Number of people with the title of %exec%:325
Maximum Salary$ 949,727.63
Average Salary$ 129,834.11
Minimum Salary$ 45,000.02

Title Results for %exec% 2018-19
NameTitleDeprtment FTR (Salary)GF (Amount from General Fund)
Runge, Marschall StevensEXEC VPMANon PTO - Operating$949,727.63$0.00
Lundberg, Leiv ErikInvestment Top ExecutiveChief Investment Officer (CIO)$750,000.00$0.00
Hegarty, Kevin PChief Fin Officer - Top ExecOffice of Executive VP - CFO$589,308.43$589,308.43
Dickey, KeithStrategic Planning Top ExecUMHS Hlth Systm Planning$569,250.00$0.00
Philbert, Martin APROVOST/EXEC VP ACAD AFFOffice of the President$552,387.50$552,387.50
May, Jerry ADevelopment Top ExecutiveVP for OUD$520,448.00$0.00
Lynch, Timothy GLegal Top Exec/General CounselOffice of the General Counsel$474,961.31$474,961.31
Hunt, DelorisHR Mgmt Top Exec w/IR DivUMHS Shared Human Resources$456,435.00$0.00
Pendse, RavindraInformation Tech Top ExecutiveITS Office of CIO$450,000.00$450,000.00
VanBesien, Robert MatthewExec Dir Non-Profit Arts OrgUniv Musical Society$390,000.00$0.00
Churchill, Sally JoUniv Secretary - Top ExecutiveVice Pres - Secretary of Univ$366,722.76$366,722.76
Harper, Eunice RoysterStudent Affairs Top ExecutiveOffice of VP Student Life$365,735.95$365,735.95
Baier, Henry DFacilities - Ops Top ExecutiveFacilities - Operations -Admin$362,900.00$362,900.00
Grafton, Steve CAlumni Association Top ExecAlumni Association$356,205.00$0.00
Michels, Kallie BCommunications Top ExecutiveVP for Communications$350,826.24$350,826.24
Wilbanks, Cynthia HGovernment Affairs Top ExecVP for Government Relations$339,531.09$339,531.09
Cupp, Dondi LDevelopment ExecutiveAssoc VP for Development$332,264.00$0.00
Thomas, Eleanor LauritaHR Mgmt Top Exec W/IRHR Strategy - Planning$320,100.00$208,065.00
Coerdt, Maureen AStrategic Planning Top ExecSchool of Nursing$309,575.98$154,787.99
Sexton, KellyResearch ExecutiveUMOR Office of Tech Transfer$305,250.00$305,250.00
Comstock, Matthew ColinAdmin/Fin Exec Dir Med SchoolExecutive Administration$303,880.22$0.00
Spahlinger, David AEXECUTIVE VICE DEAN - UMMSCE Pres MedSch Benefits Appt$303,870.53$0.00
Hilliard, MichaelDevelopment ExecutiveVP for OUD$303,302.00$0.00
Baily, Todd MDevelopment ExecutiveCampaign Planning - Services$298,315.00$0.00
Strickland, Jeanne MCompliance Top Executive HealtUMHS Compliance - Shared Srvcs$294,757.00$0.00
Barry, Elizabeth MExec Asst To The PresidentOffice of the President$291,656.74$291,656.74
Kent, StanleyPharmacy Top ExecutiveUMH Chief of Clinical Affairs$290,760.47$0.00
Roelofs, Marina BConstruction Top ExecutiveAEC-Administration$289,779.70$289,779.70
Larin, Linda ROperations Top Executive HlthUH/CVC Executive Director$288,392.40$0.00
Ross, KimberlyGovernment Rel Top Exec HlthUMHS Gov Relations$286,436.25$0.00
Ackley, Barbara ADevelopment ExecutiveLdrshp/Intl Gbg - Pres Dev Act$284,978.00$0.00
Moelich, JeffreyAudit Top ExecutiveUniversity Audits Office$269,610.73$269,610.73
Sawasky, JosephResearch - Ed Network Top ExecMerit Network$268,371.65$0.00
Weinert, Daryl CResearch ExecutiveUMOR Office of VP for Research$257,500.00$257,500.00
Washington, Eddie LeeSecurity Top ExecutiveDiv of Pub Safety - Security$250,851.63$0.00
O'Neil, SeanDivision Financial Top ExecROSS SCH Finance Office$250,521.75$250,521.75
Harris Jr, Robert CharlesFacilities - Ops Top ExecutiveFacilities Services Admin$249,316.18$0.00
Udow-Phillips, MarianneExec Dir Healthcare Joint VentCHRT$249,172.51$0.00
Schram, StephenPublic Media Top ExecutiveMichigan Radio$248,346.08$0.00
Mashour, George AEXECUTIVE DIRECTORUMOR Office of VP for Research$247,407.00$12,370.00
Ceo, Maria AOperations Top Executive HlthOperations and Ancillary Svcs$245,857.78$0.00
Burns, Mark AEXECUTIVE DIRECTORUMOR MCubed$240,107.00$144,064.20
Jennings, Edward JTax Top ExecutiveTax Resources - Reporting$234,947.24$196,180.95
Holcomb Jr, Richard StevenBenefits Top ExecutiveHR Benefits Office$232,875.00$0.00
Peterson, TimothyINTERIM EXECUTIVE DIRECTORUMMG Faculty Benefits Appt.$225,000.00$0.00
Martin, MaryOperations Top Executive HlthUH/CVC Executive Director$223,877.43$0.00
Kufahl, Jonathan AllanInformation Systems ExecutiveHITS OCIO Administration$219,810.00$0.00
Lipan, Kenneth BruceDivision Financial Top ExecUMHS Financial Srvcs$215,250.00$0.00
Kryza, Joseph WInformation Systems ExecutiveHITS OCIO Administration$208,593.24$0.00
Cole-Brown, Carolyn MOperations Top Executive HlthUH/CVC Executive Director$206,787.65$0.00
Lundy, FranceneNursing Svcs 2nd Level ExecUMH CNO Admin$206,566.54$0.00
Bradford, Carol RossierEXECUTIVE VICE DEAN - UMMSFaculty Salaries$206,013.00$0.00
Palms, Andrew TInformation Systems ExecutiveITS Infra Net Director$205,000.00$0.00
Hollingsworth, Karen LynnInformation Systems ExecutiveHITS OCIO Administration$204,871.88$0.00
Maletta, Daniel JosephInformation Systems ExecutiveCoE-IT/CAEN$203,840.00$203,840.00
Thiruvengadam, VijayarajaInformation Systems ExecutiveIQ Information Quest$202,878.00$202,878.00
Soper, Cheryl LAccounting Top ExecutiveFinOps Controller's Office$202,237.61$161,790.09
Wood, Timothy MEmployee Relations Top ExecHR Comp - Classification$201,319.00$201,319.00
Brako, LoisResearch ExecutiveUMOR Office of VP for Research$200,000.00$200,000.00
Frumkin, Jeffery RAcademic Relations Top ExecOffice of Institutional Equity$197,840.50$197,840.50
Dewey, MatthewCommunications Top Exec UnitOUD Marketing$195,000.00$0.00
Abbruzzese, JanetSupply Chain Mgmt Top Exec HltUMH Contracts - Proc Admin$194,709.00$0.00
Waring, Michael AGovt Aff Top Exec Fed LevelFederal Relations$193,134.77$193,134.77
Demonner, Sean MichaelInformation Systems ExecutiveITS Teaching and Learning$192,780.00$192,780.00
Monaghan, Jennifer MoreyCommunications Top Exec UnitROSS SCH MKTG - COM$191,889.00$191,889.00
Platto, SteveCommunications Top Exec UnitAlumni Association$191,475.00$0.00
Burger, Antony EFinancial Analysis Top ExecOffice of Financial Analysis$191,381.74$191,381.74
Fitzgerald, RichardPublic Relations Top ExecutivePublic Affairs$190,550.00$190,550.00
Parkinson, ElizabethMarketing Top ExecutiveVP for Communications$190,550.00$190,550.00
Chervenak, Linnea ChristineTotal Quality Top ExecutiveQuality Administration$190,298.94$0.00
Towell, EricOperations Top Executive HlthHomecare Service Admin$190,000.00$0.00
Grunawalt, JulieNursing Svcs 2nd Level ExecUMH CNO Admin$189,532.75$0.00
Behm, James BInformation Systems ExecutiveITS Enterprise App Svcs$189,353.00$189,353.00
McPhall, John GInformation Systems ExecutiveHITS OCIO Administration$189,112.50$0.00
Ford, EmilyCommunications Top Exec UnitSPHDO-Marketing - Communicatio$188,760.00$188,760.00
Hrabec, Erika JaneExec Asst To The PresidentOffice of the President$188,527.85$175,330.90
Kwapis, Brian MInformation Systems ExecutiveHITS OCIO Administration$187,502.86$0.00
Rodgers, MichelleCommunications Top Exec UnitLaw School$187,500.00$187,500.00
Jones II, Robert DouglasInformation Systems ExecutiveITS SS Support Services$186,550.00$186,550.00
Sheen, Danielle RenaeHlth Sfty - Envrnmntl Top ExecEH-S$185,400.00$185,400.00
Stegall, Denise MarieHRIS Top ExecutiveHR Records - Info Services$183,616.00$91,808.00
Witowski, Diana MDivision Financial Top ExecUMHS Financial Srvcs$182,055.00$0.00
Klett, MichaelDivision Financial Top ExecUMHS Financial Srvcs$182,046.00$0.00
Jacobs, Sonya ReneeTraining Top ExecutiveLeadership Development - DEI$180,073.00$90,036.72
Baird-Cox, KellyNursing Svcs 2nd Level ExecCW CNO Admin$180,000.00$0.00
Warden, JamesInformation Systems ExecutiveHITS OCIO Administration$180,000.00$0.00
Lofy, John CharlesCommunications Top Exec UnitLSA Dean: Advancement$178,787.00$178,787.00
Hepner, Myron LeeInformation Systems ExecutiveHITS DRA Michigan Data Collab$176,505.00$0.00
Sweetman, David SInformation Systems ExecutiveHITS OCIO Administration$176,505.00$0.00
Kostanecki, EileenGovt Aff Top Exec Fed LevelHealthcare Policy - Innov-IHPI$176,108.08$0.00
Ko, KristinaGovt Aff Top Exec Fed LevelUMOR Office of VP for Research$174,663.00$174,663.00
Hanss, Erica JExecutive Asst to the DeanDENT Dean's Office-Fac Affairs$172,686.32$172,686.32
Dietrich, Erin ElizabethInformation Systems ExecutiveHITS OCIO Administration$170,775.00$0.00
Judge Hensel, Jennifer MarieCommunications Top Exec UnitCoE Communications - Marketing$169,540.00$169,540.00
Glick, Carol LFacilities - Ops Top ExecutiveDbn Office of Business Affairs$164,347.08$164,347.08
Reid, David ThomasCommunications Top Exec UnitUniversity HR Communications$163,894.00$29,500.65
Moggach, Gordon PaulRsk Mgmt/Loss Prevent Top ExecRisk Management$160,869.72$0.00
Wigginton, Nicholas ScottResearch ExecutiveUMOR Office of VP for Research$158,076.00$158,076.00
Brown, Elizabeth Lenhard EriksonCommunications Top Exec UnitVPEM Administration$153,704.09$153,704.09
La Croix, AmberCommunications Top Exec UnitA. Alfred Taubman CA-UP Adm$151,847.94$151,847.94
Peck, JamesMarketing Top ExecutiveFlint Univ Comm - Marketing$150,000.00$150,000.00
Marra, Tiffany RasulisWomen's Center Top ExecutiveCEW$140,039.00$140,039.00
Hodges, Patricia LynnExecutive Asst to the DeanStamps School of Art - Design$138,000.00$138,000.00
Kirkland, Anna REXECUTIVE DIRECTORUMOR Inst Resrch Women-Gender$137,800.00$103,350.00
Heitzman, RobinCommunications Top Exec UnitVProv Academic Innovation$135,000.00$135,000.00
Aldrich, RaymondCommunications Top Exec UnitDENT Marcom$134,668.00$134,668.00
George, Timothy MCommunications Top Exec UnitOffice of Assoc VP for Finance$128,845.13$128,845.13
Bauer, Kathleen DeborahExecutive Asst to the DeanVProv Academic Innovation$126,756.00$126,756.00
Humpert, Elizabeth BExec Secretary to Sr Top ExecOffice of the General Counsel$125,149.78$125,149.78
Love, CaroleCommunications Top Exec UnitSEAS Communications$122,000.00$122,000.00
Lee, Laura KatrineCommunications Top Exec UnitG. Ford Sc Pub Pol$119,293.00$107,363.70
Havermahl, TamaraCommunications Top Exec UnitSchool of Social Work$114,000.00$114,000.00
Dunn, AdamSales Top ExecutiveAthletics$110,100.10$0.00
Schmidt, SharronExec Secretary to Sr Top ExecOfc Provost - Exec VP Acad Aff$109,019.00$109,019.00
Hughey, HowardCommunications Top Exec UnitFlint Univ Comm - Marketing$107,671.20$107,671.20
Hayes, Karen MExec Secretary to Top ExecCE COO Administration$104,855.75$0.00
Houghtaling, Karen MExec Secretary to Sr Top ExecUMOR Office of VP for Research$104,545.00$104,545.00
Jakeway, Jane EExec Secretary to Sr Top ExecOffice of Executive VP - CFO$102,400.00$102,400.00
Hankins, Phoebe TheresaExec Secretary to Top ExecCE Pres MedSch Benefits Appt$100,296.25$0.00
Asher, AudraExec Secretary to Sr Top ExecAlumni Association$98,800.00$0.00
McAuliffe, Dawn MarieExec Secretary to Sr Top ExecVP for OUD$98,067.00$0.00
Henderson, Susan LucasExec Secretary to Top ExecAthletics$96,597.79$0.00
Turchan, FrankChef Top ExecutiveMI Dining - Administration$95,815.06$0.00
Brandon, Jamie YostExec Secretary to Top ExecOffice of the President$92,700.00$92,700.00
Johnston, JudithExec Secretary to Top ExecOffice of VP Student Life$92,700.00$92,700.00
Postel, PatriciaExec Secretary to Sr Top ExecNon PTO - Operating$92,115.00$0.00
Ianni, Terry RExec Secretary to Sr Top ExecVP for Government Relations$88,221.53$88,221.53
Santee, VashniExec Secretary to Top ExecITS Office of CIO$88,000.00$88,000.00
Bell, Ann EExecutive SecretaryDevelopment Major Gifts Prgm$87,466.00$0.00
Kelemen, Rozona MExec Secretary to Top ExecShared Services Center$86,000.00$86,000.00
Justice, Tracy LExec Secretary to Sr Top ExecVP for Communications$85,000.00$85,000.00
Palmer, RussellChef Top ExecutiveMI Dining - Catering$85,000.00$0.00
Schifano, StephenChef Top ExecutiveUMH Patient Food/Nutr Svcs$84,532.85$0.00
Plahta, Regina JoanExec Secretary to Top ExecVProv Academic Innovation$83,202.00$0.00
Durocher, Colleen MExec Secretary to Top ExecCampaign Planning - Services$83,073.00$0.00
Brown, KimberlyExec Secretary to Top ExecOfc Provost - Exec VP Acad Aff$82,881.00$82,881.00
Aldridge, Margaret AExec Secretary to Sr Top ExecOffice of Assoc VP for Finance$82,512.50$82,512.50
Harrington, Laura MExec Secretary to Top ExecOfc Provost - Exec VP Acad Aff$82,402.00$82,402.00
Haddad, Alexandra MarieCommunications Top Exec UnitSEAS Communications$82,211.41$82,211.41
Akemann, Coleen LeaExec Secretary to Sr Top ExecChief Investment Officer (CIO)$80,400.00$0.00
Herbert, Annette MExec Secretary to Sr Top ExecVice Pres - Secretary of Univ$79,731.57$79,731.57
Gonzales, Margaret IExec Secretary to Top ExecVP for Communications$79,000.00$79,000.00
Kneeland, Patricia LExec Secretary to Top ExecOfc Provost - Exec VP Acad Aff$78,988.00$78,988.00
Earles, Jacqueline LeeExecutive SecretaryHR Strategy - Planning$78,940.94$78,940.94
Spence, Margaret LExecutive Assistant Sr HlthUMHS Rev Cycle (PTO)$78,150.54$0.00
Smith, AndreaExecutive Assistant Sr HlthHITS OCIO Administration$78,150.00$0.00
Straub, Ann MarieExecutive Assistant Sr HlthUMH Nursing Administration$78,150.00$0.00
Decker, Julie AnnExecutive Assistant Sr HlthQuality Administration$78,147.52$0.00
Espinoza, Kelly AnnExecutive Assistant Sr HlthEducation - Global Ini Admin$78,146.44$0.00
Schorr, Cathy AExecutive Assistant Sr HlthCW Mott Administration$77,929.60$0.00
Gehringer, JeffreyExecutive SecretaryOffice of the General Counsel$77,643.93$0.00
Heckel, Denice MarieExecutive Assistant Sr HlthDLHS Administration$77,639.00$77,639.00
Richmond, RachaelExec Secretary to Top ExecUMOR Office of VP for Research$77,250.00$77,250.00
Ziegler, Carol LynnExecutive Assistant Sr HlthUH/CVC Executive Director$76,994.00$0.00
Riley, AmyExec Secretary to Top ExecUMHS Financial Srvcs$76,875.00$0.00
Alexa-Sedgeman, TinaExec Secretary to Top ExecOfc Provost - Exec VP Acad Aff$76,229.00$76,229.00
Medley-Fields, Mary KExecutive Assistant Sr HlthUMH ACS Nursing Care$76,056.24$0.00
Curry, Michele DoranExec Secretary to Top ExecUniversity Audits Office$76,016.07$76,016.07
Hoeft, Joanne MExecutive Assistant Assoc HlthSurgery Department$75,963.69$75,963.61
Greubel, Lori LExec Secretary to Top ExecUMHS Development Admin$75,348.00$0.00
Newton, Denise AExec Secretary to Top ExecVPEM Administration$75,055.26$75,055.26
Lesowyk, SusanExecutive SecretaryAthletics$75,000.12$0.00
Adamczyk, JessicaExec Secretary to Top ExecUniv Musical Society$75,000.00$0.00
Blaga, DianeExec Secretary to Sr Top ExecDbn Office of the Provost$74,993.10$74,993.10
Hoss, Betty JExecutive Assistant Sr HlthInt Med-Cardiology$74,759.64$0.00
Akans, Karen EileenExecutive Assistant Sr HlthUMHS Hlth Systm Planning$74,745.09$0.00
Rankin, ThernesaExec Secretary to Top ExecDiv of Pub Safety - Security$74,160.00$0.00
Boldt, Judith CathleenExecutive Assistant Sr HlthUMH Pharmacy Administration$73,386.16$0.00
Wiersba, AbhaExec Secretary to Top ExecUMOR Office of Tech Transfer$72,500.00$72,500.00
Valentine, MarandaExecutive Assistant Sr HlthCE Pres MedSch Benefits Appt$72,141.20$0.00
Kennedy, JoyceExec Secretary to Top ExecDean's Office$72,100.00$0.00
Richardson, Lisa AExecutive SecretaryCoE Office of Advancement$72,097.00$72,097.00
Brown-McLeod, JudithExecutive Assistant Sr HlthUMHS Shared Human Resources$72,000.00$0.00
Coveleski, Kelly AExec Secretary to Top ExecUMOR Off RsrchComplnce-Ethics$71,925.00$71,925.00
Poniatowski, GinalynExecutive Assistant Sr HlthUMHS Compliance - Shared Srvcs$71,651.60$0.00
Harrington, Denise MExecutive Assistant Assoc HlthUMHS Dev - Administration$71,637.15$0.00
Semones, MicheleExec Secretary to Top ExecROSS SCH Dean's Office$71,526.08$71,526.08
Titus, Ann MarieExecutive SecretaryLSA Dean: Outreach Staffing$71,494.00$71,494.00
Bigelow, Teresa LynnExec Secretary to Top ExecFlint VC Business - Finance$71,411.01$71,411.01
McKeever, Mary OliviaExecutive Assistant Assoc HlthUMH Radiation Oncology$71,050.66$0.00
Bliss, Judith IExecutive Assistant Assoc HlthUMH Professional Dev and Ed$71,050.00$0.00
Heskett, Sandra RExecutive Assistant Assoc HlthUrology$71,049.80$0.00
Bieber, Blythe AExecutive Assistant Assoc HlthFamily Medicine$71,046.91$71,047.13
Wojcik, CharlotteExecutive Assistant Assoc HlthOMSE Curriculum Srvs General$71,045.05$0.00
Minors, ElizabethExecutive Assistant Assoc HlthUMH Clinical Lab Admin$71,018.19$0.00
Campbell, Stephanie LExec Secretary to Top ExecUMOR Office of VP for Research$70,525.00$70,525.00
Gilbert, LorenaExecutive Assistant Sr HlthFGP Operations$70,040.00$0.00
Porterfield, Annunciata IExecutive Assistant Assoc HlthPsychiatry Admin-Central$69,493.26$0.00
Crockett, Kimberly MExecutive Assistant Assoc HlthCardiac Surgery$69,276.38$0.00
Wonfor, LisaExecutive SecretaryCoE Dean$68,960.00$68,960.00
Fracala, Teresa JeanExecutive Assistant Assoc HlthLab Animal Medicine Unit$68,955.54$68,955.44
Nash, Cecelia LoraineExec Secretary to Sr Top ExecOffice of the President$68,845.11$68,845.11
Pushies, Michele MExecutive Assistant Sr HlthOffice of Research$68,500.00$0.00
Wright, PeggyExecutive Assistant Sr HlthOffc for Hlt Eqty - Incl$68,446.09$0.00
Pear, Jody LExec Secretary to Top ExecDbn Office of Business Affairs$68,380.39$68,380.39
Kochanek, LorieExecutive SecretaryMechanical Engineering$68,250.00$68,250.00
Boyd, Cheryl JeanineExecutive Assistant Assoc HlthQuality Analytics Admin$68,226.13$0.00
Abrigo, Ronda MarieExecutive SecretaryLSA Economics$68,175.00$68,175.00
Younkman, AmyExecutive Assistant Sr HlthUMH Amb Care Admin$68,000.00$0.00
Flynn, CrystalExec Secretary to Top ExecOfc Provost - Exec VP Acad Aff$67,804.00$67,804.00
Kiel, Lisa MExec Secretary to Top ExecUMOR Off Rsrch-Spnsr Prjs-ORSP$67,608.00$67,608.00
Durfy, Diane EExecutive SecretaryLSA Molec./Cell./Develop. Bio$67,400.00$67,400.00
Kne, Sallie MadonnaExecutive SecretaryNaval Arch - Marine Dept$67,161.00$67,161.00
Walls, Debra AExecutive SecretaryLSA UG: Student Acad. Affairs$67,000.00$67,000.00
Dome, Jean ReneeExecutive SecretaryROSS SCH Executive Education$66,950.66$0.00
Bremer, RafaelExec Secretary to Top ExecOfc Provost - Exec VP Acad Aff$66,950.00$66,950.00
Tuckerman, Amy LExecutive Residency CoordOffice of the President$66,950.00$0.00
Sigler, RebeccaExecutive Assistant Assoc HlthNeurosurgery$66,886.64$0.00
Hughes, Michele LynnExec Secretary to Top ExecOUD Talent Management$66,635.00$0.00
McIntyre, VictoriaExec Secretary to Top ExecOfc of Budget Administration$66,435.00$66,435.00
Lottman, Madolyn IExecutive SecretaryCoE Integrative Sys - Design$66,335.00$53,068.00
Ramsey, Kimberly AnnExecutive SecretaryLSA Romance Languages - Lit.$66,179.88$66,179.88
Forbes, Kelley PExecutive Assistant Assoc HlthRadiation Oncology - Ann Arbor$66,175.26$0.00
Mohl, WendiExec Secretary to Top ExecUMOR Office of VP for Research$66,000.00$59,400.00
Gonzalez, KarenExecutive Assistant Assoc HlthUMH Nursing Informatics Admin$65,989.50$0.00
Priebe, Terrie MExecutive SecretarySOE-Educational Studies$65,921.96$65,922.00
Hardy, PatrinaExecutive SecretaryCollege of Pharmacy$65,696.00$65,696.00
Kubiak, Sheryl ElizabethExec Secretary to Top ExecDbn Enrlmt Mgmt - Student Life$65,525.00$65,525.00
Williams, Shamilya TereseExecutive SecretaryLSA Psychology$65,264.70$65,264.70
Chlipala, MarylouExecutive SecretaryLSA Screen Arts - Cultures$65,064.00$65,064.00
Ehlers, MichelleExecutive SecretaryLSA Dean: Undergrad. Education$65,020.00$65,020.00
Dow, AkosuaExecutive SecretaryIndustrial - Operations Engin$65,000.00$65,000.00
Mackey, Melinda MExecutive SecretaryLife Sciences Institute-Admin$65,000.00$0.00
Moga, KristineExec Secretary to Top ExecHR Strategy - Planning$65,000.00$65,000.00
Ward, Renee MExecutive Assistant Assoc HlthCW Mott Administration$64,928.76$0.00
Revill, KarenExecutive SecretaryCoE Undergraduate Education$64,890.00$64,890.00
Nadeau, Ann ElizabethExecutive Assistant Assoc HlthUMH Office of Clin Informatics$64,810.28$0.00
Mattingly, Kathleen LExecutive SecretaryLSA Germanic Languages - Lit.$64,739.96$64,739.96
Boyce, Tammy LExecutive Assistant Assoc HlthCW CNO Admin$64,723.90$0.00
Polderdyke, Nancy OExecutive SecretaryNutritional Sciences$64,707.00$64,707.00
Lucas, TyneExec Secretary to Top ExecVice Provst Equity - Inclusion$64,670.00$64,670.00
Smith, Tara LynnExecutive SecretaryBiostatistics Department$64,424.88$38,655.00
Solberg, BriannaExecutive Assistant Sr HlthNon PTO - Operating$64,170.00$0.00
Keeton, KathleenExecutive SecretarySRC-Administration$63,828.33$0.00
Sadler, Dorothy JeanExec Secretary to Top ExecVProv_Global_Engmt_Intrdspl_AA$63,676.00$63,676.00
Hoppe, CrystalExecutive SecretaryCoE Office of Advancement$63,654.00$63,654.00
Lombardo, Jennifer MarieExecutive Assistant Sr HlthUMH CNO Admin$63,257.00$0.00
Cano, MarionetteExec Secretary to Top ExecOfc Provost - Exec VP Acad Aff$63,189.00$63,189.00
Worrall, Donna JExecutive SecretaryLSA Sociology$63,000.00$63,000.00
Wanty, Holly MarieExecutive SecretaryLSA Physics$62,800.00$62,800.00
Babcock, Stacy LExecutive SecretaryEpidemiology Department$62,629.00$62,629.00
Argersinger, Amy SueExecutive SecretaryLSA English Language - Lit.$62,600.00$62,600.00
Freiman, Mary LExecutive SecretaryLSA American Culture$62,600.00$62,600.00
Hoffman, Shirley EdithExecutive Assistant Assoc HlthUMH Clinical Lab Admin$62,066.11$0.00
Bryanch-Garrett, Paula MarieExecutive Assistant Assoc HlthClinical Quality - Training Ad$62,049.99$0.00
Bird, Emily AnnExecutive Assistant Assoc HlthOphthalmology - Visual Science$61,911.08$0.00
Loury, KellyExec Secretary to Top ExecFlint Div of Student Affairs$61,903.80$61,903.80
DeBoer, Traci NadegeExecutive SecretaryStudt Life Assoc VP-Stu Lea De$61,830.92$61,830.92
Christensen, SarahExecutive SecretaryLSA Dean: Advancement$61,710.00$61,710.00
Currier, SheilaExec Secretary to Top ExecFlint VC for Univ Advancement$61,700.92$61,700.92
Birko, Suzanne MExecutive SecretaryLSA Dean: Dean's Office$61,625.00$61,625.00
Lewis, JenniferExecutive SecretaryEnvironmental Health Sciences$61,499.88$61,500.00
Wheeler, Kimberly SExecutive SecretaryITS Info Assurance Privacy$61,499.88$61,500.00
Wood, KathrynExecutive Assistant Assoc HlthUMH Care Mgt Admin$61,084.97$0.00
Longenbarger, Christina DawnExecutive SecretaryMaterials Science - Engin.$60,999.90$61,000.00
Smith, EastlaExecutive Assistant Assoc HlthOrthopaedic Surgery$60,987.46$0.00
Holleran, ElaineExecutive Assistant Assoc HlthOMSE Curriculum Srvs General$60,974.64$0.00
Middlebrook, CandiceExecutive SecretaryLSA UG: Residential College$60,403.00$60,403.00
Jacobs, Rhonda SExecutive SecretaryRackham Dean's Office$60,373.02$60,373.02
Welshans, Robin LExecutive SecretaryIQ Information Quest$60,326.00$60,326.00
Pattison, Jessica RoseExecutive SecretaryLSA History of Art$60,250.00$60,250.00
Winningham, Julie RExecutive SecretaryLSA Anthropology$60,050.00$60,050.00
Wines, MaryExecutive Assistant Assoc HlthUMHS - HIM Administration$59,999.94$0.00
Leonhardt, BeckyExecutive Assistant Assoc HlthPediatric - Comm Diseases Dept$59,962.50$0.00
Bejster, SherryExecutive Assistant Assoc HlthEmergency Medicine UM Adult$59,934.03$0.00
Wolocko Kenyon, Alison ClaireExecutive SecretaryLSA Dean: Outreach Staffing$59,885.00$59,885.00
McDonald, Judith KayExecutive SecretaryLSA Statistics$59,733.60$59,733.60
Portis, Faye MExecutive SecretaryLSA DAAS$59,591.00$59,591.00
Steinacker, AmyExecutive Assistant Assoc HlthGME Admin Office$59,450.02$0.00
Petee, Sandra LExecutive SecretaryLSA Linguistics$59,017.00$59,017.00
Wilkin, Stacy LExecutive SecretaryLSA Earth - Environmental Sci.$59,015.53$59,015.53
Moing, Cassandra AExecutive SecretaryLSA Biophysics$59,012.10$59,012.10
Goetz, Tracy LExecutive SecretarySchool of MusicTheatre-Dance$59,008.13$59,008.13
Banks, ChristalExecutive SecretaryLeadership Development - DEI$58,999.98$29,500.00
Milliken, Angela AExecutive Assistant Assoc HlthRegulatory Affairs$58,976.18$0.00
Crawford, JenniferExecutive SecretaryHlth Behavior - Hlth Ed Dept$58,787.00$58,787.00
Barber, ChadExecutive Assistant Assoc HlthUMH Social Work$58,516.86$0.00
Perry, Ingrid NicoleExecutive SecretaryUMOR Inst Resrch Women-Gender$58,465.00$58,465.00
Blumenauer, Lisa MarieExecutive SecretarySch for Environ and Sustain$58,425.06$58,425.06
Whitney, PatriceExecutive SecretaryLSA Middle East Studies$58,393.00$58,393.00
Christoff, BethanyExecutive SecretaryLSA Political Science$58,143.00$58,143.00
Hubbard, JillExec Secretary to Top ExecFlint Provost$58,140.00$58,140.00
Feldkamp, Linda AExecutive SecretarySch of Public Hlth-Dean's Ofc$58,064.00$58,064.00
Giguere, MarilynneExecutive SecretaryLSA International Institute$58,040.00$58,040.00
Ferrari, Kerri DExecutive SecretaryDean of Students$58,000.02$58,000.00
Lloyd, Sarah JExecutive SecretaryCollege of Pharmacy$57,999.00$57,999.00
Caudle, Allaina TExecutive Assistant Assoc HlthMICHR - Operations$57,840.49$28,920.29
Brown, GwenExecutive SecretaryAerospace Engineering$57,594.00$57,594.00
Geagan, AllisonExecutive Assistant Assoc HlthUMH Clinical Lab Admin$57,287.08$0.00
Epstein, RebeccaExecutive SecretarySchool of Information$57,287.00$57,287.00
Thomas, Samantha AnneExecutive SecretaryContinuing Legal Education Ins$57,165.00$0.00
Kleber, Heather MarieExecutive SecretaryLSA Mathematics$57,018.00$54,167.10
DeBoer, MarciaExecutive SecretaryLSA Chemistry$56,820.00$56,820.00
Ellerholz, SarahExecutive SecretaryLSA Women's Studies$56,617.00$56,617.00
Janney, Adrienne WellsExecutive SecretaryLSA Communication Studies$56,545.00$56,545.00
Dooley, Betsy AnneExecutive SecretaryROSS SCH Dev-Alum Rltns-Oprtns$56,482.54$0.00
Bednark, KrystleExec Secretary to Top ExecAssoc VP for Development$56,375.00$0.00
Evans, LaKishaExecutive SecretaryChemical Engineering Dept$55,999.00$55,999.00
Anderson, RachelExecutive Assistant Assoc HlthMolec - Integrative Physiology$55,862.40$55,862.50
Blaine, KellyExecutive SecretaryAVP Auxiliary Operations$55,434.60$55,434.60
Bernos, JustinExecutive Assistant Assoc HlthDermatology Department$55,284.36$0.00
Anzalone, Sheila FExecutive SecretaryLSA Philosophy$55,254.94$55,255.00
Falk, AimeeExecutive SecretaryCollege of Pharmacy$54,999.88$55,000.00
Fike, SandraExecutive SecretaryROSS SCH Dean's Office$54,999.88$55,000.00
Olsson, Sabrina IoanaExecutive SecretaryBiostatistics Department$54,971.00$54,971.00
Brown, Jessica JeanetteExecutive SecretaryDPSS U of M Police Dept$54,652.21$0.00
Berch, KellyExecutive Assistant Assoc HlthObstetrics and Gynecology Dept$54,178.29$0.00
Adkins, JulieExecutive SecretaryROSS SCH Dean's Office$53,999.92$54,000.00
Mueller, SheilaExecutive SecretaryMI Dining - Administration$53,820.00$0.00
Tiburzi, StacyExecutive SecretaryLSA Astronomy$53,330.00$42,664.00
Connelly, ChristopherExecutive SecretarySchool of Nursing$53,045.00$53,045.00
Marian, Glen BrianExecutive SecretarySchool of Nursing$53,045.00$53,045.00
Wessel Walker, MaryExecutive SecretaryLSA Judaic Studies$53,020.00$0.00
Snyder, AlexaExecutive SecretaryProgram in the Environment$52,800.00$52,800.00
Hunter, Molly ElizabethExecutive SecretaryLSA Ecology - Evolutionary Bio$52,499.98$52,500.00
Feneley, JenniferExecutive SecretaryLSA Organizational Studies$51,955.00$51,955.00
Daniels, JoshuaExecutive Assistant Assoc HlthPharmacology Department$51,690.61$51,690.75
Moyer, Anna FrancesExecutive SecretaryLSA Classical Studies$51,665.00$51,665.00
Mehaffey, Anastasia ElizabethExecutive SecretaryClinical Pharmacy$51,000.04$51,000.00
Newburg, AmeliaExecutive SecretarySchool of Education$50,348.00$50,348.00
Auwers, KellyExecutive SecretaryOffice of VP Student Life$50,000.08$50,000.00
Al-Kalby, Zaineb KaisExecutive SecretaryLSA Slavic Languages - Lit.$49,920.00$49,920.00
Pahl, LynneExecutive Residency CoordFlint Chancellor's Office$48,560.98$36,420.66
Riptoe, KarenExecutive SecretaryFlint Chancellor's Office$45,631.94$45,631.94
White, NatalieExecutive SecretaryLdrshp/Intl Gbg - Pres Dev Act$45,000.02$0.00

Lists of recent searches of
, %exec% Alumni Association
Bloch, Anthony M All Physical Medicine - Rehab Dept
Gilbert, Anna Catherine Sales Representative Senior UMH H.O. Fellows Pathology
Cline, Jefferson D TELECOM SPECIALIST F-O Sustainability
Lagarias, Jeffrey C Data Entry Operator Associate Allergy Division
Young, Virginia R envrn FGP Operations
Smith, Karen E Instructional Designer% Community Service Learning
Bayraktar, Erhan Administrative Assistant Assoc Air Force Officer Education Pr
Munce, Zack Social worker F-O Real Estate
Doering, Charles R Chief % Aerospace Engineering
Hochster, Melvin mechanical engineer Biomedical Engineering - MS