Number of people with the title of ASSOC LIBRARIAN:42
Maximum Salary$ 77,729.37
Average Salary$ 65,530.90
Minimum Salary$ 60,622.50

Title Results for ASSOC LIBRARIAN 2018-19
NameTitleDeprtment FTR (Salary)GF (Amount from General Fund)
Barrow, Paul JASSOC LIBRARIANLibrary Research-Social Scienc$77,729.37$77,729.37
Bonfiglio, Justin LeeASSOC LIBRARIANLibrary Research - Copyright$73,865.63$73,865.63
Oren, Gale AASSOC LIBRARIANOphthalmology - Visual Science$73,667.00$0.00
Schnitzer, Anna ErcoliASSOC LIBRARIANLibrary - Health Sciences$72,889.08$36,444.54
Martin, JeffreyASSOC LIBRARIANLibrary Research-Intern'l Stud$72,297.39$72,297.39
Kviklys, DanguoleASSOC LIBRARIANROSS SCH Kresge Library Servic$68,918.86$68,918.86
Sevryugina, Yulia VASSOC LIBRARIANLibrary - Health Sciences$67,600.00$67,600.00
Linda, Oksana KaterineASSOC LIBRARIANClements Library$67,451.00$67,451.00
Schell, JustinASSOC LIBRARIANLibrary Learn-Teach-Connected$67,087.90$67,087.90
Havens, Lauren EricaASSOC LIBRARIANLibraryInfoTech - Dig. Content$66,787.50$66,787.50
Rosen, StephanieASSOC LIBRARIANLibrary Learn-Teach-Connected$66,488.45$66,488.45
Ginier, Emily CatherineASSOC LIBRARIANLibrary - Health Sciences$66,426.20$56,462.27
Saylor, Kate MacDougallASSOC LIBRARIANLibrary - Health Sciences$66,426.20$66,426.20
Yang, Jung WonASSOC LIBRARIANLibrary Research-Social Scienc$65,836.16$65,836.16
Fulkerson, Natalie KimASSOC LIBRARIANLibrary Info Tech - HathiTrust$65,760.00$0.00
Unkeless-Perez, VanessaASSOC LIBRARIANICPSR - Membership Archives$65,664.00$0.00
Glenn, Jacob KennethASSOC LIBRARIANLibrary - Health Sciences$65,045.07$65,045.07
Niehof, Jamie MarieASSOC LIBRARIANLibrary - Health Sciences$65,045.07$65,045.07
Bahnmaier, SaraASSOC LIBRARIANLibrary Collect - Tech Service$64,878.53$64,878.53
Masters, ChaseASSOC LIBRARIANLibrary - Health Sciences$64,614.36$64,614.36
Nix, Addicus TylerASSOC LIBRARIANLibrary - Health Sciences$64,614.36$64,614.36
Scheuher, Joel MathieuASSOC LIBRARIANROSS SCH Kresge Library Servic$64,157.93$64,157.93
Britt, Katherine EASSOC LIBRARIANLaw Library$64,103.00$64,103.00
Samuel, Sara MarieASSOC LIBRARIANLibrary - Health Sciences$64,000.00$64,000.00
Burkhardt, Heidi SteinerASSOC LIBRARIANLibraryInfoTech-Design-Discov$63,951.32$63,951.32
Zaytsev, AngelinaASSOC LIBRARIANLibrary Info Tech - HathiTrust$63,814.25$0.00
Imbesi, JasonASSOC LIBRARIANLibrary Research-Arts -Humanit$63,718.77$63,718.77
Cong-Huyen, AnneASSOC LIBRARIANLibrary Learn-Teach-Connected$63,705.00$63,705.00
Patel, Kush UpendraASSOC LIBRARIANLibrary Learn-Teach-Connected$63,705.00$63,705.00
Adler, RichardASSOC LIBRARIANLibraryInfoTech - Dig. Content$63,655.68$0.00
Gulvas, JamesASSOC LIBRARIANLibrary Collect - Tech Service$63,550.58$63,550.58
Quint, Zachary LeonASSOC LIBRARIANLibrary Research-Arts -Humanit$63,500.00$63,500.00
Shannon, Marjorie CarolASSOC LIBRARIANLibrary - Health Sciences$63,282.11$63,282.11
Slater, Walter FrancisASSOC LIBRARIANLibrary Research-Intern'l Stud$63,151.55$63,151.55
Zirpoli, Alexis MASSOC LIBRARIANLaw Library$62,930.00$62,930.00
Woodbrook, Rachel NASSOC LIBRARIANLibrary Research-Sci -Engineer$62,677.50$62,677.50
Wells, Caitlin RASSOC LIBRARIANLibrary Collect - Spec Collec$62,507.84$62,507.84
Wahab, AishaASSOC LIBRARIANLibrary Collect - Preservation$62,449.85$62,449.85
Binnie, Naomi MarieASSOC LIBRARIANLibrary Learn-Teach- P - I$61,332.50$61,332.50
Hixon, Megan ElizabethASSOC LIBRARIANLibrary Collect - Spec Collec$61,239.00$61,239.00
Suzuki, MariASSOC LIBRARIANLibrary Research - Asia$61,151.27$61,151.27
Clowney-Robinson, Marna MicheleASSOC LIBRARIANLibrary Operations - C - A Svc$60,622.50$60,622.50

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, ASSOC LIBRARIAN Psych Labs and Bioinformatics
Snook, Kristine Reeser PROFESSOR UMH 4B Surgical
Snodgrass, John M Info Resources Technical Spec %biological chem%
Sng, Wei Sheng Oliver infection %physics
Snellgrove, Jaclyn ASST PROFESSOR Office of Univ and Dev Events
Sneeringer, Savanna Research Area Specialist Inter %print%
Santone, Susan %assistant School of Social Work
Smyth, Denise E WOMENS VOLLEYBALL COACH Procurement Services
Makman, Lisa Hermine %manager% EECS - CSE Division
Smoyer, Chad PLASTERER Dbn Facilities Operations-Admi
Smothers, Cinzia REGISTERED NURSE - LEVEL C hr benefits office