Number of people with the title of %analyst:1656
Maximum Salary$ 141,751.70
Average Salary$ 78,715.48
Minimum Salary$ 33,044.29

Title Results for %analyst 2017-18
NameTitleDeprtment FTR (Salary)GF (Amount from General Fund)
Chai, LinInvestment AnalystChief Investment Officer (CIO)$100,000.00$0.00
Hodgeson, William PeterInvestment AnalystChief Investment Officer (CIO)$100,000.00$0.00
Nicholas, Charles AOps/Tech Support AnalystBiomedical Engineering$96,000.00$96,000.00
Brown, Nathan WOps/Tech Support AnalystKey Systems & Doors$84,763.54$0.00
Peckham, John MichaelOps/Tech Support AnalystUniv Musical Society$81,095.00$0.00
Nelson, Elizabeth ABenefit Prgm Support AnalystHR Benefits Office$77,690.00$0.00
Hayes, Patricia FFinancial Systems AnalystUniv Musical Society$75,948.00$0.00
Schoch, Stephanie CBenefit Prgm Support AnalystHR Benefits Office$75,920.00$0.00
Roberts, Joann LouiseQA Transcription AnalystUMH Central Transcription Svcs$74,726.64$0.00
Duan, LinpingResearch AnalystPsych Substance Abuse$74,380.36$0.00
Webb, Felecia RenaeResearch AnalystVprov Equity & Inclusion Admin$73,363.50$73,363.50
Esparza, MarcosInvestment AnalystChief Investment Officer (CIO)$73,000.00$0.00
Won, Sooji HaInvestment AnalystChief Investment Officer (CIO)$73,000.00$0.00
Samuel, Sara MarieResearch AnalystMechanical Engineering$72,953.00$0.00
Rosales, Teri AndreaResearch AnalystVice Provst Equity & Inclusion$71,925.00$71,925.00
Howard, Scott AlanOps/Tech Support AnalystHITS Applications 1$71,610.29$0.00
Reynolds III, Henry POps/Tech Support AnalystSMTD University Productions$71,304.93$57,043.94
Levine, AllisonInvestment AnalystChief Investment Officer (CIO)$70,000.00$0.00
Jannausch, Mary LResearch AnalystPsych HlthSvc Outcome Research$68,904.02$0.00
Krebs, Michelle CFinancial Systems AnalystDENT Budget & Finance$68,851.34$68,851.34
Dull, RachelResearch AnalystInt Med-Nephrology$68,290.63$0.00
Flynn, Allen JohnResearch AnalystDLHS Division of LKS$67,533.15$0.00
Marinaro, JosephBusiness Process Tech AnalystProcurement Services$67,000.00$0.00
Prenovost, KatherineResearch AnalystPsychiatry Depression Center$66,625.00$3,331.25
Sanford, Benjamin JohnInvestment AnalystChief Investment Officer (CIO)$65,000.00$0.00
Foster Friedman, MeganResearch AnalystCHRT$64,575.00$0.00
Offman, KathleenQA Transcription AnalystUMH- HIM Administration$64,318.28$0.00
Ross, Brian EdwardResearch AnalystGSA - Administration (GSA/ADM)$64,114.63$0.00
Canady, CaraFinancial Systems AnalystHealth Svc General Operations$63,145.18$0.00
Thompson, AledaResearch AnalystAnesthesiology Department$63,037.50$0.00
Shackleford, CraigResearch AnalystGSA - Administration (GSA/ADM)$63,037.38$0.00
Teske, KarinResearch AnalystCHRT$62,525.00$0.00
D'Souza, Jennifer ChangResearch AnalystEpidemiology Department$61,827.00$0.00
Likens, Laura MaryQA Transcription AnalystUMH Central Transcription Svcs$61,640.06$0.00
Slowey, MeganResearch AnalystCHRT$61,500.00$0.00
Crawford, Jacqueline MarieSvc Mgmt & Quality AnalystShared Services Center$61,489.76$61,489.76
Trimmer, TraciSvc Mgmt & Quality AnalystShared Services Center$61,489.76$61,489.76
Cheng, CarolineResearch AnalystEpidemiology Department$61,372.00$0.00
Reddy, Anita BResearch AnalystOrthopaedic Surgery$61,263.09$0.00
Williams, MichelleResearch AnalystCHRT$61,000.00$0.00
Schmidt, James PBusiness Process Tech AnalystDuderstadt Ctr Emerging Tech$60,416.00$60,416.00
Krake, Jamie SBusiness Process Tech AnalystMI Dining - Administration$60,271.77$0.00
Demian, KarimInvestment AnalystChief Investment Officer (CIO)$60,000.00$0.00
Welch-Marahar, Maureen McConnellResearch AnalystCHRT$60,000.00$0.00
Buhr, Michael JDB Report Writing AnalystInternational Center$59,492.10$47,593.68
Thomas, Diane MarieFinancial Systems AnalystDENT Budget & Finance$58,911.31$35,346.79
Pruszynski, Michelle ChristineResearch AnalystGSA - Acute Care Surgery (ACS)$58,608.48$0.00
Marshall, VincentResearch AnalystClinical Pharmacy$57,338.00$5,733.80
Stewart, PaulBusiness Process Tech AnalystDuderstadt Ctr Emerging Tech$57,114.21$57,114.21
Massie, DawnResearch AnalystUMTRI - CMISST$57,000.00$0.00
Boileau, Nicholas RyanResearch AnalystPhysical Medicine & Rehab Dept$55,000.00$0.00
Barbosa, JessicaBusiness Process Tech AnalystMI Dining - Administration$54,652.21$0.00
Rose, Gina MBusiness Process Tech AnalystFlint Event & Bldg Services$53,684.64$13,421.16
Hood, Michelle MarieResearch AnalystEpidemiology Department$53,600.00$0.00
McElhone, SeanBusiness Process Tech AnalystLaw School$53,530.00$53,530.00
Waldo, Anne HattonResearch AnalystPediatrics-Nephrology$52,275.00$0.00
Peng, QingResearch AnalystEpidemiology Department$52,200.00$0.00
Ianni, PhillipResearch AnalystPhysical Medicine & Rehab Dept$51,961.35$0.00
Smith, Chiquita AHealth Information AnalystHealth Svc General Operations$50,395.13$0.00
Taylor, ChristopherDB Report Writing AnalystRisk Management$50,012.89$0.00
Oblak, JustinBusiness Process Tech AnalystDev Svcs & Strategic Solutions$49,320.00$0.00
Blankenship, Georgina CHealth Information AnalystUMH - HIM Coding$49,250.98$0.00
Koslowski, Gail EllenQA Transcription AnalystUMH Central Transcription Svcs$49,235.90$0.00
Perry, Brandonn KyleInfection Control AnalystDENT Patient Services$48,716.18$0.00
Hollis, Felicia DianneHealth Information AnalystUMH Central Transcription Svcs$48,027.26$0.00
Miller, Sherry YHealth Information AnalystUMH Central Transcription Svcs$47,238.04$0.00
Olds, Lola MHealth Information AnalystUMH Health Record Compliance$46,123.79$0.00
Weathers, Verna EHealth Information AnalystUMH Health Record Compliance$46,123.79$0.00
Werner-Estrada, Kimberly LHealth Information AnalystUMH Health Record Compliance$46,123.79$0.00
Ebaugh, AndreaHealth Information AnalystUMH - HIM Doc & Record Mgt$44,652.53$0.00
Loftis, MichaelHealth Information AnalystUMH Health Record Compliance$43,463.62$0.00
Thurmond-Thompson, Sadrina AHealth Information AnalystUMH Central Transcription Svcs$42,710.93$0.00
Miller, MercedesHealth Information AnalystUMH Health Record Compliance$42,610.94$0.00
Ramm, PaulaHealth Information AnalystUMHS Rev Cycle (PTO)$42,586.38$0.00
Pope, Rhonda JeanHealth Information AnalystUMH - HIM Doc & Record Mgt$42,169.13$0.00
Webb, Judy MHealth Information AnalystUMH Central Transcription Svcs$42,106.21$0.00
Burke, David SHealth Information AnalystUMH - HIM Doc & Record Mgt$41,052.22$0.00
Maschke, Shelise SHealth Information AnalystUMH Central Transcription Svcs$41,052.22$0.00
Samborn, Sonya NHealth Information AnalystUMH Central Transcription Svcs$41,052.22$0.00
Tummala, SrivaniHealth Information AnalystUMH - HIM Doc & Record Mgt$41,052.22$0.00
Vigneau, Amelia EmHealth Information AnalystUMH - HIM Doc & Record Mgt$41,052.22$0.00
McGettigan, AnnaHealth Information AnalystUMH Health Record Compliance$41,031.12$0.00
Lopez, Joyce LHealth Record AnalystUMH MI Visiting Nurse Assoc$40,999.96$0.00
Smith Jr, John RandallHealth Information AnalystUMH Home Med Admin$39,514.91$0.00
Freeland, Beth AHealth Information AnalystUMH - HIM Doc & Record Mgt$39,458.84$0.00
Wozniak, SarahHealth Information AnalystUMH - HIM Compliance & Auditin$39,437.06$0.00
Weir, DawnHealth Information AnalystHealth Svc General Operations$38,573.15$0.00
Sulugiuc, ElenaHealth Information AnalystHealth Svc General Operations$38,572.82$0.00
Coley, NaTashaHealth Information AnalystUMH Health Record Compliance$37,925.98$0.00
Seals, MichelleHealth Information AnalystUMH Health Record Compliance$37,925.98$0.00
Slagboom, ElizabethHealth Record AnalystWest Shore Urology$36,753.60$0.00
Jones, MichellHealth Information AnalystHealth Svc General Operations$36,015.80$0.00
Muhammad, Ebony JoyHealth Information AnalystHealth Svc General Operations$36,015.80$0.00
Smith, ConnieHealth Information AnalystHealth Svc General Operations$36,015.80$0.00
Taylor, Donna MarieHealth Information AnalystHealth Svc General Operations$36,015.62$0.00
Steels, TyranHealth Information AnalystHealth Svc General Operations$35,931.27$0.00
Carrithers, LindsayHealth Information AnalystUMH - HIM Vital Statistics$35,760.92$0.00
Goldberg, JenniferHealth Record AnalystWest Shore Urology$34,403.20$0.00
Banda, Michelle AntoinetteHealth Information AnalystDENT Patient Services$34,019.69$34,019.69
Kelsea, JulieHealth Information AnalystDENT Patient Services$33,216.29$33,216.29
Perkins, JessicaHealth Information AnalystDENT Patient Services$33,216.29$33,216.29
Mueller, AngelHealth Information AnalystDENT Patient Services$33,044.29$33,044.29

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