Number of people in UMH Sleep Laboratory Department: 41
Maximum Salary$ 131,140.05
Average Salary$ 57,457.86
Minimum Salary$ 30,529.44

Department Results for UMH Sleep Laboratory 2017-18
NameTitleDepartment FTR (Salary)GF (Amount from General Fund)
Eiser, Alan SBusiness Proc Consultant LeadUMH Sleep Laboratory$131,140.05$0.00
Desharnais, Brigitte LPhysician Asst Med SubSpec T2UMH Sleep Laboratory$113,794.58$0.00
Lassaline, DenisePhysician Asst Med SubSpec T2UMH Sleep Laboratory$106,536.81$0.00
Neal, LoriAdmin Manager Inter HealthcareUMH Sleep Laboratory$102,759.01$0.00
Cuenca, VivianePhysician Asst Med SubSpec T2UMH Sleep Laboratory$90,642.68$0.00
Kingen, Mark AAllied Health Intermediate SupUMH Sleep Laboratory$73,097.49$0.00
Snyder, Tracy AnnClinic Intermediate ManagerUMH Sleep Laboratory$68,971.51$0.00
Ruge, Deborah AnnPolysomnographic Tech RgstUMH Sleep Laboratory$63,628.07$0.00
Angell, Karen JPolysomnographic Tech RgstUMH Sleep Laboratory$63,624.90$0.00
Cox, Casey JAllied Health Technical SpecUMH Sleep Laboratory$63,570.91$0.00
Prill, CharlenePolysomnographic Tech RgstUMH Sleep Laboratory$62,886.27$0.00
Marik, Nancy ElainePolysomnographic Tech RgstUMH Sleep Laboratory$62,804.24$0.00
Wilms, Katherine DPolysomnographic Tech RgstUMH Sleep Laboratory$59,650.43$0.00
Smith, Nigel HowardPolysomnographic Tech RgstUMH Sleep Laboratory$59,198.21$0.00
MacDonald, RachelPolysomnographic Tech RgstUMH Sleep Laboratory$54,645.83$0.00
Scheidler, Benjamin AAllied Health Technical CoordUMH Sleep Laboratory$53,478.54$0.00
Vaughn, Crystal LynnPolysomnographic Tech RgstUMH Sleep Laboratory$52,135.93$0.00
Willett, AaronAllied Health Technical CoordUMH Sleep Laboratory$49,136.86$0.00
Sweet, KatiePolysomnographic Tech RgstUMH Sleep Laboratory$49,090.15$0.00
Hawkins, AliciaPolysomnographic Tech RgstUMH Sleep Laboratory$48,851.85$0.00
Lucas, RachelPolysomnographic Tech RgstUMH Sleep Laboratory$48,851.85$0.00
Rymarz, LoriPolysomnographic Tech RgstUMH Sleep Laboratory$48,851.85$0.00
DeGrandchamp, Michele MariePolysomnographic Tech RgstUMH Sleep Laboratory$48,851.32$0.00
Daniels, JackiePolysomnographic Tech RgstUMH Sleep Laboratory$48,850.52$0.00
Hubbard, ShannonPolysomnographic Tech RgstUMH Sleep Laboratory$48,848.65$0.00
Simmonds, JustinePolysomnographic Tech RgstUMH Sleep Laboratory$48,847.32$0.00
Camp, Donna DeeRespiratory Therapy TechnicianUMH Sleep Laboratory$46,437.59$0.00
Clark, CourtneyPolysomnographic Tech RgstUMH Sleep Laboratory$46,377.40$0.00
Young, AnastasiaPolysomnographic Tech RgstUMH Sleep Laboratory$46,211.88$0.00
Howard-Sawyer, Kristen MPolysomnographic Tech RgstUMH Sleep Laboratory$46,097.26$0.00
Penix, CarlyPolysomnographic Tech RgstUMH Sleep Laboratory$46,029.62$0.00
Beaubien, JenniferPolysomnographic Tech RgstUMH Sleep Laboratory$45,232.78$0.00
Yats, Hope MariePolysomnographic Tech RgstUMH Sleep Laboratory$45,120.57$0.00
Ross, LaquettaPolysomnographic Tech RgstUMH Sleep Laboratory$44,867.94$0.00
Randhawa, SavreenPolysomnographic Tech RgstUMH Sleep Laboratory$44,497.65$0.00
Godoy, Gracielle MPatient Services IntermediateUMH Sleep Laboratory$43,670.00$0.00
Taylor, Michelle LynnRespiratory Therapy TechnicianUMH Sleep Laboratory$39,036.94$0.00
Andres-Patrick, SoniaPatient Services SeniorUMH Sleep Laboratory$38,964.35$0.00
Little, KellyPatient Services IntermediateUMH Sleep Laboratory$37,142.39$0.00
Hendrix, JenniferMedical AssistantUMH Sleep Laboratory$32,810.66$0.00
Oakes, LydiaPatient Care Tech AssistantUMH Sleep Laboratory$30,529.44$0.00

Lists of recent searches of
, ASSOC DEAN UMH Sleep Laboratory
Yin, Ping SECURITY OFFICER CW CCSS Pat Demographic Srvcs
Trapp, Karrie E Network% UMH Spiritual Care
Moore-Marshall, Emily J p% Int Med-General Medicine
Roberson, Peter L Exec Secretary to Top Exec Anesthesiology Department
Finco, Isabella RESEARCH INVESTIGATOR Fast Forward Med Innovation
Hawkins, Marilee L Dining services CW Food Procure/Production
Church, Joseph+T Accounting Unit Supervisor UMH Nursing 6D Ccmu
Filos-Castillo, Ianna Industrial Engineer Senior LSA Dean: Finance
Mettert, James D Patient services assistant UMH Nursing Administration
Brazier, Lori-Jene %research process manager% school of information