Number of people in lsa american culture Department: 50
Maximum Salary$ 178,131.00
Average Salary$ 93,333.85
Minimum Salary$ 39,999.96

Department Results for lsa american culture 2018-19
NameTitleDepartment FTR (Salary)GF (Amount from General Fund)
Kelley, Mary CPROFESSORLSA American Culture$178,131.00$44,532.75
Freedman, Jonathan EPROFESSORLSA American Culture$159,172.00$79,586.00
Dowd, Gregory EPROFESSORLSA American Culture$155,991.00$77,995.50
Howard, June MPROFESSORLSA American Culture$150,854.00$75,427.00
Stern, AlexandraPROFESSORLSA American Culture$147,252.00$73,626.00
Kuwada, John YProfessorLSA American Culture$147,013.00$36,753.25
Gunning, Sandra RPROFESSORLSA American Culture$146,643.00$36,660.75
Nakamura, Lisa AnnPROFESSORLSA American Culture$142,941.00$142,941.00
Rivero, Yeidy MPROFESSORLSA American Culture$142,278.00$35,569.50
Ellison, JuliePROFESSORLSA American Culture$129,342.00$64,671.00
Pedraza, SilviaPROFESSORLSA American Culture$127,400.00$31,850.00
Stillman, Amy KPROFESSORLSA American Culture$124,424.00$124,424.00
Zaborowska, Magdalena JPROFESSORLSA American Culture$123,817.48$61,908.75
Countryman, Matthew JASSOC PROFESSORLSA American Culture$112,000.00$56,000.00
Khabeer, Su'ad abdulASSOC PROFESSORLSA American Culture$106,057.00$106,057.00
Cotera, Maria EASSOC PROFESSORLSA American Culture$101,386.00$0.00
Gray, Judith ABusiness Administrator SeniorLSA American Culture$101,171.75$50,585.88
Hoffnung-Garskof, Jesse EPROFESSORLSA American Culture$98,400.00$49,200.00
Mora, Anthony PASSOC PROFESSORLSA American Culture$98,362.00$49,181.00
Hass, Kristin AnnASSOC PROFESSORLSA American Culture$96,820.00$24,205.00
La Fountain-Stokes, Lawrence MASSOC PROFESSORLSA American Culture$95,641.00$47,820.50
Alsultany, Evelyn AzeezaASSOC PROFESSORLSA American Culture$94,950.00$94,950.00
Najita, Susan YASSOC PROFESSORLSA American Culture$93,084.00$46,542.00
Berrey, StephenASSOC PROFESSORLSA American Culture$92,550.00$46,275.00
Witgen, MichaelASSOC PROFESSORLSA American Culture$90,268.00$45,134.00
Gunckel, ColinASSOC PROFESSORLSA American Culture$86,972.00$43,486.00
Cheney, John CASSOC PROFESSORLSA American Culture$86,567.00$86,567.00
Fisher, AnnaASST PROFESSORLSA American Culture$85,219.00$85,219.00
Borja, Melissa MASST PROFESSORLSA American Culture$81,600.00$40,800.00
Desai, Manan RASST PROFESSORLSA American Culture$81,384.00$81,384.00
Purkiss, AvaASST PROFESSORLSA American Culture$81,308.00$20,327.00
Albrecht, Charlotte MarieASST PROFESSORLSA American Culture$80,676.00$20,169.00
Calvo-Quiros, William AASST PROFESSORLSA American Culture$80,643.00$0.00
Hughes, BethanyASST PROFESSORLSA American Culture$78,500.00$78,500.00
Shin, Kin-Yee IanASST PROFESSORLSA American Culture$73,500.00$36,750.00
Lawsin, Emily PLEO Lecturer IVLSA American Culture$64,761.72$21,581.85
Freiman, Mary LExecutive SecretaryLSA American Culture$62,600.00$62,600.00
Khalil, NancyRESEARCH FELLOWLSA American Culture$60,000.00$60,000.00
Walker, JessicaRESEARCH FELLOWLSA American Culture$60,000.00$60,000.00
Moore, MarleneStudent Admin Asst SrLSA American Culture$57,739.00$57,739.00
Larson, ScottLEO Lecturer IIILSA American Culture$55,640.00$55,640.00
Stiffler, Matthew WilliamLEO Lecturer IILSA American Culture$55,319.00$18,435.12
Cordell, Sigrid ALEO Adjunct LecturerLSA American Culture$52,715.72$17,567.52
Pitawanakwat, Alphonse HenryLEO Lecturer IILSA American Culture$51,700.00$34,471.04
Dykstra, AbigailAcademic Program SpecialistLSA American Culture$49,000.00$49,000.00
Bellamy, MatthewLEO Lecturer ILSA American Culture$48,000.00$32,004.00
Hwang, RolandLEO Intermittent LecturerLSA American Culture$48,000.00$15,996.00
Maugeri, BrittanyLEO Lecturer ILSA American Culture$48,000.00$32,004.00
Klemm, KatelynnMeeting/Event Coord Non ProfitLSA American Culture$40,900.00$40,900.00
Reiter, AndrewStudent Admin Asst InterLSA American Culture$39,999.96$40,000.00

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