Number of people with the title of %consultant%:83
Maximum Salary$ 463,270.00
Average Salary$ 93,540.82
Minimum Salary$ 46,565.00

Title Results for %consultant% 2018-19
NameTitleDeprtment FTR (Salary)GF (Amount from General Fund)
Bagian, James PBusiness Proc Consultant LeadCE Pres MedSch Benefits Appt$463,270.00$0.00
Gosbee, John WBusiness Proc Consultant LeadInternal Medicine Department$184,115.88$0.00
Palazzolo, WilliamBusiness Proc Consultant LeadSurgery Department$147,087.50$0.00
Bacon, MarkBusiness Proc Consultant LeadLSA Dean: Mgmt. Info. Systems$142,150.00$142,150.00
Hopkins, JaredBusiness Proc Consultant LeadHITS FA Administration$142,000.00$0.00
Eiser, Alan SBusiness Proc Consultant LeadUMH Sleep Laboratory$135,074.25$0.00
Baker, Christine MarieBusiness Proc Consultant SrUMH Clinical Lab Admin$134,961.08$0.00
Linn, Fiona LouiseBusiness Proc Consultant SrUMH Chief of Clinical Affairs$134,312.00$0.00
Sherick, HeidiPerformance ConsultantCoE Assoc Dean Academic Affair$133,465.00$106,772.00
Battles, Alethia JeanBusiness Proc Consultant LeadUMH Social Work$129,625.00$0.00
Muta, BilalBusiness Proc Consultant SrAlumni Association$121,095.00$0.00
Bolash, AndreaBusiness Proc Consultant LeadCoE Resource Planning - Mgmt$120,510.00$120,510.00
Dammeyer, Jennifer ACLIN NURSE CONSULTANTUMH Nursing Medical Admin$119,080.00$0.00
Gates, MollyCLIN NURSE CONSULTANTCW Peds Nursing Admin$119,080.00$0.00
Giacomazza, Maureen GoodeCLIN NURSE CONSULTANTCW Peds Palliative Care$119,080.00$0.00
Teschke, Gary GustaveInformation Svcs ConsultantHITS EI Cont - Database Svcs$117,931.92$0.00
Kreutzman-Klingbeil, Jean TCLIN NURSE CONSULTANTCW Fetal Surgery$116,750.40$0.00
Rose, EdnaCLIN NURSE CONSULTANTNeurology Department$116,750.40$0.00
Hallas, Judith APerformance ConsultantUMHS Shared Human Resources$115,406.88$0.00
Schulte, KristaPerformance ConsultantShared Services Center$113,055.07$113,055.07
Wang, WeiBusiness Proc Consultant SrInternal Medicine Department$112,819.50$0.00
Mello, Luiz RoberttoBusiness Proc Consultant SrUMH Facilities Planning$111,108.00$0.00
Elhaddi, BalqisBusiness Proc Consultant SrUMH Amb Care Admin$106,493.92$0.00
Williams, DenisePerformance ConsultantUMHS Shared Human Resources$106,026.99$0.00
Bloomfield, AndrewBusiness Proc Consultant SrAlumni Association$105,000.00$0.00
Haslam, DebraInformation Svcs ConsultantHITS IA CISO Administration$102,884.32$0.00
Micou, AmyBusiness Proc Consultant SrHR Records - Info Services$100,940.00$0.00
Levy, Alan JBusiness Proc Consultant LeadITS Info Assurance Privacy$100,164.00$100,164.00
Yasin, MuratBusiness Proc Consultant SrAlumni Association$100,000.00$0.00
Echlin, Ryan PInformation Svcs ConsultantHITS RAAC Research Engagement$99,987.00$0.00
Bohn, Anita MPerformance ConsultantStudent Life Assoc VP-Fin - HR$99,313.22$99,313.22
Palmer, JanetPerformance ConsultantUMHS Shared Human Resources$94,927.90$0.00
Wright, Tracy DHlth Mgmt Consultant SeniorDean of Students$92,543.84$0.00
Justice, Denise MHlth Mgmt Consultant SeniorUMH NSA Brachial Plexus Prgm$92,256.59$0.00
Boluyt, ShanelleInformation Svcs ConsultantHITS SVM SW Planning - Design$92,250.00$0.00
Connolly, Jessica GPerformance ConsultantUMHS Shared Human Resources$90,338.31$0.00
Turner, Gregory JInformation Svcs ConsultantLSA Dean: Instruc Suppor Svcs$90,267.10$90,267.10
Rasmussen, Lynnette ThereseHlth Mgmt Consultant SeniorUMH NSA Brachial Plexus Prgm$90,053.75$0.00
Mitchell, Brett TimothyInformation Svcs ConsultantAthletics$89,352.76$0.00
Stewart, John HInformation Svcs ConsultantLSA Dean: Instruc Suppor Svcs$89,040.00$89,040.00
De Genaro, Matthew BInformation Center ConsultantLibrary Operations - US - OO$88,444.74$88,444.74
Kwiatkowski, Mallory JaneBusiness Proc Consultant SrShared Services Center$87,980.00$87,980.00
Nolan, TimothyInformation Svcs ConsultantHITS SVM Software Delivery$87,125.00$0.00
Alderink, ErikInformation Svcs ConsultantOMSE Curriculum Srvs General$85,474.39$0.00
Jared, Charlotta EvaInformation Svcs ConsultantHITS AOM InfraSvcs-EDEM$85,100.63$0.00
Marshall, JeremyBusiness Proc Consultant SrWork Management$84,562.99$0.00
Goosman, Christopher LeeInformation Svcs ConsultantHITS SVM Digital Workplace$82,658.68$0.00
Simko, BrianInformation Svcs ConsultantHITS ET Education Informatics$82,516.09$0.00
Campbell, Lisa AntoniaBusiness Proc Consultant SrCoE Resource Planning - Mgmt$82,000.00$82,000.00
Lambert, Stephen DeanInformation Svcs ConsultantHITS SVM Software Delivery$80,472.14$0.00
Bowman, Elizabeth JFinancial Consultant HlthLab Animal Medicine Unit$78,149.60$23,444.88
Wells, Karen EFinancial Consultant HlthUMH Laundry Administration$78,149.38$0.00
Vertkin, YuriBusiness Proc Consultant InterITS SS Service Support$77,906.00$77,906.00
Ertel, Lynne MarieBusiness Proc Consultant InterITS SS Service Support$77,213.00$77,213.00
Sanders, Terri LFinancial Consultant HlthPediatrics-Ambulatory Care Pgm$75,221.19$0.00
Herman, Laurie ABusiness Proc Consultant InterITS SS Software Services$74,471.00$74,471.00
Kuzminski, Jennifer AFinancial Consultant HlthUMH Opthy Billing - TECHNICAL$73,091.14$0.00
Fillmore, Aimee EBusiness Proc Consultant InterITS SS Service Support$71,779.00$71,779.00
Zischerk, Corinne MFinancial Consultant HlthUMHS Rev Cycle (PTO)$70,677.30$0.00
Weatherbee, Julie PBusiness Proc Consultant InterITS SS Service Support$69,722.00$69,722.00
Deja, Janet EFinancial Consultant HlthUMHS Rev Cycle (PTO)$66,667.19$0.00
Workman, Melissa EFinancial Consultant HlthUMHS Rev Cycle (PTO)$62,081.16$0.00
Daraiseh, Jennifer LBusiness Proc Consultant InterFlint ITS$60,912.31$60,912.31
Demerath, Kathryn AFinancial Consultant HlthUMHS Rev Cycle (PTO)$60,285.73$0.00
Jackson, Scharlma AFinancial Consultant HlthUMHS Rev Cycle (PTO)$59,675.50$0.00
Deloach, Shawn PMedia ConsultantLaw School$59,379.00$59,379.00
Terzian, Alexander KMedia ConsultantComp Med and Bioinformatics$58,719.96$26,424.02
Alery, MelodieFinancial Consultant HlthUMHS Rev Cycle (PTO)$58,710.00$0.00
Leo, ClaudiaMedia ConsultantSchool of Information$58,435.00$58,435.00
Wilcox, Ryan NMedia ConsultantDuderstadt Ctr Emerging Tech$58,119.10$58,119.14
Hamm, BreannaMedia ConsultantLibrary Learn-Teach-Connected$58,083.49$58,083.49
Gunderson, KathyFinancial Consultant HlthUMHS Rev Cycle (PTO)$57,078.06$0.00
Seibert, Denise GailFinancial Consultant HlthUMH Facilities Planning$56,002.90$0.00
Pittl, Sylvia GarciaFinancial Consultant HlthUMHS Rev Cycle (PTO)$55,951.68$0.00
Adams, StevenMedia ConsultantLSA UG: Instruc Suppor Svcs$54,895.10$0.00
Keener, JulieFinancial Consultant HlthUMHS Rev Cycle (PTO)$52,407.93$0.00
Sheedy, Cassandra LynnFinancial Consultant HlthOtorhinolaryngology Department$52,100.00$0.00
Thomas, KevinMedia ConsultantLSA UG: Residential College$51,020.06$51,020.00
Gerick, JeremyMedia ConsultantROSS SCH Information Technolog$49,620.17$49,620.17
Windsor, Anne MorayMedia ConsultantLSA Dean: Instruc Suppor Svcs$48,647.00$48,647.00
Miller, Jesse CharlesMedia ConsultantLSA Dean: Instruc Suppor Svcs$48,476.00$48,476.00
Goepp, RobertMedia ConsultantHITS EI AudioVideo Services$46,773.68$0.00
Grenier, Theodore RMedia ConsultantLSA Dean: Instruc Suppor Svcs$46,565.00$44,236.75

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