Number of people in UMH Social Work Department: 227
Maximum Salary$ 136,075.10
Average Salary$ 67,875.19
Minimum Salary$ 41,681.36

Department Results for UMH Social Work 2018-19
NameTitleDepartment FTR (Salary)GF (Amount from General Fund)
Kettley, John RAdmin Manager Sr HealthcareUMH Social Work$136,075.10$0.00
Nitzberg, Laura JeanAdmin Manager Sr HealthcareUMH Social Work$130,581.35$0.00
Battles, Alethia JeanBusiness Proc Consultant LeadUMH Social Work$129,625.00$0.00
Roberts, Jami JAdmin Manager Sr HealthcareUMH Social Work$123,751.97$0.00
Iaderosa, AlessandraAdmin Manager Sr HealthcareUMH Social Work$122,551.56$0.00
Webster, Melissa ColineAdmin Manager Inter HealthcareUMH Social Work$115,326.98$0.00
Diehl, Kathleen AAdmin Manager Inter HealthcareUMH Social Work$102,547.99$5,127.40
Klett, Stacey OlingerProject Senior ManagerUMH Social Work$98,363.53$0.00
Abney, Regina LamprechtAdmin Manager Inter HealthcareUMH Social Work$89,066.56$0.00
Pierce, Alison BauteFinancial Specialist SeniorUMH Social Work$88,274.80$0.00
Kerr, MarthaSocial Worker MSW SeniorUMH Social Work$88,170.00$0.00
McGinity, Laura MaynardSocial Worker MSW SeniorUMH Social Work$88,170.00$0.00
Brown, Michele MAllied Health Intermediate SupUMH Social Work$87,257.53$0.00
Rakes-Colvin, Stephanie NicoleAdmin Manager Inter HealthcareUMH Social Work$86,851.04$0.00
Vantine, Aimee MProgram ManagerUMH Social Work$85,437.37$0.00
Patterson, GloriaSocial Worker MSW SeniorUMH Social Work$85,028.21$0.00
Banchoff, Amy LeeSocial Worker MSW SeniorUMH Social Work$84,823.22$0.00
Foulk, Mariko AbeSocial Worker MSW SeniorUMH Social Work$84,595.20$0.00
Grambeau, Mary PSocial Worker MSW SeniorUMH Social Work$83,668.01$0.00
Voelkner, KathrynSocial Worker MSW SeniorUMH Social Work$83,618.04$0.00
Zeitlin, Laura EllenSocial Worker MSW SeniorUMH Social Work$83,610.05$0.00
Khang, Erin MaureenAdmin Manager Inter HealthcareUMH Social Work$83,186.97$0.00
Bullard, Katherine Rebecca HSocial Worker MSW SeniorUMH Social Work$82,707.73$0.00
Dubin, LeslieSocial Worker MSW SeniorUMH Social Work$82,236.42$0.00
Carbone, Loretta ASocial Worker MSW SeniorUMH Social Work$81,232.98$0.00
Wiener, SaraProgram ManagerUMH Social Work$81,221.29$0.00
Genyk, Donna JaneSocial Worker MSW SeniorUMH Social Work$80,313.25$0.00
Millard, Anna ESocial Worker MSW SeniorUMH Social Work$80,313.25$0.00
Charles, Antonia TSocial Worker MSW SeniorUMH Social Work$79,967.61$0.00
Crampton, KarenSocial Worker MSW SeniorUMH Social Work$79,967.61$0.00
McCorry, Nancy RachelSocial Worker MSW SeniorUMH Social Work$79,967.61$0.00
Wiley, Latresa ElizabethSocial Worker MSW SeniorUMH Social Work$79,967.61$0.00
Rumman, Mary ESocial Worker MSW SeniorUMH Social Work$79,749.13$0.00
Smith, Karen AbigailSocial Worker MSW SeniorUMH Social Work$79,290.34$0.00
DeRaud, RebeccaAllied Health Intermediate SupUMH Social Work$78,497.93$0.00
Graham Jr, Charles EugeneSocial Worker MSW SeniorUMH Social Work$78,344.49$0.00
Evans, Lisa EngelSocial Worker MSW SeniorUMH Social Work$78,120.80$0.00
Prout, Aileen HundleySocial Worker MSW SeniorUMH Social Work$77,970.18$0.00
Hatch, LauraSocial Worker MSW SeniorUMH Social Work$77,711.07$0.00
Glisson, Joyce AnnSocial Worker MSW SeniorUMH Social Work$77,641.02$0.00
Fogelberg, Rachel BerentSocial Worker MSW SeniorUMH Social Work$77,139.74$0.00
Jensen, Maren LSocial Worker MSW SeniorUMH Social Work$76,831.42$0.00
O'Gara, Florence KathleenSocial Worker MSW SeniorUMH Social Work$76,781.46$0.00
Harcourt, Lisbeth WarnerProgram ManagerUMH Social Work$76,646.47$0.00
Yallop, WendySocial Worker MSW SeniorUMH Social Work$76,645.70$0.00
Arnold-Robinson, TheresaSocial Worker MSW SeniorUMH Social Work$76,616.73$0.00
Dobyne, MalindaSocial Worker MSW SeniorUMH Social Work$76,354.41$0.00
Doss-Simmons, Tracey AlleneSocial Worker MSW SeniorUMH Social Work$75,821.15$0.00
Konz, Kristine MarieSocial Worker MSW SeniorUMH Social Work$75,204.27$0.00
Proctor, LorriSocial Worker MSWUMH Social Work$75,160.72$0.00
Eidemiller, Amanda PatriciaSocial Worker MSW SeniorUMH Social Work$75,135.73$0.00
Dodson, NancySocial Worker MSW SeniorUMH Social Work$75,087.94$0.00
Beebe, AdreaSocial Worker MSW SeniorUMH Social Work$74,448.30$0.00
DeKam, Andrea LynnSocial Worker MSW SeniorUMH Social Work$74,448.30$0.00
Lehrmann, Julie MerzSocial Worker MSW SeniorUMH Social Work$74,448.30$0.00
Maahs, David WSocial Worker MSW SeniorUMH Social Work$74,263.10$0.00
Marin, JonathanSocial Worker MSW SeniorUMH Social Work$74,174.70$0.00
Pellerito, Suzanne MSocial Worker MSWUMH Social Work$74,051.04$0.00
Svensson, James SSocial Worker MSW SeniorUMH Social Work$73,890.03$0.00
DeSena, Daniel TrabueSocial Worker MSW SeniorUMH Social Work$73,677.54$0.00
New, KristinSocial Worker MSW SeniorUMH Social Work$73,605.63$0.00
Brown, Cindy KSocial Worker MSW SeniorUMH Social Work$73,605.39$0.00
Fields-Pettigrew, DebraSocial Worker MSW SeniorUMH Social Work$73,605.39$0.00
Hamlin, Shannon ElizabethSocial Worker MSW SeniorUMH Social Work$73,605.39$0.00
Hansen, Amy KSocial Worker MSW SeniorUMH Social Work$73,605.39$0.00
Shulman, Lorraine AudreySocial Worker MSW SeniorUMH Social Work$73,214.17$0.00
Goniwicha, DebraSocial Worker MSWUMH Social Work$73,203.49$0.00
Schneider, Katherine EAllied Health Intermediate SupUMH Social Work$73,067.05$0.00
Farrackand, NicoleSocial Worker MSW SeniorUMH Social Work$72,869.75$0.00
Shell, Sarah Rebecca WernerSocial Worker MSW SeniorUMH Social Work$72,596.09$0.00
DeVries, BradleyClinical Info Analyst InterUMH Social Work$72,590.00$0.00
Nichols, LynnSocial Worker MSWUMH Social Work$72,320.86$0.00
Shriberg, Rebecca FSocial Worker MSW SeniorUMH Social Work$72,206.10$0.00
Finch, KellySocial Worker MSWUMH Social Work$72,155.39$0.00
McMahon, Donna MargaretSocial Worker MSW SeniorUMH Social Work$72,061.29$0.00
Harrington, John BSocial Worker MSWUMH Social Work$71,929.53$0.00
Mitcham, Janice JoSocial Worker MSW SeniorUMH Social Work$71,706.42$0.00
LaCasse, BethSocial Worker MSW SeniorUMH Social Work$71,674.27$0.00
Rutherford, GertrudeSocial Worker MSWUMH Social Work$71,152.97$0.00
Heggestad, Martin RandalSocial Worker MSW SeniorUMH Social Work$71,072.07$0.00
Anderson, Lisa JSocial Worker MSW SeniorUMH Social Work$71,035.56$0.00
Brooker, LeslieSocial Worker MSWUMH Social Work$70,902.80$0.00
Pitcher, Mari JanSocial Worker MSWUMH Social Work$70,902.80$0.00
Spano-English, Toni NoelSocial Worker MSW SeniorUMH Social Work$70,195.62$0.00
Burns, LauraSocial Worker MSWUMH Social Work$70,100.03$0.00
Capling, AnneSocial Worker MSWUMH Social Work$70,100.03$0.00
Gormley-Veasley, AudreySocial Worker MSWUMH Social Work$70,100.03$0.00
Klevering, KristinSocial Worker MSWUMH Social Work$70,100.03$0.00
McLaughlin, MelissaSocial Worker MSWUMH Social Work$70,100.03$0.00
Willey, CynthiaSocial Worker MSWUMH Social Work$70,100.03$0.00
Etcheverry, ShannonAllied Health Intermediate SupUMH Social Work$70,081.58$0.00
Tolis, AnnaSocial Worker MSWUMH Social Work$69,709.41$0.00
Brennan, Lindsay ReneeSocial Worker MSW SeniorUMH Social Work$69,679.68$0.00
Bible, JessicaSocial Worker MSWUMH Social Work$69,580.48$0.00
Zimmer, MatthewSocial Worker MSW SeniorUMH Social Work$69,494.25$0.00
Gatermann, Yana ZierleSocial Worker MSW SeniorUMH Social Work$69,419.51$0.00
Keating, Maria-Angelica CerdenaSocial Worker MSW SeniorUMH Social Work$69,399.39$0.00
Olte, Angela MSocial Worker MSW SeniorUMH Social Work$69,381.46$0.00
Bresky, Katie RoseSocial Worker MSW SeniorUMH Social Work$69,212.02$5,190.90
Jacobs, AmySocial Worker MSWUMH Social Work$69,123.83$0.00
Beckman, Mieke AlexandraSocial Worker MSW SeniorUMH Social Work$68,983.62$0.00
Konigsberg, AnnaSocial Worker MSWUMH Social Work$68,515.82$0.00
Svatora, WendySocial Worker MSWUMH Social Work$68,359.14$0.00
Long, DeborahSocial Worker MSWUMH Social Work$68,278.19$0.00
Mieras, Margaret ElizabethSocial Worker MSW SeniorUMH Social Work$68,090.45$0.00
Hardy, KellySocial Worker MSW SeniorUMH Social Work$67,620.00$0.00
Hall, Kathryn DianeSocial Worker MSW SeniorUMH Social Work$67,081.37$0.00
LaLonde, Kelsey Lynn-CollinsSocial Worker MSW SeniorUMH Social Work$66,695.67$0.00
Fasl, Kathryn AnnSocial Worker MSWUMH Social Work$66,616.71$0.00
Farrell, Lesley MaierSocial Worker MSW SeniorUMH Social Work$66,326.46$0.00
Jentz, Ashley MSocial Worker MSW SeniorUMH Social Work$66,168.09$0.00
Brock, LeahSocial Worker MSWUMH Social Work$66,032.57$0.00
Florek, Jacinta RoseSocial Worker MSW SeniorUMH Social Work$65,928.33$0.00
Scoville, LynneSocial Worker MSW SeniorUMH Social Work$65,494.47$4,502.76
Lehmann, KatherineSocial Worker MSW SeniorUMH Social Work$65,155.36$0.00
Suttles, Jeremy JasonSocial Worker MSW SeniorUMH Social Work$64,988.59$0.00
Koenig, StephanieSocial Worker MSW SeniorUMH Social Work$64,923.65$0.00
Jackson, NicoleSocial Worker MSWUMH Social Work$64,693.51$0.00
Rassi, StephenSocial Worker MSWUMH Social Work$64,693.51$0.00
Rosenblum, NoraSocial Worker MSW SeniorUMH Social Work$64,659.51$0.00
Holden, WilliamSocial Worker MSW SeniorUMH Social Work$64,631.88$0.00
Lasser, SherylSocial Worker MSWUMH Social Work$64,483.66$0.00
Martin, CaitlinSocial Worker MSWUMH Social Work$64,343.00$0.00
Green, SulanSocial Worker MSWUMH Social Work$64,342.13$0.00
Slone, Rachel FaithSocial Worker MSW SeniorUMH Social Work$64,196.24$0.00
Enneking, JennaSocial Worker MSWUMH Social Work$64,123.04$0.00
Woods, Charity RoseSocial Worker MSW SeniorUMH Social Work$64,080.22$0.00
Robinson-Mayer, NajdaSocial Worker MSWUMH Social Work$64,027.35$0.00
Rominski, DaleSocial Worker MSW SeniorUMH Social Work$63,678.85$0.00
Kantola, WhitneySocial Worker MSWUMH Social Work$63,363.54$0.00
Hopkins, KatelynSocial Worker MSW SeniorUMH Social Work$63,252.16$0.00
Ayoub, AngelaSocial Worker MSWUMH Social Work$63,144.37$0.00
Schoettinger, AmandaProgram ManagerUMH Social Work$63,134.83$0.00
Paterson, KirbySocial Worker MSW SeniorUMH Social Work$63,109.99$0.00
Telin, CoreySocial Worker MSW SeniorUMH Social Work$63,101.18$0.00
Tucker, SheliaSocial Worker MSWUMH Social Work$63,093.92$0.00
Ito-Navarro, MihoSocial Worker MSWUMH Social Work$62,986.12$0.00
Burns, NatalieSocial Worker MSW SeniorUMH Social Work$62,889.91$3,144.75
Deering, MeghannSocial Worker MSW SeniorUMH Social Work$62,844.14$0.00
Doto, NicoletteSocial Worker MSWUMH Social Work$62,545.93$0.00
Pertz, LeslieSocial Worker MSWUMH Social Work$62,465.14$12,492.89
Bakhai, KimberlySocial Worker MSWUMH Social Work$62,380.29$0.00
Burnett, KarenSocial Worker MSWUMH Social Work$62,376.82$0.00
Khan, SymaSocial Worker MSW SeniorUMH Social Work$62,212.95$0.00
Griffin, AdenikeSocial Worker MSW SeniorUMH Social Work$62,134.22$0.00
Drescher, EmilySocial Worker MSWUMH Social Work$61,621.78$0.00
Doll, Sarah ElizabethSocial Worker MSWUMH Social Work$61,620.27$0.00
Ruggeberg, LisaSocial Worker MSWUMH Social Work$61,619.43$0.00
Shipman, JoanneSocial Worker MSW SeniorUMH Social Work$61,366.53$0.00
Pizzuti, Jill ReneSocial Worker MSWUMH Social Work$61,025.12$0.00
Weber, Elizabeth LarsonSocial Worker MSWUMH Social Work$60,840.36$0.00
MacKenzie, Kathleen ChamisaSocial Worker MSW SeniorUMH Social Work$60,706.67$0.00
Gray, LindsaySocial Worker MSWUMH Social Work$60,415.05$0.00
Ilgen, Anne-MarieSocial Worker MSWUMH Social Work$60,414.80$0.00
Carey, BrittanySocial Worker MSWUMH Social Work$60,412.65$0.00
Prouty, DavidSocial Worker MSWUMH Social Work$60,412.42$0.00
Fawcett, KatherineSocial Worker MSWUMH Social Work$60,198.84$0.00
Zilke, Shae AnneSocial Worker BSWUMH Social Work$60,159.23$0.00
Dore, DianeSocial Worker MSWUMH Social Work$60,060.00$0.00
Saint, VeronicaSocial Worker MSW SeniorUMH Social Work$59,983.83$0.00
Zick, AllysonSocial Worker BSWUMH Social Work$59,747.07$0.00
Schork, MadelineSocial Worker MSWUMH Social Work$59,430.52$0.00
Goulet, DarlaSocial Worker MSWUMH Social Work$59,429.37$0.00
Hudson, MollySocial Worker MSWUMH Social Work$59,428.28$0.00
Mathis, Selina MarieSocial Worker MSWUMH Social Work$59,152.02$0.00
Bowman-Bufford, RebeccaSocial Worker MSWUMH Social Work$59,115.00$0.00
Shupe-Sawyer, Brittany NicoleSocial Worker MSWUMH Social Work$59,113.14$0.00
Phillips, LindsaySocial Worker MSWUMH Social Work$59,006.09$0.00
Gist-Richer, HollySocial Worker MSWUMH Social Work$58,910.77$0.00
Tuxbury-Elliott, LaurinSocial Worker MSWUMH Social Work$58,910.77$0.00
Gretz, Laura ElizabethSocial Worker MSWUMH Social Work$58,613.00$0.00
Rollins, SarahSocial Worker MSWUMH Social Work$58,613.00$0.00
Barber, ChadExecutive Assistant Assoc HlthUMH Social Work$58,516.86$0.00
Mannor, Leanne KAdmin Asst Sr HealthcareUMH Social Work$58,489.21$0.00
Harper, IngridSocial Worker MSWUMH Social Work$58,446.36$0.00
Holden, LaurenSocial Worker MSWUMH Social Work$58,444.87$0.00
Salvia, NicoleSocial Worker MSWUMH Social Work$57,701.58$0.00
Thiel, MeghanSocial Worker MSWUMH Social Work$57,701.58$0.00
Kasper, AnitaSocial Worker MSWUMH Social Work$57,612.23$0.00
Motawi, HallaSocial Worker MSWUMH Social Work$57,463.73$0.00
Wambold, StephanieSocial Worker MSWUMH Social Work$57,020.97$0.00
Dempsey, KelseySocial Worker MSWUMH Social Work$56,992.63$0.00
Licata, SaraSocial Worker MSWUMH Social Work$56,482.57$0.00
Goudie, ElizabethSocial Worker MSWUMH Social Work$56,480.40$0.00
Papke, KristenSocial Worker MSW SeniorUMH Social Work$56,280.00$0.00
Winnie, Samantha LeeSocial Worker MSWUMH Social Work$56,033.56$0.00
Recknagel, AllegraSocial Worker MSWUMH Social Work$55,942.02$0.00
Hall, NicoleSocial Worker MSWUMH Social Work$55,763.84$0.00
Kantola, MargaretSocial Worker MSWUMH Social Work$55,763.84$0.00
Trujillo, MichelangeloSocial Worker MSWUMH Social Work$55,763.84$0.00
Craine, Camille JosephineSocial Worker MSWUMH Social Work$55,496.11$0.00
Giddings, CharisaSocial Worker MSWUMH Social Work$55,496.11$0.00
Kozel, ChristineSocial Worker BSWUMH Social Work$55,447.34$0.00
Fulkerson, David JamesSocial Worker MSWUMH Social Work$55,422.47$0.00
Kuhn, BritanySocial Worker MSWUMH Social Work$55,335.00$0.00
Santa, KirstinSocial Worker MSWUMH Social Work$55,074.49$0.00
Wafer, FantaSocial Worker MSWUMH Social Work$55,074.49$0.00
Gregory, NicoleSocial Worker BSWUMH Social Work$54,948.56$0.00
Boggs, ElizabethSocial Worker MSWUMH Social Work$54,794.97$0.00
Jensen, Chasity LynnSocial Worker MSWUMH Social Work$54,794.97$0.00
Sears, AlexisSocial Worker MSWUMH Social Work$54,794.97$0.00
Strautz, Dara JustineSocial Worker MSWUMH Social Work$54,514.96$0.00
Milliken, MarieSocial Worker MSWUMH Social Work$54,514.31$0.00
Atkins, Susan MarieSocial Worker BSWUMH Social Work$54,401.50$0.00
Zafiroff, EmilySocial Worker MSWUMH Social Work$54,143.76$0.00
Hagelin, MatthewSocial Worker MSWUMH Social Work$53,826.10$0.00
Marzec, MagdalenaSocial Worker MSWUMH Social Work$53,826.10$0.00
Goldie, Terri ASocial Worker BSWUMH Social Work$53,679.46$0.00
Bernard, Susan TothSocial Worker BSWUMH Social Work$53,548.58$0.00
McClain, AshleySocial Worker MSWUMH Social Work$53,453.07$4,008.98
Hunter, KindaAdmin Asst Sr HealthcareUMH Social Work$53,146.42$0.00
Mosby Zinn, Veronique JessicaSocial Worker BSWUMH Social Work$52,758.43$0.00
Ryder, Misti RoseSocial Worker BSWUMH Social Work$51,978.96$0.00
Barber, NatalieSocial Worker BSWUMH Social Work$50,500.06$0.00
Postiff, AlisonSocial Worker BSWUMH Social Work$50,340.98$0.00
New, Emily JaneSocial Worker BSWUMH Social Work$50,218.62$0.00
Chavez, DaniellaSocial Worker BSWUMH Social Work$49,724.94$0.00
VanHoosear, MatthewSocial Worker BSWUMH Social Work$48,443.55$0.00
Calhoun, SierraSocial Worker BSWUMH Social Work$46,805.23$0.00
Gamboa, Jan MoniqueSocial Worker BSWUMH Social Work$46,341.40$0.00
Beckwith, CourtneySocial Worker BSWUMH Social Work$45,429.21$0.00
Tonks, GloriaSocial Worker BSWUMH Social Work$44,744.66$0.00
Nagle, Nancy LAdmin Asst Assoc HealthcareUMH Social Work$43,240.69$0.00
Rowland, MayaSocial Worker BSWUMH Social Work$43,060.75$0.00
English, TahneSocial Worker BSWUMH Social Work$41,999.88$0.00
Precaj, KristinaSocial Worker BSWUMH Social Work$41,999.88$0.00
Borders, MylesAdmin Asst Sr HealthcareUMH Social Work$41,681.36$0.00

Lists of recent searches of
, Admin Asst Sr Healthcare UMH Social Work
Kermani, Ali Asghar Physical Ther Clin Spec LSA Organizational Studies
Carr Jr, Lloyd H Ass% Int Med-Gastroenterology
Nussdorfer, Julia Project Intermediate Manager VProv Academic Innovation
Carlos Rios, Adela Pa% Health - Well Being Admin
Crompton, Rosanne Physician Asst Cardio Surg T3 ambulatory pharmacy
Dishman, Roseann F Physical Therapist UMTRI - CMISST
he, qian technical UMH Sleep Laboratory
Dickinson, Eileen Revenue Cycle Coding Supr AEC-Project Management
Garcia, Stacey Lynn Administrative Specialist athletics
Pitillo, Angelo %business proc% Health Service Ancillary Svc