord/Project CoordROSS SCH East Asia GMBA$58,405.00$58,405.10
Ferguson, Eileen AAdmin Coord/Project CoordPharmacology Department$57,782.88$52,004.63
Lapidos, CaroleAdmin Coord/Project CoordOAMI Admin$56,000.10$25,536.05
Asel, Colleen KAdmin Coord/Project CoordITS Com Data Srvcs$55,799.12$0.00
Agius, Connie EAdmin Coord/Project CoordOffice of the Plant Director$55,191.71$0.00
Marsh, ColletteAdmin Coord/Project CoordProgram Nsg Excellence$54,631.20$0.00
London, Manette AntillAdmin Coord/Project CoordDENT Office of Research$53,990.50$53,990.56
Coval, Doretha JAdmin Coord/Project CoordLSA Humanities Institute$53,492.00$0.00
Zimmerman, Cynthia AAdmin Coord/Project CoordAlumni Association$53,364.00$0.00
Vanderkuyl, Nancy LAdmin Coord/Project CoordEpidemiology Department$53,319.00$21,311.58
Menardi, Lisa CarolAdmin Coord/Project CoordROSS SCH Executive MBA Program$53,136.00$53,135.94
Lounds, Elizabeth ConantAdmin Coord/Project CoordROSS SCH Executive MBA Program$53,084.29$53,084.20
Sheldon, Lisa MAdmin Coord/Project CoordUtility Services$52,986.03$0.00
Schlorff, HelenaAdmin Coord/Project CoordLSA II: Chinese Studies$52,557.00$52,556.92
Capron, Donna JAdmin Coord/Project CoordOccupational Safety - Environ$52,509.86$52,509.86
Benninghoff, Gail LynnAdmin Coord/Project CoordCollege of Pharmacy$51,924.00$12,981.02
Marshall, Sheryll AnnAdmin Coord/Project CoordNeurology Department$51,646.11$51,646.14
Smith, Timothy JohnAdmin Coord/Project CoordLaw School$51,641.00$51,640.94
Landeros, Marlanna LynnaAdmin Coord/Project CoordStaff Operations Bureau$51,604.16$51,604.28
Roberts, Bonnie LAdmin Coord/Project CoordG. Ford Sc Pub Pol$51,268.00$28,197.46
Marquardt, AmyAdmin Coord/Project CoordFacilities Mntce/Work Control$50,583.00$0.00
Sharp, Barbara JeanAdmin Coord/Project CoordOffice of Student Programs$50,176.93$0.00
Reeves, Michaele LynneAdmin Coord/Project CoordROSS SCH Tauber Institute$49,889.44$0.00
Fitzpatrick, Susan HAdmin Coord/Project CoordCollege of Pharmacy$49,859.00$49,858.90
Chapman, Gail LAdmin Coord/Project CoordSpace Information$49,838.87$49,838.88
Alton, Denise MAdmin Coord/Project CoordCW Non-Contract Other HO Peds$49,721.69$0.00
Murphy, Cynthia AAdmin Coord/Project CoordOffice of Student Programs$49,366.89$0.00
Gardner, Penny EAdmin Coord/Project CoordPlant Hospital Maintenance$49,189.42$0.00
LaGrone, AlonzoAdmin Coord/Project CoordLaw School$49,107.00$49,106.98
Bushkuhl, BenjaminAdmin Coord/Project CoordPlant Hospital Maintenance$49,000.12$0.00
Ayotte, Barbara AAdmin Coord/Project CoordUMH Team 1 Cancer Center$48,894.30$0.00
Cox, AngelaAdmin Coord/Project CoordLSA Statistics$48,827.00$48,826.96
Estes, Gail MarieAdmin Coord/Project CoordRoofs Metal Shops - Elevators$48,800.76$0.00
Young, Wasentha AAdmin Coord/Project CoordEnvironmental Health Sciences$48,725.00$0.00
Gardner Jr, DanielAdmin Coord/Project CoordUMH Interpreters Program$48,693.64$0.00
Meyer, Paula GAdmin Coord/Project CoordOffice of Student Programs$48,622.36$0.00
Schaffer, Katherine MAdmin Coord/Project CoordPediatrics-Cardiology$48,615.93$0.00
Graham, Julia KrisztinAdmin Coord/Project CoordAEC Administration$48,609.61$0.00
Fowler, Cynthia DAdmin Coord/Project CoordFacilities Mntce/Work Control$47,938.26$0.00
Carpentier, Michelle DAdmin Coord/Project CoordGSA - Administration (GSA/ADM)$47,889.29$23,944.70
Shih, AnnaAdmin Coord/Project CoordRegistrar-s Office$47,865.72$45,472.45
Devine, MaureenAdmin Coord/Project CoordNorth Campus Research Complex$47,840.00$0.00
Wight, Karen LAdmin Coord/Project CoordBentley Historical Library$47,650.00$0.00
Kolusk, Valerie LAdmin Coord/Project CoordOffice of Assoc VP for Finance$47,552.77$47,552.70
Basnight, Tonya RAdmin Coord/Project CoordPediatric - Comm Diseases Dept$47,433.76$47,433.62
Wheeler, Brenda PAdmin Coord/Project CoordMedical Education$47,420.09$47,420.10
Chandler, Ileana ZAdmin Coord/Project CoordUMH Team 5 Cancer Center$47,418.41$0.00
Sanders, Vanita MichelleAdmin Coord/Project CoordOAMI Gear Up$47,400.08$47,400.08
Vanderbilt, CourtneyAdmin Coord/Project CoordOAMI Gear Up$47,400.08$47,400.08
Dootz, Gary AAdmin Coord/Project CoordKresge Hearing Research Inst$46,811.78$35,108.97
Irish, Pamela MAdmin Coord/Project CoordFacilities Electrical Maint.$46,807.76$0.00
Bisanz, JeanneAdmin Coord/Project CoordG. Ford Sc Pub Pol$46,748.00$23,374.00
Tutt, Laiwanna LaRosaAdmin Coord/Project CoordSchool of Information$46,453.00$0.00
Bartolome, Maryellen DAdmin Coord/Project CoordEnvironmental Health Sciences$46,347.00$0.00
Gray, LenaAdmin Coord/Project CoordMHC Wellness - Risk Reduc Svcs$45,999.98$0.00
Rosenberg, SofiaAdmin Coord/Project CoordLSA Near Eastern Studies$45,999.98$0.00
Sanchez-Snell, Teresa RAdmin Coord/Project CoordLSA UG: Residential College$45,723.00$30,634.50
Logerquist, Teresa TylerAdmin Coord/Project CoordCW Adult BMT Clinic$45,662.15$0.00
Dykhouse, JustinAdmin Coord/Project CoordLSA English Language Institute$45,605.00$45,605.04
Rodriguez, Linda JeanAdmin Coord/Project CoordOccupational Safety - Environ$45,509.42$45,509.36
Vida, Jennifer ElizabethAdmin Coord/Project CoordFaculty Affairs$45,422.66$0.00
Harris, Marchell JAdmin Coord/Project CoordDetroit Center$45,253.00$45,253.00
Phillips, JamieAdmin Coord/Project CoordBiostatistics Department$45,177.00$9,035.34
Barman, DianaAdmin Coord/Project CoordInternal Medicine Department$45,000.02$0.00
McDowell, SonyaAdmin Coord/Project CoordLSA Development$45,000.00$45,000.02
Bonk, KatherineAdmin Coord/Project CoordROSS SCH Student Life$44,737.12$44,737.16
Perigo, AnneAdmin Coord/Project CoordROSS SCH Zell Lurie Institute$44,737.12$0.00
Cleveland, Cynthia AAdmin Coord/Project CoordROSS SCH Erb Institute$44,434.64$0.00
Ruedisueli, CourtneyAdmin Coord/Project CoordCardiac Surgery Section$44,294.23$0.00
Carrington, Scherrie LAdmin Coord/Project CoordUMHS Pub Rel - Mrktg$44,274.44$0.00
Manos, Melanie ViolaAdmin Coord/Project CoordUMH C-W Hospital Project$44,125.08$0.00
Compton, Judith CarlsonAdmin Coord/Project CoordSch of Public Hlth-Dean-#39;s Ofc$44,116.00$0.00
Racine, Shannon ElaineAdmin Coord/Project CoordUMH Nursing Informatics Admin$44,084.46$0.00
Reed, KateAdmin Coord/Project CoordUMH Trauma Burn Center$44,000.06$0.00
Lowe, MoniqueAdmin Coord/Project CoordTransplant Surgery (STX)$43,973.66$0.00
Christian, BridgetAdmin Coord/Project CoordCtr for Inst Diversity$43,910.88$0.00
Grogan-Kaylor, ShariAdmin Coord/Project CoordSchool of Social Work$43,598.88$21,799.44
Tanner, PamelaAdmin Coord/Project CoordUMH Trauma Burn Center$43,535.18$0.00
Gray, GailAdmin Coord/Project CoordMich Inst for Clin - Hlth Resr$43,197.92$30,238.57
Shufflin, Dawn MAdmin Coord/Project CoordCardiac Surgery Section$43,145.92$0.00
Renda, EmilyAdmin Coord/Project CoordHlth Behavior - Hlth Ed Dept$42,900.00$42,900.00
Profit, KirkAdmin Coord/Project CoordGSA - Administration (GSA/ADM)$42,839.88$0.00
Earley, Precious AAdmin Coord/Project CoordCtr for Inst Diversity$42,761.16$32,070.74
Richardson, Alison LeaAdmin Coord/Project CoordWaste Mgmt Srvc$42,708.74$0.00
Glynn, Elizabeth AnnAdmin Coord/Project CoordBotanical Gardens - Arboretum$42,571.70$31,928.78
Stimpson, James RAdmin Coord/Project CoordUM Center for Global Health$42,500.00$42,500.12
Kelley, Lisa EwaldAdmin Coord/Project CoordSchool of Social Work$42,247.31$42,247.40
Chatham, Fern RAdmin Coord/Project CoordPsychiatry Child Services$42,202.60$0.00
Esposito, Irene AnnAdmin Coord/Project CoordCW Non-Contract Other HO Peds$41,999.88$0.00
Allen, BenjaminAdmin Coord/Project CoordROSS SCH Leadership Initiative$41,819.92$41,819.96
Purnell, TiffanyAdmin Coord/Project CoordLSA OS: Barger Leadership Inst$41,648.10$41,648.10
Price-Reed, Nyshourn DeneenAdmin Coord/Project CoordSchool of Social Work$41,624.67$41,624.70
Bullock, JamesAdmin Coord/Project CoordLSA Development$41,615.00$41,615.08
Sumrall, KristinAdmin Coord/Project CoordLSA Development$41,615.00$41,615.08
Allen, ErinAdmin Coord/Project CoordSch of Nat Resources - Environ$41,603.00$0.00
Shafer, Debra JAdmin Coord/Project CoordUniversity Press$41,596.88$0.00
Russell, Dianne St PierreAdmin Coord/Project CoordCW Pediatric Trauma$41,531.79$0.00
Kim, NancyAdmin Coord/Project CoordROSS SCH BBA Program$41,499.90$0.00
Hatfield, Dianne LAdmin Coord/Project CoordCW Hemophilia/COAG CMS$41,336.99$0.00
Weihe, Elizabeth MAdmin Coord/Project CoordPsychiatry Admin-Central$41,219.01$41,219.10
DeChants, JaneAdmin Coord/Project CoordMuseum of Art$40,999.92$40,999.92
Conaway, Daasha MarieAdmin Coord/Project CoordPediatrics-Genetics$40,983.48$0.00
Gross, Helen MAdmin Coord/Project CoordKey Systems - Doors$40,608.51$0.00
Michaels, Charles EdwardAdmin Coord/Project CoordSchool of Art and Design$39,999.96$0.00
Pollack, BrittinAdmin Coord/Project CoordLSA Judaic Studies$39,999.96$0.00
Davis, LaurenAdmin Coord/Project CoordSchool of Social Work$39,980.99$39,980.98
Weisgerber, DeniseAdmin Coord/Project CoordAccounts Payable$39,922.80$39,922.74
Majied, SamiaAdmin Coord/Project CoordTransplant Surgery (STX)$39,525.46$0.00
Sloane, Kathleen AAdmin Coord/Project CoordUMH Team 2 Cancer Ctr$39,241.04$0.00
Wortz, MandyAdmin Coord/Project CoordSchool of Social Work$39,045.00$39,044.98
Hodge, AmandaAdmin Coord/Project CoordROSS SCH Ofc of Career Dev$38,760.04$38,760.02
Peters, Tiffany AmberAdmin Coord/Project CoordUMH Team 7 Cancer Center$38,562.47$0.00
Mote, ShaunaAdmin Coord/Project CoordUMH Orthotics-Prosthetics Ctr$37,821.76$0.00
Kwaiser, ZanaAdmin Coord/Project CoordG. Ford Sc Pub Pol$37,807.12$18,903.56
Miazga, BethAdmin Coord/Project CoordCardiac Surgery Section$37,612.52$0.00
Butler, MelissaAdmin Coord/Project CoordSchool of Social Work$37,440.00$0.00
Hill, JenniferAdmin Coord/Project CoordOffice of Research$37,321.35$0.00
Janosi, JuliaAdmin Coord/Project CoordUMH Cardiovascular Ctr Admin$37,149.22$0.00
Dymond, Melissa JAdmin Coord/Project CoordUMH Team 9 Cancer Center$37,134.24$0.00
Makiharju, Heather AnnAdmin Coord/Project CoordGlobal Reach$36,720.12$0.00
MacNeill, MeganAdmin Coord/Project CoordInternal Medicine Department$36,250.72$0.00
Kuzel, PamelaAdmin Coord/Project CoordOtorhinolaryngology Department$36,235.34$11,595.27
Nalepa, CherylAdmin Coord/Project CoordUMH Housing Bureau/Senior$36,056.54$0.00
Frazier, Emily CatherineAdmin Coord/Project CoordProspect Dev - Analytics$36,000.12$0.00
Sharkey, JenniferAdmin Coord/Project CoordSexual Assault Prev and Aware$35,700.08$35,700.08
Schmitzer, Daniel StevenAdmin Coord/Project CoordRegistrar-s Office$35,640.88$7,128.16
Kelly, Anne MargaretAdmin Coord/Project CoordUMH Team 1 Cancer Center$35,621.17$0.00
Masar, WendyAdmin Coord/Project CoordUMH Team 7 Cancer Center$35,499.88$0.00
Rahl, Wende SueAdmin Coord/Project CoordUMH Infusion Cancer Center$35,166.94$0.00
Moore, Megan AnnAdmin Coord/Project CoordUMH Team 3 Cancer Ctr$35,030.84$0.00
Dean, JuliaAdmin Coord/Project CoordSOE-Educational Studies$34,999.90$0.00
Kuempel, Crystal SaraAdmin Coord/Project CoordUMH Team 1 Cancer Center$34,540.81$0.00
Thayer, DonnaAdmin Coord/Project CoordUMH Team 2 Cancer Ctr$34,476.00$0.00
Flinkstrom, EmilyAdmin Coord/Project CoordCtr for Educational Outreach$33,999.94$33,999.94
Mayesky, VanessaAdmin Coord/Project CoordLSA English Language - Lit.$33,999.94$33,999.94
Tracy, AlexandraAdmin Coord/Project CoordLSA UG: Curriculum Support$33,999.94$33,999.94
Jordon, TheresaAdmin Coord/Project CoordUMH Team 7 Cancer Center$33,995.97$0.00
Marshall, HeatherAdmin Coord/Project CoordUMH Team 2 Cancer Ctr$33,435.62$0.00
Brevard, Brittany HolmesAdmin Coord/Project CoordSchool of Social Work$32,880.00$0.00
Williams, TaraAdmin Coord/Project CoordUMH Team 1 Cancer Center$31,120.69$0.00
Ducsay, AlexaAdmin Coord/Project CoordUniversity Press$28,714.14$0.00
Keener, AlixAdmin Coord/Project CoordLibrary Publish - SPO$28,652.00$0.00
Cronin, SusanAdmin Coord/Project CoordUniversity Press$27,919.06$0.00

Lists of recent searches of
, Admin Coord/Project Coord Office of Financial Aid
Middlemas, Sarah J Grad NonCert Patient % %provost%
Gillum, Linda Hughley Accounting Top Executive LSA Earth - Environmental Sci.
Florence, Timothy Denn professor LSA Social Solutions Center
Fettman, Mark Samuel %director UMH CC-MOQC-BCBSM Project
Feltner, Douglas E Systems Administrator Inter Program NSG Excellence
Fauman, Michael A research % %ambulatory%
Eiser, Alan S Clinical Info Analyst Inter athletics
Ehrlich, Lena Theodorou Nurse Manager Program in the Environment
Ehrlich, Joshua ASST to the Dean or VP Sr Michigan Media
Ednie, Kathryn J Clinical Nursing Director-Unit Office of the General Counsel