Number of people with the title of %lead%:712
Maximum Salary$ 463,270.00
Average Salary$ 93,664.08
Minimum Salary$ 31,806.06

Title Results for %lead% 2018-19
NameTitleDeprtment FTR (Salary)GF (Amount from General Fund)
Bagian, James PBusiness Proc Consultant LeadCE Pres MedSch Benefits Appt$463,270.00$0.00
Wamsley, ThomasDevelopment Director LeadROSS SCH Dev-Alum Rltns-Oprtns$271,842.75$0.00
Masson, David JAttorney LeadOffice of the General Counsel$251,231.28$251,231.28
Kowich, Debra AAttorney LeadOffice of the General Counsel$241,665.34$96,666.14
Dubin, Michael SDevelopment Director LeadLaw School$240,000.00$240,000.00
Luckham, Martha PDevelopment Director LeadLSA Dean: Advancement$220,719.44$198,647.50
Fraumann, Katherine MarieDevelopment Director LeadAthletics$218,524.80$0.00
Hebert, DaleAttorney LeadOffice of the General Counsel$215,489.33$0.00
Emenheiser, PamelaAttorney LeadOffice of the General Counsel$214,014.91$0.00
McClorey, ColleenAttorney LeadOffice of the General Counsel$207,001.59$0.00
Brandon, Richard AAttorney LeadOffice of the General Counsel$206,616.28$206,616.28
Napiewocki, LauraAttorney LeadOffice of the General Counsel$199,655.53$0.00
Snyder, Donna JAttorney LeadOffice of the General Counsel$199,585.17$199,585.17
Fetchiet, Richard RDevelopment Director LeadDENT Dev - Alumni Relations$196,200.74$176,580.67
Hage, GloriaAttorney LeadOffice of the General Counsel$195,700.00$195,700.00
Winiarski, DeniseAttorney LeadOffice of the General Counsel$189,375.16$0.00
Gerdes, Christine MarieAttorney LeadOffice of the General Counsel$188,563.00$9,428.15
Gosbee, John WBusiness Proc Consultant LeadInternal Medicine Department$184,115.88$0.00
Bernard, JackAttorney LeadOffice of the General Counsel$182,671.89$182,671.89
Kokinasidis, Maya Renata KobersyAttorney LeadOffice of the General Counsel$181,231.97$181,231.97
Murphy, KatherineAttorney LeadOffice of the General Counsel$181,231.97$181,231.97
Nogueira, MarkAttorney LeadOffice of the General Counsel$181,231.97$181,231.97
Yates, Ciara ComerfordAttorney LeadOffice of the General Counsel$181,231.97$181,231.97
Ozor, ChinemeremAttorney LeadOffice of the General Counsel$178,656.44$178,656.44
Korley, TianaAttorney LeadOffice of the General Counsel$178,553.72$0.00
Niedbala, Peter CDevelopment Director LeadCollege of Pharmacy$176,190.00$176,190.00
Grimm, DavidAttorney LeadOffice of the General Counsel$173,760.88$173,760.88
Blackwell, Amy ChristineAttorney LeadOffice of the General Counsel$170,000.00$0.00
Kent, ThomasAttorney LeadOffice of the General Counsel$168,920.00$168,920.00
Bigelow, ErickaDevelopment Director LeadSPHDO-Development - Alumni Eng$168,714.00$126,535.50
Davis, RyanDevelopment Director LeadUniv Musical Society$164,500.00$0.00
Champagne, Carleen MBusiness Administrator LeadSchool of Nursing$164,327.11$164,327.11
Govantes, Pedro PabloMajor Gifts Officer LeadDevelopment Major Gifts Prgm$164,000.00$0.00
Throm, Carla RDevelopment Director LeadMuseum of Art$157,000.00$136,590.00
Winter, Diane MBusiness Administrator LeadICPSR-Admin$152,251.72$0.00
Schafer, Maureen AnneDevelopment Director LeadOUD Stewardship - Donor Rels.$150,000.00$0.00
Emery-Peck, David DMajor Gifts Officer LeadDevelopment Major Gifts Prgm$149,000.00$0.00
Flynn, Gail LynnMajor Gifts Officer LeadLSA Dean: Advancement$148,452.00$148,452.00
Klatt, EmilyAttorney LeadOffice of the General Counsel$147,805.00$0.00
Robinson, RyanMajor Gifts Officer LeadDevelopment Major Gifts Prgm$147,446.00$0.00
Palazzolo, WilliamBusiness Proc Consultant LeadSurgery Department$147,087.50$0.00
Athey, Laura AnnBusiness Administrator LeadBiostatistics Department$145,629.00$145,629.00
Mushtaq, MohammadApplications Programmer LeadSRC-Psid$145,201.87$0.00
Guttman, Mary CBusiness Administrator LeadRCGD-Rsrch Cntr for Grp Dyn$145,200.00$0.00
Kratochwill, Eric WStrategist LeadUMHS Hlth Systm Planning$144,844.94$0.00
Van Noord, JonathanEngineer in Research LeadSpace Physics Research Lab$143,966.00$0.00
Porter III, RichardMajor Gifts Officer LeadDevelopment Major Gifts Prgm$142,181.00$0.00
Bacon, MarkBusiness Proc Consultant LeadLSA Dean: Mgmt. Info. Systems$142,150.00$142,150.00
Hopkins, JaredBusiness Proc Consultant LeadHITS FA Administration$142,000.00$0.00
Ellis, Candy SBusiness Administrator LeadHlth Behavior - Hlth Ed Dept$141,502.00$135,134.41
Baker, SallyPlanned Giving Officer LeadPlanned Giving$141,450.00$0.00
Miller, Ryan PEngineer in Research LeadSpace Physics Research Lab$140,171.00$0.00
Ummerpillai, HarshakumarSolution Architect LeadICPSR-Computer - Network$140,000.00$0.00
Lawrence, Katherine AlisonResearch Area Specialist LeadSchool of Information$139,565.00$0.00
McDonough, Jillmarie ADevelopment Director LeadRackham Development$136,832.55$136,832.55
Maddix, Lori LeighBusiness Administrator LeadCPS- Ctr for Political Studies$136,448.17$0.00
Eiser, Alan SBusiness Proc Consultant LeadUMH Sleep Laboratory$135,074.25$0.00
Berlucchi, Anne MarieMajor Gifts Officer LeadDevelopment Major Gifts Prgm$135,000.00$0.00
Kinnear, ShumialaMajor Gifts Officer LeadAlumni Association$134,550.00$0.00
Harkins, Paul RichardDevelopment Director LeadSchool of MusicTheatre-Dance$134,353.94$134,353.94
Heatlie, PamelaEEO/Diversity Rep LeadDbn Office of the Chancellor$134,000.00$134,000.00
Roper, Steven MBusiness Administrator LeadLSA Physics$133,748.00$133,748.00
Medd, Nancy JStorage Engineer LeadITS Infra Sys Srvcs - Ops$130,654.00$71,859.70
Nolte, Michael AnthonyResearch Area Specialist LeadSRC-Hrs$130,391.73$0.00
Provost, DamenEngineer in Research LeadNaval Arch - Marine Dept$130,391.00$0.00
Young-Demarco, Linda CResearch Area Specialist LeadSRC-Family Demography$130,303.70$0.00
Schwartz, ErikData/Info Architect LeadIQ Information Quest$130,050.00$130,050.00
June, LauraNetwork Architect LeadHITS EI Network - Comm Support$129,707.22$0.00
Battles, Alethia JeanBusiness Proc Consultant LeadUMH Social Work$129,625.00$0.00
Miller, Brett NData Security Analyst LeadHITS IA Cybersecurity Risk Mgt$129,566.15$0.00
Manaenkov, DaniilResearch Area Specialist LeadLSA Economics$129,430.00$122,958.50
Luo, ChristinaFinancial Lead ManagerLaw School$129,347.00$129,347.00
Smith, Nancy EBusiness Administrator LeadLSA Ecology - Evolutionary Bio$129,300.01$129,300.01
Riddle, Bob DSoftware Engineer LeadHITS RAAC Administration$129,090.00$0.00
Freshcorn, Jeff RMajor Gifts Officer LeadDENT Dev - Alumni Relations$129,063.70$129,063.70
Walters-Smith, Whitney Marie-BlakeCont Improvement Spec LeadPerformance Improvement Admin$128,915.42$0.00
Schweiger, Dennis MEngineer in Research LeadCOE EECS - ECE - LNF$128,690.00$0.00
Kin, JeanneCont Improvement Spec LeadClinical Quality - Training Ad$128,530.32$0.00
Johnson, Jane HBusiness Administrator LeadLSA English Language - Lit.$128,528.16$128,528.16
Venema, Margaret AnnFinancial Lead ManagerDENT Budget - Finance$128,472.70$122,049.07
Kegler, BrianMajor Gifts Officer LeadAthletics$127,979.41$0.00
Austin, AnaBusiness Administrator LeadLSA Physics$127,371.65$127,371.65
Arnett, Kenneth LEngineer in Research LeadSpace Physics Research Lab$127,260.00$0.00
Fussman, Doreen JBusiness Administrator LeadLSA Mathematics$127,104.24$120,749.03
Malaikal, JanBusiness Administrator LeadLSA Chemistry$127,075.43$127,075.43
Barnett, Jennifer SBusiness Administrator LeadLSA Psychology$127,074.81$127,074.81
Fuller, Matthew BConstruction Proj Eng LeadAEC-Project Management$126,566.67$0.00
Fisher, Richard LMechanical Engineer LeadAEC-Project Management$126,366.49$0.00
Rogacki, Steven AEngineer in Research LeadSpace Physics Research Lab$126,102.00$0.00
Dawson, ImaraBusiness Administrator LeadLSA International Institute$126,075.00$126,075.00
Rittenger, Glenn RConstruction Proj Eng LeadAEC-Project Management$125,389.58$0.00
Langeland, JanePlanned Giving Officer LeadUMHS Development - Campaign$125,355.64$0.00
Sebastian, Anthony EdwardEngineer in Research LeadCOE EECS - ECE - LNF$125,335.00$0.00
Reddy, Archana KData Architect LeadHITS DRA Data Warehousing$124,888.38$0.00
Covietz, Kristopher EBudget Analyst LeadOffice of Budget - Planning$124,867.93$124,867.93
Herrera-Fierro, Pilar CarmenEngineer in Research LeadCOE EECS - ECE - LNF$124,460.00$0.00
Brown, NatalieHR Officer LeadDENT HR Shared Service$124,025.00$124,025.00
Ashby, Valarie BurtonResearch Area Specialist LeadKidney Epidemiology - Cost Ctr$123,963.00$0.00
Shearon, Tempie HulbertResearch Area Specialist LeadKidney Epidemiology - Cost Ctr$123,963.00$0.00
Gilbert, MarkElectronics Engineer LeadUMTRI-Engineering Systems$123,848.00$0.00
Gates, Christopher MBioinfo-Comput Biologist LeadBRCF Bioinformatics Core$123,600.00$69,834.00
Yee, Shelly KBusiness Administrator LeadAerospace Engineering$123,300.00$123,300.00
Butler, TimothyEngineer in Research LeadSpace Physics Research Lab$123,026.00$0.00
Grimes, Donald RResearch Area Specialist LeadLSA Economics$122,400.00$80,784.00
Brainard, PatriciaBusiness Administrator LeadCivil - Environmental Engr$122,018.00$122,018.00
Barnett, William DouglasBudget Analyst LeadLSA Dean: Finance$122,000.00$122,000.00
Kirkland, DanielNetwork Architect LeadITS Infra Net Dir of Eng$121,680.00$0.00
Richardson, Derrick TBusiness Administrator LeadMaterials Science - Engin.$121,680.00$121,680.00
Stautz, Lori LynnBusiness Administrator LeadSchool of Nursing$121,540.00$121,540.00
Moler, Tara ACont Improvement Spec LeadPerformance Improvement Admin$121,123.23$0.00
Nowell, David NelsonData/Info Architect LeadIQ Information Quest$120,819.00$120,819.00
Bernhardsson, Brenda ABusiness Administrator LeadHealth Management and Policy$120,777.00$120,777.00
Jones-Williams, TawaneshaConstruction Proj Eng LeadAEC-Project Management$120,660.48$0.00
Bolash, AndreaBusiness Proc Consultant LeadCoE Resource Planning - Mgmt$120,510.00$120,510.00
Mueller, Catherine CrozierBusiness Administrator LeadLSA Dean: Undergrad. Education$120,360.00$120,360.00
Walterhouse, Thomas RConstruction Proj Eng LeadAEC-Project Management$120,310.15$0.00
Spence, Patricia AnnConstruction Proj Eng LeadAEC-Architecture - Engineering$120,036.87$0.00
Bid, Hemant KumarResearch Lab Specialist LeadLife Sciences Institute-Admin$120,000.00$0.00
Nishimura, RaphaelResearch Area Specialist LeadSRO/SMP Statistical Unit$120,000.00$0.00
Zedaker-Witte, Trudy LConstruction Proj Eng LeadAEC-Project Management$119,978.62$0.00
Dahlerus, ClaudiaResearch Area Specialist LeadKidney Epidemiology - Cost Ctr$119,786.00$0.00
Bogdanski, Pamela ABusiness Administrator LeadChemical Engineering Dept$119,712.00$119,712.00
Nehls-Frumkin, Mary LBusiness Administrator LeadCOE Climate - Space$119,596.00$119,596.00
Backhus, RogerEngineer in Research LeadSpace Physics Research Lab$119,572.00$0.00
Joaquin, Caroline MBusiness Administrator LeadNuclear Eng - Radiological Sci$119,480.00$119,480.00
Larocca, Melinda ABusiness Administrator LeadNutritional Sciences$119,443.00$119,443.00
Gulyas, Diane MarieMajor Gifts Officer LeadDbn Development Office$119,173.06$119,173.06
Deedler, Emily MBrand/Product Analyst LeadROSS SCH MKTG - COM$119,114.01$71,468.41
Topiwala, Alpa DalalBudget Analyst LeadLife Sciences Institute-Admin$118,804.97$0.00
Woolley, Charles BResearch Area Specialist LeadCoE Center for Ergonomics$118,696.00$33,234.88
Woolley, Charles BResearch Area Specialist LeadIndustrial - Operations Engin$118,696.00$5,934.80
Smith, Patricia SBusiness Administrator LeadUMOR Office of VP for Research$118,520.00$118,520.00
VanHaaften, Valerie AmarERP Business Analyst LeadITS Enterprise App Svcs$118,468.00$59,234.00
Tracy, Luke W-BEnterprise Arch LeadITS CIO Strategy and Planning$118,198.00$118,198.00
Manary, Miriam AshleyEngineer in Research LeadUMTRI-Biosciences$118,130.00$0.00
Eddy, SeanBioinfo-Comput Biologist LeadInt Med-Nephrology$118,105.00$12,401.03
Wood, Brandy LeeERP Business Analyst LeadITS Enterprise App Svcs$118,024.00$59,012.00
Less, Gregory BEngineer in Research LeadUMOR - U-M Energy Institute$118,000.00$0.00
Johnson, Brian NEngineer in Research LeadChemical Engineering Dept$117,495.00$0.00
Shaughnessy, Philip TMechanical Engineer LeadAEC-Project Management$117,477.39$0.00
Schroeder, Andreas WBusiness Systems Analyst LeadHITS COA Applications 1$117,360.00$0.00
Weymouth, Terry ESoftware Developer LeadMaterials Science - Engin.$117,096.00$0.00
Fessell, TanjaCont Improvement Spec LeadPerformance Improvement Admin$117,059.10$0.00
Garrett-Owens, Sabrina VonneLabor Relations Rep LeadStaff HR$117,041.00$117,041.00
Toader, Ovidiu FResearch Area Specialist LeadNuclear Eng - Radiological Sci$116,985.00$116,985.00
Weir, Andrew SMechanical Engineer LeadAEC-Project Management$116,854.21$0.00
Zuniga-Valentino, BeatriceBusiness Administrator LeadLSA Astronomy$116,851.00$58,425.50
Zuniga-Valentino, BeatriceBusiness Administrator LeadLSA Statistics$116,851.00$58,425.50
Gordenker, Robert Jan MarioEngineer in Research LeadCOE EECS - ECE Division$116,596.00$81,617.20
Stawkey, Steven RConstruction Proj Eng LeadAEC-Project Management$116,390.00$0.00
Jordan, NicholasResearch Area Specialist LeadNuclear Eng - Radiological Sci$116,317.00$0.00
Matish, Alexandra StephanLabor Relations Rep LeadHR Academic HR Services$116,267.00$116,267.00
Sherman, Colleen MMajor Gifts Officer LeadUMHS Devel. - Corp and Fnd Rel$116,229.29$0.00
Hirshman, LoriMajor Gifts Officer LeadUMHS Development - Cancer/DCI$116,181.12$0.00
Jared, Jeremy DDatabase Administrator LeadAnesthesiology Department$116,132.50$0.00
Dziubinski, Brian KNetwork Architect LeadHITS EI Complex Device Int Svc$115,825.00$0.00
Thompson, DavidMajor Gifts Officer LeadDevelopment Major Gifts Prgm$115,482.00$0.00
Choi, SaeminEngineer in Research LeadChemical Engineering Dept$115,462.00$57,731.00
Spaly, Rebecca JohnsonMajor Gifts Officer LeadUMHS Dev - Neuro/Cardio/Int'l$115,393.78$0.00
Cooper, CurtEngineer in Research LeadSpace Physics Research Lab$115,350.00$0.00
Williams, Raymond MichaelMechanical Engineer LeadAEC-Project Management$115,336.47$0.00
O'Dell, William PElectrical Engineer LeadUMH Facilities Planning$115,045.42$0.00
Smith, Rebekah AnnBusiness Administrator LeadIndustrial - Operations Engin$114,950.00$114,950.00
Gonzalez, JohnResearch Area Specialist LeadRackham Institutional Research$114,637.97$114,637.97
Richardson, Linda SueMechanical Engineer LeadUMH Facilities Planning$114,548.88$0.00
Bogard, Scott EEngineer in Research LeadUMTRI-Engineering Systems$114,535.00$0.00
Haggerty, Julie AnnBusiness Administrator LeadLSA Earth - Environmental Sci.$114,422.26$114,422.26
Dechert, RonaldResearch Area Specialist LeadSchool of Nursing$114,400.00$0.00
Smith, Eric JConstruction Proj Eng LeadAEC-Project Management$114,381.50$0.00
Ilankamban, KasthuriDatabase Administrator LeadITS Infra Sys Srvcs - Ops$114,316.00$97,168.60
Montgomery, Sandra LynneMechanical Engineer LeadAEC-A-E O-M ENGR$114,310.58$0.00
Beaule, April EResearch Area Specialist LeadSRC-Psid$114,053.43$0.00
Lavi, Amy JoHR Officer LeadOUD Talent Management$113,979.00$0.00
Sortman, MelissaLabor Relations Rep LeadHR Academic HR Services$113,679.00$113,679.00
Fox, StevenElectrical Engineer LeadUMH Facilities Planning$113,625.09$0.00
Hunter, CynthiaCompensation Analyst LeadUMHS Shared Human Resources$113,467.50$0.00
Shove, Michael AResearch Area Specialist LeadICPSR - Membership Archives$113,300.00$0.00
Nugent, Ruby PERP Business Analyst LeadITS Enterprise App Svcs$113,180.00$56,590.00
Chou, MichaelEngineer in Research LeadSpace Physics Research Lab$113,135.00$0.00
Shiari, BehrouzEngineer in Research LeadCOE EECS - ECE Division$112,855.00$112,855.00
Luck, Maureen RCompensation Analyst LeadUMHS Shared Human Resources$112,750.31$0.00
Berry-Hung, RimaHR Generalist LeadDbn Human Res - Affirm Action$112,750.00$112,750.00
Hower, RobertEngineer in Research LeadEnvironmental Health Sciences$112,585.00$56,292.50
Dai, ManhongData Architect LeadMolecular - Behav Neurosc Inst$112,195.82$28,048.96
McLaughlin, David ADatabase Administrator LeadITS Infra Sys Srvcs - Ops$112,063.00$100,856.70
Charters, JamesOS Programmer LeadITS Infra Sys Srvcs - Ops$111,650.00$78,155.00
Rennell III, Edwin JamesOS Programmer LeadCoE-IT/CAEN$111,519.00$111,519.00
Ulin, Sheryl SResearch Area Specialist LeadCoE Center for Ergonomics$111,473.00$21,180.76
Jevtic, TeodoraApplications Programmer LeadQuality Data Management$111,397.63$0.00
Dietrich, Karl MichaelERP Business Analyst LeadITS Enterprise App Svcs$111,360.00$111,360.00
Comers, David CharlesElectrical Engineer LeadAEC-Project Management$111,180.00$0.00
Boudette, LauraMajor Gifts Officer LeadUMHS Dev.- Med Ed - Alumni Rel$111,006.04$0.00
Rowell, LindaCompensation Analyst LeadUMHS Shared Human Resources$110,584.69$0.00
Bugden, RussellCont Improvement Spec LeadPerformance Improvement Admin$110,527.03$0.00
Elgas, Damon LynnOS Programmer LeadCoE-IT/CAEN$110,304.00$110,304.00
Mcrae, Brian JOS Programmer LeadITS Infra Sys Application Ops$110,235.00$110,235.00
Lund, Jon CLabor Relations Rep LeadStaff HR$110,115.00$110,115.00
Seker, VolkanResearch Area Specialist LeadNuclear Eng - Radiological Sci$110,086.00$0.00
Liamini, Donald AnthonyDatabase Administrator LeadAnesthesiology Department$110,036.32$0.00
Hamilton, Emily LBusiness Administrator LeadUMTRI - Administration$110,000.00$110,000.00
Roach, Julia EvonneResearch Area Specialist LeadSRC-Hrs$110,000.00$0.00
McWilliams, Michael RogerResearch Area Specialist LeadLSA Economics$109,942.00$15,391.88
Clark, Samuel ColvinCont Improvement Spec LeadPerformance Improvement Admin$109,937.95$0.00
Stevenson, AndreaMajor Gifts Officer LeadLSA Dean: Advancement$109,798.00$109,798.00
Davis, Michelle AshleyMajor Gifts Officer LeadUMHS Dev - Neuro/Cardio/Int'l$109,675.00$0.00
Davis-Craig, Mark AERP Business Analyst LeadITS Enterprise App Svcs$109,449.00$109,449.00
Armstrong, BrianEngineer in Research LeadCOE EECS - ECE - LNF$109,400.00$0.00
Rasulis, Michelle AnnSoftware Engineer LeadUMTRI-Engineering Systems$109,380.00$0.00
Bies, Michelle KElectrical Engineer LeadAEC-Architecture - Engineering$109,304.82$0.00
Kulman Jr, JamesEngineer in Research LeadCOE EECS - ECE - LNF$109,220.00$0.00
Noble, KevinCont Improvement Spec LeadPerformance Improvement Admin$109,162.50$0.00
Wylie, DavidElectrical Engineer LeadAEC-A-E O-M ENGR$109,099.95$0.00
Stringham, Heather MarieResearch Area Specialist LeadBiostatistics Department$109,097.00$0.00
Dascola, Mary KResearch Area Specialist LeadSRC-Psid$108,973.56$0.00
Fisher, StuartMechanical Engineer LeadAEC-A-E O-M ENGR$108,965.13$0.00
Smith, Clark DTelecom Install Proj Lead MgrITS Infra Net Dir of Bus$108,748.00$0.00
Hunter, AllenEngineer in Research LeadMC2-Michigan Ctr for Materials$108,532.00$108,532.00
Spranger, Elizabeth KCont Improvement Spec LeadInternal Medicine Department$108,446.68$0.00
Ignacio, Rosalinda VenzuelaStatistician LeadPsych HlthSvc Outcome Research$108,251.15$0.00
Nemeth, VickiBusiness Administrator LeadCoE Integrative Sys - Design$108,212.00$54,106.00
Jackson, Anne UriuResearch Area Specialist LeadBiostatistics Department$107,957.00$0.00
Kelty, Robert WGen Programmer/Analyst LeadTreasurer's Office$107,796.24$0.00
Helzerman, James AProject Engineer LeadITS Infra Net Dir of Eng$107,742.00$0.00
Mensah, VictorSoftware Developer LeadHITS DRA HIE - Data Solutions$107,739.61$0.00
Poszywak, Dennis JContract Administrator LeadStrategic Contracts$107,518.17$107,518.17
Garnick, JessicaCompensation Analyst LeadUMHS Shared Human Resources$107,500.00$0.00
Miller, Carl SEngineer in Research LeadUMTRI-Biosciences$107,493.00$0.00
Laskey, Lynn JTelecom Install Proj Lead MgrITS Infra Net Dir of Bus$107,164.00$0.00
Allan, Christopher JamesBusiness Systems Analyst LeadISR-Management Information Sys$107,120.00$0.00
Rose, Matthew RayERP Business Analyst LeadITS Enterprise App Svcs$107,100.00$107,100.00
Brucki, LawrenceBusiness Systems Analyst LeadHITS RAAC Research Apps - Pgms$107,012.41$0.00
Billings, JonathanOS Programmer LeadCoE-IT/CAEN$106,959.00$106,959.00
Stachowski, StephenEngineer in Research LeadUMTRI-Engineering Systems$106,928.00$0.00
Swickerath, BrandonOS Programmer LeadITS Infra Sys MiServer$106,876.00$10,687.60
McGhee, PaulBusiness Systems Analyst LeadHITS RAAC Research Tech Svcs$106,771.08$0.00
Liska, Karen RHR Generalist LeadEECS - CSE Division$106,667.00$106,667.00
Laetz, Virginia HbResearch Area Specialist LeadSRC - Youth - Social Issues$106,492.55$0.00
Nofs, Steven DDatabase Administrator LeadFlint ITS$106,416.05$106,416.05
Mau, Mark FrederickMechanical Engineer LeadAEC-A-E O-M ENGR$106,361.54$0.00
Dodds, StephanieMechanical Engineer LeadAEC-Architecture - Engineering$106,251.60$0.00
Siembor, William LBrand/Product Analyst LeadUMH Home Med Admin$106,141.12$0.00
Hayward, BenApplication Architect LeadVProv Academic Innovation$106,051.00$42,420.40
Chen, XiaoyinResearch Area Specialist LeadChemical Engineering Dept$105,889.00$0.00
Lougheed, RobertInstructional Learning LeadCoE-IT/CAEN$105,578.00$105,578.00
Siddiqui, JavedResearch Area Specialist LeadCtr fr Translational Pathology$105,569.43$0.00
Konanur, UmamaliniDatabase Administrator LeadQuality Data Management$105,350.23$0.00
Joo, HyeonSoftware Developer LeadAnesthesiology Department$105,318.37$0.00
Hartke, EdwardRisk Analyst LeadRisk Management$105,107.75$0.00
Franklin, Patrick ABI Analyst LeadIQ Information Quest$105,060.00$105,060.00
Kirinovic, MatthewMajor Gifts Officer LeadDevelopment Major Gifts Prgm$104,550.00$0.00
Puttler, Leon IResearch Area Specialist LeadPsych Substance Abuse$104,260.93$0.00
Phillips, RaymondMechanical Engineer LeadAEC-A-E O-M ENGR$104,076.50$0.00
Peterson, GabeBrand/Product Analyst LeadROSS SCH MKTG - COM$104,062.10$104,062.10
Filipiak, MichaelBI Analyst LeadOffice of Budget - Planning$104,040.00$104,040.00
Liu, JingResearch Area Specialist LeadUMOR MI Inst for Data Science$104,030.00$104,030.00
Karpiel, MariaBrand/Product Analyst LeadROSS SCH MKTG - COM$104,006.04$104,006.04
McCammon, Ryan JayResearch Area Specialist LeadSRC-Hrs$104,000.00$0.00
Marshall, Brenda SodtBusiness Administrator LeadMary Rackham Inst Central Off$103,880.99$103,880.99
Haskell, Amanda MarieStrategic Planner Lead HealthcExecutive Administration$103,806.88$0.00
Hess, Michael LevineSolution Architect LeadSchool of Information$103,679.00$41,471.60
Yoo, RoyBusiness Systems Analyst LeadUMH Contracts - Proc Admin$103,564.44$0.00
Burke, Adam JamesResearch Area Specialist LeadSRC - Youth - Social Issues$103,482.25$0.00
Donohue, Janet EileenDatabase Administrator LeadPediatrics-Cardiology$103,250.00$0.00
Lemmer, JohnBusiness Administrator LeadLaw School$103,184.00$103,184.00
Brumar, AnthonyHRIS Analyst LeadUMHS Shared Human Resources$103,008.93$0.00
Buckner, Traci LynneHRIS Analyst LeadHR Records - Info Services$102,915.00$102,915.00
Michos, Sharron MarieBrand/Product Analyst LeadUMHS Dept of Communication$102,819.04$0.00
Bishop-Moser, Joshua LouisResearch Area Specialist LeadMechanical Engineering$102,750.00$0.00
Creager, Jackie LERP Business Analyst LeadITS Enterprise App Svcs$102,701.00$102,701.00
Gorny, Paul JFinancial Specialist LeadCoE Resource Planning - Mgmt$102,500.00$102,500.00
Kazee, LaurenResearch Area Specialist LeadPsychiatry Depression Center$102,500.00$0.00
Padilla, Robin LouiseResearch Area Specialist LeadKidney Epidemiology - Cost Ctr$102,404.00$0.00
Furar, Lara EAlumni Relations Officer LeadLaw School$102,047.00$102,047.00
Ruthven, IreneDatabase Administrator LeadPsychiatry Admin-Central$102,000.00$0.00
Blackwell, Thomas WResearch Area Specialist LeadBiostatistics Department$101,970.00$0.00
Yavaraski, Thomas PResearch Area Specialist LeadCivil - Environmental Engr$101,945.00$101,945.00
Wells, Scott ClaytonElectrical Engineer LeadUtility Services$101,895.77$0.00
Daignault-Newton, StephanieStatistician LeadBiostatistics Department$101,855.00$0.00
White, Christopher JBudget Analyst LeadHR Strategy - Planning$101,817.00$71,271.90
Stewart II, ManuelCS Programmer LeadITS Sec Svcs ID - Access Mgt$101,689.00$101,689.00
Welch, Ryan PResearch Area Specialist LeadBiostatistics Department$101,615.00$0.00
Bear, Michael DNetwork Planning Analyst LeadITS Infra Net Dir of Ops$101,602.00$0.00
Riegle, KevinAnnual Giving Officer LeadUMHS Development - Operations$101,542.48$0.00
Kinlaw, Jerome AStorage Engineer LeadAdv Research Comp Tech Srv$101,459.00$0.00
Ray, VishvaEngineer in Research LeadCOE EECS - ECE - LNF$101,455.00$0.00
Kenyon, JamesBusiness Systems Analyst LeadHITS RAAC Research Tech Svcs$101,221.54$0.00
Navarro, Julian AlexanderResearch Lab Specialist LeadCtr for History of Medicine$101,140.32$0.00
Lauzon, SamuelEngineer in Research LeadUMTRI-Engineering Systems$101,071.00$0.00
Lantz, BrettStatistician LeadDev Svcs - Strategic Solutions$101,020.00$0.00
Nahra, Tammie AnnResearch Area Specialist LeadKidney Epidemiology - Cost Ctr$100,917.00$0.00
You, JiyuInstructional Learning LeadOffice of Digital Education$100,586.58$100,586.58
Steffick, DianeResearch Area Specialist LeadInt Med-Nephrology$100,328.27$60,196.96
Levy, Alan JBusiness Proc Consultant LeadITS Info Assurance Privacy$100,164.00$100,164.00
Sedman, Robin TResearch Compliance Spec LeadInstitutional Review Board$100,157.89$0.00
Burns, StephenAlumni Relations Officer LeadAlumni Association$100,151.00$0.00
Freiheit, Elizabeth AnnResearch Area Specialist LeadBiostatistics Department$100,000.00$0.00
Literski, ChristopherNetwork Operations Lead SuprMerit Network$100,000.00$0.00
Rogers, Robert GSoftware Developer LeadCE Phys Relations - Outreach$99,910.21$0.00
Park, JinResearch Area Specialist LeadRogel Cancer Center$99,732.50$0.00
Nyquist, Linda VResearch Lab Specialist LeadInstitute of Gerontology$99,470.20$0.00
Jennings, Gina MAlumni Relations Officer LeadUMHS Dev.- Med Ed - Alumni Rel$99,425.00$0.00
Ford, KimberlyBusiness Systems Analyst LeadUMHS - HIM Administration$99,229.12$0.00
Miller, Terrence SOS Programmer LeadITS SS MiWorkspace$98,844.00$0.00
Shay, BrianResearch Lab Specialist LeadLSA Chemistry$98,838.00$56,930.69
Chekan, LynetteHealth Data Analyst LeadHR Benefits Office$98,827.00$0.00
Cieslinski, AndrewMechanical Engineer LeadAEC-A-E O-M ENGR$98,750.00$0.00
Gavin, Kathryn EPublic Relations Rep LeadUMHS Dept of Communication$98,699.81$0.00
Chapman, Mandie MERP Business Analyst LeadITS Infra Sys Srvcs - Ops$98,614.00$98,614.00
Yu, Eun JaAlumni Relations Officer LeadInternational Giving$98,423.00$0.00
Ngo, Tung BOS Programmer LeadITS Infra Sys Application Ops$98,332.00$98,332.00
Jastrzembowski, Tera MParalegal/Legal Assistant LeadOffice of the General Counsel$98,319.11$98,319.11
Yu, SunkyungStatistician LeadPediatrics-Cardiology$98,213.35$0.00
Puroll, BernardEngineer in Research LeadUMTRI-Engineering Systems$98,175.00$0.00
Zhang, LiResearch Area Specialist LeadBRCF Metabolomics Core$98,090.18$0.00
Martinez, JulieERP Business Analyst LeadIQ Information Quest$98,000.00$98,000.00
Wilkerson, Bryan AOS Programmer LeadITS Infra Net Dir of Eng$97,855.00$97,855.00
Abrahamse, Paul HStatistician LeadBiostatistics Department$97,631.00$34,170.85
Zhao, WeiResearch Area Specialist LeadEpidemiology Department$97,559.00$0.00
Duren, WilliamApplications Programmer LeadComp Med and Bioinformatics$97,375.34$0.00
Pai, Chih-WenResearch Area Specialist LeadEmergency Medicine Research$97,375.00$0.00
White, Maria MckinneyBrand/Product Analyst LeadUMHS Dept of Communication$97,272.38$0.00
Ward, Andrew MichaelResearch Area Specialist LeadNuclear Eng - Radiological Sci$97,228.00$0.00
Truckey, Amy JoHR Generalist LeadSchool of MusicTheatre-Dance$97,137.50$97,137.50
Ake, Richard DTech Support Analyst LeadITS Infra Net Director$97,134.00$67,993.80
Hutchinson, Paul RBudget Analyst LeadFacilities - Operations - Fin$97,129.19$0.00
Warner, Roscoe LResearch Lab Specialist LeadPathology Department$97,074.98$0.00
Tong, LanResearch Area Specialist LeadKidney Epidemiology - Cost Ctr$97,015.00$0.00
Wisniewski, Karen AnnResearch Area Specialist LeadKidney Epidemiology - Cost Ctr$97,015.00$0.00
Fillmore, Christopher JERP Business Analyst LeadITS Enterprise App Svcs$96,900.00$96,900.00
Zakrajsek, Jennifer SResearch Area Specialist LeadUMTRI-Behavioral Sciences$96,820.00$0.00
Kalikin, Linda MarieResearch Lab Specialist LeadPediatrics-Infectious Diseases$96,738.30$0.00
Beach, Katharine TEngineer in Research LeadCOE EECS - ECE - LNF$96,330.00$0.00
Pascaris, Nancy MBrand/Product Analyst LeadUMHS Dept of Communication$96,254.33$0.00
Anderson, JoshuaResearch Area Specialist LeadChemical Engineering Dept$96,254.00$57,752.40
Pappas, Carolyn AnnERP Business Analyst LeadITS Enterprise App Svcs$96,191.00$96,191.00
Gabriel, LauraMajor Gifts Officer LeadDbn Development Office$96,151.00$96,151.00
Bondarenko, Irina VStatistician LeadBiostatistics Department$96,115.00$0.00
Feak, Glen A BApplications Programmer LeadBiostatistics Department$96,040.00$0.00
Green, Jeffrey AlanERP Business Analyst LeadITS Enterprise App Svcs$95,880.00$95,880.00
Carter-Ranno, Amy AnneHR Generalist LeadFacilities - Operations - HR$95,790.00$95,790.00
Priest, RebeccaBrand/Product Analyst LeadUMHS Dept of Communication$95,706.79$0.00
Hodel II, Loren RNetwork Administrator LeadFacilities - Operations - IS$95,475.40$0.00
Palacio, Jorge FernandoBusiness Systems Analyst LeadOperational Support$95,295.95$0.00
Randolph, Michael JERP Business Analyst LeadITS Enterprise App Svcs$95,120.00$95,120.00
Boblitt, Kathleen JHR Generalist LeadCoE Resource Planning - Mgmt$95,119.00$95,119.00
Moser, StephanieResearch Area Specialist LeadAnesthesiology Department$95,017.50$32,306.33
Scheller, ChrisSoftware Developer LeadMerit Network$95,000.00$0.00
Keshavarzi, NahidStatistician LeadMICHR - Operations$94,880.81$0.00
Smith, James CalebStrategic Planner Lead HealthcOffice of Research$94,789.05$0.00
Lalancette, ClaudiaResearch Area Specialist LeadBRCF Epigenomics Core$94,556.25$93,610.69
Vloet, Katherine LynnBrand/Product Analyst LeadUMHS Developm - Communications$94,556.25$0.00
Mentz, Graciela BeatrizStatistician LeadAnesthesiology Department$94,416.00$0.00
Brownell, Christine VBudget Analyst LeadFlint Financial Svcs - Budget$94,358.26$94,358.26
Goldin, SimonaResearch Area Specialist LeadSOE-TeachingWorks$94,262.99$0.00
Lasecki, JohnEngineer in Research LeadMaterials Science - Engin.$94,064.00$37,625.60
de Wet, Jeffrey RouxResearch Lab Specialist LeadComp Med and Bioinformatics$94,046.97$9,404.70
Kunkel, Robin GResearch Lab Specialist LeadPathology Department$94,002.29$0.00
Moore, Mona BruchResearch Area Specialist LeadMICHR - Operations$94,000.00$18,800.00
Shaughnessy, Meghan MaryResearch Area Specialist LeadSOE-Educational Studies$94,000.00$0.00
Kretler, ChrisOS Programmer LeadITS Infra Net Director$93,715.00$0.00
Kabeto, Mohammed UsmanResearch Area Specialist LeadInt Med-General Medicine$93,707.71$9,370.77
Im, CarolBrand/Product Analyst LeadROSS SCH MKTG - COM$93,594.90$93,594.90
Vespaziani, Laura KHR Generalist LeadMechanical Engineering$93,497.00$93,497.00
Baker, Karen HInterior Designer LeadAEC-Interior Design$93,491.99$0.00
Andreski, Patricia MResearch Area Specialist LeadOffc for Hlt Eqty - Incl$93,429.00$0.00
Zawistowski, Matthew StephenResearch Area Specialist LeadBiostatistics Department$93,133.00$0.00
Grooters, JeffreyBrand/Product Analyst LeadUMHS Developm - Communications$92,948.34$0.00
Hassinger, Jane AResearch Area Specialist LeadObstetrics and Gynecology Dept$92,910.10$0.00
Horton, TaraOS Programmer LeadITS Infra Sys Application Ops$92,887.00$92,887.00
Massey, Lynn SResearch Area Specialist LeadEmergency Medicine UM Adult$92,827.43$0.00
Ebert-Hamilton, Sheila MResearch Area Specialist LeadUMTRI-Biosciences$92,604.00$0.00
Snook, Kristine ReeserParalegal/Legal Assistant LeadOffice of the General Counsel$92,405.55$92,405.55
Ahn, KarenResearch Area Specialist LeadSOE-TeachingWorks$92,386.71$0.00
Nair, VijiBioinfo-Comput Biologist LeadInt Med-Nephrology$92,340.00$0.00
Gray, Jody LindHR Generalist LeadEpidemiology Department$92,335.00$60,017.75
Kurtz, Kristen PresslerBrand/Product Analyst LeadUMHS Devel. - Corp and Fnd Rel$92,041.30$0.00
Thompson, JavanOS Programmer LeadHITS RAAC Research Tech Svcs$92,000.00$0.00
Baker, Jason RonaldResearch Area Specialist LeadUMH GI Physiology Laboratory$91,795.35$0.00
Comfort, Kelly MInterior Designer LeadAUX CAPITAL PROJECTS$91,756.78$0.00
Jones, KarenResearch Area Specialist LeadBiostatistics Department$91,693.00$0.00
Meyer, SethOS Programmer LeadAdv Research Comp Tech Srv$91,690.00$0.00
Hackett, LisaCompliance Specialist LeadUMHS Compliance - Shared Srvcs$91,683.91$0.00
Wu, WeishengResearch Area Specialist LeadBRCF Bioinformatics Core$91,670.00$13,750.50
Reinecke, Richard FNetwork Planning Analyst LeadMerit Network$91,571.79$0.00
Eby, Brian JProduct Tech Working LeaderUMTRI-Biosciences$91,571.00$0.00
Herrington, Michael NashTraining Specialist LeadOffc for Hlt Eqty - Incl$91,000.00$0.00
Procter-Wicks, Karyn MicheleHR Generalist LeadLSA Dean: Human Resources$91,000.00$91,000.00
Powell, CoreyStatistician LeadUMOR Cnslt StatComp-Anlyt Res$90,999.00$30,348.17
Kim, BhumsooResearch Lab Specialist LeadNeurology Department$90,849.72$0.00
Cao, AlexGen Programmer/Analyst LeadUMOR Cnslt StatComp-Anlyt Res$90,671.00$45,335.50
Clark, MichaelStatistician LeadUMOR Cnslt StatComp-Anlyt Res$90,644.00$47,588.10
Burger, Lori CHR Generalist LeadFlint Human Resources$90,388.30$90,388.30
Kampf, Jeff WResearch Lab Specialist LeadLSA Chemistry$90,216.00$27,064.80
Cherry-McDaniel, MoniqueResearch Area Specialist LeadSOE-TeachingWorks$90,174.38$0.00
Angstadt, Keith MichaelResearch Area Specialist LeadPsychiatry-ASAP$90,069.05$22,517.26
Banasik, MaryJoResearch Area Specialist LeadGrant Review and Analysis$90,000.00$0.00
Erskine, Deborah JHR Generalist LeadLSA Dean: Human Resources$90,000.00$90,000.00
Ross, RoxanneHR Generalist LeadFinance Human Resources Office$89,772.80$89,772.80
Staszel, KarenParalegal/Legal Assistant LeadOffice of the General Counsel$89,738.75$0.00
Shadley, JefferyResearch Lab Specialist LeadPediatrics-Intensive Care$89,536.13$0.00
Devost, Patricia AnnCompliance Specialist LeadUMHS Compliance - Shared Srvcs$89,532.64$0.00
Kipp, Heather LynnBrand/Product Analyst LeadHITS SVM Advocacy - Engagement$89,303.13$0.00
Lopatin, AdinaResearch Area Specialist LeadSOE-TeachingWorks$89,303.13$0.00
Ryerson, Susan ETax Accountant LeadTax Resources - Reporting$88,580.00$84,151.00
Nair, Thankam SaraswathiResearch Area Specialist LeadKresge Hearing Research Inst$88,424.39$0.00
Schmitzer, Stephanie LouiseParalegal/Legal Assistant LeadOffice of the General Counsel$88,337.72$88,337.72
Baer, Karen LBenefits Administrator LeadHR Benefits Office$88,225.00$0.00
Borgman, Crystal SIT Purchasing Coord LeadITS SS Software Services$88,000.00$88,000.00
Cox, Melissa ErinAnnual Giving Officer LeadROSS SCH Dev-Alum Rltns-Oprtns$88,000.00$0.00
Dotson, BrianneResearch Area Specialist LeadSOE-TeachingWorks$87,996.25$58,957.49
Ramsey, MeaganResearch Area Specialist LeadEmergency Med Critical Care$87,762.50$0.00
Bertram, Holli SResearch Area Specialist LeadPsychiatry Depression Center$87,711.79$5,850.38
Nelson, BrettNetwork Planning Analyst LeadMerit Network$87,700.32$0.00
Kahn, Valerie CorinneResearch Area Specialist LeadCBSSM$87,665.04$87,665.04
Higgs, AndrewResearch Lab Specialist LeadLSA Chemistry$87,567.00$65,675.25
Chavez, Leslie LAccountant LeadSponsored Programs$87,550.00$87,550.00
Erementchouk, MikhailResearch Area Specialist LeadEECS - CSE Division$87,550.00$0.00
Haviland, Jeffrey DBudget Analyst LeadAEC-Administration$87,277.12$87,277.12
Wilson, Michael WChemist LeadPHARMACY Medicinal Chemistry$87,271.00$0.00
Samuels, EliasResearch Area Specialist LeadMICHR - Operations$87,146.48$0.00
Durant, Richard EdgarOS Programmer LeadDbn Information Technology Svc$87,050.88$87,050.88
Blassic, Johnnie RSR OPER ENGR SHIFT LEADERLabor Services - Utilities$87,006.40$0.00
Haywood, Vance ESR OPER ENGR SHIFT LEADERLabor Services - Utilities$87,006.40$0.00
Porter, Danny RSR OPER ENGR SHIFT LEADERLabor Services - Utilities$87,006.40$0.00
Preston, Timothy JSR OPER ENGR SHIFT LEADERLabor Services - Utilities$87,006.40$0.00
Shepard, ScottSR OPER ENGR SHIFT LEAD (NCRC)Labor Services - Utilities$87,006.40$87,006.40
Qiao, XianliResearch Area Specialist LeadMechanical Engineering$86,883.00$0.00
Ranella, Kalli MarieHR Generalist LeadITS Human Resources$86,700.00$86,700.00
Kirkendoll, Shantell MariePublic Relations Rep LeadUMHS Dept of Communication$86,612.50$0.00
Roth, Christin LAccountant LeadFinOps Fin Repts - CRO$86,317.30$77,685.57
Bronicki, JacquelineResearch Area Specialist LeadBiostatistics Department$86,310.00$0.00
Wu, Chun-YiResearch Area Specialist LeadIntMed-Geri - Palliative Med.$85,171.15$0.00
Salomon, SarahHR Generalist LeadOUD Talent Management$85,146.00$0.00
Gaenko, AlexanderResearch Area Specialist LeadAdvanced Research Computing$85,076.00$51,045.60
Battaglia, JasonStrategic Planner Lead HealthcDepartment of Radiology$85,000.00$0.00
Mawby, JenniferResearch Area Specialist LeadBiostatistics Department$85,000.00$0.00
Kojiro, Christopher LResearch Lab Specialist LeadLSA Chemistry$84,918.00$21,229.50
Halligan, BrianResearch Area Specialist LeadInt Med-Gastroenterology$84,872.00$0.00
Vaughn, Michelle TereseStatistician LeadAnesthesiology Department$84,872.00$0.00
Judge, DavidSR OPER ENGR SHIFT LEAD (NCRC)Labor Services - Utilities$84,822.40$84,822.40
Kowalski, DavidSR OPER ENGR SHIFT LEAD (NCRC)Labor Services - Utilities$84,822.40$84,822.40
Taylor, PatrickSR OPER ENGR SHIFT LEAD (NCRC)Labor Services - Utilities$84,822.40$84,822.40
Krebs, Christopher JResearch Lab Specialist LeadBRCF DNA Sequencing - MicroArr$84,648.66$0.00
Cain-Nielsen, Anne HalleyStatistician LeadGSA - Administration (GSA/ADM)$84,573.30$0.00
Malcom, KellyPublic Relations Rep LeadUMHS Dept of Communication$84,500.00$0.00
Hensel, Stephanie LynnResearch Area Specialist LeadSOE - CEDER$84,473.41$67,578.73
Zhang, WenyingStatistician LeadGSA - Administration (GSA/ADM)$84,460.00$0.00
Meechan, Philomena AInstructional Learning LeadLSA UG: Language Resource Ctr.$84,198.00$84,198.00
Losiewicz, MandyResearch Lab Specialist LeadOphthalmology - Visual Science$84,080.11$0.00
Alvarado, EugenioResearch Lab Specialist LeadLSA Chemistry$83,320.00$20,830.00
Eid, KhaledContract Administrator LeadSponsored Programs$83,200.00$83,200.00
Chubb, HeatherStatistician LeadDermatology Department$83,028.03$0.00
Conlon, AnnaStatistician LeadInt Med-General Medicine$83,001.48$0.00
Brinkmeier, Michelle LResearch Lab Specialist LeadHuman Genetics Department$82,862.50$0.00
Roche, Jessica SuzanneResearch Area Specialist LeadEmergency Medicine UM Adult$82,800.00$0.00
Richardson, Lisa AnnParalegal/Legal Assistant LeadOffice of the General Counsel$82,797.00$0.00
Radenbaugh, Pauline ABusiness Systems Analyst LeadClinical Research Billing Unit$82,558.85$0.00
Speer, Elizabeth AnnClin Bus Analyst LeadHealth Svc General Operations$82,557.82$0.00
Karel, AmandaResearch Area Specialist LeadStudent Life Research$82,549.35$82,549.35
Manspeaker, William CInstructional Learning LeadA. Alfred Taubman CA-UP Adm$82,346.45$74,111.81
Barthel, Linda KResearch Lab Specialist LeadBRCF Microscopy - Imaging$82,087.89$0.00
Sahu, DebashishResearch Lab Specialist LeadLSA Core Facility$82,000.00$82,000.00
Bell, Sarah Marie CasinoStatistician LeadObstetrics and Gynecology Dept$81,948.75$0.00
Esposito, ConstanceResearch Lab Specialist LeadBRCF DNA Sequencing - MicroArr$81,720.23$0.00
Ryan, AngelaAccountant LeadITS Finance$81,600.00$81,600.00
Sullivan, JohnResearch Area Specialist LeadSch for Environ and Sustain$81,600.00$0.00
Smith, RyanResearch Lab Specialist LeadUMOR Functional MRI Lab (fMRI)$81,170.00$0.00
Lewis, GeoffreyResearch Area Specialist LeadSEAS Ctr for Sustain Systems$81,156.93$8,115.69
Zubl, David AlanTraining Specialist LeadOUD Talent Management$81,040.00$0.00
Duby, Ashley AnnResearch Area Specialist LeadGSA - Administration (GSA/ADM)$81,000.00$0.00
Snyder, AshleyStatistician LeadInt Med-General Medicine$80,977.05$0.00
Eglinton, Stacy AAccountant LeadDbn Financial Services$80,969.16$80,969.16
May, Brittany Holmes BrevardData Architect LeadSchool of Social Work$80,750.00$80,750.00
Hughes, Elizabeth DaleResearch Lab Specialist LeadBRCF Transgenic Animal Core$80,639.90$0.00
Campbell, Aaron RogerAccountant LeadSponsored Programs$80,080.00$80,080.00
Ellison, StephanieResearch Area Specialist LeadCtr fr Translational Pathology$80,000.00$0.00
Gilbert, Kurt WAccountant LeadFinOps Investment Recon$80,000.00$0.00
Berry, James EdwardMechanical Engineer LeadNuclear Eng - Radiological Sci$79,996.00$0.00
Redding, ScottBrand/Product Analyst LeadUMHS Dept of Communication$79,669.53$0.00
McLaughlin-Grayson, Tarnisha DawnTraining Specialist LeadUMHS Shared Human Resources$79,663.29$0.00
Koh, Amy JResearch Lab Specialist LeadDENT Periodontics and Oral Med$79,272.42$57,868.87
Soni, TanuStatistician LeadBRCF Metabolomics Core$79,220.84$0.00
Magnuson, BrianStatistician LeadBiostatistics Department$79,182.00$0.00
Teichert, GregoryResearch Area Specialist LeadUMOR Cnslt StatComp-Anlyt Res$79,118.00$3,955.66
Huetteman, Sharon KBenefits Administrator LeadHR Benefits Office$79,040.00$0.00
Vatan, LindaResearch Lab Specialist LeadSurgery Department$79,020.72$0.00
Rasmussen, Jennifer EllenResearch Compliance Spec LeadInstitutional Review Board$78,996.49$0.00
Sturza, Julie MarieStatistician LeadPediatrics-Develop.-Behavioral$78,667.25$1,966.48
Daniel, JoleneResearch Compliance Spec LeadInt Med-Infectious Diseases$78,565.93$0.00
Reed, David MResearch Lab Specialist LeadOphthalmology - Visual Science$78,297.61$11,744.64
Owens, ArikaTraining Specialist LeadData Off Clin - Translat Rsch$78,271.56$0.00
Ameling, JessicaResearch Area Specialist LeadInt Med-General Medicine$78,078.60$1,171.18
Shamraj, RuthTechnical Writer LeadInt Med-Nephrology$77,800.00$77,800.00
Ratliff, Christopher BlakeSR OPR ENG SHIFT LEAD DESIGNEELabor Services - Utilities$77,729.60$0.00
Yeary, John DSR OPR ENG SHIFT LEAD DESIGNEELabor Services - Utilities$77,729.60$0.00
Tomb, JasonBenefits Administrator LeadShared Services Center - HR$77,682.66$0.00
Kish, Phillip EResearch Lab Specialist LeadOphthalmology - Visual Science$77,536.13$0.00
Dority, MichaelResearch Lab Specialist LeadInt Med-Infectious Diseases$77,498.41$58,123.80
Yeomans, LarisaResearch Lab Specialist LeadCollege of Pharmacy$77,371.00$27,466.71
Chen, ChunlingResearch Lab Specialist LeadPharmacology Department$77,330.53$0.00
McCracken, BrendanResearch Lab Specialist LeadEmergency Medicine UM Adult$77,000.00$11,550.00
Gaspar, Nicholas EdwardInstructional Learning LeadFlint Off of Extended Learning$76,989.60$76,989.60
Dagenais, Susan LResearch Lab Specialist LeadBRCF DNA Sequencing - MicroArr$76,983.72$0.00
Waltje, AndreaResearch Area Specialist LeadMetabolism Endo - Diabetes$76,950.00$0.00
Ma, Teh-ShengResearch Area Specialist LeadPsychiatry-Neuropsychology$76,875.00$0.00
Emens, Kelly LarkFinancial Specialist LeadAEC-Administration$76,751.81$0.00
Conolly, KimberleeAccountant LeadMerit Network$75,000.00$0.00
Graham, Sarah ElizabethResearch Area Specialist LeadInt Med-Cardiology$74,898.00$0.00
Falkowski, Nicole RobsonResearch Lab Specialist LeadInt Med-Pulm./Critical Care$74,692.80$0.00
Patterson, Erik THR Generalist LeadDiv of Pub Safety - Security$74,398.59$0.00
Zhao, ZhuoStatistician LeadMolecular - Behav Neurosc Inst$74,251.41$18,562.85
Thomas, Diane MarieFinancial Specialist LeadDENT Budget - Finance$74,000.00$44,400.00
Raeker, Maide OResearch Lab Specialist LeadInt Med-Gastroenterology$73,546.20$0.00
Manley, LamontResearch Technician LeadSRO/SMP Statistical Unit$73,540.92$0.00
Deslauriers-Cox, Ann Marie RResearch Lab Specialist LeadBRCF Flow Cytometry Core$72,862.74$0.00
Hutchings, KimChemist LeadPHARMACY Medicinal Chemistry$72,150.00$0.00
Tucker, Katherine MarieResearch Area Specialist LeadSchool of Social Work$72,000.00$36,000.00
Hoff, Jeremy DResearch Lab Specialist LeadLSA Biophysics$71,957.00$53,967.75
Cornell, Marie SResearch Lab Specialist LeadGSA - Administration (GSA/ADM)$71,791.00$0.00
Hilgarth, RolandResearch Lab Specialist LeadBRCF Vector Core$71,750.00$71,750.00
Giddings, Suzanne DBenefits Administrator LeadHR Benefits Office$71,510.00$0.00
Vega-Warner, VirginiaResearch Lab Specialist LeadPediatrics-Nephrology$71,226.38$0.00
Lawrence, JamesTraining Specialist LeadUMH Environmental Svcs - Admin$71,133.35$0.00
Hornsby, WhitneyResearch Area Specialist LeadInt Med-Cardiology$71,000.00$0.00
Winzeler, KennethProduct Tech Working LeaderUMTRI-Engineering Systems$70,752.00$0.00
Casey, ChristopherInstructional Learning LeadDbn Office of the Provost$70,610.04$70,610.04
Coronado, Pamela CarmenBenefits Administrator LeadHR Benefits Office$70,605.00$0.00
Shanmugam, SumathiResearch Lab Specialist LeadOphthalmology - Visual Science$70,167.74$0.00
Streetman, RonaldInstructional Learning LeadFlint Nursing$69,706.80$69,706.80
Gan, XinminChemist LeadPHARMACY Medicinal Chemistry$69,319.00$0.00
Dell'Orco, James MartinResearch Lab Specialist LeadMetabolism Endo - Diabetes$69,114.44$0.00
Vasquez, KaetlinResearch Lab Specialist LeadPlastic Surgery Section$69,010.00$0.00
Liu, YuResearch Lab Specialist LeadNeurology Department$69,003.00$0.00
Ermilov, Alexandre NikolayevichResearch Lab Specialist LeadDermatology Department$68,577.87$0.00
Syu, Li-JyunResearch Lab Specialist LeadDermatology Department$68,577.87$0.00
Hartlerode, Andrea JeanResearch Lab Specialist LeadPathology Department$67,680.20$0.00
Thomas, Peedikayil EResearch Lab Specialist LeadHuman Genetics Department$67,332.25$0.00
Yates, Joel AnthonyResearch Lab Specialist LeadInt Med-Hematology/Oncology$67,211.10$0.00
Ramirez, RafaelResearch Lab Specialist LeadInt Med-Cardiology$67,014.00$0.00
Zhu, JianhuiResearch Lab Specialist LeadSurgery Department$66,680.00$0.00
Zhang, ZhaochengResearch Lab Specialist LeadDENTCariologyRestor Sci -Endo$65,043.53$0.00
Hu, YuanyuanResearch Lab Specialist LeadDENT Bio - Materials Science$64,909.90$0.00
Warner, Kristy AnneResearch Lab Specialist LeadDENTCariologyRestor Sci -Endo$64,243.35$0.00
Jin, TaocongResearch Lab Specialist LeadDENT Office of Research$63,641.88$15,910.63
Thomas, Penelope SusanResearch Lab Specialist LeadLife Sciences Institute-Admin$63,378.17$0.00
Lynch, MichelleResearch Lab Specialist LeadDENT Office of Research$62,730.00$0.00
Popelka, HanaResearch Lab Specialist LeadLife Sciences Institute-Admin$62,623.27$0.00
Medina Marin, Adriana MResearch Lab Specialist LeadMolecular - Behav Neurosc Inst$61,425.21$0.00
Moore, Jamie LResearch Technician LeadUMTRI-Human Factors$61,328.00$0.00
Bibins, Barbara AComputer Operator LeadITS Infra Sys Srvcs - Ops$61,083.00$61,083.00
Huseman, Bethany LInfo Resources Spec LeadLaw Library$60,000.00$60,000.00
Xie, JianzhenResearch Technician LeadICPSR - Membership Archives$59,608.68$0.00
Spradlin, Helen KResearch Technician LeadUMTRI - CMISST$58,767.00$0.00
Roberts, Tonya MClinic LeadUMH Maize Cancer Center$58,720.00$0.00
Stheiner, Amy EClinic LeadBCSC Ophth$58,719.99$0.00
Stout, Drue SClinic LeadMedEQUIP$58,651.24$0.00
Clay, Julie EClinic LeadUMH KEC Canton Pro$58,401.03$0.00
Elder, Michelle Rene'Emergency Svcs Technician LeadUMH Emergency Department$57,987.57$0.00
Hutyra, KathieVeterinary Technician LeadLab Animal Medicine Unit$57,238.54$0.00
Smith, Jeanne FClinic LeadUMH Ophthy Pediatric Clinic-PR$56,846.31$0.00
Sayman, FeyzaInfo Resources Spec LeadLibrary Research-Intern'l Stud$56,642.22$56,642.22
Hetrick, Taryn AVeterinary Technician LeadLab Animal Medicine Unit$56,044.73$0.00
Phillips, Brent WResearch Technician LeadICPSR - Membership Archives$55,925.00$0.00
Noack, Helen MarleneVeterinary Technician LeadLab Animal Medicine Unit$55,396.04$0.00
Hetrick, Vaughn LeeResearch Lab Technician LeadLSA Psychology$55,254.35$55,254.35
Sutch, Robert EChef LeadMI Dining - Administration$54,948.43$0.00
Pecoraro, SandraClinic LeadDENT Ortho/Peds Dentistry$54,524.63$0.00
Peterson, Jennifer SClinic LeadDENT Orthodontics$54,524.63$0.00
Nicholson, Matthew JosephAnimal Technician LeadLab Animal Medicine Unit$54,270.06$0.00
Burlingame, Lisa AnneVeterinary Technician LeadLab Animal Medicine Unit$54,251.97$0.00
Bailey, EricClinic LeadWAA-PP Multi. Specialty$54,200.85$0.00
Colvig, Anna CResearch Lab Technician LeadLab Animal Medicine Unit$53,379.87$0.00
Lovett, JennieResearch Lab Technician LeadLSA Anthropology$53,372.00$0.00
Schultz, Tracey LynnResearch Lab Technician LeadMicrobiology and Immunology$53,362.12$0.00
Timpau, Florin CristianResearch Lab Technician LeadLab Animal Medicine Unit$52,969.74$0.00
Dooley, Natalie DeniseClinic LeadUMH Psych Clinic-Outpatient$52,857.08$0.00
Dean, Deborah AClinic LeadUMH Canton Health Center$52,601.91$0.00
Peters, Rhonda LClinic LeadUMH Dermatology-Tech$52,316.35$0.00
Terrasi, Jason JamesEmergency Svcs Technician LeadUMH Emergency Department$52,257.99$0.00
Snyder, Margaret JaneClinic LeadDENT Dental Faculty Associates$52,203.06$0.00
Klein, CarrieClinic LeadUMH Ophthy General Clinic-PRO$52,123.94$0.00
Jackson III, Harold G CCustomer Service Rep LeadCE Phys Relations - Outreach$52,121.80$0.00
Whitlock, Marcia AClinic LeadChelsea Surgical Svcs Core$52,070.10$0.00
Howell, Anne MargaretClinic LeadUMH RAHS Pathways to Success$51,860.12$0.00
Tsuneishi, MonicaInfo Resources Spec LeadLibrary Collect - Papyrology$51,729.75$51,729.75
Howton, SuzetteResearch Technician LeadSchool of Kinesiology$51,672.01$0.00
Navarre, Andrea NicoleClinic LeadBCSC Call Center$51,306.52$0.00
Love, Herman LClinic LeadUMH Otolaryngology - Tech$51,275.13$0.00
Wenk, Lisa MCustomer Service Rep LeadHousing-Information$51,170.44$0.00
Hubbard, Lee AnnCustomer Service Rep LeadHousing-Information$51,170.30$0.00
Vowles, Chriss JResearch Technician LeadLab Animal Medicine Unit$50,853.32$0.00
Herkimer, Carol AResearch Lab Technician LeadEpidemiology Department$50,733.00$0.00
Peacock, JillianResearch Technician LeadSchool of Kinesiology$50,676.04$0.00
Demond, Lisa GChef LeadDining Services$50,389.77$0.00
Osann, RandallChef LeadMI Dining Retail-Maizie's$50,342.75$0.00
Bruck, Aaron JChef LeadMI Dining - Administration$50,315.77$0.00
Pekrul, Elizabeth APatient Registration Spec LeadUMHS Rev Cycle (PTO)$50,212.33$0.00
Nolan, Bonnie TResearch Lab Technician LeadOrthopaedic Surgery$50,110.53$0.00
Noack, Benjamin RyanAnimal Technician LeadLab Animal Medicine Unit$49,912.32$0.00
Tucker, JenniferDialysis Technician LeadUMH Chronic Hemodial - Tech$49,687.06$0.00
Wilbert, Dawn MaxineResearch Lab Technician LeadDermatology Department$49,673.74$0.00
Wheeler, Sarah MarieClinic LeadBCSC Adult Multispecialty$49,656.28$0.00
Liu, Wen-QuanResearch Lab Technician LeadNeurosurgery$49,540.75$0.00
Tan, LijunResearch Lab Technician LeadObstetrics and Gynecology Dept$49,537.02$0.00
Wettlin, WendolynCustomer Service Rep LeadCE Phys Relations - Outreach$49,493.06$0.00
Britt, Sara ChristineResearch Technician LeadICPSR - Membership Archives$49,451.60$0.00
Barker, BrianChef LeadMI Dining - Catering$49,355.77$0.00
Cook, Dawn CCustomer Service Rep LeadCE Phys Relations - Outreach$49,188.70$0.00
Zanier, NicoleResearch Technician LeadUMTRI-Behavioral Sciences$49,188.00$0.00
Livshiz, Ashley ElizabethClinic LeadUMH Northville Ophthalmology$49,102.89$0.00
Ridenour, LisaClinic LeadUMH Ophthy Cornea Clinic-PRO$48,971.00$0.00
Ross, HarleyClinic LeadUMH Pod A Rheumatology Tech$48,924.92$0.00
Bates, Brenda KayClinic LeadUMH Brighton Health Center$48,911.24$0.00
Spencer, ChristyResearch Technician LeadLab Animal Medicine Unit$48,421.62$0.00
Acuff, Colleen KatherineClinic LeadBCSC Check In/Out$48,365.60$0.00
Shue, Jing LianResearch Lab Technician LeadEpidemiology Department$48,165.00$0.00
Gilbert, ChristinaClinic LeadUMH Clark Road Rheumatology$48,036.63$0.00
Houck, Christa MarieClinic LeadUMH East AnnArborHealth Center$47,930.56$0.00
Lee, Soo JungResearch Lab Technician LeadNeurology Department$47,851.84$0.00
Calderone, KenResearch Lab Technician LeadDermatology Department$47,492.32$0.00
Taylor, Anita MCustomer Service Rep LeadCE Phys Relations - Outreach$47,485.77$0.00
McGrogan, KevinChef LeadMI Dining - Administration$47,309.82$0.00
Banuelos, Christina MCustomer Service Rep LeadCE Phys Relations - Outreach$47,288.83$0.00
Shelley, GregResearch Lab Technician LeadUrology$47,279.02$0.00
Jones, Jennifer ArleneAnimal Technician LeadLab Animal Medicine Unit$47,278.17$0.00
Stitt, CherissaResearch Technician LeadLab Animal Medicine Unit$47,229.00$0.00
Hustad, AimeeCustomer Service Rep LeadCE Phys Relations - Outreach$46,976.16$0.00
Simone, PeterChef LeadMI Dining - Catering$46,756.87$0.00
Goetz, Patricia JCustomer Service Rep LeadAthletics$46,695.45$0.00
King, Jeffrey DanielClinic LeadUMH East AnnArborHealth Center$46,499.96$0.00
Zhu, QingResearch Lab Technician LeadMetabolism Endo - Diabetes$46,404.50$0.00
Valdez, IrmaCustomer Service Rep LeadUMH MI Visiting Nurse Assoc$46,257.74$0.00
Heerema, JoanneResearch Technician LeadLab Animal Medicine Unit$46,037.16$0.00
Jacobs, MeghanResearch Technician LeadICPSR - Membership Archives$45,964.98$0.00
Pickering, ChrystalClinic LeadBmg Primary Care$45,918.19$0.00
Machcinski, NicolausChef LeadMI Dining - Administration$45,840.34$0.00
Anderson, KristinChef LeadMI Dining - Administration$45,540.04$0.00
Burnell, DavidChef LeadMI Dining - Administration$45,540.04$0.00
Doonan, Ashley DanielleResearch Technician LeadICPSR - Membership Archives$45,500.06$0.00
Catalan, JamesResearch Lab Technician LeadEnvironmental Health Sciences$45,500.00$0.00
Pillars, KateyResearch Technician LeadICPSR - Membership Archives$45,500.00$0.00
Thurston, SarahResearch Lab Technician LeadLab Animal Medicine Unit$45,439.58$22,719.77
Pawlowski, DaveChef LeadMI Dining - Administration$45,344.00$0.00
Blankenship, LindsayResearch Technician LeadICPSR - Membership Archives$45,320.06$0.00
Kim, Kil-SangResearch Technician LeadICPSR - Membership Archives$45,320.06$0.00
Hurd, Amber MClinic LeadUMH East AnnArborHealth Center$45,292.00$0.00
Kress, Matthew JCustomer Service Rep LeadCE Phys Relations - Outreach$45,272.22$0.00
Monzon, BiancaResearch Technician LeadICPSR - Membership Archives$45,144.06$0.00
Metiva, TameriaClinic LeadCW OB/GYN Clinic Tech$44,766.14$0.00
Wu, ZheResearch Lab Technician LeadMolec - Integrative Physiology$44,656.69$0.00
Gootee, ChristopherAnimal Technician LeadLab Animal Medicine Unit$44,651.81$0.00
Yob, Jaime MResearch Technician LeadInt Med-Cardiology$44,630.55$4,463.04
Somerville, Shawn MCustomer Service Rep LeadCE Phys Relations - Outreach$44,438.08$0.00
Reames, Tamera LClinic LeadUMH Ophthy Inpt Consults - PRO$44,413.56$0.00
Schwagle, Matthew JCustomer Service Rep LeadUMH MI Visiting Nurse Assoc$44,378.11$0.00
Yeip, BryanAnimal Technician LeadLab Animal Medicine Unit$44,310.69$0.00
Kashich, Stephanie ReneeClinic LeadBCSC CMC$44,232.03$0.00
Wang, NulangResearch Technician LeadInt Med-Cardiology$44,146.79$0.00
Combs, DarleneRehabilitation Tech LeadUMH PMR IP OTPT Rehab$44,116.94$0.00
Peters, Jennifer JClinic LeadUMH Northville Adult Clinic$43,860.10$0.00
Stanciu, SergiuResearch Technician LeadUMTRI-Behavioral Sciences$43,662.00$0.00
Ludwick, Christina MarieClinic LeadUMH Northville Child and Women$43,577.05$0.00
Konuszewski, Jessica AnnCustomer Service Rep LeadUMH Wheelchair Seating Service$43,500.08$0.00
Allison, NicoleAnimal Technician LeadLab Animal Medicine Unit$43,353.69$0.00
Hobson, LoriCustomer Service Rep LeadITS SS Computer Showcase$43,270.00$0.00
McCully, Samantha ElizabethClinic LeadCW Midlvl Prvd Staff Sal/Ben$42,605.89$0.00
Crosby, EmilyClinic LeadUMH Gen Surg Clinic - Tech$42,487.54$0.00
Sutton-Kennedy, Talisha LResearch Lab Technician LeadMolec - Integrative Physiology$42,432.00$42,432.00
Cao, JieResearch Lab Technician LeadBRCF Metabolomics Core$42,378.30$0.00
Baier, Kayleen SCustomer Service Rep LeadCE Phys Relations - Outreach$42,246.38$0.00
Dungey, Crystal LClinic LeadUMH Brighton Health Center$42,208.72$0.00
Riddle, Rachel DawnClinic LeadUMH Canton Health Center$42,107.25$0.00
Panyan, KaitlynClinic LeadUMH Northville Core$42,092.39$0.00
Jacques, Christen KaeAnimal Technician LeadLab Animal Medicine Unit$41,881.27$0.00
Zhang, ChuhuaResearch Lab Technician LeadDENT Bio - Materials Science$41,819.92$0.00
Brasington, KristenClinic LeadCW OB/GYN Clinic Tech$41,768.81$0.00
Henson, EmilyResearch Lab Technician LeadInt Med-Rheumatology$41,599.96$10,400.00
Ellis, MichaelResearch Lab Technician LeadMolec - Integrative Physiology$41,499.90$0.00
Harwood, KelseyAnimal Technician LeadLab Animal Medicine Unit$41,400.06$0.00
Wisniske, Kristi MicheleClinic LeadUMH Canton Health Center$41,104.89$0.00
Jones, LaQuisha RenaeClinic LeadUMH BHA Specialty - Technical$41,099.96$0.00
Kujacznski, NathanResearch Technician LeadICPSR - Membership Archives$41,039.96$0.00
DuBuc, CourtneyAnimal Technician LeadLab Animal Medicine Unit$40,999.96$0.00
Strausbough, EricaAnimal Technician LeadLab Animal Medicine Unit$40,999.96$0.00
Paton, RyanClinic LeadUMH Northville CMC$40,705.87$0.00
Schmidt, CassandraClinic LeadUMH East AnnArborHealth Center$40,705.48$0.00
Wright, PresleyClinic LeadUMH Gold Cancer Center$40,587.77$0.00
Nieman, SirenaClinic LeadUMH Canton Health Center$40,407.00$0.00
Gibbons, CaitlinClinic LeadWAA-PP Internal Medicine$40,314.34$0.00
Reed, Tamra JResearch Lab Technician LeadInt Med-Rheumatology$40,249.80$0.00
Lee, Jami LynnData Control Clerk LeadOUA Processing$40,159.86$40,159.78
Richardson, KariClinic LeadBCSC Children Specialty$40,118.38$0.00
Hargenrader, VeronicaResearch Lab Technician LeadBiological Chemistry Dept$39,999.96$0.00
Rinke, AndrewResearch Technician LeadPathology Department$39,999.96$0.00
Chi, LiguoResearch Lab Technician LeadInt Med-Cardiology$39,962.78$0.00
Lyall, PatrickData Control Clerk LeadOUA Processing$39,922.74$39,922.80
Eberly, DouglasClinic LeadUMH Blue Cancer Center$39,644.02$0.00
Dool, Matthew JohnResearch Lab Technician LeadRsch Strategic Plan Wk Streams$39,580.37$0.00
Mardeusz, DebraClinic LeadUMH Peds Administration$39,565.12$0.00
Launius, ScottResearch Lab Technician LeadRsch Strategic Plan Wk Streams$39,463.69$0.00
Kramer, AaronResearch Lab Technician LeadChemical Engineering Dept$39,045.00$9,761.25
Miles, ChristianaClinic LeadUMH Orthopaedic Surg - Tech$38,569.96$0.00
Duval, Trisha JordynResearch Technician LeadLab Animal Medicine Unit$38,563.88$0.00
Hurst, LaurenResearch Lab Technician LeadInt Med-Genetic Medicine$38,500.02$0.00
Hinz, IsaacResearch Lab Technician LeadLSA Earth - Environmental Sci.$38,000.04$3,800.00
Yarian, DrakeResearch Lab Technician LeadLSA Earth - Environmental Sci.$38,000.04$38,000.00
Reynolds, KarenPatient Registration Spec LeadUMHS Rev Cycle (PTO)$36,579.47$0.00
Begani, PriyaResearch Lab Technician LeadMetabolism Endo - Diabetes$35,059.96$0.00
Bower, Katie ElizabethRehabilitation Tech LeadUMH Spine Physical-Occ Therapy$33,898.16$0.00
Galvin, MiriamPatient Registration Spec LeadUMHS Rev Cycle (PTO)$33,793.69$0.00
Dold, Jessica MRehabilitation Tech LeadUMH PMR-Med Rehab PT-OT$31,869.40$0.00
Younes, RoulaRehabilitation Tech LeadUMH PMR IP OTPT Acute$31,806.06$0.00

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