Number of people with the title of %Events%:96
Maximum Salary$ 114,637.00
Average Salary$ 57,721.81
Minimum Salary$ 35,310.23

Title Results for %Events% 2018-19
NameTitleDeprtment FTR (Salary)GF (Amount from General Fund)
Freels, Jenny LSpecial Events DirectorUniv. - Development Events$114,637.00$0.00
Iannace, LynnetteMeetings/Special Events MgrROSS SCH Events$109,383.72$109,383.72
Hepner, Katherine RoseMeetings/Special Events MgrAthletics$100,000.00$0.00
Taylor, HollySpecial Events DirectorCoE Dean-Engagement$95,000.00$95,000.00
Wilkinson, Tami AnnSpecial Events ProducerUniv. - Development Events$89,739.00$0.00
Niemi, Barbara AnnConferences and Events Asc DirEvent Services Sales$87,641.80$0.00
Dvorak, Ragine MMeetings/Special Events MgrAthletics$83,866.71$0.00
Peoples, Alice LConferences and Events Prg MgrROSS SCH Executive Education$81,450.60$0.00
Bednarski, Dawn EMeetings/Special Events MgrUMHS Development - Events$77,871.98$0.00
Marra, Julie AnnConferences and Events Asc DirConferences - Summer Camps$77,786.89$0.00
Smott, Lauren MaySpecial Events ProducerUniv. - Development Events$75,000.00$0.00
Schlaff, Patricia JMeetings/Special Events MgrDbn University Center$74,550.00$0.00
Sydlowski, MichaelConferences and Events Asc DirHousing-Conf Management Svcs$74,160.00$0.00
Moran, LaurenMeetings/Special Events MgrUMHS Development - Events$72,952.50$0.00
Cole, KateeConferences and Events Prg MgrA. Alfred Taubman CA-UP Adm$71,960.00$71,960.00
Sparkman, Julie BMeetings/Special Events MgrLSA Dean: Advancement$70,273.00$70,273.00
Boss, RebeccaSpecial Events ProducerUniv. - Development Events$70,000.00$0.00
Harris, Ashanti AMeetings/Special Events MgrSRO-Data Collection Operations$69,965.11$0.00
Holland, Karen LMeetings/Special Events MgrDbn Office of the Chancellor$68,947.65$68,947.65
Kaliszewski, KatelynMeetings/Special Events MgrUMHS Development - Events$68,462.00$0.00
Zaher, JuliaMeetings/Special Events MgrUMH TC Administration$67,055.14$0.00
Getchell, MichelleConferences and Events Prg MgrCtr for Res on Learn - Teach$66,744.00$66,744.00
Jessop, Corey LDevelopment Events SpecialistSurgery Department$66,709.94$0.00
Massey, Anna BeattieMeetings/Special Events MgrISR-Director's Office$65,440.00$0.00
Stals, Ann MarieMeetings/Special Events MgrCOE EECS - ECE Division$65,000.00$52,000.00
Gray, Laura JMeetings/Special Events MgrLaw School$64,813.00$64,813.00
Stuart, ToddMeetings/Special Events MgrSchool of Information$64,633.00$64,633.00
Schaefgen, Susan MConferences and Events Prg MgrConferences - Summer Camps$63,896.26$0.00
Miller, BreedaDevelopment Events SpecialistUMHS Development - Events$62,640.01$0.00
Straub, Cynthia ASpecial Events ProducerUniv Musical Society$62,177.00$0.00
Waters, Victoria GarciaMeetings/Special Events MgrUMOR Mcity$62,090.00$0.00
Knell, Kendall WDevelopment Events SpecialistLSA Dean: Advancement$61,861.00$61,861.00
Dresch, Deaunna LynnConferences and Events Prg MgrAthletics$60,946.63$0.00
Rosebrock, Deveny RaeSpecial Events ProducerUniv. - Development Events$60,000.00$0.00
Ascione, Wendy ColleenMeetings/Special Events MgrADVANCE Program$59,890.40$59,890.40
Vojtkofsky, Whitney JaneMeetings/Special Events MgrSPHDO-Marketing - Communicatio$59,595.00$59,595.00
McDonald, Amy MMeetings/Special Events MgrUniv. - Development Events$59,276.00$0.00
Sheldon, SarahMeetings/Special Events MgrOUA AVP and Operations$58,140.00$58,140.00
Parnell, TrevorMeetings/Special Events MgrVProv Academic Innovation$58,066.00$58,066.00
Davila-Toro, AlmaMeetings/Special Events MgrAthletics$57,120.00$0.00
Novak, AmyMeetings/Special Events MgrSch for Environ and Sustain$55,862.50$55,862.50
Fituch, Julia AMeetings/Special Events MgrEvent Services Sales$55,847.40$0.00
Sorgenfrei, Lindsay RoseConferences and Events Prg MgrEvent Services Sales$55,455.92$0.00
Bronson, JaneDevelopment Events SpecialistUMHS Development - Events$55,190.64$0.00
Bennett, HeidiMeetings/Special Events MgrInst/Research Women - Gender$55,000.00$55,000.00
Harper, Nancy LouiseMeetings/Special Events MgrHousing-Conf Management Svcs$54,594.72$0.00
Weirauch, Jessica LeeConferences and Events Prg MgrConferences - Summer Camps$54,368.55$0.00
Zemore, Pamela JMeetings/Special Events MgrFlint VC for Univ Advancement$53,927.50$53,927.50
Romig, AndrewMeetings/Special Events MgrIA-UM Golf Course$53,550.00$0.00
Sowers, JessicaDevelopment Events SpecialistUMHS Development - Events$53,274.00$0.00
Stevens, LoraMeetings/Special Events MgrCoE Ctr for Entrepreneurship$53,000.00$13,250.00
Stone, Karen LMeetings - Special Events AsstDbn University Center$52,250.12$0.00
Shields, Eileen AnnMeetings/Special Events MgrEvent Services Sales$51,019.45$0.00
Belanger, BenjaminMeetings/Special Events MgrConferences - Summer Camps$50,611.79$0.00
DeVergilio, KaitlynMeetings/Special Events MgrConferences - Summer Camps$50,611.79$0.00
Herlein, ChelseaMeetings/Special Events MgrEvent Services Sales$50,611.79$0.00
Leigh-Monstevens, ClaireMeetings/Special Events MgrEvent Services Sales$50,611.79$0.00
Lloyd, JaneConferences and Events Prg MgrEvent Services Sales$50,611.79$0.00
Marut, Kayla MeghanMeetings/Special Events MgrEvent Services Sales$50,611.79$0.00
Murray, Bernadette CatherineMeetings/Special Events MgrEvent Services Sales$50,611.79$0.00
Musil, SamanthaMeetings/Special Events MgrUnions - Major Events$50,611.79$0.00
Streib, BaileyMeetings - Special Events AsstGlobal Reach$50,000.08$0.00
Collins, LaunaSpecial Events ProducerFlint Event - Bldg Services$49,876.78$27,432.23
Hannah, Gretchen LynnMeeting/Special Events PlannerDENT Dev - Alumni Relations$49,738.16$0.00
Pomerantz, JenniferMeetings/Special Events MgrConferences - Summer Camps$49,137.66$0.00
Ray, RonaldMeeting/Special Events PlannerDbn Admissions$48,599.98$48,600.00
Molloy, Valerie AnnMeeting/Special Events PlannerROSS SCH Events$48,527.25$48,527.25
Bynum, AmandaMeetings/Special Events MgrUniv. - Development Events$48,175.00$0.00
Correll, AllisonMeetings/Special Events MgrUniv. - Development Events$48,175.00$0.00
Dolski, ErinMeetings/Special Events MgrUniv. - Development Events$48,175.00$0.00
Schmitz, TiffanyMeetings/Special Events MgrUniv. - Development Events$48,175.00$0.00
Toonen - van Rooij, MarielleMeeting/Special Events PlannerLaw School$47,999.90$48,000.00
Malone, April JoyMeeting/Special Events PlannerLaw School$47,940.00$47,940.00
May, Sheila AnnMeeting/Special Events PlannerROSS SCH Events$47,846.61$47,846.61
McClure, JamesMeeting/Special Events PlannerSRO-Data Collection Operations$47,647.15$0.00
Dickman, Emily RoseMeeting/Special Events PlannerCoE Dean-Engagement$47,499.92$47,500.00
Cavataio, AnthonyMeeting/Special Events PlannerCoE Dean-Engagement$47,100.04$47,100.00
Hayes, BradleyMeetings/Special Events MgrAthletics$45,900.00$0.00
Travis, AnnMeeting/Special Events PlannerSchool of Kinesiology$45,723.79$45,723.75
Flores, ErinMeeting/Special Events PlannerG. Ford Sc Pub Pol$45,000.02$45,000.00
Gregory, MirandaMeeting/Special Events PlannerROSS SCH Events$45,000.02$45,000.00
Lundt, NathanConferences and Events Prg MgrFlint Event - Bldg Services$44,570.74$24,513.91
Nuveman, JustinConferences and Events Prg MgrFlint Event - Bldg Services$43,509.53$23,930.24
Howey, PatrickMeetings/Special Events MgrAthletics$43,350.00$0.00
Murphy, RosalynMeeting/Special Events PlannerUniv. - Development Events$43,000.00$0.00
Opie, Vicky MashelleMeetings - Special Events AsstDbn University Center$41,550.08$0.00
Kasten, Matthew JohnMeetings - Special Events AsstUniv. - Development Events$39,999.96$0.00
Riley, ClareMeetings - Special Events AsstUniv. - Development Events$39,999.96$0.00
Skomial, RyanMeetings - Special Events AsstUniv. - Development Events$39,999.96$0.00
Vosters, MichelleMeetings - Special Events AsstUniv. - Development Events$39,999.96$0.00
Ford, AlexisMeetings - Special Events AsstBotanical Gardens - Arboretum$38,000.04$38,000.00
Steele, OliviaMeetings - Special Events AsstLSA Dean: Advancement$37,500.00$37,500.00
Burke, RobertEvents Technical Svcs CoordPalmer Commons$37,311.65$37,311.65
Mydlowski, Lynne ChristineMeetings - Special Events AsstEvent Services Sales$37,103.29$0.00
Vida, ShannonMeetings - Special Events AsstSRO-Data Collection Operations$35,874.90$0.00
McBride, LaurieMeetings - Special Events AsstEvent Services Sales$35,310.23$0.00

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