Number of people with the title of %Engineer%:263
Maximum Salary$ 169,023.00
Average Salary$ 90,005.07
Minimum Salary$ 27,319.18

Title Results for %Engineer% 2018-19
NameTitleDeprtment FTR (Salary)GF (Amount from General Fund)
Patel, Pradip JData Engineering ManagerITS Infra Net Dir Telephony$169,023.00$0.00
Stockson, David PChief Design EngineerAEC-Architecture - Engineering$155,268.34$155,268.34
Karle, David MChief Design EngineerAEC-Project Management$151,573.82$151,573.82
Rossi, Herbert AProject Engineer SeniorMerit Network$147,887.03$0.00
Van Noord, JonathanEngineer in Research LeadSpace Physics Research Lab$143,966.00$0.00
Desmarais, Adam MEngineering ManagerUMH Facilities Planning$143,754.76$0.00
Girard, Thomas JChief Design EngineerAEC-Architecture - Engineering$143,071.87$143,071.87
Guttman, Paul NConstruction Engineering MgrConstruction Services$142,624.38$0.00
Walenciak, JeffreyChief Design EngineerAEC-Architecture - Engineering$140,712.00$140,712.00
Miller, Ryan PEngineer in Research LeadSpace Physics Research Lab$140,171.00$0.00
Weil, Brendon MichaelConstruction Engineering MgrUMH Facilities Planning$137,775.38$0.00
Marcinkiewicz, Frank WElectrical Engineering Sr SuprEH-S - Code Inspection$134,215.37$0.00
Hengesh, Edmund JElectrical Engineer ExpertUtility Services$133,175.14$0.00
Medd, Nancy JStorage Engineer LeadITS Infra Sys Srvcs - Ops$130,654.00$71,859.70
Provost, DamenEngineer in Research LeadNaval Arch - Marine Dept$130,391.00$0.00
Girard, GaryStorage Engineer SeniorHITS EI Storage Svcs$130,335.26$0.00
Kwasny, MarkPlanning - Engineering MgrITS Infra Net Engineering$130,089.00$0.00
Woldt, Steven RMechanical Engineer ExpertAEC-A-E O-M ENGR$129,756.68$0.00
Ellies, Tammy MarieIndustrial Engineer ExpertInternal Medicine Department$129,461.23$0.00
Riddle, Bob DSoftware Engineer LeadHITS RAAC Administration$129,090.00$0.00
Schweiger, Dennis MEngineer in Research LeadCOE EECS - ECE - LNF$128,690.00$0.00
Lakin, EricStorage Engineering ManagerITS Infra Sys Srvcs - Ops$127,884.00$127,884.00
Arnett, Kenneth LEngineer in Research LeadSpace Physics Research Lab$127,260.00$0.00
Fisher, Richard LMechanical Engineer LeadAEC-Project Management$126,366.49$0.00
Rogacki, Steven AEngineer in Research LeadSpace Physics Research Lab$126,102.00$0.00
Sebastian, Anthony EdwardEngineer in Research LeadCOE EECS - ECE - LNF$125,335.00$0.00
Herrera-Fierro, Pilar CarmenEngineer in Research LeadCOE EECS - ECE - LNF$124,460.00$0.00
Gilbert, MarkElectronics Engineer LeadUMTRI-Engineering Systems$123,848.00$0.00
Butler, TimothyEngineer in Research LeadSpace Physics Research Lab$123,026.00$0.00
Rife, DanielEnergy Conservation EngineerLSA Dean: Facilities$121,857.00$121,857.00
McKelvey, Steven WStorage Engineer SeniorHITS EI Storage Svcs$121,553.38$0.00
Short, Jeffrey RBiomedical Engineering ManagerUMH Clinical Engineering Svcs$120,189.95$0.00
Backhus, RogerEngineer in Research LeadSpace Physics Research Lab$119,572.00$0.00
Hawks, David SConstruction Engineering MgrConstruction Services$119,511.88$0.00
Swan, Alan MConstruction Engineering MgrConstruction Services$119,222.50$0.00
McGuire, Gregory JEngineer in Research SeniorUMOR Mcity$118,450.00$0.00
Manary, Miriam AshleyEngineer in Research LeadUMTRI-Biosciences$118,130.00$0.00
Less, Gregory BEngineer in Research LeadUMOR - U-M Energy Institute$118,000.00$0.00
Christenson, JoshuaConstruction Engineering MgrConstruction Services$117,731.25$0.00
Johnson, Brian NEngineer in Research LeadChemical Engineering Dept$117,495.00$0.00
Shaughnessy, Philip TMechanical Engineer LeadAEC-Project Management$117,477.39$0.00
Hockett, Roy DavidProject Engineer SeniorMerit Network$117,000.00$0.00
Weir, Andrew SMechanical Engineer LeadAEC-Project Management$116,854.21$0.00
Gordenker, Robert Jan MarioEngineer in Research LeadCOE EECS - ECE Division$116,596.00$81,617.20
Choi, SaeminEngineer in Research LeadChemical Engineering Dept$115,462.00$57,731.00
Cooper, CurtEngineer in Research LeadSpace Physics Research Lab$115,350.00$0.00
Williams, Raymond MichaelMechanical Engineer LeadAEC-Project Management$115,336.47$0.00
O'Dell, William PElectrical Engineer LeadUMH Facilities Planning$115,045.42$0.00
Richardson, Linda SueMechanical Engineer LeadUMH Facilities Planning$114,548.88$0.00
Bogard, Scott EEngineer in Research LeadUMTRI-Engineering Systems$114,535.00$0.00
Montgomery, Sandra LynneMechanical Engineer LeadAEC-A-E O-M ENGR$114,310.58$0.00
Fox, StevenElectrical Engineer LeadUMH Facilities Planning$113,625.09$0.00
Vanderyt, Jeffrey TStorage Engineer SeniorHITS EI Storage Svcs$113,259.93$0.00
Chou, MichaelEngineer in Research LeadSpace Physics Research Lab$113,135.00$0.00
Shiari, BehrouzEngineer in Research LeadCOE EECS - ECE Division$112,855.00$112,855.00
Hower, RobertEngineer in Research LeadEnvironmental Health Sciences$112,585.00$56,292.50
Pearsall, April DConstruction Engineering MgrUMH Facilities Planning$111,909.50$0.00
Lundy, Michael RStorage Engineer SeniorHITS EI Storage Svcs$111,239.34$0.00
Comers, David CharlesElectrical Engineer LeadAEC-Project Management$111,180.00$0.00
Victory, Christopher JayMechanical Engineer SeniorUMH Facilities Planning$110,553.46$0.00
Armstrong, BrianEngineer in Research LeadCOE EECS - ECE - LNF$109,400.00$0.00
Rasulis, Michelle AnnSoftware Engineer LeadUMTRI-Engineering Systems$109,380.00$0.00
Bies, Michelle KElectrical Engineer LeadAEC-Architecture - Engineering$109,304.82$0.00
Gibbs, Douglas FosterStorage Engineer SeniorHITS EI Storage Svcs$109,265.00$0.00
Kulman Jr, JamesEngineer in Research LeadCOE EECS - ECE - LNF$109,220.00$0.00
Wylie, DavidElectrical Engineer LeadAEC-A-E O-M ENGR$109,099.95$0.00
Paepke, Frederick JStorage Engineer SeniorHITS EI Storage Svcs$109,064.66$0.00
Fisher, StuartMechanical Engineer LeadAEC-A-E O-M ENGR$108,965.13$0.00
Hunter, AllenEngineer in Research LeadMC2-Michigan Ctr for Materials$108,532.00$108,532.00
Cifolelli, RandalStorage Engineer SeniorHITS EI Storage Svcs$108,227.10$0.00
Steinhoff, KristofferSoftware Engineer SeniorITS Infra Net Dir of Eng$108,160.00$0.00
Helzerman, James AProject Engineer LeadITS Infra Net Dir of Eng$107,742.00$0.00
Miller, Carl SEngineer in Research LeadUMTRI-Biosciences$107,493.00$0.00
Stachowski, StephenEngineer in Research LeadUMTRI-Engineering Systems$106,928.00$0.00
Mau, Mark FrederickMechanical Engineer LeadAEC-A-E O-M ENGR$106,361.54$0.00
Dodds, StephanieMechanical Engineer LeadAEC-Architecture - Engineering$106,251.60$0.00
Jessel, PhilipStorage Engineer SeniorITS Infra Sys MiServer$104,298.00$46,934.10
Seedorf, MelissaUtilities Results EngineerCentral Power Plant$104,139.18$0.00
Phillips, RaymondMechanical Engineer LeadAEC-A-E O-M ENGR$104,076.50$0.00
Balk, BenjaminStorage Engineer SeniorITS Infra Sys Srvcs - Ops$103,560.00$62,136.00
Tomlin, Roland LeeProject Engineer SeniorHITS COA Radiation Oncology$103,269.17$0.00
Ventura, BrianMechanical Engineer SeniorAEC-A-E O-M ENGR$102,688.45$0.00
Thomas, Jonathan WesleyEngineer in Research SeniorCOE Climate - Space$102,388.00$0.00
Parker, NathanChemical Engineer SeniorLabor Services - Utilities$102,088.45$0.00
Wells, Scott ClaytonElectrical Engineer LeadUtility Services$101,895.77$0.00
North, JamesElectrical Engineer SeniorOperational Support$101,707.22$0.00
Kinlaw, Jerome AStorage Engineer LeadAdv Research Comp Tech Srv$101,459.00$0.00
Ray, VishvaEngineer in Research LeadCOE EECS - ECE - LNF$101,455.00$0.00
Nichol, JonathanElectrical Engineer SeniorAEC-Project Management$101,073.50$0.00
Lauzon, SamuelEngineer in Research LeadUMTRI-Engineering Systems$101,071.00$0.00
Mayes Jr, DonaldBiomedical Engineering ManagerUMH Clinical Engineering Svcs$100,689.28$0.00
Morgan, BrianMechanical Engineer SeniorF-O Sustainability$100,525.05$100,525.05
Hicks, Thomas JProject Engineer SeniorITS Infra Net Dir of Eng$99,864.00$0.00
Gholami, FariborzElectrical Engineer SeniorUMH Facilities Planning$99,723.45$0.00
Hehnlin, Lewis EProject Engineer SeniorITS Infra Net Engineering$99,455.00$0.00
Brichta, BrianStorage Engineer SeniorITS Infra Sys Srvcs - Ops$99,341.00$0.00
Cieslinski, AndrewMechanical Engineer LeadAEC-A-E O-M ENGR$98,750.00$0.00
Puroll, BernardEngineer in Research LeadUMTRI-Engineering Systems$98,175.00$0.00
Oonk, Matthew WEngineer in Research SeniorCOE EECS - ECE - LNF$97,950.00$0.00
Reid, NickStorage Engineer SeniorITS Infra Sys MiServer$97,490.00$4,874.50
Borregard, Kim RossMechanical Engineer SeniorAEC-A-E O-M ENGR$97,179.52$0.00
Collins, LonnieClinical EngineerUMH Clinical Engineering Svcs$96,989.96$0.00
Colone Jr, Edward PaulSoftware Engineer SeniorITS Infra Net Dir of Eng$96,933.00$0.00
Anderson, Ty RayProject Engineer SeniorITS Infra Net Engineering$96,463.00$0.00
Beach, Katharine TEngineer in Research LeadCOE EECS - ECE - LNF$96,330.00$0.00
Hood, Rosemary LynnMechanical Engineer SeniorAEC-Architecture - Engineering$96,311.33$0.00
Keller, ChristopherSoftware Engineer SeniorMichigan Creative$95,000.00$0.00
Arndt, David JMechanical Engineer SeniorAEC-A-E O-M ENGR$94,603.01$0.00
Camp, Philip DudleyProject Engineer SeniorITS Infra Net Dir Telephony$94,465.00$0.00
Lasecki, JohnEngineer in Research LeadMaterials Science - Engin.$94,064.00$37,625.60
Duvall, CherylMechanical Engineer SeniorAEC-Architecture - Engineering$93,550.92$0.00
Karl, James RichardMechanical Engineer SeniorAEC-A-E O-M ENGR$93,332.32$0.00
Griffin, Thomas LMechanical Engineering Sr SuprAerospace Engineering$93,320.00$93,320.00
Jones, Murray DavidMechanical Engineer SeniorAEC-Architecture - Engineering$93,123.02$0.00
Harbowy, Thomas DProject Engineer SeniorITS Infra Net Engineering$92,468.00$0.00
Hunt, AlanMechanical Engineer SeniorAEC-Architecture - Engineering$91,849.77$0.00
Vanderkolk, NicholasChemical Engineer SeniorMechanical Systems$90,772.40$0.00
Katz, Christopher RollinFacilities EngineerLab Animal Medicine Unit$90,723.00$0.00
Gu, JijiaoStorage Engineer IntermediateAdv Research Comp Tech Srv$90,500.00$0.00
Barc, GregoryElectrical Engineer SeniorAEC-A-E O-M ENGR$90,179.22$0.00
Shores, BryanResearch Project EngineerSpace Physics Research Lab$90,000.00$0.00
Jackson, Dale EMechanical Engineer SeniorAEC-A-E O-M ENGR$89,483.35$0.00
Szalay, Scott ETool Design Engineer InterOphthalmology - Visual Science$88,801.00$8,880.07
Weiland, Steven ENetwork Engineer SeniorMerit Network$88,645.30$0.00
Funkhouser, Dillon ScottEngineer in Research SeniorUMTRI-Human Factors$88,644.00$0.00
Goumas, NicholasEngineer in Research SeniorNaval Arch - Marine Dept$88,400.00$0.00
Ignacio, Danilo AProject Engineer SeniorITS Infra Net Dir Telephony$88,276.00$0.00
Coltman, BrianRehabilitation Engineer SeniorUMH Wheelchair Seating Service$88,169.86$0.00
Bronner, BretEngineer in Research SeniorSpace Physics Research Lab$87,975.00$0.00
Vermilye, Dale SNetwork Engineer SeniorMerit Network$87,263.17$0.00
Wright, ShawnEngineer in Research SeniorCOE EECS - ECE - LNF$86,530.00$0.00
Katnik, Steve MResearch Project EngineerCOE EECS - ECE Division$86,115.00$38,751.75
Wernette, DavidMechanical Engineer SeniorAEC-Architecture - Engineering$86,062.50$0.00
Flick, AlexanderElectrical Engineer SeniorNaval Arch - Marine Dept$86,000.00$86,000.00
Fraga, Nicholas EdwardElectrical Engineer InterAEC-Architecture - Engineering$85,817.53$0.00
Barreda Esparza, JorgeEngineer in Research SeniorCOE EECS - ECE - LNF$85,000.00$0.00
Du, XiaoxiaoEngineer in Research SeniorNaval Arch - Marine Dept$85,000.00$0.00
Hull, TimothySoftware Engineer SeniorNaval Arch - Marine Dept$85,000.00$0.00
Yeakey, Michael LeonardResearch Project EngineerRadiation Oncology - Ann Arbor$84,740.66$0.00
Wise, BrittanyIndustrial Engineer SeniorOR Admin$84,240.00$0.00
Ricker, JamesEngineer in Research SeniorCOE EECS - ECE Division$84,100.00$84,100.00
Lesner, FrancisMechanical Engineer InterUMH Facilities Planning$84,050.00$0.00
Gilbertson, David ANetwork Engineer SeniorMerit Network$84,033.77$0.00
Qi, YingResearch Project EngineerMaterials Science - Engin.$83,780.00$41,890.00
Savoie, Christopher MatthewRehabilitation Engineer SeniorUMH Wheelchair Seating Service$83,545.70$0.00
Katnik, Steve MResearch Project EngineerLSA Physics$83,140.00$41,570.00
Johnson, Rodney CraigStorage Engineer IntermediateITS Infra Sys MiServer$83,080.00$29,078.00
Pan, Ramiro FMechanical Engineer InterAEC-Architecture - Engineering$83,024.10$0.00
Shepard, DanielStorage Engineer IntermediateITS Infra Sys MiServer$83,021.00$29,057.35
McLaughlin, KevinProject Engineer SeniorITS Infra Net Engineering$82,819.00$0.00
Hilker, Donn FRehabilitation Engineer SeniorUMH Pm-R Rehab Engr$82,773.39$0.00
Lawrence, KirkTelevision Engineer SeniorCoE Integrative Sys - Design$82,714.00$78,578.30
Viges, EricEngineer in Research SeniorSpace Physics Research Lab$82,400.00$0.00
Hehnlin, Justin RobertProject Engineer SeniorITS Infra Net Dir of Eng$81,670.00$0.00
Wiltse, Glenn SNetwork Engineer SeniorMerit Network$80,819.45$0.00
Martin, GregoryElectrical Engineer InterUMH Facilities Planning$80,637.57$0.00
Dupre, AvaEngineer in Research SeniorSpace Physics Research Lab$80,000.00$0.00
Foo, ZhiyoongEngineer in Research SeniorCOE EECS - ECE Division$80,000.00$0.00
Le, TrinhSoftware Engineer SeniorNaval Arch - Marine Dept$80,000.00$0.00
Berry, James EdwardMechanical Engineer LeadNuclear Eng - Radiological Sci$79,996.00$0.00
Owen, Kevin JamesEngineer in Research SeniorCOE EECS - ECE - LNF$79,925.00$0.00
Briggs, Terre FEngineer in Research SeniorCOE EECS - ECE - LNF$79,415.00$0.00
Barto, CharlesEngineer in Research SeniorNaval Arch - Marine Dept$79,182.00$0.00
Begg, Brian AMechanical Engineer InterAEC-Architecture - Engineering$79,010.83$0.00
Laidlaw, JohnEngineering TechnicianMechanical Engineering$78,688.00$78,688.00
Turner, WilliamStorage Engineer IntermediateMerit Network$78,599.52$0.00
Blair, David JosephElectronics Engineer AssociateLSA Dean: Instruc Suppor Svcs$78,414.00$78,414.00
Wang, JinhongElectronics Engineer SeniorLSA Physics$78,025.00$0.00
Skon, Robert SChief Media EngineerMichigan Radio$77,952.74$0.00
Avery, Gerald AOPERATING ENGINEERLabor Services - Utilities$77,729.60$0.00
Brandt, Kenneth ROPERATING ENGINEERLabor Services - Utilities$77,729.60$0.00
Campbell, AlexanderOPERATING ENGINEERLabor Services - Utilities$77,729.60$0.00
Holbrook, Brian COPERATING ENGINEERLabor Services - Utilities$77,729.60$0.00
Miok, JustinOPERATING ENGINEERLabor Services - Utilities$77,729.60$0.00
Turner, JuanOPERATING ENGINEERLabor Services - Utilities$77,729.60$0.00
Kim, Lilia ClarethSoftware Engineer IntermediateITS Infra Net Dir Telephony$77,608.00$0.00
Kubley, ThomasResearch Project EngineerNuclear Eng - Radiological Sci$77,607.00$0.00
Sostrom, Steven REngineer in Research InterCOE EECS - ECE - LNF$76,950.00$0.00
Crawford, Ronald FMechanical Engineer InterAEC-A-E O-M ENGR$76,067.67$0.00
Bundoff, JasonEngineer in Research SeniorNaval Arch - Marine Dept$76,000.00$76,000.00
Lahrman, ZacharyMechanical Engineer InterUMH Facilities Planning$75,850.00$0.00
Patriarche, RobertOPERATING ENGINEER DESIGNEELabor Services - Utilities$75,795.20$0.00
Lewis, Craig AOPERATING ENGINEER (NCRC)Labor Services - Utilities$75,545.60$75,545.60
Wolberg, PaulSoftware Engineer IntermediateChemical Engineering Dept$74,616.00$0.00
Guzman-Lozano, RobertoProject Engineer IntermediateITS Infra Net Dir of Eng$73,596.00$0.00
Bell, JohnProject Engineer IntermediateHITS EI Network - Comm Arch$73,400.55$0.00
Sampath Kumar, Arun DeepakIndustrial Engineer InterUMH Oper Rooms - Univ Hospital$73,103.85$0.00
Farmer, AllenMechanical Engineer InterAEC-Architecture - Engineering$72,815.60$0.00
Labuskey, Nicholas JElectrical Engineer AssociateAEC-Architecture - Engineering$72,714.54$0.00
Claxton Jr, Eyvind GEngineering TechnicianIndustrial - Operations Engin$72,693.00$72,693.00
Lazarus, AnthonyOPERATING ENGINEER DESIGNEELabor Services - Utilities$72,654.40$0.00
Lazarus, MichaelOPERATING ENGINEER DESIGNEELabor Services - Utilities$72,654.40$0.00
Sexton, RobertOPER ENGINEER DESIGNEE (NCRC)Labor Services - Utilities$72,467.20$72,467.20
Bu, FanEngineer in Research SeniorNaval Arch - Marine Dept$72,100.00$0.00
Hu, XueyeElectronics Engineer SeniorLSA Physics$72,100.00$0.00
Trinka, Nicole LynnProject Engineer IntermediateMerit Network$71,750.00$0.00
Filion, Edwin SRehabilitation EngineerUMH Wheelchair Seating Service$71,520.03$0.00
Kirkpatrick, William JEngineering TechnicianMechanical Engineering$71,247.00$71,247.00
Shamberger, ConnorResearch Project EngineerNuclear Eng - Radiological Sci$70,500.00$0.00
Ameel, Jon EElectronics Engineer SeniorLSA Physics$70,481.00$70,481.00
Giatas, AlysiaProject Engineer AssociateMerit Network$70,000.06$0.00
Prout, Stephanie AnnIndustrial Engineer InterOR Admin$70,000.00$0.00
Fox, WilliamEngineering TechnicianCoE Wilson Stu Team Proj Ctr$69,947.00$26,230.13
Stork, MichaelProject Engineer IntermediateITS Infra Net Dir Telephony$69,500.00$0.00
Taylor, Gregory HTelevision Engineer SeniorDbn-Language Culture Communctn$69,474.00$69,474.00
Boyle, KyleEngineer in Research InterUMTRI-Biosciences$68,737.00$0.00
Love, Kevin JElectronics Engineer AssociateLSA Dean: Instruc Suppor Svcs$68,052.00$68,052.00
Brown, Matthew WEngineering TechnicianDbn Coll of Eng-Mechanical Eng$67,878.00$67,878.00
Taipalus, Erik AProject Engineer IntermediateFlint ITS$67,617.52$67,617.52
Currington, ScottElectrical Engineer InterHITS EI AudioVideo Services$67,498.56$0.00
Bradley, Charles REngineering TechnicianMechanical Engineering$67,235.00$67,235.00
DeWolf, Robert ENetwork Engineer AssociateMerit Network$66,253.05$0.00
Traynor, MatthewRehabilitation EngineerUMH Wheelchair Seating Service$65,459.60$0.00
Czarny, JasonProject Engineer AssociateHITS EI Network - Comm Support$65,087.56$0.00
Dileepkumar, DeepakElectronics Engineer InterKresge Hearing Research Inst$65,000.00$48,425.00
Solbrig, CharlesEngineering TechnicianMechanical Engineering$65,000.00$16,250.00
Yoon, Seong HeeRehabilitation EngineerUMH Pm-R Rehab Engr$64,647.19$0.00
Kinnaird, CatherineEngineering TechnicianMechanical Engineering$64,565.00$0.00
Elly, ChristopherEngineering TechnicianLSA Dean: Instruc Suppor Svcs$64,066.00$64,066.00
Shen, ShengyinEngineer in Research InterUMTRI-Engineering Systems$63,705.00$0.00
Synowiec, JoshuaEngineer in Research InterCOE Climate - Space$62,983.00$31,491.50
Synowiec, JoshuaEngineer in Research InterSpace Physics Research Lab$62,983.00$0.00
Hytinen, NicholasEngineering TechnicianLSA Dean: Instruc Suppor Svcs$62,830.06$62,830.06
Klein, SalleeEngineer in Research InterCOE Climate - Space$62,432.00$0.00
Chambers, TimothyEngineering TechnicianMaterials Science - Engin.$62,400.00$31,200.00
Russel, AnthonyEngineer in Research InterSpace Physics Research Lab$62,100.00$0.00
Guglielmo, DavidEngineer in Research InterNaval Arch - Marine Dept$62,000.00$62,000.00
Spickerman, TravisNetwork Engineer AssociateMerit Network$62,000.00$0.00
Ploof, Keeling ClaytonEngineer in Research InterSpace Physics Research Lab$61,950.00$0.00
Myers, AdamNetwork Engineer AssociateMerit Network$61,500.00$0.00
Campbell, StephenChief Media EngineerAthletics$60,693.94$0.00
Spence, Robert MEngineering TechnicianCivil - Environmental Engr$60,404.00$60,404.00
Chartier, Christopher JEngineering TechnicianAerospace Engineering$60,000.00$52,500.00
Kim, Choong HeeEngineer in Research InterNaval Arch - Marine Dept$60,000.00$0.00
Bourquin, RichardProject Engineer AssociateITS Infra Net Dir of Eng$59,755.00$0.00
Elkins, JamesEngineering TechnicianMechanical Engineering$59,663.00$0.00
Poli, AndreaEngineering TechnicianMechanical Engineering$59,483.00$53,534.70
Gingerich-Jones, CecilOperations EngineerLSA FilmTelevisionand Media$58,897.02$58,897.02
Patel, CarolineEngineer in Research InterCOE EECS - ECE - LNF$58,806.00$0.00
Bonifas, AnneEngineer in Research InterUMTRI-Biosciences$58,486.00$0.00
Young, Alan BEngineering TechnicianRadiation Oncology - Ann Arbor$58,005.59$0.00
Sebastian, David GEngineer in Research InterCOE EECS - ECE - LNF$57,555.00$0.00
Taylor, CaitlinEngineering TechnicianMechanical Engineering$56,540.00$56,540.00
Yenkel, JonathonEngineering TechnicianMechanical Engineering$56,540.00$56,540.00
Giner Munoz, Laura AlejandraEngineer in Research InterMechanical Engineering$56,513.00$0.00
Aljabar, NajiEngineer in Research InterLSA Physics$54,000.00$0.00
Wild, NicholasEngineering TechnicianNaval Arch - Marine Dept$52,917.00$26,458.50
Reed, SamuelEngineering TechnicianAerospace Engineering$52,659.00$52,659.00
Peterson, Thomas EMedia EngineerMichigan Radio$52,359.99$0.00
Freitag, ToddRehabilitation EngineerUMH Wheelchair Seating Service$52,356.58$0.00
Campbell, JamesMedia EngineerDean of Students$51,623.52$25,811.78
Baldus, StanleyEngineering TechnicianUMOR Mcity$51,375.00$0.00
Daniels, MichaelProject Engineer AssociateFlint ITS$50,133.59$50,133.59
Newman, KevinEngineering TechnicianLab Animal Medicine Unit$49,712.38$0.00
Ferlic, MasonEngineer in Research InterSchool of Kinesiology$49,440.00$49,440.00
Ristow, NicholasEngineer in Research InterLSA Physics$48,305.00$0.00
O'Brien, JohnEngineering TechnicianFlint Engineering$48,135.81$36,101.85
Woo, BrandonEngineer in Research InterCOE EECS - ECE - LNF$48,000.00$0.00
Zhang, RuiEngineer in Research AssociateNaval Arch - Marine Dept$47,499.92$0.00
Goliya, KushEngineer in Research AssociateCOE EECS - ECE Division$45,415.00$15,136.82
Keller, GregoryEngineering TechnicianFlint Engineering$44,370.08$44,370.00
Gleason, RodneyEngineer in Research AssociateMechanical Engineering$39,052.00$0.00
Ferguson, Michael RobertEngineer in Research AssociatePharmacology Department$27,319.18$0.00

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