Number of people with the title of %gift%:135
Maximum Salary$ 205,000.00
Average Salary$ 99,792.70
Minimum Salary$ 56,887.50

Title Results for %gift% 2018-19
NameTitleDeprtment FTR (Salary)GF (Amount from General Fund)
Kamm, Stephen RMajor Gifts DirectorDevelopment Major Gifts Prgm$205,000.00$0.00
Dyer, Kelly AnneMajor Gifts DirectorDevelopment Major Gifts Prgm$189,625.00$0.00
Weiner, Scot IMajor Gifts DirectorLSA Dean: Advancement$185,293.00$185,293.00
Orloff, Anne PeachMajor Gifts DirectorDevelopment Major Gifts Prgm$184,308.00$0.00
Day, Wendy PaulsenMajor Gifts DirectorLSA Dean: Advancement$175,667.00$175,667.00
Arbeiter, Brian MMajor Gifts DirectorLSA Dean: Advancement$173,961.00$173,961.00
Morris, Kimberly AMajor Gifts Ofcr Staff SpecUMHS Development - Cancer/DCI$170,816.39$0.00
Siegal, MicheleMajor Gifts Ofcr Staff SpecLSA Dean: Advancement$167,256.00$167,256.00
Burrows, Matthew AaronMajor Gifts DirectorParent - Family Giving$165,025.00$0.00
Govantes, Pedro PabloMajor Gifts Officer LeadDevelopment Major Gifts Prgm$164,000.00$0.00
Wilson, Elizabeth AMajor Gifts Ofcr Staff SpecROSS SCH Dev-Alum Rltns-Oprtns$157,676.26$0.00
Emery-Peck, David DMajor Gifts Officer LeadDevelopment Major Gifts Prgm$149,000.00$0.00
Flynn, Gail LynnMajor Gifts Officer LeadLSA Dean: Advancement$148,452.00$148,452.00
Robinson, RyanMajor Gifts Officer LeadDevelopment Major Gifts Prgm$147,446.00$0.00
Edwards, Jennifer Ann HartlineMajor Gifts Ofcr Staff SpecUMHS Development Admin$144,307.94$0.00
Riley, DanielMajor Gifts Officer SeniorROSS SCH Dev-Alum Rltns-Oprtns$142,526.25$0.00
Porter III, RichardMajor Gifts Officer LeadDevelopment Major Gifts Prgm$142,181.00$0.00
Berlucchi, Anne MarieMajor Gifts Officer LeadDevelopment Major Gifts Prgm$135,000.00$0.00
Kinnear, ShumialaMajor Gifts Officer LeadAlumni Association$134,550.00$0.00
Munzel, Erica AMajor Gifts Officer SeniorLaw School$131,872.00$131,872.00
Freshcorn, Jeff RMajor Gifts Officer LeadDENT Dev - Alumni Relations$129,063.70$129,063.70
Buikema, MaryMajor Gifts DirectorLaw School$128,778.00$128,778.00
Kegler, BrianMajor Gifts Officer LeadAthletics$127,979.41$0.00
Zhao, BinMajor Gifts Officer SeniorInternational Giving$122,700.00$0.00
Ososki, ChristopherGift Acknowledge/Process MgrDev Svcs - Strategic Solutions$120,611.00$0.00
Gulyas, Diane MarieMajor Gifts Officer LeadDbn Development Office$119,173.06$119,173.06
Byerlein, Ellen MMajor Gifts Officer SeniorSOE-Comm/Dev/Outrch$117,381.05$117,381.05
Sherman, Colleen MMajor Gifts Officer LeadUMHS Devel. - Corp and Fnd Rel$116,229.29$0.00
Hirshman, LoriMajor Gifts Officer LeadUMHS Development - Cancer/DCI$116,181.12$0.00
Thompson, DavidMajor Gifts Officer LeadDevelopment Major Gifts Prgm$115,482.00$0.00
Spaly, Rebecca JohnsonMajor Gifts Officer LeadUMHS Dev - Neuro/Cardio/Int'l$115,393.78$0.00
Wright, MarlonMajor Gifts Officer SeniorSchool of Kinesiology$112,521.94$112,521.94
Gray, PatrickMajor Gifts Officer SeniorAthletics$112,200.00$0.00
Wagener, AnthonyMajor Gifts Officer SeniorG. Ford Sc Pub Pol$112,125.00$95,306.25
Boudette, LauraMajor Gifts Officer LeadUMHS Dev.- Med Ed - Alumni Rel$111,006.04$0.00
Jesiel, Heidi HosnerMajor Gifts Officer SeniorStudent Life Development$110,000.00$0.00
Stevenson, AndreaMajor Gifts Officer LeadLSA Dean: Advancement$109,798.00$109,798.00
Davis, Michelle AshleyMajor Gifts Officer LeadUMHS Dev - Neuro/Cardio/Int'l$109,675.00$0.00
Dettling, Gary WilliamMajor Gifts Officer SeniorUMHS Development - Cancer/DCI$109,669.72$0.00
St Amour, Amy ChristineMajor Gifts Officer SeniorUMHS Dev - Neuro/Cardio/Int'l$109,631.49$0.00
Eidelman, SaraMajor Gifts Officer InterDevelopment Major Gifts Prgm$107,625.00$0.00
Seger, Elizabeth AnnMajor Gifts Officer SeniorLaw School$107,056.00$107,056.00
Salib, SuzyMajor Gifts Officer SeniorLSA Dean: Advancement$106,700.00$106,700.00
Walker, DerrickMajor Gifts Officer SeniorAthletics$106,641.00$0.00
Hartwell, MichaelMajor Gifts Officer SeniorUMHS Development - Campaign$106,437.09$0.00
Barua, ChristenMajor Gifts Officer SeniorUMHS Devel. - Corp and Fnd Rel$105,575.00$0.00
Fabian, LisaMajor Gifts Officer SeniorUMHS Dev - Neuro/Cardio/Int'l$105,062.50$0.00
Kirinovic, MatthewMajor Gifts Officer LeadDevelopment Major Gifts Prgm$104,550.00$0.00
Schramm, EricMajor Gifts Officer SeniorDevelopment Major Gifts Prgm$103,525.00$0.00
Dubin, Douglas SMajor Gifts Officer InterCoE Office of Advancement$103,508.00$103,508.00
Penmetsa, GayatriMajor Gifts Officer SeniorInternational Giving$103,403.00$0.00
Cao, AngelaMajor Gifts Officer SeniorSchool of Nursing$103,000.00$103,000.00
Hughes, Mary ClaireMajor Gifts Officer SeniorSchool of Social Work$102,700.00$102,700.00
Cronin, KellyMajor Gifts Officer SeniorDbn Institutional Advancement$101,286.08$101,286.08
Towns, Carrie SMajor Gifts Officer SeniorDENT Dev - Alumni Relations$101,065.00$101,065.00
Smith, AmandaMajor Gifts Officer SeniorUMHS Development - Cancer/DCI$101,007.09$0.00
Neukam, TerraMajor Gifts Officer SeniorDevelopment Major Gifts Prgm$100,000.00$0.00
Warner, PatriciaMajor Gifts Officer SeniorUMH NorthStar Reach$100,000.00$0.00
Cliff, PatrickMajor Gifts Officer SeniorUMHS Devel. - Corp and Fnd Rel$97,109.41$0.00
Howe, Julie MMajor Gifts Officer SeniorUMHS Development - Campaign$96,487.50$0.00
Gabriel, LauraMajor Gifts Officer LeadDbn Development Office$96,151.00$96,151.00
Morin, Patricia LeeGift Acknowledge/Process MgrUMHS Development - Operations$95,432.18$0.00
Howard, Jennifer AnneMajor Gifts Officer SeniorLSA Dean: Advancement$95,172.00$95,172.00
Miles, NathanMajor Gifts Officer SeniorSPHDO-Development - Alumni Eng$95,000.00$71,250.00
Perdue, Louis MichaelMajor Gifts Officer SeniorSchool of Kinesiology$94,801.20$94,801.20
Pierce, RobertMajor Gifts Officer InterCoE Office of Advancement$94,787.00$94,787.00
Arnold, RyanMajor Gifts Officer InterROSS SCH Dev-Alum Rltns-Oprtns$94,741.68$0.00
Easter, KimMajor Gifts Officer SeniorLaw School$94,461.00$94,461.00
Dello Russo, LaurenMajor Gifts Officer InterCoE Office of Advancement$93,060.00$93,060.00
Kutinsky, DinaMajor Gifts Officer SeniorUMHS Development - Campaign$92,980.31$0.00
Baumgartner, KimberlyMajor Gifts Officer SeniorSchool of MusicTheatre-Dance$91,880.51$18,376.10
Ramsburgh, JohnMajor Gifts Officer SeniorLSA Dean: Advancement$91,413.00$91,413.00
Wilson, BarbaraMajor Gifts Officer InterUMHS Development - Cancer/DCI$91,017.26$0.00
Baden, Lindsay MaeMajor Gifts Officer SeniorUMHS Dev - Neuro/Cardio/Int'l$90,353.75$0.00
Williams, Elizabeth KathrynMajor Gifts Officer SeniorDevelopment Major Gifts Prgm$90,000.00$0.00
Stephens-Farrell, Melissa MMajor Gifts Officer SeniorFlint Development$89,936.99$80,943.28
Kettler, Ellen MarieMajor Gifts Officer SeniorSchool of MusicTheatre-Dance$88,673.65$88,673.65
Cavataio, VincentMajor Gifts Officer SeniorUMHS Development - Cancer/DCI$88,000.00$0.00
Olson, MeredithMajor Gifts Officer SeniorBotanical Gardens - Arboretum$85,970.60$85,970.60
Daly, Andrea ElizabethMajor Gifts Officer InterSchool of Information$85,486.00$85,486.00
LaFave, AndreaMajor Gifts Officer InterUMHS Development - Cancer/DCI$85,211.99$0.00
Reid, MargaretMajor Gifts Officer SeniorUniv Musical Society$85,000.00$0.00
Walker, MaryMajor Gifts Officer SeniorUniv Musical Society$83,738.00$0.00
Zientek, LeahMajor Gifts Officer SeniorDbn Institutional Advancement$83,640.00$83,640.00
Petriches, JosephMajor Gifts Officer InterROSS SCH Dev-Alum Rltns-Oprtns$82,360.35$0.00
Gilmore, JasonMajor Gifts Officer InterROSS SCH Dev-Alum Rltns-Oprtns$82,358.49$0.00
Sharer, NickiMajor Gifts Officer InterLaw School$82,030.00$82,030.00
Stokes-Samuel, Kelley CheriseMajor Gifts Officer InterDevelopment Major Gifts Prgm$82,000.00$0.00
Skidmore, GeneMajor Gifts Officer InterUMHS Devel. - Corp and Fnd Rel$81,547.89$0.00
Eff, RyannMajor Gifts Officer InterUMHS Dev - Neuro/Cardio/Int'l$80,568.84$0.00
Jewell, HenryMajor Gifts Officer InterUMHS Dev - Neuro/Cardio/Int'l$80,465.00$0.00
Keech, JasonMajor Gifts Officer InterUMHS Dev - Neuro/Cardio/Int'l$80,372.81$0.00
Metzger, Courtney EMajor Gifts Officer InterUMHS Dev - Neuro/Cardio/Int'l$80,192.42$0.00
Driscoll, JohnMajor Gifts Officer InterParent - Family Giving$80,000.00$0.00
Walston, ShannonMajor Gifts Officer InterSchool of Nursing$80,000.00$80,000.00
Craig, Susan Wagner BozellMajor Gifts Officer SeniorUniv Musical Society$79,036.00$0.00
Brothers, EllenMajor Gifts Officer SeniorFlint Development$77,675.04$77,675.04
Anthony-Whitcomb, Susan MarieMajor Gifts Officer InterUMHS Dev.- Med Ed - Alumni Rel$77,220.94$0.00
Petriches, Kirsten AnnMajor Gifts Officer InterUMHS Dev - Neuro/Cardio/Int'l$77,220.94$0.00
Kay, AnnMajor Gifts Officer InterUMHS Development - Campaign$77,000.00$0.00
Artelt, LouisaMajor Gifts Officer InterUMH NorthStar Reach$76,000.00$0.00
Vernier, Allyson LynetteMajor Gifts Officer InterUMHS Dev - Neuro/Cardio/Int'l$76,000.00$0.00
Barjum Salomon, SarahMajor Gifts Officer InterUMHS Dev.- Med Ed - Alumni Rel$75,850.00$0.00
Phillips, SarahMajor Gifts Officer InterRackham Development$75,644.23$75,644.23
Knowles, ChelseaMajor Gifts Officer InterLSA Dean: Advancement$75,169.00$75,169.00
Miller, AdrianneMajor Gifts Officer InterCoE Office of Advancement$75,000.00$75,000.00
Moeller, SophiaMajor Gifts Officer InterInternational Giving$75,000.00$0.00
Pozios, NuntanitMajor Gifts Officer InterStamps School of Art - Design$75,000.00$75,000.00
Davis, KatelinMajor Gifts Officer InterUMHS Development - Campaign$74,857.03$0.00
Rink, Jacquelyn AnnMajor Gifts Officer InterUMHS Development - Campaign$74,825.00$0.00
Eastment, EmilyMajor Gifts Officer InterSchool of MusicTheatre-Dance$74,811.72$74,811.72
Fogelsonger, EmilyMajor Gifts Officer InterUMHS Development - Campaign$73,000.00$0.00
Steinhoff, Andrea PaulineMajor Gifts Officer InterRackham Development$71,575.00$0.00
Thomas, ErinMajor Gifts Officer InterROSS SCH Dev-Alum Rltns-Oprtns$71,000.00$0.00
Myers, CharlotteMajor Gifts Officer InterCEW$70,755.00$53,066.25
Reash, JustinMajor Gifts Officer InterMuseum of Art$69,000.00$40,020.00
Sohn, Julia LynnMajor Gifts Officer AssociateLSA Dean: Advancement$68,745.00$68,745.00
Jelinski, JeffreyMajor Gifts Officer AssociateLSA Dean: Advancement$68,742.00$68,742.00
Guerriero, BrittanyMajor Gifts Officer AssociateAlumni Association$68,284.00$0.00
Fehrs, MayaMajor Gifts Officer InterA. Alfred Taubman CA-UP Adm$68,000.00$68,000.00
McCloskey, AshleyMajor Gifts Officer InterROSS SCH Dev-Alum Rltns-Oprtns$68,000.00$0.00
Stachak, SarahMajor Gifts Officer AssociateAlumni Association$67,363.00$0.00
Campbell, AntonMajor Gifts Officer AssociateSchool of Information$66,306.00$66,306.00
Philipp, MonicaMajor Gifts Officer AssociateLSA Dean: Advancement$65,766.00$65,766.00
Boneff, ErikMajor Gifts Officer AssociateLSA Dean: Advancement$65,755.00$65,755.00
Nowels, Kyle DouglasMajor Gifts Officer AssociateStudent Life Development$65,000.00$0.00
Weigand, RobertMajor Gifts Officer InterAthletics$65,000.00$0.00
Passink, Scott SarvisMajor Gifts Officer AssociateUMHS Devel. - Corp and Fnd Rel$64,613.44$0.00
Coon, CharlesMajor Gifts Officer InterAthletics$63,860.00$0.00
Greenfield, HunterMajor Gifts Officer AssociateAthletics$63,500.00$0.00
Lemmen, Samantha RiedMajor Gifts Officer AssociateLSA Dean: Advancement$63,448.00$63,448.00
Murray, JosephMajor Gifts Officer AssociateLSA Dean: Advancement$62,000.00$62,000.00
Tarver, WhitneyMajor Gifts Officer InterAthletics$60,000.00$0.00
Green, AshleyMajor Gifts Officer AssociateSPHDO-Development - Alumni Eng$58,000.00$43,500.00
Knapp, AmandaMajor Gifts Officer AssociateUMHS Development - Cancer/DCI$56,887.50$0.00

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