Number of people in UMH Special Chemistry Department: 26
Maximum Salary$ 90,878.90
Average Salary$ 70,266.16
Minimum Salary$ 57,066.98

Department Results for UMH Special Chemistry 2018-19
NameTitleDepartment FTR (Salary)GF (Amount from General Fund)
Erber, Mary LouiseLaboratory SupervisorUMH Special Chemistry$90,878.90$0.00
Harro, David MLaboratory SupervisorUMH Special Chemistry$85,491.16$0.00
Clayton, Larry ThomasClinical Technologist SeniorUMH Special Chemistry$84,590.77$0.00
Bush, Donna MMedical Technologist SpecUMH Special Chemistry$78,126.57$0.00
Wright, Brian JClinical Technologist SeniorUMH Special Chemistry$77,353.09$0.00
McDermott, Colleen AMedical Technologist SpecUMH Special Chemistry$76,505.40$0.00
Mattson, Sheridan JohnLaboratory SupervisorUMH Special Chemistry$75,546.16$0.00
Schalk, Dawn AMedical Technologist SpecUMH Special Chemistry$75,352.88$0.00
Sinay, Anthony MClinical Technologist SeniorUMH Special Chemistry$75,275.94$0.00
Bolterman, JanetClinical Technologist SeniorUMH Special Chemistry$71,765.02$0.00
Sinclair, Eileen FMedical TechnologistUMH Special Chemistry$71,048.21$0.00
Offord, Christine BMedical TechnologistUMH Special Chemistry$71,047.16$0.00
Huster, Kathleen LMedical TechnologistUMH Special Chemistry$71,016.55$0.00
Czerwinski, Nancy MMedical TechnologistUMH Special Chemistry$69,668.64$0.00
Nurmi, TheresaMedical TechnologistUMH Special Chemistry$68,995.52$0.00
Graham, Kelly MMedical TechnologistUMH Special Chemistry$67,921.79$0.00
Kandrevas, Devon MMedical TechnologistUMH Special Chemistry$67,768.53$0.00
Swift, TheresaMedical TechnologistUMH Special Chemistry$65,943.03$0.00
Svabik, Amy AMedical TechnologistUMH Special Chemistry$63,543.77$0.00
Eickhoff, LisaMedical TechnologistUMH Special Chemistry$63,500.06$0.00
Sobolak, Nicole AMedical TechnologistUMH Special Chemistry$63,402.92$0.00
Alholinna, Stella WinifredMedical TechnologistUMH Special Chemistry$62,780.20$0.00
Derosia, Melissa AnnMedical TechnologistUMH Special Chemistry$57,578.39$0.00
Metski, Jody AMedical TechnologistUMH Special Chemistry$57,570.93$0.00
Gray, KimberlyMedical TechnologistUMH Special Chemistry$57,181.57$0.00
Cross, EmeritaMedical TechnologistUMH Special Chemistry$57,066.98$0.00

Lists of recent searches of
, Billing Clerk Senior UMH Special Chemistry
Kipp, Heather Lynn Anesthesia Technician Global Engagement
Bushkuhl, Benjamin %Chair% internal%
trem, CAO/Chief of Staff - EVPMA %f-o%
Giorgio, Patricia Nutrition Services Manager LSA Middle East Studies
Bushey, Patricia Jean Rehabilitation Technician BCSC CCC
Burke, William M Social Worker% HR Professional and Org Develop
Calabrese, julianna CIRC OPER MAIN Ross School of Business
Fair, Dana Ondrei emergency umhs%
red, rish Physician Asst Med SubSpec T2 UM%
Busha, Linda K Research Area Specialist Assoc Mechanical Engineering