Number of people with the title of %information%:85
Maximum Salary$ 450,000.00
Average Salary$ 95,391.25
Minimum Salary$ 34,266.93

Title Results for %information% 2018-19
NameTitleDeprtment FTR (Salary)GF (Amount from General Fund)
Pendse, RavindraInformation Tech Top ExecutiveITS Office of CIO$450,000.00$450,000.00
Rosenberg, Andrew LeonChief Information Ofr-Hlth SysNon PTO - Operating$285,508.20$0.00
Kufahl, Jonathan AllanInformation Systems ExecutiveHITS OCIO Administration$219,810.00$0.00
Kryza, Joseph WInformation Systems ExecutiveHITS OCIO Administration$208,593.24$0.00
Palms, Andrew TInformation Systems ExecutiveITS Infra Net Director$205,000.00$0.00
Hollingsworth, Karen LynnInformation Systems ExecutiveHITS OCIO Administration$204,871.88$0.00
Maletta, Daniel JosephInformation Systems ExecutiveCoE-IT/CAEN$203,840.00$203,840.00
Thiruvengadam, VijayarajaInformation Systems ExecutiveIQ Information Quest$202,878.00$202,878.00
Demonner, Sean MichaelInformation Systems ExecutiveITS Teaching and Learning$192,780.00$192,780.00
Behm, James BInformation Systems ExecutiveITS Enterprise App Svcs$189,353.00$189,353.00
McPhall, John GInformation Systems ExecutiveHITS OCIO Administration$189,112.50$0.00
Kwapis, Brian MInformation Systems ExecutiveHITS OCIO Administration$187,502.86$0.00
Jones II, Robert DouglasInformation Systems ExecutiveITS SS Support Services$186,550.00$186,550.00
Curley, Cathleen AChief Information Officer DivLSA Dean: Info. Technology$185,000.00$185,000.00
Warden, JamesInformation Systems ExecutiveHITS OCIO Administration$180,000.00$0.00
Shumaker, Carrie EChief Information OfficerDbn Information Technology Svc$178,500.00$178,500.00
Hepner, Myron LeeInformation Systems ExecutiveHITS DRA Michigan Data Collab$176,505.00$0.00
Sweetman, David SInformation Systems ExecutiveHITS OCIO Administration$176,505.00$0.00
Dietrich, Erin ElizabethInformation Systems ExecutiveHITS OCIO Administration$170,775.00$0.00
Fraley, KevinInformation Systems Assoc DirOperational Support$152,297.86$0.00
Shue, LauraHealth Information Svcs DirUMHS - HIM Administration$136,500.00$0.00
Noori, AsmatInformation Systems Assoc DirICPSR-Computer - Network$134,754.61$0.00
Teschke, Gary GustaveInformation Svcs ConsultantHITS EI Cont - Database Svcs$117,931.92$0.00
Berliss-Vincent, JaneInformation Center ManagerITS SS Support Services$106,423.00$106,423.00
Haslam, DebraInformation Svcs ConsultantHITS IA CISO Administration$102,884.32$0.00
Echlin, Ryan PInformation Svcs ConsultantHITS RAAC Research Engagement$99,987.00$0.00
Boluyt, ShanelleInformation Svcs ConsultantHITS SVM SW Planning - Design$92,250.00$0.00
Turner, Gregory JInformation Svcs ConsultantLSA Dean: Instruc Suppor Svcs$90,267.10$90,267.10
Mitchell, Brett TimothyInformation Svcs ConsultantAthletics$89,352.76$0.00
Stewart, John HInformation Svcs ConsultantLSA Dean: Instruc Suppor Svcs$89,040.00$89,040.00
De Genaro, Matthew BInformation Center ConsultantLibrary Operations - US - OO$88,444.74$88,444.74
Nolan, TimothyInformation Svcs ConsultantHITS SVM Software Delivery$87,125.00$0.00
Fu, YanInformation Resources ManagerPopulation Studies Center$85,965.00$0.00
Alderink, ErikInformation Svcs ConsultantOMSE Curriculum Srvs General$85,474.39$0.00
Jared, Charlotta EvaInformation Svcs ConsultantHITS AOM InfraSvcs-EDEM$85,100.63$0.00
Bailey, Marcia AnnInformation Resources ManagerLibrary Operations - S - DL$84,664.94$84,664.94
Goosman, Christopher LeeInformation Svcs ConsultantHITS SVM Digital Workplace$82,658.68$0.00
Simko, BrianInformation Svcs ConsultantHITS ET Education Informatics$82,516.09$0.00
Lambert, Stephen DeanInformation Svcs ConsultantHITS SVM Software Delivery$80,472.14$0.00
Fuller, Merrie LeighInformation Resources ManagerLibrary Collect - MLDD - ILL$68,756.32$68,756.32
Escobar, Rafael EInformation Resources ManagerLibrary Collect - Tech Service$67,600.00$67,600.00
Stoll, Geoffrey FInformation Resources ManagerLibrary Operations - PC - A$66,533.78$66,533.78
Fleming, William CInformation Resources ManagerLibrary Collect - Tech Service$64,227.42$64,227.42
Griffes, Stephen JInformation Resources ManagerLibrary Operations - US - OO$64,203.78$64,203.78
Wourman, Jamaine MInformation Resources ManagerLibrary Operations - S - DL$64,161.45$64,161.45
McFolley, Sheila DantzlerInformation Resources ManagerLibrary Operations - C - A Svc$61,166.66$61,166.66
Gherardini, AmyInformation Resources ManagerLibrary Collect - MLDD - ILL$59,790.41$59,790.41
McCutcheon, Nicholas WarwickPublic Information SpecialistDbn Athletics - Recreation$55,475.00$55,475.00
Smith, Chiquita AHealth Information AnalystHealth Svc General Operations$52,158.96$0.00
Blankenship, Georgina CHealth Information AnalystUMHS - HIM Coding$51,933.48$0.00
Vamvoudakis, GeorgeMedical Information SupervisorDENT Patient Services$50,736.36$50,736.36
Hollis, Felicia DianneHealth Information AnalystUMHS Central Transcription Svc$50,643.00$0.00
Smith, Ardrea NichelleHealth Information AnalystUMHS Central Transcription Svc$49,650.12$0.00
Miller, Sherry YHealth Information AnalystUMHS Central Transcription Svc$48,517.31$0.00
Olds, Lola MHealth Information AnalystUMHS Health Record Compliance$47,372.77$0.00
Weathers, Verna EHealth Information AnalystUMHS Health Record Compliance$47,372.77$0.00
Werner-Estrada, Kimberly LHealth Information AnalystUMHS Health Record Compliance$47,372.77$0.00
Ebaugh, AndreaHealth Information AnalystUMHS - HIM Doc - Record Mgt$45,861.85$0.00
Loftis, MichaelHealth Information AnalystUMHS Health Record Compliance$44,640.68$0.00
Fitzpatrick, LauraHealth Information AnalystUMHS - HIM Cancer Registry$44,473.01$0.00
Miller, MercedesHealth Information AnalystUMHS Health Record Compliance$43,764.78$0.00
Ramm, PaulaHealth Information AnalystUMHS Rev Cycle (PTO)$43,757.57$0.00
Pope, Rhonda JeanHealth Information AnalystUMHS - HIM Doc - Record Mgt$43,311.08$0.00
Webb, Judy MHealth Information AnalystUMHS Central Transcription Svc$43,246.46$0.00
Maschke, Shelise SHealth Information AnalystUMHS Central Transcription Svc$42,163.87$0.00
Tummala, SrivaniHealth Information AnalystUMHS - HIM Doc - Record Mgt$42,163.87$0.00
Vigneau, Amelia EmHealth Information AnalystUMHS - HIM Doc - Record Mgt$42,163.87$0.00
McGettigan, AnnaHealth Information AnalystUMHS Health Record Compliance$42,142.24$0.00
Hester, StephenHealth Information AnalystUMHS - HIM Compliance - Auditi$41,745.08$0.00
Freeland, Beth AHealth Information AnalystUMHS - HIM Doc - Record Mgt$40,527.45$0.00
Wozniak, SarahHealth Information AnalystUMH - HIM Compliance - Auditin$40,505.02$0.00
Kitz, LisaHealth Information AnalystUMHS Rev Cycle (PTO)$40,370.18$0.00
Weir, DawnHealth Information AnalystHealth Svc General Operations$39,923.21$0.00
Sulugiuc, ElenaHealth Information AnalystHealth Svc General Operations$39,922.87$0.00
Coley, NaTashaHealth Information AnalystUMHS - HIM Vital Statistics$38,980.28$0.00
Seals, MichelleHealth Information AnalystUMHS - HIM Vital Statistics$38,952.97$0.00
Jones, MichellHealth Information AnalystHealth Svc General Operations$37,276.35$0.00
Muhammad, Ebony JoyHealth Information AnalystHealth Svc General Operations$37,276.35$0.00
Smith, ConnieHealth Information AnalystHealth Svc General Operations$37,276.35$0.00
Taylor, Donna MarieHealth Information AnalystHealth Svc General Operations$37,276.17$0.00
Steels, TyranHealth Information AnalystHealth Svc General Operations$37,188.86$0.00
Banda, Michelle AntoinetteHealth Information AnalystDENT Patient Services$35,271.61$35,271.61
Kelsea, JulieHealth Information AnalystDENT Patient Services$34,495.12$34,495.12
Forsythe, JessicaHealth Information AnalystDENT Patient Services$34,445.29$34,445.29
Mueller, AngelHealth Information AnalystDENT Patient Services$34,266.93$34,266.93

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