Number of people in UMH UH Pharmacy Services Department: 75
Maximum Salary$ 142,709.19
Average Salary$ 90,410.14
Minimum Salary$ 35,338.94

Department Results for UMH UH Pharmacy Services 2018-19
NameTitleDepartment FTR (Salary)GF (Amount from General Fund)
VandenBerg, AmyClinical Pharmacist SpecialistUMH UH Pharmacy Services$142,709.19$0.00
Walker, Pamela LClinical Pharmacist SpecialistUMH UH Pharmacy Services$142,709.19$0.00
Christen, CatherineClinical Pharmacist SpecialistUMH UH Pharmacy Services$138,361.57$0.00
Bell, Adrienne MClinical PharmacistUMH UH Pharmacy Services$137,641.14$0.00
Macon, ElizabethClinical PharmacistUMH UH Pharmacy Services$137,641.14$0.00
Saad, NadaClinical PharmacistUMH UH Pharmacy Services$137,641.14$0.00
Lucarotti, Andrew LouisPharmacy ManagerUMH UH Pharmacy Services$137,363.20$0.00
Bates, Trudi AClinical PharmacistUMH UH Pharmacy Services$135,986.75$0.00
Chezick, Gerard LClinical PharmacistUMH UH Pharmacy Services$135,986.75$0.00
Dimo, Mary EClinical PharmacistUMH UH Pharmacy Services$135,986.75$0.00
Kulakowski, Laura LClinical PharmacistUMH UH Pharmacy Services$135,986.75$0.00
Morlock, Katherine AnnClinical PharmacistUMH UH Pharmacy Services$135,986.75$0.00
Adebiyi, Olukunle JacobClinical PharmacistUMH UH Pharmacy Services$134,726.90$0.00
Fahmy-Rizk, Jackie GClinical PharmacistUMH UH Pharmacy Services$134,726.86$0.00
Kadous, SamerClinical PharmacistUMH UH Pharmacy Services$133,915.29$0.00
Tupps, MatthewPharmacy ManagerUMH UH Pharmacy Services$133,735.29$0.00
Vanwert, ElizabethClinical PharmacistUMH UH Pharmacy Services$133,687.94$0.00
Gaudet, Rikki-LeighClinical Pharmacist SpecialistUMH UH Pharmacy Services$131,480.47$0.00
Brancaccio, AdamoClinical PharmacistUMH UH Pharmacy Services$129,220.39$0.00
Burghardt, Danielle RebeccaClinical Pharmacist SpecialistUMH UH Pharmacy Services$127,714.56$0.00
Hensler, DavidClinical PharmacistUMH UH Pharmacy Services$126,980.46$0.00
Egenti, Christine IjeomaClinical PharmacistUMH UH Pharmacy Services$125,993.20$0.00
Thomas, AlanClinical PharmacistUMH UH Pharmacy Services$125,663.00$0.00
Jamieson, NancyClinical PharmacistUMH UH Pharmacy Services$124,460.69$0.00
Kalisieski, MattClinical PharmacistUMH UH Pharmacy Services$124,460.69$0.00
Malik, Mouazam ShahzadClinical PharmacistUMH UH Pharmacy Services$124,460.69$0.00
Patel, JasmineClinical PharmacistUMH UH Pharmacy Services$120,631.44$0.00
Pepper, MicahClinical PharmacistUMH UH Pharmacy Services$120,393.35$0.00
Supenia, EmilyClinical PharmacistUMH UH Pharmacy Services$120,228.82$0.00
Sandison, KatherineClinical PharmacistUMH UH Pharmacy Services$119,853.73$0.00
Nasser, SusanClinical PharmacistUMH UH Pharmacy Services$119,663.00$0.00
Jeffery, AaronClinical PharmacistUMH UH Pharmacy Services$119,579.88$0.00
Scott, Abigale RaimondaClinical PharmacistUMH UH Pharmacy Services$118,766.42$0.00
Adani, ManaliClinical PharmacistUMH UH Pharmacy Services$117,456.93$0.00
Farina, NicholasClinical Pharmacist SpecialistUMH UH Pharmacy Services$117,456.93$0.00
Kean, Sarah SamanthaClinical PharmacistUMH UH Pharmacy Services$115,372.88$0.00
Mashrah, DaraounClinical PharmacistUMH UH Pharmacy Services$115,372.88$0.00
Patel, NiketaClinical PharmacistUMH UH Pharmacy Services$115,372.88$0.00
Popova, KaylaClinical PharmacistUMH UH Pharmacy Services$115,372.88$0.00
Bryant, NathanClinical PharmacistUMH UH Pharmacy Services$114,330.00$0.00
Blanchard, Dana LeeClinical PharmacistUMH UH Pharmacy Services$111,413.00$0.00
Hecker, MatthewClinical PharmacistUMH UH Pharmacy Services$111,413.00$0.00
Sienkowski, CristinaClinical PharmacistUMH UH Pharmacy Services$111,413.00$0.00
Goodwin, Adam MarshallPharmacy Technician CoordUMH UH Pharmacy Services$50,941.81$0.00
Serrico, Kathleen MPharmacy Technician SeniorUMH UH Pharmacy Services$50,712.29$0.00
Thompson, Allen RPharmacy Technician SeniorUMH UH Pharmacy Services$50,466.31$0.00
Roney, VictoriaPharmacy Technician CoordUMH UH Pharmacy Services$49,383.93$0.00
Banner, Joshua MPharmacy Technician InterUMH UH Pharmacy Services$46,175.12$0.00
Beere, Renee MariePharmacy Technician SeniorUMH UH Pharmacy Services$45,619.35$0.00
May, Kelly AnnePharmacy Technician InterUMH UH Pharmacy Services$44,043.39$0.00
Apperson, StefaniePharmacy Technician InterUMH UH Pharmacy Services$43,745.44$0.00
Shaw, RebeccaPharmacy Technician InterUMH UH Pharmacy Services$43,636.44$0.00
Oh, JinheePharmacy Technician InterUMH UH Pharmacy Services$43,360.88$0.00
Ziemba, Lorraine MariePharmacy Technician InterUMH UH Pharmacy Services$43,093.58$0.00
Gavin, AntonioPharmacy Technician InterUMH UH Pharmacy Services$42,677.31$0.00
Pflasterer, KathrynPharmacy Technician InterUMH UH Pharmacy Services$42,671.71$0.00
Ludolph, JenniferPharmacy Technician SeniorUMH UH Pharmacy Services$42,410.55$0.00
Lampert, JuliePharmacy Technician InterUMH UH Pharmacy Services$42,142.90$0.00
Bickford, RichardPharmacy Technician InterUMH UH Pharmacy Services$41,484.74$0.00
Bray, IkeylaPharmacy Technician AssocUMH UH Pharmacy Services$41,429.02$0.00
Pusod, Errile JoyPharmacy Technician AssocUMH UH Pharmacy Services$41,429.02$0.00
Bakkar, JihadPharmacy Technician AssocUMH UH Pharmacy Services$40,912.01$0.00
Darnell Jr, RonaldPharmacy Technician AssocUMH UH Pharmacy Services$40,408.86$0.00
Hugan, NataliePharmacy Technician InterUMH UH Pharmacy Services$39,709.26$0.00
Key, DarianPharmacy Technician AssocUMH UH Pharmacy Services$38,955.64$0.00
El Eter, MariamPharmacy Technician AssocUMH UH Pharmacy Services$38,940.71$0.00
Hefner, Erica MadisonPharmacy Technician AssocUMH UH Pharmacy Services$38,005.57$0.00
Kelly, EmilyPharmacy Technician AssocUMH UH Pharmacy Services$38,005.57$0.00
Nichols, ErinPharmacy Technician AssocUMH UH Pharmacy Services$36,758.48$0.00
Zylfo, AlbanaPharmacy Technician AssocUMH UH Pharmacy Services$36,305.46$0.00
Cole, BrittanyPharmacy Technician AssocUMH UH Pharmacy Services$35,779.90$0.00
Katterman, LenaPharmacy Technician AssocUMH UH Pharmacy Services$35,779.90$0.00
Sharker, LatifaPharmacy Technician AssocUMH UH Pharmacy Services$35,779.90$0.00
Ghiurau, TabitaPharmacy Technician AssocUMH UH Pharmacy Services$35,338.94$0.00
Thompson, AnnePharmacy Technician AssocUMH UH Pharmacy Services$35,338.94$0.00

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