Number of people in UMH anesthesia UH Department: 34
Maximum Salary$ 104,519.17
Average Salary$ 41,842.52
Minimum Salary$ 32,269.90

Department Results for UMH anesthesia UH 2018-19
NameTitleDepartment FTR (Salary)GF (Amount from General Fund)
Hill, MichelleAllied Health Senior SuprUMH Anesthesia UH$104,519.17$0.00
Chambers, Marsha Ann MariaAllied Health Associate SuprUMH Anesthesia UH$53,910.68$0.00
Svihra, BreanneAllied Health Associate SuprUMH Anesthesia UH$53,910.68$0.00
Horne, AdamAllied Health Associate SuprUMH Anesthesia UH$53,396.39$0.00
Harper, Lawry AnnetteAnesthesia Tech SeniorUMH Anesthesia UH$52,075.73$0.00
Gardner, Alan DavidAllied Health Associate SuprUMH Anesthesia UH$51,892.62$0.00
Bowden, Sidney SAnesthesia Tech SeniorUMH Anesthesia UH$51,506.33$0.00
White, Richard JAnesthesia Tech SeniorUMH Anesthesia UH$48,625.32$0.00
Perva, Mary KathleenAnesthesia Tech SeniorUMH Anesthesia UH$48,544.31$0.00
Stanley, Elinor MarieAdmin Asst Inter HealthcareUMH Anesthesia UH$45,797.05$0.00
Smith, ToniAnesthesia Tech SeniorUMH Anesthesia UH$43,630.70$0.00
Klei, CindyPatient Care Tech AssociateUMH Anesthesia UH$43,536.51$0.00
Phillips, JohnathonAnesthesia TechnicianUMH Anesthesia UH$38,070.43$0.00
Benkarski, CzarinaAnesthesia TechnicianUMH Anesthesia UH$37,962.48$0.00
Abdeljaber, RamadanAnesthesia TechnicianUMH Anesthesia UH$37,249.46$0.00
Odle, KelleyAnesthesia TechnicianUMH Anesthesia UH$36,990.99$0.00
Du, NingAnesthesia TechnicianUMH Anesthesia UH$36,816.71$0.00
Woodson, MartinAnesthesia TechnicianUMH Anesthesia UH$36,697.32$0.00
Deane, MeaghanAnesthesia TechnicianUMH Anesthesia UH$36,330.58$0.00
Fernandez-Castillo, NicolasAnesthesia TechnicianUMH Anesthesia UH$36,203.59$0.00
King, BradfordAnesthesia TechnicianUMH Anesthesia UH$35,763.08$0.00
Weir, AdamAnesthesia TechnicianUMH Anesthesia UH$35,445.30$0.00
Oleksyn, KaitlinAnesthesia TechnicianUMH Anesthesia UH$34,920.56$0.00
Barr, MeganAnesthesia TechnicianUMH Anesthesia UH$34,919.78$0.00
Price, LucasAnesthesia TechnicianUMH Anesthesia UH$34,919.78$0.00
Trepod, CharlesAnesthesia TechnicianUMH Anesthesia UH$34,411.29$0.00
Speers, StevenAnesthesia TechnicianUMH Anesthesia UH$34,403.60$0.00
Huisman, DouglasAnesthesia TechnicianUMH Anesthesia UH$34,068.83$0.00
Fowler, MirandaAnesthesia TechnicianUMH Anesthesia UH$33,076.65$0.00
Hister, JillAnesthesia TechnicianUMH Anesthesia UH$32,915.22$0.00
Willis, TreasureAnesthesia TechnicianUMH Anesthesia UH$32,915.22$0.00
Griffin, IvoreePatient Services AssociateUMH Anesthesia UH$32,679.63$0.00
Howe, HunterAnesthesia TechnicianUMH Anesthesia UH$32,269.90$0.00
Patton, PatrickAnesthesia TechnicianUMH Anesthesia UH$32,269.90$0.00

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