Number of people in hits svm% Department: 105
Maximum Salary$ 149,745.26
Average Salary$ 94,136.92
Minimum Salary$ 49,778.74

Department Results for hits svm% 2018-19
NameTitleDepartment FTR (Salary)GF (Amount from General Fund)
Martyn, BryanIS DirectorHITS SVM Administration$149,745.26$0.00
Morrison, PaulIT Acad/Admin Div Inter DirHITS SVM SW Delivery Admin$132,862.61$0.00
Korc, Nadine LIS Administration - Pln MgrHITS SVM Advocacy - Engagement$128,401.05$0.00
Brow, SamuelSoftware ArchitectHITS SVM Software Delivery$127,744.14$0.00
Lively, CarolIT Planning ManagerHITS SVM SW Delivery Admin$125,222.52$0.00
Law, James JApp Sys Anlst/Prgm Staff SpecHITS SVM Software Delivery$122,688.14$0.00
Popa, Agatina PIS Administration - Pln MgrHITS SVM Software Delivery$121,762.79$0.00
Nau, Evan DAdmin Manager Sr HealthcareHITS SVM PIM Administration$120,950.00$0.00
Pollock, Sally JoBus Systems Analyst Staff SpecHITS SVM Service Ops Support$120,381.45$0.00
Myklebust, Leif KristianApp Programmer/Analyst LdHITS SVM Software Delivery$120,296.67$0.00
Yurko, JohnAdmin Manager Sr HealthcareHITS SVM PIM Administration$119,925.00$0.00
Zempel, Erik RandallIS Administration - Pln MgrHITS SVM Administration$117,656.99$0.00
Coffman, Kevin WApp Programmer/Analyst SrHITS SVM Software Delivery$117,096.76$0.00
Stallone, Bennett JApp Programmer/Analyst LdHITS SVM SW Delivery Admin$116,398.04$0.00
Keith, Samuel MIT Acad/Admin Div Inter DirHITS SVM Administration$115,711.27$0.00
Fuentes, Emily NicoleIS DirectorHITS SVM Administration$115,568.75$0.00
Kole-James, EdmondIT Project Senior ManagerHITS SVM PMO$115,227.30$0.00
Richards, ElliottApp Programmer/Analyst LdHITS SVM Software Delivery$114,414.31$0.00
Zhang, LongApp Sys Anlst/Prgm Staff SpecHITS SVM Software Delivery$112,721.61$0.00
Blaisdell, RonaldIT Project Senior ManagerHITS SVM PMO$111,678.77$0.00
Barker, Marcia AnnIT Project Senior ManagerHITS SVM PMO$110,900.79$0.00
Bjorklund, Allan MApp Programmer/Analyst SrHITS SVM Software Delivery$110,256.42$0.00
Carper III, William GBus Systems Analyst Staff SpecHITS SVM Service Ops Support$109,973.85$0.00
Chisholm, MichaelIT Project Senior ManagerHITS SVM PMO$109,790.31$0.00
Pietras, JenniferIT Project Senior ManagerHITS SVM PMO$109,569.71$0.00
Galbraith, Mary Lou AnnApp Sys Analyst/Programmer LdHITS SVM QA - Testing$109,446.72$0.00
Thurber, MelissaIT Project Senior ManagerHITS SVM SW Planning - Design$108,901.85$0.00
Meier, Bruce WApp Programmer/Analyst LdHITS SVM Software Delivery$107,689.06$0.00
Schneyer, Mark CIT Project Senior ManagerHITS SVM SW Planning - Design$106,960.90$0.00
Vella, AndrewIT Project Senior ManagerHITS SVM SW Planning - Design$105,062.50$0.00
Harr, KyleApp Programmer/Analyst LdHITS SVM Software Delivery$104,352.10$0.00
Walsh, JohnApp Programmer/Analyst LdHITS SVM SW Planning - Design$104,037.50$0.00
Bayoff, Frederic GApp Programmer/Analyst SrHITS SVM Software Delivery$102,544.82$78,621.11
Fouts, TimothyIT Project Inter ManagerHITS SVM PMO$101,000.00$0.00
Dolega, RoseanneClin Bus Analyst SeniorHITS SVM QA - Testing$100,861.03$0.00
Adams, BrianSolution Architect InterHITS SVM Web Presence$100,654.00$0.00
Sharp, Jill MargaretIT Project Inter ManagerHITS SVM QA - Testing$98,948.08$0.00
Wong, WinnieIT Project Senior ManagerHITS SVM PMO$98,945.65$0.00
Boucher, Susan LynnIT Project Inter ManagerHITS SVM Administration$98,938.83$0.00
Holden, GeoffreyApp Programmer/Analyst SrHITS SVM Software Delivery$98,649.51$0.00
Anthony, MarthaApp Programmer/Analyst SrHITS SVM Web Presence$97,004.21$0.00
Tadi, RaghavendraApp Programmer/Analyst SrHITS SVM Software Delivery$96,949.36$0.00
Evans, CarlynApp Programmer/Analyst SrHITS SVM Software Delivery$96,478.73$0.00
Webster, Monica RBusiness Systems Analyst SrHITS SVM Service Ops Support$95,034.24$0.00
Dornoff, John AllenProject Senior ManagerHITS SVM Web Presence$94,608.64$0.00
Gutta, VenkateswaraApp Sys Analyst/Programmer SrHITS SVM QA - Testing$94,586.49$0.00
Fu, TungApp Programmer/Analyst SrHITS SVM Software Delivery$94,556.25$0.00
Gross, Nancy EApp Sys Analyst/Programmer SrHITS SVM Service Ops Support$94,002.66$0.00
Khanna, RituSoftware Developer SeniorHITS SVM Software Delivery$93,483.46$0.00
Sucarski, EdwardApp Programmer/Analyst SrHITS SVM Software Delivery$92,766.14$0.00
Cabrera, ClaireBusiness Systems Analyst SrHITS SVM SW Planning - Design$92,566.57$0.00
Tian, YuyingApp Programmer/Analyst SrHITS SVM Software Delivery$92,340.51$0.00
Boluyt, ShanelleInformation Svcs ConsultantHITS SVM SW Planning - Design$92,250.00$0.00
Kondam, Kesha VardhanApp Programmer/Analyst SrHITS SVM Software Delivery$92,250.00$0.00
Zieske, Hong DApp Programmer/Analyst SrHITS SVM Software Delivery$92,077.52$0.00
Dull, MatthewBusiness Systems Analyst SrHITS SVM SW Planning - Design$90,925.26$0.00
Karia, Kirtida MBusiness Systems Analyst SrHITS SVM Service Ops Support$90,271.71$0.00
Tikkanen, Brandon MBusiness Systems Analyst SrHITS SVM Service Ops Support$90,200.00$0.00
Kalra, GopalApp Sys Analyst/Programmer SrHITS SVM QA - Testing$90,194.13$0.00
Stancato, Paul AnthonyApp Sys Analyst/Programmer SrHITS SVM Web Presence$89,934.81$0.00
Kipp, Heather LynnBrand/Product Analyst LeadHITS SVM Advocacy - Engagement$89,303.13$0.00
Wright, AmandaBusiness Systems Analyst SrHITS SVM SW Planning - Design$89,303.13$0.00
Davenport, KellyIT Project Inter ManagerHITS SVM Web Presence$89,301.09$0.00
Burns, Roger ShermanBusiness Systems Analyst SrHITS SVM Service Ops Support$88,699.29$0.00
Periard, MistyApp Programmer/Analyst SrHITS SVM Software Delivery$88,647.77$0.00
Rashid, KhurramApp Sys Analyst/Programmer SrHITS SVM QA - Testing$87,748.12$0.00
Weimer, Eric WBusiness Systems Analyst SrHITS SVM Service Ops Support$87,582.72$0.00
Nolan, TimothyInformation Svcs ConsultantHITS SVM Software Delivery$87,125.00$0.00
Stanny, Barbara MSoftware Developer SeniorHITS SVM Software Delivery$86,151.25$0.00
Grant, Michael DouglasApp Sys Analyst/Programmer SrHITS SVM SW Delivery Admin$85,690.26$0.00
Kamarajan, ManjulaApp Sys Analyst/Programmer SrHITS SVM QA - Testing$85,369.41$0.00
McClain, KellenApp Programmer/Analyst SrHITS SVM Software Delivery$83,000.00$0.00
Jois, Sowmya VenkataramApp Sys Analyst/Programmer SrHITS SVM QA - Testing$82,842.79$0.00
Xu, AichunApp Sys Analyst/Programmer SrHITS SVM QA - Testing$82,745.49$0.00
Goosman, Christopher LeeInformation Svcs ConsultantHITS SVM Digital Workplace$82,658.68$0.00
Hart, Donna M-UBrand/Product Analyst SeniorHITS SVM Advocacy - Engagement$82,596.72$0.00
Guilbault, JeanetteApp Sys Analyst/Programmer SrHITS SVM QA - Testing$82,025.64$0.00
Grazioli, GregoryIT Project Inter ManagerHITS SVM SW Planning - Design$81,948.75$0.00
Maddix, TheresaWeb Project ManagerHITS SVM Web Presence$81,825.09$0.00
Jain, RichaApp Sys Analyst/Programmer SrHITS SVM QA - Testing$81,712.50$0.00
Reddy, MohanBusiness Systems Analyst SrHITS SVM Service Ops Support$80,810.52$0.00
Ritter, Ann EApp Sys Analyst/Programmer SrHITS SVM QA - Testing$80,599.63$0.00
Lambert, Stephen DeanInformation Svcs ConsultantHITS SVM Software Delivery$80,472.14$0.00
Wilson, JonathanApp Sys Analyst/Programmer SrHITS SVM SW Planning - Design$80,226.75$0.00
Kilijanczyk, EricClin Bus Analyst InterHITS SVM QA - Testing$79,853.56$0.00
O'Connor, GeoffWeb Applications DeveloperHITS SVM Web Presence$78,794.71$0.00
Bengel, ShawnBusiness Systems Analyst SrHITS SVM Service Ops Support$78,264.08$0.00
Kabisch, Denise JoanBusiness Systems Analyst InterHITS SVM Service Ops Support$78,167.29$0.00
Prince, Sheryl MarieSoftware Developer InterHITS SVM Software Delivery$78,146.15$0.00
Blake, MichaelApplications Programmer InterHITS SVM Web Presence$77,019.04$0.00
Kotzabassi, Stratos ChristopherBusiness Systems Analyst SrHITS SVM Advocacy - Engagement$76,346.88$0.00
Boomhour, ScottApp Programmer/Analyst InterHITS SVM Software Delivery$74,883.51$0.00
Papenfuss, MelindaApp Sys Analyst/Prgm InterHITS SVM QA - Testing$73,829.97$0.00
Boone, DanilleApp Sys Analyst/Prgm InterHITS SVM QA - Testing$71,750.00$0.00
Wolf, JacquelineWeb Project ManagerHITS SVM Web Presence$71,467.25$0.00
Sard, GlenBrand/Product Analyst SeniorHITS SVM Advocacy - Engagement$70,772.52$0.00
Rose, Douglas EdwardApp Sys Analyst/Prgm InterHITS SVM QA - Testing$69,995.21$0.00
Bryan, RossSys Programmer/Analyst InterHITS SVM SW Planning - Design$68,868.73$0.00
Hodder, RachaelBusiness Systems Analyst InterHITS SVM SW Planning - Design$67,957.50$0.00
Jones, HaleyBrand/Product Analyst InterHITS SVM Advocacy - Engagement$63,000.00$0.00
Victorio, Reynalyn BeltranProject Associate ManagerHITS SVM Advocacy - Engagement$62,775.34$0.00
Dascola, Diana SBrand/Product Analyst InterHITS SVM Advocacy - Engagement$62,715.31$0.00
Theisen, AubreyBusiness Systems Analyst InterHITS SVM Advocacy - Engagement$61,500.00$0.00
Hedly, Henry ChristopherGraphic DesignerHITS SVM Web Presence$53,687.36$0.00
Bonner, Kimberly AAdmin Asst Sr HealthcareHITS SVM Administration$49,778.74$0.00

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