Number of people in UMH northville core Department: 53
Maximum Salary$ 121,163.12
Average Salary$ 40,818.86
Minimum Salary$ 30,467.88

Department Results for UMH northville core 2018-19
NameTitleDepartment FTR (Salary)GF (Amount from General Fund)
Shepard, Cara LucilleAmbulatory Care Asc DirUMH Northville Core$121,163.12$0.00
Maas, Renee TAdmin Manager Assoc HealthcareUMH Northville Core$73,704.98$0.00
Dubois, Christine WRegistered Dietitian NutritionUMH Northville Core$66,084.31$0.00
Partain, JasonAdmin Manager Assoc HealthcareUMH Northville Core$65,442.64$0.00
Asbell, Terri ALicensed Practical NurseUMH Northville Core$58,717.72$0.00
Kulhanek, LeahRegistered Dietitian NutritionUMH Northville Core$58,502.09$0.00
Schneider, AmyRegistered Dietitian NutritionUMH Northville Core$58,200.97$0.00
Bell, Shannon MariePatient Services SeniorUMH Northville Core$48,652.02$0.00
Moore, Laura RPatient Services IntermediateUMH Northville Core$48,526.06$0.00
Lakin, Delisa GAdmin Asst Sr HealthcareUMH Northville Core$48,461.50$0.00
Chesnut, BernadinePatient Services IntermediateUMH Northville Core$43,170.60$0.00
Brennan, LynnePatient Services AssociateUMH Northville Core$42,157.34$0.00
Panyan, KaitlynClinic LeadUMH Northville Core$42,092.39$0.00
Polasky, Robert VincentAdmin Asst Inter HealthcareUMH Northville Core$40,647.91$0.00
Schmittou, Peggy SueCall Center Assoc Supr InboundUMH Northville Core$40,216.23$0.00
Greenhouse, CassPatient Services AssistantUMH Northville Core$38,562.55$0.00
Warning, JulieCall Center Rep InterUMH Northville Core$38,434.36$0.00
Edmunds, JessicaPatient Services IntermediateUMH Northville Core$37,881.87$0.00
Ford-Butler, Cheryl LynnPAT VISIT ENT ATTENDANTUMH Northville Core$37,273.60$0.00
Witt, KellyCall Center Rep InterUMH Northville Core$37,144.00$0.00
Johnson, KellyCall Center Rep InterUMH Northville Core$36,897.99$0.00
Schoen, ShellyMedical Assistant IntermediateUMH Northville Core$36,696.25$0.00
Sheldon, MichaelPatient Services IntermediateUMH Northville Core$36,559.21$0.00
Culloty, AmberPatient Services IntermediateUMH Northville Core$36,354.57$0.00
Lyons, Olivia LaurenPatient Services AssistantUMH Northville Core$35,862.75$0.00
Gunther, KimberlyPatient Services AssociateUMH Northville Core$35,569.49$0.00
Jackson, CiaraPatient Services AssociateUMH Northville Core$35,516.19$0.00
Platsis, AngelaPatient Services AssociateUMH Northville Core$35,131.10$0.00
DiTommaso, KarenCall Center Rep InterUMH Northville Core$35,041.55$0.00
Butler, KatherineCall Center Rep InterUMH Northville Core$34,707.89$0.00
Roberts, Amanda LynnPatient Services AssociateUMH Northville Core$34,522.94$0.00
Andersen, MaureenCall Center Rep InterUMH Northville Core$34,440.12$0.00
Kontoyiannakis, Margaret BrodowiczPatient Services AssistantUMH Northville Core$34,368.11$0.00
Rice, TylerPatient Services AssociateUMH Northville Core$34,326.95$0.00
Underwood, KaylaCall Center Rep InterUMH Northville Core$34,304.95$0.00
White, BrendaCall Center Rep InterUMH Northville Core$34,294.55$0.00
Ajaykumar, SabithaCall Center Rep InterUMH Northville Core$34,258.04$0.00
Pund, KariCall Center Rep InterUMH Northville Core$34,193.67$0.00
Pouget, Kathryn MartinezPatient Services AssociateUMH Northville Core$33,995.81$0.00
Pisko, ChelseaPatient Services AssociateUMH Northville Core$33,849.66$0.00
Hodge, AaronPatient Services IntermediateUMH Northville Core$33,648.29$0.00
Noonchester, RachelPatient Services AssociateUMH Northville Core$32,903.42$0.00
Heath, RachaelCall Center Rep InterUMH Northville Core$32,622.80$0.00
Street, LoganPatient Services AssociateUMH Northville Core$32,516.73$0.00
Osburn, Katelyn MCall Center Rep InterUMH Northville Core$32,389.08$0.00
Blue, AlexisPatient Services AssociateUMH Northville Core$32,310.11$0.00
Stirsman, AshleyPatient Services AssistantUMH Northville Core$32,301.13$0.00
Charles, TaleeshaPatient Services AssistantUMH Northville Core$32,122.55$0.00
Karaouzas, Antonia ICall Center Rep InterUMH Northville Core$32,108.45$0.00
O'Bryan, KelseyPatient Services AssistantUMH Northville Core$31,605.45$0.00
Bicknell, CassandraPatient Services AssistantUMH Northville Core$31,324.94$0.00
Kowynia, MelanieSupply/Stock Clerk AssociateUMH Northville Core$31,150.76$0.00
Madayag jr, CrispuloSupply/Stock Clerk AssociateUMH Northville Core$30,467.88$0.00

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, Exec Dir Non-Profit Arts Org UMH northville core
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