Number of people with the title of %training specialist%:90
Maximum Salary$ 95,927.98
Average Salary$ 60,370.93
Minimum Salary$ 40,800.00

Title Results for %training specialist% 2018-19
NameTitleDeprtment FTR (Salary)GF (Amount from General Fund)
Weincouff Jr, Eugene ATraining Specialist SeniorFacilities - Operation - TRNG$95,927.98$0.00
Herrington, Michael NashTraining Specialist LeadOffc for Hlt Eqty - Incl$91,000.00$0.00
Zubl, David AlanTraining Specialist LeadOUD Talent Management$81,040.00$0.00
Yake, DebraTraining Specialist SeniorDLHS Clinical Simulation Ctr$80,307.78$0.00
McLaughlin-Grayson, Tarnisha DawnTraining Specialist LeadUMHS Shared Human Resources$79,663.29$0.00
Owens, ArikaTraining Specialist LeadData Off Clin - Translat Rsch$78,271.56$0.00
Sheets, Sharon KTraining Specialist SeniorUMH Nurse Info Svcs$78,005.61$0.00
Moorhouse, Weslier MarieTraining Specialist SeniorUMH Path I/P Phlebotomy$77,559.80$0.00
Hanrath, SusannaTraining Specialist SeniorPsychiatry Depression Center$76,875.00$38,437.50
DeVries, Lori JanelleTraining Specialist SeniorUMH Professional Dev and Ed$74,809.18$0.00
Kunnath, Jeanette MTraining Specialist SeniorHITS ET Instructional Design$74,064.29$0.00
Berg, KellyTraining Specialist SeniorHITS ET Instructional Design$73,651.71$0.00
Goodman, Jacquelyn MTraining Specialist SeniorUMH Path MLabs Division$72,289.33$0.00
Lawrence, JamesTraining Specialist LeadUMH Environmental Svcs - Admin$71,133.35$0.00
Stark, DeepaliTraining Specialist SeniorShared Services Center$70,632.25$70,632.25
Fox, JenniferTraining Specialist SeniorHITS ET Instructional Design$70,437.67$0.00
Ochs, Nicole LeighTraining Specialist SeniorHITS ET eLearning$70,433.95$0.00
DiStefano, RyanTraining Specialist InterUMH Oper Rooms - UH - Inst$69,926.80$0.00
Matthews, Gary LTraining Specialist InterUMHS Rev Cycle (PTO)$68,690.75$0.00
Thorpe, VilletteTraining Specialist SeniorO-CTSU Administration$68,686.91$0.00
Johnson, PatrickTraining Specialist SeniorUMHS Rev Cycle (PTO)$68,000.00$0.00
Lagodzinski, MelissaTraining Specialist InterAdministration$67,877.00$0.00
Marra, Marie ATraining Specialist SeniorUMHS Rev Cycle (PTO)$65,844.65$0.00
Sdao, Mary CTraining Specialist SeniorHITS ET Training$65,165.36$0.00
Paul, StaceyTraining Specialist InterCentralized Scope Processing$64,920.96$0.00
McCroskey, Knoeta ReneeTraining Specialist SeniorUMHS Rev Cycle (PTO)$64,767.28$0.00
Townsend, KelseyTraining Specialist SeniorShared Services Center$64,000.00$64,000.00
Sisty, Kristin CharleneTraining Specialist InterUMH Patient Food Svcs$63,414.04$0.00
Anthony, Julie KayTraining Specialist SeniorHITS RAAC Research Apps - Pgms$63,037.50$0.00
Derrick, Altorian LTraining Specialist SeniorUMHS Rev Cycle (PTO)$62,437.10$0.00
Rich, ThomasTraining Specialist SeniorHITS ET Instructional Design$62,307.32$0.00
Murphy, JenniferTraining Specialist SeniorOMSE Curriculum Srvs General$62,030.64$0.00
Carver, NeilTraining Specialist SeniorUMOR Off Rsrch-Spnsr Prjs-ORSP$61,650.00$61,650.00
Miclette, JeannetteTraining Specialist InterHITS ET Training$61,567.74$0.00
Reynolds, Ray-NitraTraining Specialist InterInstitutional Review Board$61,500.00$0.00
Gasiciel, Teresa ATraining Specialist AssociateUMHS Shared Human Resources$61,400.53$0.00
Exe, NicoleTraining Specialist SeniorMICHR - Operations$60,982.09$30,491.05
Ward, Charmaine MTraining Specialist InterUMHS Shared Human Resources$60,885.00$0.00
Mannor, Christopher LTraining Specialist SeniorLab Animal Medicine Unit$60,810.55$33,445.80
Lindsley, Elizabeth AnnTraining Specialist SeniorUMHS Rev Cycle (PTO)$60,662.04$0.00
Lathers, Lori ATraining Specialist SeniorNursing Clerical Overhead$60,481.16$0.00
Slater, Dionne RTraining Specialist SeniorUMHS Rev Cycle (PTO)$59,725.51$0.00
Cox, ValerieTraining Specialist SeniorHITS ET Instructional Design$59,706.25$0.00
Rogers, GregoryTraining Specialist SeniorHITS ET Instructional Design$59,706.25$0.00
Frank, AmyTraining Specialist InterOMSE Curriculum Srvs General$59,421.00$0.00
Esch, Joanne CTraining Specialist SeniorUMH Amb Care Admin$59,280.00$0.00
Taylor, Antonia MarieTraining Specialist InterHITS ET Training$58,828.50$0.00
Denton, Krista ATraining Specialist SeniorHITS ET Instructional Design$57,912.50$0.00
Arrieta, DeannaTraining Specialist InterOMSE Curriculum Srvs General$57,799.25$0.00
Jones, MelissaTraining Specialist InterOMSE Curriculum Srvs General$57,631.89$0.00
Egeler, JaysonTraining Specialist SeniorLab Animal Medicine Unit$57,400.00$31,570.00
Penn, Marianne ETraining Specialist SeniorHITS ET Instructional Design$57,400.00$0.00
McLeod, RyanTraining Specialist InterHITS ET Training$57,000.00$0.00
Wilson, Anna BelleTraining Specialist InterUMH Environmental Svcs - Admin$56,825.78$0.00
Shaper, Karen LTraining Specialist InterUMHS Rev Cycle (PTO)$56,683.60$0.00
Conner, MichelleTraining Specialist SeniorUMH Amb Care Admin$56,487.75$0.00
Falcicchio, MarcellaTraining Specialist SeniorHITS ET Instructional Design$56,375.00$0.00
Carter, LaJuandaTraining Specialist SeniorLab Animal Medicine Unit$55,657.50$30,611.63
Paradise, Lisa CTraining Specialist InterUMH Pathology Satellite Supp$54,848.26$0.00
Campbell, LanaTraining Specialist InterHomecare Service Admin$54,325.00$0.00
Davis, Samantha JoTraining Specialist InterHITS ET Training$53,713.21$0.00
Fitzpatrick, LisaTraining Specialist InterHITS ET Training$53,713.21$0.00
Sink, Melanie VictoriaTraining Specialist InterHITS ET Training$53,713.21$0.00
McRae, KellyTraining Specialist InterHITS ET eLearning$53,517.03$0.00
Barr, Dorthea LynnTraining Specialist InterUMH Amb Care Admin$53,018.92$0.00
Steele, MichaelTraining Specialist InterHITS Training$53,000.00$0.00
Warshaw, LeahTraining Specialist InterOUD Talent Management$52,898.67$0.00
Handy, GretchenTraining Specialist InterHITS ET Training$52,787.50$0.00
Fischer, ThomasTraining Specialist InterHITS eLearning$52,403.13$0.00
Tobias, Anna MTraining Specialist AssociateFacilities - Operation - TRNG$52,129.16$0.00
Speyer, Shawdi DasgerTraining Specialist InterHITS ET Training$52,012.97$0.00
Every, CorwinTraining Specialist InterHITS Training$51,000.00$0.00
Scicluna, Joy MichelleTraining Specialist AssociateNursing Clerical Overhead$50,700.00$0.00
Bogarin, Karen ElizabethTraining Specialist InterUMH Amb Care Admin$50,628.86$0.00
Coeling, JosephTraining Specialist AssociateMI Dining - Administration$50,366.94$0.00
Mallya, Britney LynnTraining Specialist InterHITS ET Training$49,879.47$0.00
Bandyk, DenneseIS Training Specialist InterFlint ITS$49,392.48$49,392.48
Tapp II, BrianTraining Specialist InterUMH Path I/P Phlebotomy$49,356.83$0.00
Matheny, Jessica LynnTraining Specialist InterUMH Path I/P Phlebotomy$48,887.38$0.00
Chapman, Damon MiguelTraining Specialist InterHITS ET Training$48,662.90$0.00
Baker, KaylaTraining Specialist InterUMH Amb Care Training$48,554.25$0.00
Brown, JanetteTraining Specialist InterUMH Path Central Distrib$48,554.25$0.00
Burton, MatthewTraining Specialist InterUMH Amb Care Training$48,554.25$0.00
Rosen, Angela PageTraining Specialist InterLab Animal Medicine Unit$48,181.66$26,499.91
Schwartzenberger, JuliaTraining Specialist InterLab Animal Medicine Unit$47,836.75$26,310.21
Nowlan, SarahTraining Specialist AssociateLab Animal Medicine Unit$45,591.49$25,075.29
Schmidt, JenniferTraining Specialist AssociateLab Animal Medicine Unit$44,748.02$24,611.47
Ridings, EricTraining Specialist AssociateUMH Adult ED Admin$44,541.04$0.00
Cohen, CassandraTraining Specialist AssociateLab Animal Medicine Unit$44,077.50$24,242.66
Peavy, Willis HenryTraining Specialist AssociateDbn Office of Metro Impact$40,800.00$0.00

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