Number of people with the title of Academic Records Asst Inter:21
Maximun Salary$ 54,999.88
Average Salary$ 40,914.32
Mminimum Salary$ 29,579.94
Title Results for 2016-17
NameTitleDeprtment FTR (Salary)GF (Amount from General Fund)
Gulley Jr, WilliamAcademic Records Asst InterLaw School$54,999.88$55,000.00
Kelley, Lisa EwaldAcademic Records Asst InterSchool of Social Work$49,213.97$24,606.99
Thomas, Laura AAcademic Records Asst InterSchool of Social Work$47,368.42$23,684.21
Ivacko, Paul EAcademic Records Asst InterCoE Office of Student Affairs$47,148.00$47,148.00
Leier, Michael AAcademic Records Asst InterSchool of Social Work$46,698.75$46,698.75
McDermott, MichaelAcademic Records Asst InterSchool of Social Work$44,345.62$44,345.62
Sutton, Cindy LAcademic Records Asst InterRackham Rcrds & Dissertations$43,423.89$43,423.89
Gibson, Tamara AAcademic Records Asst InterRackham Rcrds & Dissertations$42,308.57$42,308.57
Brooks, DianneAcademic Records Asst InterOUA Processing$41,838.94$41,838.81
Thompson, Miranda MAcademic Records Asst InterRegistrar's Office$41,529.54$41,529.56
Abbott, JaniceAcademic Records Asst InterLaw School$41,086.00$41,086.00
Whitcher, David EAcademic Records Asst InterRegistrar's Office$40,585.22$40,585.24
Boswell-Whitaker, MaryAcademic Records Asst InterSchool of Social Work$40,314.20$40,314.20
Simon, Alicia GAcademic Records Asst InterRegistrar's Office$40,191.32$40,191.21
Styrk, Martha GAcademic Records Asst InterRegistrar's Office$37,142.30$37,142.36
Stites, StaceyAcademic Records Asst InterROSS SCH Admissions$37,095.45$37,095.45
McBride, AmandaAcademic Records Asst InterROSS SCH Admissions$35,902.69$35,902.69
Billings, Diane LAcademic Records Asst InterOUA Processing$35,348.04$35,347.93
Munce, JeremiahAcademic Records Asst InterROSS SCH Admissions$33,499.96$33,500.00
Tashima, ErinAcademic Records Asst InterOUA Processing$29,579.94$29,580.00
Watson, Rachel ElizabethAcademic Records Asst InterOUA Processing$29,579.94$29,580.00