Number of people in brcf% Department: 86
Maximum Salary$ 153,496.22
Average Salary$ 66,155.37
Minimum Salary$ 26,879.19

Department Results for brcf% 2018-19
NameTitleDepartment FTR (Salary)GF (Amount from General Fund)
Wong, Cassandra KAdministrative Dir HealthcareBRCF Administration$153,496.22$153,496.22
Adams, David JeromeResearch Senior SupervisorBRCF Flow Cytometry Core$136,817.09$0.00
Chennat, Anitha JAdmin Manager Sr HealthcareBRCF Administration$131,840.00$131,840.00
Kachman, MaureenResearch Senior SupervisorBRCF Metabolomics Core$125,000.00$0.00
Taylor, AaronResearch Senior SupervisorBRCF Microscopy - Imaging$125,000.00$31,250.00
Gates, Christopher MBioinfo-Comput Biologist LeadBRCF Bioinformatics Core$123,600.00$69,834.00
Zhang, LiResearch Area Specialist LeadBRCF Metabolomics Core$98,090.18$0.00
Wigginton, JanisApp Programmer/Analyst LdBRCF Metabolomics Core$95,201.60$0.00
Lalancette, ClaudiaResearch Area Specialist LeadBRCF Epigenomics Core$94,556.25$93,610.69
Johnson, CraigBioinfo-Comput Biologist SrBRCF DNA Sequencing - MicroArr$94,000.00$0.00
Tagett, RebeccaBioinfo-Comput Biologist SrBRCF Bioinformatics Core$91,670.00$45,835.00
Wu, WeishengResearch Area Specialist LeadBRCF Bioinformatics Core$91,670.00$13,750.50
Raskind, AlexanderApp Programmer/Analyst LdBRCF Metabolomics Core$91,194.23$0.00
Gregoria, JosephSoftware Developer SeniorBRCF DNA Sequencing - MicroArr$90,415.00$0.00
Conto, RichardSystems Administrator SeniorBRCF DNA Sequencing - MicroArr$89,575.18$0.00
Padmanabhan, Karthik RamaswamyBioinfo-Comput Biologist InterBRCF Epigenomics Core$85,899.10$83,322.13
Opron, KristopherBioinfo-Comput Biologist InterBRCF Bioinformatics Core$85,587.50$12,838.13
Krebs, Christopher JResearch Lab Specialist LeadBRCF DNA Sequencing - MicroArr$84,648.66$0.00
Sifuentes, ChristopherBioinfo-Comput Biologist InterBRCF Bioinformatics Core$84,562.50$63,421.88
Schray, CarrieLaboratory ManagerBRCF Administration$84,232.17$84,232.17
Cavalcante Jr, Raymond GeorgeBioinfo-Comput Biologist InterBRCF Epigenomics Core$83,804.00$83,804.00
Opp, Judith SueLaboratory ManagerBRCF DNA Sequencing - MicroArr$82,348.50$0.00
Barthel, Linda KResearch Lab Specialist LeadBRCF Microscopy - Imaging$82,087.89$0.00
Esposito, ConstanceResearch Lab Specialist LeadBRCF DNA Sequencing - MicroArr$81,720.23$0.00
Hughes, Elizabeth DaleResearch Lab Specialist LeadBRCF Transgenic Animal Core$80,639.90$0.00
Soni, TanuStatistician LeadBRCF Metabolomics Core$79,220.84$0.00
Keros, JulieApp Programmer/Analyst InterBRCF Metabolomics Core$77,643.81$25,622.46
Dagenais, Susan LResearch Lab Specialist LeadBRCF DNA Sequencing - MicroArr$76,983.72$0.00
Yilmaz, KerimSoftware Developer InterBRCF DNA Sequencing - MicroArr$75,387.73$0.00
Wiggins, Angela KResearch Lab Specialist SeniorBRCF Metabolomics Core$75,303.90$0.00
Baum, HeidiChemist SeniorBRCF Metabolomics Core$73,980.39$0.00
Stilson, Christina LCustomer Service ManagerBRCF Biomedical Research Store$73,199.49$0.00
Deslauriers-Cox, Ann Marie RResearch Lab Specialist LeadBRCF Flow Cytometry Core$72,862.74$0.00
Filipiak, Wanda EResearch Lab Specialist SeniorBRCF Transgenic Animal Core$72,615.00$0.00
Gavrilina, Galina BResearch Lab Specialist SeniorBRCF Transgenic Animal Core$72,406.29$0.00
Bonomini, NicoleCommunications ManagerBRCF Administration$72,100.00$72,100.00
Meshinchi, SashaResearch Lab Specialist SeniorBRCF Microscopy - Imaging$72,062.05$0.00
Hilgarth, RolandResearch Lab Specialist LeadBRCF Vector Core$71,750.00$71,750.00
Bonds, KariClinical Res Coordinator HlthBRCF Metabolomics Core$71,050.00$0.00
Coon, MelissaResearch Lab Specialist SeniorBRCF DNA Sequencing - MicroArr$69,172.49$0.00
Tislerics, Attila ThomasAdmin Specialist Inter HealthBRCF Administration$68,331.63$64,915.05
Zeidler, Michael GResearch Lab Specialist SeniorBRCF Transgenic Animal Core$64,890.00$0.00
Linkes, SeanResearch Lab Specialist InterBRCF Flow Cytometry Core$59,284.75$0.00
Kirkup, Terri LynnAdmin Specialist Assoc HealthBRCF Biomedical Research Store$57,704.98$0.00
Pedersen, Ellen BertineResearch Lab Specialist AssocBRCF DNA Sequencing - MicroArr$57,207.51$0.00
Harrison, JeffreyResearch Lab Specialist AssocBRCF Microscopy - Imaging$57,083.86$0.00
Pihalja, Michael AResearch Lab Specialist SeniorBRCF Flow Cytometry Core$57,033.68$0.00
Kunkle, Pennelope kayeResearch Area Specialist AssocBRCF Microscopy - Imaging$56,812.61$0.00
Saiya-Cork, KamlaiResearch Lab Specialist InterBRCF Flow Cytometry Core$56,583.36$0.00
Hebda, LisaResearch Lab Specialist InterBRCF Epigenomics Core$56,500.00$0.00
Kenney, GraceResearch Area Specialist InterBRCF DNA Sequencing - MicroArr$56,375.00$0.00
McHenry, Christina LynResearch Lab Specialist InterBRCF DNA Sequencing - MicroArr$55,095.29$0.00
Peterson, Karen AResearch Lab Specialist AssocBRCF Flow Cytometry Core$54,434.73$0.00
Tamsen, Patricia AnneResearch Lab Specialist InterBRCF DNA Sequencing - MicroArr$53,812.50$0.00
Ruszala, AndreaResearch Lab Specialist InterBRCF DNA Sequencing - MicroArr$52,531.25$0.00
Cheng, Deborah GarlingAdmin Specialist Assoc HealthBRCF Biomedical Research Store$52,257.99$0.00
Ziebell, Corey EResearch Lab Specialist AssocBRCF Transgenic Animal Core$51,500.00$0.00
Kopas, Tonya LResearch Lab Specialist InterBRCF Vector Core$51,270.77$0.00
Power, JulieAdmin Specialist Assoc HealthBRCF Administration$51,250.08$51,250.00
Kemelman, MarinaResearch Lab Specialist InterBRCF Vector Core$49,712.50$0.00
Dellheim, MichaelResearch Lab Specialist InterBRCF Flow Cytometry Core$48,925.00$0.00
Savary, MarkResearch Lab Specialist InterBRCF Flow Cytometry Core$47,867.50$0.00
Borysko, Katherine ZResearch Laboratory Tech SrBRCF DNA Sequencing - MicroArr$47,149.98$0.00
Chidester, Angela MarieResearch Laboratory Tech SrBRCF DNA Sequencing - MicroArr$45,598.15$0.00
LaForest, AnnaResearch Laboratory Tech SrBRCF Transgenic Animal Core$44,723.14$0.00
Marthi, MatangiResearch Lab Specialist AssocBRCF Microscopy - Imaging$44,341.50$0.00
Wilson, JohnCustomer Service Rep SeniorBRCF Biomedical Research Store$43,049.88$0.00
Cao, JieResearch Lab Technician LeadBRCF Metabolomics Core$42,378.30$0.00
Natsume, SonokoResearch Lab Specialist AssocBRCF Epigenomics Core$42,361.20$10,590.30
Krachie, JoyceAdmin Coord/Project CoordBRCF Administration$40,813.94$40,814.16
Roth, Norman WCustomer Service Rep InterBRCF Biomedical Research Store$40,765.44$0.00
Atkins, Jodi AResearch Lab Tech IntermediateBRCF DNA Sequencing - MicroArr$39,182.16$0.00
Harrington, Natasha MarieCustomer Service Rep SeniorBRCF Biomedical Research Store$38,950.04$0.00
Cartaciano, ChristinaResearch Lab Tech IntermediateBRCF DNA Sequencing - MicroArr$36,500.10$0.00
Sheltraw, DavidResearch Lab Tech IntermediateBRCF DNA Sequencing - MicroArr$35,237.66$0.00
Baker, LeighResearch Lab Tech IntermediateBRCF DNA Sequencing - MicroArr$34,784.54$0.00
Kerwin, Steven MichaelResearch Laboratory Tech AssocBRCF DNA Sequencing - MicroArr$34,759.06$0.00
Opalecky, Andrea MarieCustomer Service Rep InterBRCF Biomedical Research Store$34,405.95$0.00
Carter, KimberlyCustomer Service Rep InterBRCF Biomedical Research Store$33,824.98$0.00
Erdody, DavidResearch Lab Tech IntermediateBRCF DNA Sequencing - MicroArr$33,598.99$0.00
Kuligowski, AndreaResearch Lab Tech IntermediateBRCF DNA Sequencing - MicroArr$33,498.25$0.00
Warshow, Douglas HClerk Associate HealthcareBRCF DNA Sequencing - MicroArr$33,374.06$0.00
Handt, JeffreyClerk Associate HealthcareBRCF DNA Sequencing - MicroArr$32,075.14$0.00
Crawford, Nicole DarleneCustomer Service Rep AssociateBRCF Biomedical Research Store$30,750.10$0.00
Thigpen, CrystalCustomer Service Rep AssociateBRCF Biomedical Research Store$30,500.39$0.00
McKay, BarryClerk Associate HealthcareBRCF DNA Sequencing - MicroArr$26,879.19$0.00

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