Number of people in UMH Urology Clinic - Tech Department: 51
Maximum Salary$ 122,470.78
Average Salary$ 59,168.42
Minimum Salary$ 29,718.00

Department Results for UMH Urology Clinic - Tech 2017-18
NameTitleDepartment FTR (Salary)GF (Amount from General Fund)
Nowlin, Mary CPhysician Asst Surg Subspec T2UMH Urology Clinic - Tech$122,470.78$0.00
Wardius, LauriePhysician Asst Surg Subspec T2UMH Urology Clinic - Tech$122,377.00$0.00
Adams, GaylePhysician Asst Surg Subspec T2UMH Urology Clinic - Tech$119,648.33$0.00
Quallich, Susanne ANP SURG SUBSPECIALTY TIER 2UMH Urology Clinic - Tech$118,655.15$0.00
Gargaro, Clare ElisePhysician Asst Surg Subspec T2UMH Urology Clinic - Tech$104,629.30$0.00
Mukundi, StanleyPhysician Asst Surg Subspec T2UMH Urology Clinic - Tech$104,587.94$0.00
Talmich, EmilyPhysician Asst Surg Subspec T2UMH Urology Clinic - Tech$103,574.38$0.00
Fast, Margaret MREGISTERED NURSE - LEVEL EUMH Urology Clinic - Tech$102,689.60$0.00
Sprang, James MCLIN CARE COORD-COMPETENTUMH Urology Clinic - Tech$100,942.40$0.00
Fuller, Zaleha RCLIN CARE COORD EXPERTUMH Urology Clinic - Tech$100,089.60$0.00
Grybas, JenniferCLIN CARE COORD-COMPETENTUMH Urology Clinic - Tech$99,049.60$0.00
Mathias, Lisa IreneCLIN CARE COORD-COMPETENTUMH Urology Clinic - Tech$99,049.60$0.00
Silvenis, Anna MCLIN CARE COORD-COMPETENTUMH Urology Clinic - Tech$99,049.60$0.00
Lindstrom, KimCLIN CARE COORD-COMPETENTUMH Urology Clinic - Tech$80,912.00$0.00
Reicks, TrudyREG NURSE - LEVEL C (B INC)UMH Urology Clinic - Tech$78,832.00$0.00
Buckland, Kandy LynAdmin Manager Assoc HealthcareUMH Urology Clinic - Tech$72,080.12$0.00
Frederick, BreannaCLIN CARE COORD-COMPETENTUMH Urology Clinic - Tech$64,833.60$0.00
Miller-Brief, Barbara JeanPatient Services IntermediateUMH Urology Clinic - Tech$55,102.32$0.00
Young, Monica LynnCall Center Inter Supr InboundUMH Urology Clinic - Tech$52,185.98$0.00
Ray, BryanLicensed Practical NurseUMH Urology Clinic - Tech$50,000.08$0.00
Trolian, Tracy LMedical Assistant SeniorUMH Urology Clinic - Tech$49,591.39$0.00
Wickham, Melody JMedical Assistant IntermediateUMH Urology Clinic - Tech$48,000.16$0.00
Holmes, Jason DPatient Services SeniorUMH Urology Clinic - Tech$47,956.00$0.00
Kudrak, Marie APatient Services IntermediateUMH Urology Clinic - Tech$47,809.88$0.00
Allain, Kimberly SuePatient Services SeniorUMH Urology Clinic - Tech$47,681.26$0.00
Morgan, Toni PPatient Services IntermediateUMH Urology Clinic - Tech$46,805.93$0.00
Root, Mary LPatient Services IntermediateUMH Urology Clinic - Tech$46,201.66$0.00
Samland, Kathryn AnnSr Bill Clk/Pat Acct Rep HlthUMH Urology Clinic - Tech$44,933.23$0.00
Baden-Collins, Pamela JPatient Services AssociateUMH Urology Clinic - Tech$42,758.04$0.00
Kegley, Nancy JPatient Services AssociateUMH Urology Clinic - Tech$39,143.68$0.00
Nicholson, Lavonyea ShawanPatient Services IntermediateUMH Urology Clinic - Tech$37,953.54$0.00
Nilsson, LaurenPatient Services IntermediateUMH Urology Clinic - Tech$37,126.24$0.00
Holmes, HeatherPatient Services IntermediateUMH Urology Clinic - Tech$37,090.87$0.00
Tomshany, Rickelle LeeMedical Assistant AssociateUMH Urology Clinic - Tech$36,743.09$0.00
Heiden, Jennifer LeAnnePatient Services IntermediateUMH Urology Clinic - Tech$35,643.99$0.00
Jacobs, TujuanaPatient Services AssistantUMH Urology Clinic - Tech$35,488.96$0.00
Butkovich, Laura BethMedical Assistant AssociateUMH Urology Clinic - Tech$35,386.18$0.00
Scott, DonielleMedical Assistant AssociateUMH Urology Clinic - Tech$35,178.44$0.00
Gordon, Amber MariePatient Services IntermediateUMH Urology Clinic - Tech$34,561.06$0.00
Daly, KatrinaMedical Assistant AssociateUMH Urology Clinic - Tech$34,208.98$0.00
Carver-Czajka, Yvette SusanneCall Center Rep InterUMH Urology Clinic - Tech$34,044.34$0.00
Roquemore, TracyCall Center Rep InterUMH Urology Clinic - Tech$33,669.22$0.00
Watson, LaKeishaMedical Assistant AssociateUMH Urology Clinic - Tech$32,737.73$0.00
Sobek, JonathanCall Center Rep InterUMH Urology Clinic - Tech$32,542.96$0.00
Jurasek, AlexandraPatient Services AssociateUMH Urology Clinic - Tech$31,815.73$0.00
Barragan Barajas, MariaMedical AssistantUMH Urology Clinic - Tech$31,677.43$0.00
Wojtys, SarahMedical AssistantUMH Urology Clinic - Tech$30,269.46$0.00
Buckland, LaurenCall Center Rep InterUMH Urology Clinic - Tech$30,253.72$0.00
Librojo, MirandaCall Center Rep InterUMH Urology Clinic - Tech$29,997.76$0.00
Eversole, NoahPatient Services AssistantUMH Urology Clinic - Tech$29,840.89$0.00
Boyer, TerryPatient Services AssistantUMH Urology Clinic - Tech$29,718.00$0.00

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