Number of people in UMHS Financial Srvcs Department: 47
Maximum Salary$ 180,250.00
Average Salary$ 89,590.89
Minimum Salary$ 54,703.69

Department Results for UMHS Financial Srvcs 2012-13
NameTitleDepartment FTR (Salary)GF (Amount from General Fund)
Comstock, Matthew ColinFinancial Director HlthUMHS Financial Srvcs$180,250.00$0.00
Nitkiewicz, PatrickControllerUMHS Financial Srvcs$175,100.00$0.00
Zukowski, AndrewFinancial Director HlthUMHS Financial Srvcs$175,100.00$0.00
Hopkins, JaredFinancial Director HlthUMHS Financial Srvcs$140,000.00$0.00
Underhill, NatalieFinancial Director HlthUMHS Financial Srvcs$140,000.00$0.00
Fortune, Shane EFinancial Director HlthUMHS Financial Srvcs$135,000.00$0.00
Wood, Alan JIS Administration & Pln MgrUMHS Financial Srvcs$113,068.05$0.00
Peregord, MichelleFinancial Senior ManagerUMHS Financial Srvcs$104,295.00$0.00
Boylan, LanceApplications Programmer SeniorUMHS Financial Srvcs$101,030.87$0.00
Mollenhour, BrooksApplications Programmer SeniorUMHS Financial Srvcs$98,160.00$0.00
Kodali, Venkateswar RApplications Programmer SeniorUMHS Financial Srvcs$97,137.50$0.00
Musler, Migdalia MFinancial Senior ManagerUMHS Financial Srvcs$95,931.00$0.00
Marur, KrishnaApplications Programmer SeniorUMHS Financial Srvcs$95,149.34$0.00
Caulkins, Robin KayIS Administration & Pln MgrUMHS Financial Srvcs$93,865.50$0.00
McIntosh, Shawn AFinancial Senior ManagerUMHS Financial Srvcs$93,865.50$0.00
Dunn, PatrickStrategic Planner Expert HlthUMHS Financial Srvcs$92,025.00$0.00
Baveja, RoohiStrategic Planner Expert HlthUMHS Financial Srvcs$90,000.00$0.00
Hewlett III, RobertFinancial Senior ManagerUMHS Financial Srvcs$88,825.00$0.00
Wilson, Jesse KindshovenFinancial Senior ManagerUMHS Financial Srvcs$86,912.50$0.00
Facchini, Barbara KayBusiness Systems Analyst SrUMHS Financial Srvcs$86,057.86$0.00
La Jeunesse, Christine MarieStrategic Planner Expert HlthUMHS Financial Srvcs$83,600.00$0.00
Burrum, Debra ABusiness Systems Analyst SrUMHS Financial Srvcs$83,436.00$0.00
Futch, JanetBusiness Systems Analyst InterUMHS Financial Srvcs$80,007.22$0.00
Regiani, SandraFinancial or Bus Analyst SrUMHS Financial Srvcs$79,382.73$0.00
McCubbrey, Gabriela GFinancial or Bus Analyst InterUMHS Financial Srvcs$78,641.67$0.00
Coleman, Diane MFinancial or Bus Analyst SrUMHS Financial Srvcs$76,768.52$0.00
Poplawski, Timothy AFinancial or Bus Analyst SrUMHS Financial Srvcs$76,687.50$0.00
Polyachenko, YevgeniyaFinancial or Bus Analyst SrUMHS Financial Srvcs$76,135.35$0.00
Robertson, Daniel SFinancial or Bus Analyst SrUMHS Financial Srvcs$76,076.00$0.00
Larin, John TFinancial or Bus Analyst InterUMHS Financial Srvcs$75,222.62$0.00
Rentschler, Debra AAdmin Specialist Inter HealthUMHS Financial Srvcs$74,488.30$0.00
Witowski, Diana MStrategic Planner Lead HealthcUMHS Financial Srvcs$74,131.25$0.00
Barber, Elizabeth AnneFinancial or Bus Analyst SrUMHS Financial Srvcs$74,000.00$0.00
Spork, Alison LeighStrategic Planner Lead HealthcUMHS Financial Srvcs$73,006.50$0.00
Liu, XinglinFinancial or Bus Analyst SrUMHS Financial Srvcs$71,575.00$0.00
Weingrad, RachelFinancial or Bus Analyst SrUMHS Financial Srvcs$70,000.00$0.00
Roberts, BrianFinancial or Bus Analyst InterUMHS Financial Srvcs$67,925.00$0.00
Norris, KimberlyFinancial or Bus Analyst InterUMHS Financial Srvcs$67,791.75$0.00
Cortis, RachelFinancial or Bus Analyst InterUMHS Financial Srvcs$67,485.00$0.00
Spicer, SaraFinancial or Bus Analyst InterUMHS Financial Srvcs$67,089.00$0.00
Hall, Kristin JoiBusiness Systems Analyst InterUMHS Financial Srvcs$66,631.82$0.00
Khawaja, MustafaFinancial or Bus Analyst InterUMHS Financial Srvcs$66,462.50$0.00
Wangsa, WillyApplications Programmer InterUMHS Financial Srvcs$63,395.00$0.00
McCrory, Anne TheresaBusiness Systems Analyst InterUMHS Financial Srvcs$63,190.25$0.00
Sukumar, Vikram Kalyanaraman IyerFinancial or Bus Analyst InterUMHS Financial Srvcs$61,350.00$0.00
Weiss, DavidFinancial or Bus Analyst InterUMHS Financial Srvcs$59,816.25$0.00
Staebler, Stephanie RAccountant AssociateUMHS Financial Srvcs$54,703.69$0.00

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