Number of people in UMHS - HIM Coding Department: 57
Maximum Salary$ 92,772.76
Average Salary$ 70,515.94
Minimum Salary$ 47,369.92

Department Results for UMHS - HIM Coding 2018-19
NameTitleDepartment FTR (Salary)GF (Amount from General Fund)
Pokoyoway, Patricia AMedical Coder Compliance SpecUMHS - HIM Coding$92,772.76$0.00
Kuzak, BethMedical Coder Compliance SpecUMHS - HIM Coding$92,772.39$0.00
McNair, Victoria LynnMedical Coder Compliance SpecUMHS - HIM Coding$92,772.39$0.00
Walton, Charlotte SProgram Evaluation SpecialistUMHS - HIM Coding$88,443.81$0.00
Butler, PatriciaClinical Documentation SpecUMHS - HIM Coding$88,256.28$0.00
Slater, Deborah AClinical Documentation SpecUMHS - HIM Coding$87,961.68$0.00
Hu, BinClinical Documentation SpecUMHS - HIM Coding$86,932.08$0.00
Umbarger, Rebecca LynnClinical Documentation SpecUMHS - HIM Coding$85,707.46$0.00
Black, RobinClinical Documentation SpecUMHS - HIM Coding$84,121.40$0.00
Zachow, JulieClinical Documentation SpecUMHS - HIM Coding$83,008.19$0.00
Moore, RapunzelMedical Coder Compliance SpecUMHS - HIM Coding$82,455.31$0.00
Lemke, Shannon LorraineClinical Documentation SpecUMHS - HIM Coding$82,379.55$0.00
Donia, DeborahMedical Coder Compliance SpecUMHS - HIM Coding$81,811.68$0.00
Lenz, BarbaraMedical Coder Compliance SpecUMHS - HIM Coding$80,725.91$0.00
Cheng, JunClinical Documentation SpecUMHS - HIM Coding$80,225.12$0.00
Chekosky, Michael PaulClinical Documentation SpecUMHS - HIM Coding$79,770.10$0.00
Chembola, MiniClinical Documentation SpecUMHS - HIM Coding$79,320.75$0.00
Collins, Mary BethMedical Coder Compliance SpecUMHS - HIM Coding$79,180.65$0.00
Siemasz, Cathy LClinical Documentation SpecUMHS - HIM Coding$79,180.65$0.00
Slessor, KimClinical Documentation SpecUMHS - HIM Coding$78,910.72$0.00
Schmehl, LauraProgram Evaluation SpecialistUMHS - HIM Coding$78,564.03$0.00
Brehl, AnnetteUtilization Rev Appeals SpecUMHS - HIM Coding$78,173.22$0.00
Mullaly, Patricia JeanMedical Coder Compliance SpecUMHS - HIM Coding$75,292.55$0.00
Armbruster, JuliaClinical Documentation SpecUMHS - HIM Coding$75,204.52$0.00
Stricker, Ramona AnitaClinical Documentation SpecUMHS - HIM Coding$73,320.59$0.00
Vollick, Linda JuneClinical Documentation SpecUMHS - HIM Coding$73,150.68$0.00
Marsh, NicoleClinical Documentation SpecUMHS - HIM Coding$72,447.00$0.00
West, KirstenClinical Documentation SpecUMHS - HIM Coding$71,893.08$0.00
Murray, MaryClinical Documentation SpecUMHS - HIM Coding$71,865.81$0.00
Wilson, RhondaMedical Coder InpatientUMHS - HIM Coding$71,043.06$0.00
Wood, Heidi AMedical Coder InpatientUMHS - HIM Coding$70,804.27$0.00
Fournier, Janice KayMedical Coder InpatientUMHS - HIM Coding$70,010.46$0.00
Das, AnarkaliMedical Coder InpatientUMHS - HIM Coding$69,595.64$0.00
Jacob, AmyMedical Coder InpatientUMHS - HIM Coding$68,608.92$0.00
Ferris, Lori VMedical Coder InpatientUMHS - HIM Coding$68,386.75$0.00
Fosgate, CherylClinical Documentation SpecUMHS - HIM Coding$68,250.87$0.00
Wilson, Kimberley CharleneClinical Documentation SpecUMHS - HIM Coding$68,250.87$0.00
Hein, ShariMedical Coder Compliance SpecUMHS - HIM Coding$67,583.07$0.00
Brown, NancyMedical Coder InpatientUMHS - HIM Coding$65,009.21$0.00
Snyder, JacquelineMedical Coder InpatientUMHS - HIM Coding$64,513.05$0.00
Esper, Jenny KayMedical Coder InpatientUMHS - HIM Coding$64,261.50$0.00
Patel, MitaMedical Coder InpatientUMHS - HIM Coding$59,433.40$0.00
Skinner, LeahMedical Coder InpatientUMHS - HIM Coding$58,149.47$0.00
Thelen, DeborahMedical Coder InpatientUMHS - HIM Coding$58,082.44$0.00
Mallon, LoriMedical Coder InpatientUMHS - HIM Coding$56,176.84$0.00
Krantz, GlyndaMedical Coder InpatientUMHS - HIM Coding$55,262.22$0.00
Woody, JenniferMedical Coder InpatientUMHS - HIM Coding$54,735.89$0.00
Chuong, TinaMedical Coder InpatientUMHS - HIM Coding$53,292.72$0.00
Forrest, MitziMedical Coder InpatientUMHS - HIM Coding$53,278.38$0.00
Blankenship, Georgina CHealth Information AnalystUMHS - HIM Coding$51,933.48$0.00
McElhiney, ValorieMedical Coder InpatientUMHS - HIM Coding$51,775.10$0.00
Baker, KarenMedical Coder InpatientUMHS - HIM Coding$50,268.92$0.00
Castro, Christine MMedical Coder InpatientUMHS - HIM Coding$49,752.37$0.00
Crawford, KrystalMedical Coder InpatientUMHS - HIM Coding$49,752.37$0.00
Robey, PenelopeMedical Coder InpatientUMHS - HIM Coding$48,903.92$0.00
Azzouz, LoriMedical Coder InpatientUMHS - HIM Coding$48,303.14$0.00
Nierzwick, AliciaMedical Coder InpatientUMHS - HIM Coding$47,369.92$0.00

Lists of recent searches of
, Data Architect Senior UMHS - HIM Coding
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DesJardins, Autumn Communications Specialist Ctr for Educational Outreach
Boufides, Colleen Healy LEO Lecturer III UMH Pathology Satellite Supp
Wong, Shaomin Administrative Specialist Flint Sch of Ed and Human Svcs
Castaneda, Carol Ann data engineer Bentley Historical Library
Cohen, Jaclyn REGISTERED NURSE - LEVEL C Univ. - Development Events
Gould, Lynne Marie nurse aide Leadership Development - DEI
Schmidt, Joel Thomas MENS TRACK COACH Pediatrics-Hematology/Oncology