Number of people with the title of ASSOC RES SCIENTIST:55
Maximum Salary$ 126,120.00
Average Salary$ 83,989.53
Minimum Salary$ 41,818.00

Title Results for ASSOC RES SCIENTIST 2003-04
NameTitleDeprtment FTR (Salary)GF (Amount from General Fund)
Oyserman, Daphna RASSOC RES SCIENTISTRCGD-Rsrch Cntr for Grp Dyn$126,120.00$0.00
Conrad, Frederick GASSOC RES SCIENTISTSRC-Survey Methodology$122,804.00$0.00
Ghaziuddin, MohammadASSOC RES SCIENTISTInstitute for Human Adjustment$115,328.00$11,533.38
Metzger, KurtASSOC RES SCIENTISTElec Engr - Comp Sci$115,212.00$57,606.00
De Zeeuw, Darren LeeASSOC RES SCIENTISTSpace Physics Research Lab$108,820.00$0.00
Filipi, Zoran SASSOC RES SCIENTISTMechanical Engineering$103,949.00$0.00
Weymouth, Terry EASSOC RES SCIENTISTSchool of Information$100,519.00$100,519.00
Reed, Matthew PaulASSOC RES SCIENTISTTransportation Research Inst.$95,629.00$0.00
Banerjee, MousumiASSOC RES SCIENTISTBiostatistics Department$95,000.00$0.00
Sen, AnandaASSOC RES SCIENTISTCtr Statistical Consul - Res$95,000.00$95,000.00
Atran, ScottASSOC RES SCIENTISTLS-A Anthropology Dept$93,006.00$5,813.00
Katz, Reuven RASSOC RES SCIENTISTMechanical Engineering$92,913.00$0.00
Kieffer, Edith CASSOC RES SCIENTISTSchool of Social Work$92,788.89$17,722.68
Mansfield, John FASSOC RES SCIENTISTMaterials Science - Engin.$92,346.00$92,346.00
Nwogu, OkeyASSOC RES SCIENTISTNaval Arch - Marine Dept$90,583.00$46,197.33
Trierweiler, Steven JASSOC RES SCIENTISTRCGD-Rsrch Cntr for Grp Dyn$90,216.00$0.00
Ofstedal, Mary BethASSOC RES SCIENTISTSRC-Social Indicators$90,000.00$0.00
Ofstedal, Mary BethASSOC RES SCIENTISTPopulation Studies Center$90,000.00$0.00
Ridley, Aaron JamesASSOC RES SCIENTISTSpace Physics Research Lab$89,380.00$0.00
Nees, John AASSOC RES SCIENTISTElec Engr - Comp Sci$89,251.00$13,387.65
Ma, Zheng-DongASSOC RES SCIENTISTMechanical Engineering$89,180.00$0.00
Daida, Jason MASSOC RES SCIENTISTSpace Physics Research Lab$89,000.00$35,600.00
Saper, Mark AASSOC RES SCIENTISTBiophysics Research Division$88,750.00$71,000.00
McLeish, Michael JASSOC RES SCIENTISTCollege of Pharmacy$88,487.00$79,638.30
Moyne, James RASSOC RES SCIENTISTElec Engr - Comp Sci$87,837.00$0.00
Castanier, Matthew PhillipASSOC RES SCIENTISTMechanical Engineering$87,100.00$0.00
Ronis, David LASSOC RES SCIENTISTSchool of Nursing$85,857.50$19,748.56
Sokolov, Igor VASSOC RES SCIENTISTSpace Physics Research Lab$85,000.00$0.00
Riolo, Rick LASSOC RES SCIENTISTPrgm Study of Complex Systems$84,413.78$75,972.40
Pierce, Leland EASSOC RES SCIENTISTElec Engr - Comp Sci$84,263.00$0.00
Reischl, Thomas MASSOC RES SCIENTISTHlth Behavior - Hlth Ed Dept$83,425.00$0.00
Seitzer, Patrick OASSOC RES SCIENTISTLSA Astronomy$82,535.00$0.00
Toth, GaborASSOC RES SCIENTISTSpace Physics Research Lab$82,130.00$0.00
Nolen-Hoeksema, Richard CASSOC RES SCIENTISTCivil - Environmental Engr$81,650.00$81,650.00
Tardif, Twila ZASSOC RES SCIENTISTCenter for Human Growth - Dev$81,379.74$40,689.87
Nashashibi, Adib YacoubASSOC RES SCIENTISTElec Engr - Comp Sci$81,095.00$0.00
McDonough, Susan CASSOC RES SCIENTISTSchool of Social Work$81,016.13$20,254.03
Kim, Hyungjin MyraASSOC RES SCIENTISTCtr Statistical Consul - Res$80,945.00$5,463.59
Berliner, Ronald RASSOC RES SCIENTISTNuclear - Radio Science$80,619.00$35,948.01
Niciejewski, Rick JASSOC RES SCIENTISTSpace Physics Research Lab$76,550.00$0.00
Maksimchuk, Anatoly MASSOC RES SCIENTISTElec Engr - Comp Sci$75,831.00$0.00
McDonough, Susan CASSOC RES SCIENTISTCenter for Human Growth - Dev$75,230.86$37,634.24
Galecki, Andrzej TASSOC RES SCIENTISTInstitute of Gerontology$71,212.00$0.00
Rutherford, Edward SASSOC RES SCIENTISTSch of Nat Resources - Environ$70,462.00$59,892.70
Everest, David AlanASSOC RES SCIENTISTMechanical Engineering$69,640.00$0.00
Yu, Mei-YuASSOC RES SCIENTISTSchool of Nursing$68,841.05$6,884.11
Ramamoorthy, AyyalusamyASSOC RES SCIENTISTBiophysics Research Division$68,660.00$34,330.00
Lomize, Andrei LASSOC RES SCIENTISTCollege of Pharmacy$60,750.00$3,037.50
Levin, Daniel SASSOC RES SCIENTISTLSA Physics$60,691.00$0.00
Hall, Chris MichaelASSOC RES SCIENTISTLSA Geological Sciences$58,900.00$17,670.00
Zhao, ZhengguoASSOC RES SCIENTISTLSA Physics$57,503.00$0.00
Skalsey, Mark AASSOC RES SCIENTISTLSA Physics$57,222.00$0.00
Coulter, Kevin PASSOC RES SCIENTISTLSA Physics$56,355.32$0.00
Wang, ZhengASSOC RES SCIENTISTInst/Research Women - Gender$56,210.00$28,105.00
Huang, JinfanASSOC RES SCIENTISTLSA Chemistry$41,818.00$0.00
Badgley, Catherine EASSOC RES SCIENTISTLS-A Geological Sciences$0.00$0.00
Badgley, Catherine EASSOC RES SCIENTISTLSA Paleontology Museum$0.00$0.00
Barks, John D EASSOC RES SCIENTISTCenter for Human Growth - Dev$0.00$0.00
Boyd, Carol JASSOC RES SCIENTISTSubstance Abuse Center$0.00$0.00
Caruso, Rita LochASSOC RES SCIENTISTReproductive Sciences Program$0.00$0.00
Chang, William Y BASSOC RES SCIENTISTSch of Nat Resources - Environ$0.00$0.00
Conti, Ralph SASSOC RES SCIENTISTLS-A Physics Department$0.00$0.00
Creekmore, Phillip MASSOC RES SCIENTISTInst/Research Women - Gender$0.00$0.00
Danziger, Sandra KASSOC RES SCIENTISTG. Ford Sch of Public Policy$0.00$0.00
Diana, James StephenASSOC RES SCIENTISTLS-A Ctr Great Lakes - Aquatic$0.00$0.00
England, Barry GASSOC RES SCIENTISTReproductive Sciences Program$0.00$0.00
Franzblau, AlfredASSOC RES SCIENTISTCoE Center for Ergonomics$0.00$0.00
Gongora, Marie AraceliASSOC RES SCIENTISTLS-A Physics Department$0.00$0.00
Gunnell, Gregg FASSOC RES SCIENTISTLS-A Museum of Paleontology$0.00$0.00
Harris, CraigASSOC RES SCIENTISTReproductive Sciences Program$0.00$0.00
Hunt, Nancy RoseASSOC RES SCIENTISTInst/Research Women - Gender$0.00$0.00
Kennedy, Michael DASSOC RES SCIENTISTLS-A Russian - E Euro Studies$0.00$0.00
Lynch, John WASSOC RES SCIENTISTCenter for Human Growth - Dev$0.00$0.00
Musch, David CASSOC RES SCIENTISTEpidemiology Department$0.00$0.00
Nriagu, JeromeASSOC RES SCIENTISTLS-A Ctr Great Lakes - Aquatic$0.00$0.00
Pares, Josep MASSOC RES SCIENTISTLSA Geological Sciences$0.00$0.00
Randolph Jr, John FASSOC RES SCIENTISTReproductive Sciences Program$0.00$0.00
Seasholtz, Audrey FASSOC RES SCIENTISTReproductive Sciences Program$0.00$0.00
Smith, B HollyASSOC RES SCIENTISTLS-A Museum of Anthropology$0.00$0.00
Vazquez, Delia MASSOC RES SCIENTISTCenter for Human Growth - Dev$0.00$0.00
Walker, David TASSOC RES SCIENTISTCoE Naval Arch - Marine Dept$0.00$0.00
Werner, Robert AASSOC RES SCIENTISTCoE Center for Ergonomics$0.00$0.00
Weymouth, Terry EASSOC RES SCIENTISTCoE Electrical - Computer Sci$0.00$0.00
Zelditch, Miriam LASSOC RES SCIENTISTLS-A Museum of Paleontology$0.00$0.00

Lists of recent searches of
, ASSOC RES SCIENTIST Technology - Information
Andreae-Nickles, Carol Chef Confucius Institute
Anthopolos, Rebecca Ultrasonographer UMH MedSport Ice Cube - Tech
Andreae, Margie C CLINICAL ASST PROF Materials Science - Engin.
Anthony, Michael A assistant% LSA Chemistry
Robertson, Michael+L Sr Bill Clk/Pat Acct Rep Hlth Univ Parking Svcs-Central Camp
Tuck, Kirsten Histotechnologist %s
Eckner, James+T Network Architect Lead UMH%
Raue, Kristen %assistant Trotter Multicultural Center
Andreae, Ashley Taylor Office Manager Ophthy Clinical Trials Patient
Wang, Ming PROFESSOR UMH Family Med at Dominos Farm