Number of people in UMH Sleep Laboratory Department: 40
Maximum Salary$ 135,074.25
Average Salary$ 59,201.87
Minimum Salary$ 32,634.72

Department Results for UMH Sleep Laboratory 2018-19
NameTitleDepartment FTR (Salary)GF (Amount from General Fund)
Eiser, Alan SBusiness Proc Consultant LeadUMH Sleep Laboratory$135,074.25$0.00
Desharnais, Brigitte LPhysician Asst Med SubSpec T2UMH Sleep Laboratory$116,639.44$0.00
Lassaline, DenisePhysician Asst Med SubSpec T2UMH Sleep Laboratory$109,200.23$0.00
Neal, LoriAdmin Manager Inter HealthcareUMH Sleep Laboratory$105,327.99$0.00
Cuenca, VivianePhysician Asst Med SubSpec T2UMH Sleep Laboratory$97,089.64$0.00
Snyder, Tracy AnnClinic Intermediate ManagerUMH Sleep Laboratory$75,303.09$0.00
Kingen, Mark AAllied Health Intermediate SupUMH Sleep Laboratory$74,924.93$0.00
Cox, Casey JAllied Health Technical SpecUMH Sleep Laboratory$65,160.32$0.00
Ruge, Deborah AnnPolysomnographic Tech RgstUMH Sleep Laboratory$64,589.97$0.00
Prill, CharlenePolysomnographic Tech RgstUMH Sleep Laboratory$64,458.36$0.00
Marik, Nancy ElainePolysomnographic Tech RgstUMH Sleep Laboratory$63,432.34$0.00
Wilms, Katherine DPolysomnographic Tech RgstUMH Sleep Laboratory$61,440.02$0.00
Smith, Nigel HowardPolysomnographic Tech RgstUMH Sleep Laboratory$60,382.06$0.00
Scheidler, Benjamin AAllied Health Technical CoordUMH Sleep Laboratory$54,548.19$0.00
Vaughn, Crystal LynnPolysomnographic Tech RgstUMH Sleep Laboratory$53,439.38$0.00
Krish, DanaPolysomnographic Tech RgstUMH Sleep Laboratory$51,835.58$0.00
Leszkai, AaronPolysomnographic Tech RgstUMH Sleep Laboratory$51,498.98$0.00
Sweet, KatiePolysomnographic Tech RgstUMH Sleep Laboratory$50,562.78$0.00
Lucas, RachelPolysomnographic Tech RgstUMH Sleep Laboratory$50,317.48$0.00
DeGrandchamp, Michele MariePolysomnographic Tech RgstUMH Sleep Laboratory$50,316.94$0.00
Rymarz, LoriPolysomnographic Tech RgstUMH Sleep Laboratory$50,073.22$0.00
Daniels, JackiePolysomnographic Tech RgstUMH Sleep Laboratory$50,071.89$0.00
Hubbard, ShannonPolysomnographic Tech RgstUMH Sleep Laboratory$50,069.75$0.00
Sierra, Justine RPolysomnographic Tech RgstUMH Sleep Laboratory$50,068.42$0.00
Camp, Donna DeeRespiratory Therapy TechnicianUMH Sleep Laboratory$48,787.27$0.00
Willett, AaronPolysomnographic Tech RgstUMH Sleep Laboratory$48,717.29$0.00
Clark, CourtneyPolysomnographic Tech RgstUMH Sleep Laboratory$47,536.94$0.00
Young, AnastasiaPolysomnographic Tech RgstUMH Sleep Laboratory$47,367.18$0.00
Penix, CarlyPolysomnographic Tech RgstUMH Sleep Laboratory$47,180.36$0.00
Beaubien, JenniferPolysomnographic Tech RgstUMH Sleep Laboratory$46,137.37$0.00
Clark-Lesears, Ja'NettaPolysomnographic Tech RgstUMH Sleep Laboratory$46,072.52$0.00
Yats, Hope MariePolysomnographic Tech RgstUMH Sleep Laboratory$46,023.07$0.00
Werth, LisaPolysomnographic Tech RgstUMH Sleep Laboratory$46,021.04$0.00
Ross, LaquettaPolysomnographic Tech RgstUMH Sleep Laboratory$45,989.64$0.00
Bryant, ReMiaPolysomnographic Tech RgstUMH Sleep Laboratory$45,504.12$0.00
Godoy, Gracielle MPatient Services IntermediateUMH Sleep Laboratory$44,871.05$0.00
Taylor, Michelle LynnRespiratory Therapy TechnicianUMH Sleep Laboratory$40,813.14$0.00
Andres-Patrick, SoniaPatient Services SeniorUMH Sleep Laboratory$40,522.96$0.00
Little, KellyPatient Services IntermediateUMH Sleep Laboratory$38,070.86$0.00
Oakes, LydiaPatient Care Tech AssistantUMH Sleep Laboratory$32,634.72$0.00

Lists of recent searches of
Jarvela, Jill E Contract Administrator Senior HITS COA Clin Doc/OB/ED
Swartz, William Health Data Analysis Mgr Dev Information Tech Services
Mitchell, Jana Sales Senior Supervisor DPSS U of M Police Dept
Navarre Jr, William Francis Acad Affairs Asst Vice Provost Counseling Services
Becszlko, Rick Alexander CUSTODIAN I UMH MCIT Clinical Support Bus.
Pizzulo, IT Quality Assurance Manager UMH MCIT Systems
Litka, Christine Health Plan Cust Svc Head UMH MCIT Clinical Systems Unit
Martin, Carolynne M Contract Administrative Mgr UMH MCIT Clinical Business IV
Baker, Renee Internal Comm Sys Consultant UMH Family Med at Dominos Farm
English, Kim M Health Services Director UMHS Fin Srvcs Reimb