Number of people in UMH Radiology UH Department: 372
Maximum Salary$ 137,943.90
Average Salary$ 61,227.84
Minimum Salary$ 26,152.62

Department Results for UMH Radiology UH 2014-15
NameTitleDepartment FTR (Salary)GF (Amount from General Fund)
Higgins, Ellen JPhysician Asst Intrvtnl Rad T3UMH Radiology UH$137,943.90$0.00
Fox, Giovanna Anna MariaPhysician Asst Intrvtnl Rad T3UMH Radiology UH$127,683.63$0.00
Davis, Silvana Maria DesantoPhysician Asst Intrvtnl Rad T3UMH Radiology UH$122,766.46$0.00
Morris, Amy LeighPhysician Asst Intrvtnl Rad T3UMH Radiology UH$120,685.68$0.00
Stucky, MelissaPhysician Asst Intrvtnl Rad T3UMH Radiology UH$120,655.00$0.00
Jawad-Makki, FarahPhysician Asst Intrvtnl Rad T3UMH Radiology UH$119,309.24$0.00
Bernreuter, KimberlyPhysician Asst Intrvtnl Rad T3UMH Radiology UH$118,500.00$0.00
Deichelbohrer, Leonore KNP INTERVENTIONAL RADIO TIER 2UMH Radiology UH$107,206.78$0.00
Valley, EmoryNP INTERVENTIONAL RADIO TIER 2UMH Radiology UH$100,293.96$0.00
Coristine, PatriciaNP INTERVENTIONAL RADIO TIER 2UMH Radiology UH$99,700.00$0.00
Chenault, Mitzi AREGISTERED NURSE - LEVEL EUMH Radiology UH$99,382.40$0.00
Gibson, Richard CharlesREGISTERED NURSE - LEVEL EUMH Radiology UH$99,382.40$0.00
Sauers, Wendy SNurse ManagerUMH Radiology UH$99,357.77$0.00
Ackermann, Robert JamesAdmin Manager Assoc HealthcareUMH Radiology UH$98,687.76$0.00
Lyons, Deborah ANP INTERVENTIONAL RADIO TIER 2UMH Radiology UH$98,207.36$0.00
Drzewiecki, Linnette MREGISTERED NURSE - LEVEL DUMH Radiology UH$97,635.20$0.00
Fuleky, Brenda JREGISTERED NURSE - LEVEL DUMH Radiology UH$97,635.20$0.00
Hackney, Terry KREGISTERED NURSE - LEVEL DUMH Radiology UH$97,635.20$0.00
Kaus Jr, JohnREGISTERED NURSE - LEVEL DUMH Radiology UH$97,635.20$0.00
Richter, Anne MREGISTERED NURSE - LEVEL DUMH Radiology UH$97,635.20$0.00
Smith, Margaret EEDUC NURSE COORD - COMPETENTUMH Radiology UH$97,635.20$0.00
Wood, Marc FREGISTERED NURSE - LEVEL DUMH Radiology UH$97,635.20$0.00
Banasiak, Alan MREGISTERED NURSE - LEVEL DUMH Radiology UH$95,784.00$0.00
Burke, SherylREGISTERED NURSE - LEVEL DUMH Radiology UH$95,784.00$0.00
Burns, April AREGISTERED NURSE - LEVEL DUMH Radiology UH$95,784.00$0.00
Hahn, Denise MarieREGISTERED NURSE - LEVEL DUMH Radiology UH$95,784.00$0.00
Madge, Sharman BREGISTERED NURSE - LEVEL DUMH Radiology UH$95,784.00$0.00
McIntosh, Carol AREGISTERED NURSE - LEVEL DUMH Radiology UH$95,784.00$0.00
Schuster, Brian KREGISTERED NURSE - LEVEL DUMH Radiology UH$95,784.00$0.00
Sienkiewicz, Carol MarieREGISTERED NURSE - LEVEL DUMH Radiology UH$95,784.00$0.00
Thomasson, Lesa KREGISTERED NURSE - LEVEL DUMH Radiology UH$95,784.00$0.00
Wilson, Teresa AREGISTERED NURSE - LEVEL DUMH Radiology UH$95,784.00$0.00
Marsh, Michael EAdmin Manager Assoc HealthcareUMH Radiology UH$94,908.45$0.00
Barber, Karen AAdmin Manager Assoc HealthcareUMH Radiology UH$94,740.14$0.00
Walters, Dawn PREG NURSE - LEVEL C (B INC)UMH Radiology UH$92,560.00$0.00
Arroyo, GuillermoREGISTERED NURSE - LEVEL CUMH Radiology UH$92,060.80$0.00
Bobo, Peggy AREGISTERED NURSE - LEVEL CUMH Radiology UH$92,060.80$0.00
Brunson-Gillespie, Ericka RREGISTERED NURSE - LEVEL CUMH Radiology UH$92,060.80$0.00
Halsey, PhilipREGISTERED NURSE - LEVEL CUMH Radiology UH$92,060.80$0.00
Harper, SusanREGISTERED NURSE - LEVEL CUMH Radiology UH$92,060.80$0.00
Lasecki, Coleen MREGISTERED NURSE - LEVEL CUMH Radiology UH$92,060.80$0.00
Mack Jr, Frank JREGISTERED NURSE - LEVEL CUMH Radiology UH$92,060.80$0.00
Brimm, Diane MAdmin Manager Assoc HealthcareUMH Radiology UH$91,806.88$0.00
Kucharski, Cheryl AnnAdmin Manager Assoc HealthcareUMH Radiology UH$91,806.88$0.00
Patierno, Cynthia CAdmin Manager Assoc HealthcareUMH Radiology UH$91,225.00$0.00
Bodziak, Cynthia MarieREG NURSE - LEVEL C (B INC)UMH Radiology UH$90,729.60$0.00
Darwish, Lynette MarieREG NURSE - LEVEL C (B INC)UMH Radiology UH$90,729.60$0.00
Jackson, Orangelo YvonneREG NURSE - LEVEL C (B INC)UMH Radiology UH$90,729.60$0.00
Lulko, Shelly BethREG NURSE - LEVEL C (B INC)UMH Radiology UH$90,729.60$0.00
MacArthur, Alexander DREG NURSE - LEVEL C (B INC)UMH Radiology UH$90,729.60$0.00
McArthur, Shari LynnREG NURSE - LEVEL C (B INC)UMH Radiology UH$90,729.60$0.00
Nagel, John DREG NURSE - LEVEL C (B INC)UMH Radiology UH$90,729.60$0.00
Prater, Deborah KayREG NURSE - LEVEL C (B INC)UMH Radiology UH$90,729.60$0.00
Russell, Robert JREG NURSE - LEVEL C (B INC)UMH Radiology UH$90,729.60$0.00
Shee, Margaret ElizabethREG NURSE - LEVEL C (B INC)UMH Radiology UH$90,729.60$0.00
Smith, Frederick DREG NURSE - LEVEL C (B INC)UMH Radiology UH$90,729.60$0.00
Stroble, Jennifer AREG NURSE - LEVEL C (B INC)UMH Radiology UH$90,729.60$0.00
Thompson, Robert CREG NURSE - LEVEL C (B INC)UMH Radiology UH$90,729.60$0.00
Tinnelly, LindaREG NURSE - LEVEL C (B INC)UMH Radiology UH$90,729.60$0.00
Shevock, Mary CREG NURSE - LEVEL C (B INC)UMH Radiology UH$86,923.20$0.00
Doody, Kathleen DeanneUltrasound PractitionerUMH Radiology UH$85,356.08$0.00
Newton, Regen JRadiology SupervisorUMH Radiology UH$84,588.75$0.00
Akers, Lindsay BrookeUltrasound PractitionerUMH Radiology UH$83,218.08$0.00
Muck, Melissa AAdvanced Image Processing SpecUMH Radiology UH$83,080.46$0.00
Wizauer, EricAdvanced Image Processing SpecUMH Radiology UH$83,080.46$0.00
Briones, Dianne MAdmin Manager Assoc HealthcareUMH Radiology UH$82,131.52$0.00
Houck, GlennAdmin Manager Assoc HealthcareUMH Radiology UH$81,800.00$0.00
Joslin, Allan RInterventional Radiology TechnUMH Radiology UH$80,462.98$0.00
Kollar, Deborah ARadiology SupervisorUMH Radiology UH$78,763.18$0.00
Olte, Andris ERadiology SupervisorUMH Radiology UH$78,763.18$0.00
Overbay, Karen SAdvanced Image Processing SpecUMH Radiology UH$78,080.77$0.00
Newcom, Mark EInventory Control Senior SuprUMH Radiology UH$77,924.91$0.00
Nelson, Richard PNuclear Medicine TechnologistUMH Radiology UH$76,294.84$0.00
Lawson, Susan AnneNuclear Medicine TechnologistUMH Radiology UH$76,257.98$0.00
Cain, Anne MarieREG NURSE - LEVEL C (B INC)UMH Radiology UH$76,148.80$0.00
Reder, Paul JNuclear Medicine TechnologistUMH Radiology UH$76,100.40$0.00
McKenna, Edward JNuclear Medicine TechnologistUMH Radiology UH$75,736.57$0.00
McPherson, Angela CAdvanced Image Processing SpecUMH Radiology UH$74,825.39$0.00
Michalski, NicholinaNuclear Medicine TechnologistUMH Radiology UH$74,814.32$0.00
Kison, Paul VNuclear Medicine TechnologistUMH Radiology UH$74,774.57$0.00
Marsh, Christine RUltrasound TechnologistUMH Radiology UH$74,266.95$0.00
Smith, Rebecca AnnREG NURSE - LEVEL C (B INC)UMH Radiology UH$73,569.60$0.00
Wegrzyn, StanNuclear Medicine TechnologistUMH Radiology UH$72,994.10$0.00
Thornton, TheoRadiology SupervisorUMH Radiology UH$72,775.00$0.00
Ehrich, Heidi NUltrasound TechnologistUMH Radiology UH$72,483.86$0.00
Slawski, Anita MUltrasound TechnologistUMH Radiology UH$72,414.09$0.00
Rogers, Gail AnnUltrasound TechnologistUMH Radiology UH$72,308.37$0.00
Berry, Allison AUltrasound TechnologistUMH Radiology UH$72,198.90$0.00
Marks, Terri IUltrasound TechnologistUMH Radiology UH$72,131.14$0.00
Kint, Kelten HUltrasound TechnologistUMH Radiology UH$72,021.50$0.00
deChavez, Anne MarieUltrasound TechnologistUMH Radiology UH$71,918.46$0.00
Soskolne, Patricia LUltrasound TechnologistUMH Radiology UH$71,918.46$0.00
Kindred, Joan CUltrasound TechnologistUMH Radiology UH$71,883.01$0.00
Lewis, Rita KUltrasound TechnologistUMH Radiology UH$71,883.01$0.00
Sadowski, Wanda IUltrasound TechnologistUMH Radiology UH$71,883.01$0.00
Pember, Tamara LynnUltrasound TechnologistUMH Radiology UH$71,847.57$0.00
Murray, Lyndsey ANuclear Medicine TechnologistUMH Radiology UH$71,559.35$0.00
Pollock, Erin MarleneNuclear Medicine TechnologistUMH Radiology UH$71,527.71$0.00
Smalley, Lori LynnUltrasound TechnologistUMH Radiology UH$71,319.71$0.00
Janik, Kelly MarieREGISTERED NURSE - LEVEL DUMH Radiology UH$70,782.40$0.00
McKay, Robert JohnREGISTERED NURSE - LEVEL DUMH Radiology UH$70,782.40$0.00
Wesley, Jeffery EREGISTERED NURSE - LEVEL DUMH Radiology UH$70,782.40$0.00
Case, Ian CMRI TechnologistUMH Radiology UH$70,624.50$0.00
Regner, MarcNuclear Medicine TechnologistUMH Radiology UH$70,587.22$0.00
Peters, Megan LMRI TechnologistUMH Radiology UH$70,280.28$0.00
Wagner, JamesMRI TechnologistUMH Radiology UH$70,142.59$0.00
Illingworth, Marcy JUltrasound TechnologistUMH Radiology UH$70,128.51$0.00
Lashbrook, Donald RoyAdvanced Image Processing SpecUMH Radiology UH$69,999.96$0.00
Adams, Lesli JMRI TechnologistUMH Radiology UH$69,799.31$0.00
Charlton, Edward AInterventional Radiology TechnUMH Radiology UH$69,529.88$0.00
Cody, Jane EInterventional Radiology TechnUMH Radiology UH$69,529.88$0.00
Reetz, Susan GInterventional Radiology TechnUMH Radiology UH$69,529.88$0.00
Bouru, DanielaMRI TechnologistUMH Radiology UH$69,459.09$0.00
VanHeusen, Kelly LynnMRI TechnologistUMH Radiology UH$69,459.09$0.00
Dudek, Nancy AMRI TechnologistUMH Radiology UH$69,289.25$0.00
Yarbrough, Timothy ScottMRI TechnologistUMH Radiology UH$69,286.75$0.00
Stanwick, LeonardMRI TechnologistUMH Radiology UH$69,251.46$0.00
Morawski, Kelly AnneNuclear Medicine TechnologistUMH Radiology UH$69,234.32$0.00
Hession, Karen AMRI TechnologistUMH Radiology UH$69,116.93$0.00
Stephens, Lindsey NicoleUltrasound TechnologistUMH Radiology UH$69,085.26$0.00
Makowski, Nicholas AllanNuclear Medicine TechnologistUMH Radiology UH$69,030.85$0.00
Will, JacquelineAdvanced Image Processing SpecUMH Radiology UH$68,775.36$0.00
Gordon, KelleyREG NURSE - LEVEL C (B INC)UMH Radiology UH$68,702.40$0.00
OConnor III, James LaurelMRI TechnologistUMH Radiology UH$68,575.24$0.00
Martin, PatrickMRI TechnologistUMH Radiology UH$68,500.12$0.00
Strong, StevenMRI TechnologistUMH Radiology UH$68,405.33$0.00
Smolarski, Patricia LNuclear Medicine TechnologistUMH Radiology UH$68,229.24$0.00
Medley, GeorgeMRI TechnologistUMH Radiology UH$68,033.88$0.00
McNeil, DeborahMRI TechnologistUMH Radiology UH$67,829.94$0.00
Pedlar, TamraMRI TechnologistUMH Radiology UH$67,426.42$0.00
Braid, Michael EdwardMRI TechnologistUMH Radiology UH$67,255.00$0.00
Akbar, TariqMRI TechnologistUMH Radiology UH$66,999.92$0.00
Schneider, Charles LResearch Lab Specialist InterUMH Radiology UH$66,939.51$0.00
Covill, Mary TInterventional Radiology TechnUMH Radiology UH$66,902.22$0.00
Hill, Ryan NathanialInterventional Radiology TechnUMH Radiology UH$66,897.16$0.00
Taylor, TeddyInterventional Radiology TechnUMH Radiology UH$66,894.24$0.00
Hawkins, Marilee LInterventional Radiology TechnUMH Radiology UH$66,894.22$0.00
Roe, Kimberly AInterventional Radiology TechnUMH Radiology UH$66,894.22$0.00
Hough, JasonMRI TechnologistUMH Radiology UH$66,499.94$0.00
Bauer, CarrieREGISTERED NURSE - LEVEL CUMH Radiology UH$66,372.80$0.00
Lica, Diana LauraUltrasound TechnologistUMH Radiology UH$66,122.52$0.00
Yosif, LinaMRI TechnologistUMH Radiology UH$66,104.14$0.00
Morel, JoshuaMRI TechnologistUMH Radiology UH$65,606.57$0.00
Higa, Ricky TComputerized Tomography TechnoUMH Radiology UH$65,485.14$0.00
Osborne, Kimberly AComputerized Tomography TechnoUMH Radiology UH$65,324.64$0.00
Ovenhouse, Casey LComputerized Tomography TechnoUMH Radiology UH$65,324.64$0.00
Collier, Lisa MayComputerized Tomography TechnoUMH Radiology UH$65,005.97$0.00
Curtin Jr, Robert JComputerized Tomography TechnoUMH Radiology UH$65,005.97$0.00
Cusumano, Sheila MComputerized Tomography TechnoUMH Radiology UH$65,004.80$0.00
Pakulski, Jody LynnComputerized Tomography TechnoUMH Radiology UH$64,973.25$0.00
Menz, Melinda AComputerized Tomography TechnoUMH Radiology UH$64,972.97$0.00
Sauve, CindyComputerized Tomography TechnoUMH Radiology UH$64,814.80$0.00
Goncalves, Suzanne DComputerized Tomography TechnoUMH Radiology UH$64,814.78$0.00
Hammond, Sandra LComputerized Tomography TechnoUMH Radiology UH$64,814.78$0.00
Kline, Kathleen LouiseComputerized Tomography TechnoUMH Radiology UH$64,814.78$0.00
McAleer, Kimberly SueComputerized Tomography TechnoUMH Radiology UH$64,814.78$0.00
Myers, Mary KComputerized Tomography TechnoUMH Radiology UH$64,814.78$0.00
Eischen, TammyComputerized Tomography TechnoUMH Radiology UH$64,814.72$0.00
Farmer, Karen MInterventional Radiology TechnUMH Radiology UH$64,754.53$0.00
Wojtowicz, Kendra JoComputerized Tomography TechnoUMH Radiology UH$64,751.07$0.00
Osborne, Melissa RoseUltrasound TechnologistUMH Radiology UH$64,599.10$0.00
Orzech Deering, KathrynComputerized Tomography TechnoUMH Radiology UH$64,497.86$0.00
Rodgers, Douglas CComputerized Tomography TechnoUMH Radiology UH$64,497.55$0.00
Middleton, Colleen MComputerized Tomography TechnoUMH Radiology UH$64,495.73$0.00
Pirrwitz, Kevin RComputerized Tomography TechnoUMH Radiology UH$64,358.51$0.00
Cooper, Richard HComputerized Tomography TechnoUMH Radiology UH$64,180.90$0.00
Moilanen, KatrinaInterventional Radiology TechnUMH Radiology UH$63,906.16$0.00
Contreras, KarenComputerized Tomography TechnoUMH Radiology UH$63,731.17$0.00
Peters, Jayna MInterventional Radiology TechnUMH Radiology UH$63,712.32$0.00
Adkins, CynthiaComputerized Tomography TechnoUMH Radiology UH$63,700.05$0.00
King, WilliamMRI TechnologistUMH Radiology UH$63,626.63$0.00
Coe, GaryComputerized Tomography TechnoUMH Radiology UH$63,212.35$0.00
Anderson, SteveInterventional Radiology TechnUMH Radiology UH$63,172.85$0.00
Lewandowski, Andrea MarieComputerized Tomography TechnoUMH Radiology UH$63,080.84$0.00
Desmond, Timothy JResearch Lab Specialist SeniorUMH Radiology UH$63,063.63$0.00
LeBlanc, TimothyMRI TechnologistUMH Radiology UH$63,018.88$0.00
Cullum, Sarah ElizabethUltrasound TechnologistUMH Radiology UH$62,569.33$0.00
Johnson, Annica NicholeUltrasound TechnologistUMH Radiology UH$62,416.72$0.00
Schleweis, Shannon NicoleUltrasound TechnologistUMH Radiology UH$62,416.72$0.00
Metzger, SarahComputerized Tomography TechnoUMH Radiology UH$62,297.96$0.00
Kelso, Candice Lynn DunkelComputerized Tomography TechnoUMH Radiology UH$61,226.82$0.00
Haynes, Christopher KeithComputerized Tomography TechnoUMH Radiology UH$60,964.51$0.00
Motheramgari, SrideviComputerized Tomography TechnoUMH Radiology UH$60,927.94$0.00
Holt, Lawrence TSystems Analyst IntermediateUMH Radiology UH$60,823.55$0.00
Sagash, KathleenUltrasound TechnologistUMH Radiology UH$60,118.90$0.00
Allen, AshleyUltrasound TechnologistUMH Radiology UH$60,075.07$0.00
BonJovi, Kathleen MRadiologic TechnologistUMH Radiology UH$59,930.97$0.00
Helfen, Matthew AMRI TechnologistUMH Radiology UH$59,732.59$0.00
Sobolewski, Sheila ARadiologic TechnologistUMH Radiology UH$59,726.07$0.00
Hernandez, Keri MNuclear Medicine TechnologistUMH Radiology UH$59,617.12$0.00
Ulrich, Linda ARadiologic TechnologistUMH Radiology UH$59,608.76$0.00
Bible, TiffanyComputerized Tomography TechnoUMH Radiology UH$59,392.20$0.00
Ross, Brian EdwardComputerized Tomography TechnoUMH Radiology UH$59,391.95$0.00
Borieo, LisaInterventional Radiology TechnUMH Radiology UH$59,327.44$0.00
Johnson, RashadComputerized Tomography TechnoUMH Radiology UH$59,102.24$0.00
Roth, Jessica JRadiologic TechnologistUMH Radiology UH$59,029.19$0.00
Corbin, Emma LRadiologic TechnologistUMH Radiology UH$58,882.88$0.00
Bell, MistiUltrasound TechnologistUMH Radiology UH$58,093.13$0.00
Chanakira, MaynardMRI TechnologistUMH Radiology UH$57,975.85$0.00
Hendley, Patricia ARadiologic TechnologistUMH Radiology UH$57,971.38$0.00
Bohez, Jeannie KayRadiologic TechnologistUMH Radiology UH$57,801.13$0.00
Crawford, Andrea RaeComputerized Tomography TechnoUMH Radiology UH$57,692.97$0.00
Kissel, Angela ReneeComputerized Tomography TechnoUMH Radiology UH$57,608.34$0.00
Bell, William FRadiologic TechnologistUMH Radiology UH$57,602.15$0.00
Arnold, DamonMRI TechnologistUMH Radiology UH$57,452.83$0.00
Ostrowski, Corinne ReneRadiologic TechnologistUMH Radiology UH$57,433.15$0.00
Gressa, Dawn RRadiologic TechnologistUMH Radiology UH$57,347.53$0.00
Klemchalk, CarlieMRI TechnologistUMH Radiology UH$57,344.10$0.00
Wheeler, Erica LynnAdvanced Image Processing SpecUMH Radiology UH$57,195.00$0.00
Helfen, Lisa ECall Center ManagerUMH Radiology UH$56,594.33$0.00
Fisher, MalloryUltrasound TechnologistUMH Radiology UH$56,489.98$0.00
Bower, MackenzieUltrasound TechnologistUMH Radiology UH$56,441.14$0.00
Miner, StephanieInterventional Radiology TechnUMH Radiology UH$56,419.11$0.00
Diesbourg, Bethany LynnUltrasound TechnologistUMH Radiology UH$56,138.74$0.00
Mahoney, ColleenMRI TechnologistUMH Radiology UH$56,000.10$0.00
Rodriguez, TammyMRI TechnologistUMH Radiology UH$56,000.10$0.00
Maxon, Stacey MarieRadiologic TechnologistUMH Radiology UH$55,830.21$0.00
Pierson, Kiera MarieRadiologic TechnologistUMH Radiology UH$55,830.21$0.00
Brooks, TamiUltrasound TechnologistUMH Radiology UH$55,627.10$0.00
Thornton, SarahMRI TechnologistUMH Radiology UH$55,550.91$0.00
Drath, ChristineUltrasound TechnologistUMH Radiology UH$55,494.75$0.00
Spyke, JenniferUltrasound TechnologistUMH Radiology UH$55,494.64$0.00
Patel, Surekha VResearch Lab Specialist AssocUMH Radiology UH$55,319.69$0.00
Niedbala, JeremyNuclear Medicine TechnologistUMH Radiology UH$55,157.36$0.00
Spangler, Matthew RyanRadiologic TechnologistUMH Radiology UH$55,138.18$0.00
Kempfer, JenniferComputerized Tomography TechnoUMH Radiology UH$55,105.96$0.00
Twork, KristenMRI TechnologistUMH Radiology UH$55,079.92$0.00
Dillon, Cynthia MarieLicensed Practical NurseUMH Radiology UH$54,802.20$0.00
Lindig, Lynnette MarieRadiologic TechnologistUMH Radiology UH$54,628.61$0.00
Button, KatieComputerized Tomography TechnoUMH Radiology UH$54,203.54$0.00
Silvester, MichalanneComputerized Tomography TechnoUMH Radiology UH$54,071.67$0.00
Esch, ShaunMRI TechnologistUMH Radiology UH$53,999.92$0.00
Villarreal, JasonMRI TechnologistUMH Radiology UH$53,999.92$0.00
Gosselin, Raymond MInterventional Radiology TechnUMH Radiology UH$53,993.38$0.00
Waggoner, Kathleen KayLicensed Practical NurseUMH Radiology UH$53,849.11$0.00
Hendriks, Caitlin AnnNuclear Medicine TechnologistUMH Radiology UH$53,753.03$0.00
Goss, MatthewNuclear Medicine TechnologistUMH Radiology UH$53,724.39$0.00
Spillane, Chelsea MarieComputerized Tomography TechnoUMH Radiology UH$53,673.43$0.00
Iott, Rachel AnnComputerized Tomography TechnoUMH Radiology UH$53,320.26$0.00
McCune, TrevinComputerized Tomography TechnoUMH Radiology UH$53,089.18$0.00
Reese, CaitlynComputerized Tomography TechnoUMH Radiology UH$52,638.30$0.00
Ferchau, Janice MLicensed Practical NurseUMH Radiology UH$52,596.12$0.00
Shields, Michelle LLicensed Practical NurseUMH Radiology UH$52,467.21$0.00
Steinman, Sheryl LLicensed Practical NurseUMH Radiology UH$52,338.29$0.00
Shipp, LaTonya CRadiologic TechnologistUMH Radiology UH$52,329.39$0.00
Glazar, Monica IreneRadiologic TechnologistUMH Radiology UH$52,305.75$0.00
Kitts, TristaUltrasound TechnologistUMH Radiology UH$52,145.60$0.00
Sparks, ShanaUltrasound TechnologistUMH Radiology UH$52,000.00$0.00
Deitrich, Kariann VernetaRadiologic TechnologistUMH Radiology UH$51,999.28$0.00
Pruszynski, Michelle ChristineInterventional Radiology TechnUMH Radiology UH$51,916.71$0.00
Shields, ErinInterventional Radiology TechnUMH Radiology UH$51,298.00$0.00
Salabay, HalinaComputerized Tomography TechnoUMH Radiology UH$51,043.20$0.00
Leonard, TravisInterventional Radiology TechnUMH Radiology UH$50,995.88$0.00
Giles, Lauren RoseRadiologic TechnologistUMH Radiology UH$50,793.73$0.00
Henderson, BradfordResearch Lab Specialist AssocUMH Radiology UH$50,782.93$0.00
Markoski, Mike GregoryInterventional Radiology TechnUMH Radiology UH$50,507.08$0.00
Grow Jr, MarkComputerized Tomography TechnoUMH Radiology UH$50,500.06$0.00
Gusway, BarbaraComputerized Tomography TechnoUMH Radiology UH$50,500.06$0.00
Taylor, Antonia MarieClerical Senior SupervisorUMH Radiology UH$49,999.81$0.00
Hoffman, Amy NicoleRadiologic TechnologistUMH Radiology UH$49,957.19$0.00
Henson, MarianneRadiologic TechnologistUMH Radiology UH$48,987.45$0.00
Maguire, Diane MarieInventory Control Clerk SeniorUMH Radiology UH$48,941.92$0.00
Petty, BeverlyRadiologic TechnologistUMH Radiology UH$48,866.49$0.00
Sliker, RachelRadiologic TechnologistUMH Radiology UH$48,491.04$0.00
Mifsud, Deborah AnnLicensed Practical NurseUMH Radiology UH$47,892.37$0.00
Nixon, Corey AnnRadiologic TechnologistUMH Radiology UH$46,974.73$0.00
Miller, KelseyRadiologic TechnologistUMH Radiology UH$46,952.02$0.00
Vultaggio, Krista NRadiologic TechnologistUMH Radiology UH$46,743.32$0.00
Stevens, DanielleRadiologic TechnologistUMH Radiology UH$46,469.46$0.00
Thomas, MoniquePatient Care Tech AssociateUMH Radiology UH$46,136.04$0.00
Reynolds, LeslieCall Center Inter Supr InboundUMH Radiology UH$45,765.65$0.00
Hill, Crystal NicoleRadiologic TechnologistUMH Radiology UH$45,087.60$0.00
Nguyen, PhungRadiologic TechnologistUMH Radiology UH$45,087.60$0.00
Bell, LauraRadiologic TechnologistUMH Radiology UH$45,087.31$0.00
Turner, MarcusClerical Senior SupervisorUMH Radiology UH$44,997.50$0.00
Newman, StephanieRadiologic TechnologistUMH Radiology UH$44,758.21$0.00
Harrington, JesseRadiologic TechnologistUMH Radiology UH$44,539.08$0.00
Schira, JessicaRadiologic TechnologistUMH Radiology UH$44,513.92$0.00
Stimpson, MichaelRadiologic TechnologistUMH Radiology UH$44,385.76$0.00
Brogan, AngelaRadiologic TechnologistUMH Radiology UH$44,211.05$0.00
Hopkins, ElizabethRadiologic TechnologistUMH Radiology UH$44,189.16$0.00
Blossom, KristinRadiologic TechnologistUMH Radiology UH$44,080.53$0.00
Smith, MaeganRadiologic TechnologistUMH Radiology UH$43,881.39$0.00
Wysner, Shannon MarieRadiologic TechnologistUMH Radiology UH$43,729.97$0.00
McEvoy, Brian VincentPatient Care Tech AssociateUMH Radiology UH$43,712.68$0.00
Kincaid, LourdesRadiologic TechnologistUMH Radiology UH$43,643.42$0.00
Pietras, Laurie LPatient Services AssistantUMH Radiology UH$43,243.06$0.00
Piechorowski, JennRadiologic TechnologistUMH Radiology UH$43,164.05$0.00
Heiser, LaurenRadiologic TechnologistUMH Radiology UH$43,126.16$0.00
Wilson, JenniferLicensed Practical NurseUMH Radiology UH$42,901.29$0.00
Reed, Dawn EPatient Care Tech AssociateUMH Radiology UH$42,821.10$0.00
Arecheja, RichardRadiologic TechnologistUMH Radiology UH$42,281.05$0.00
Cammarata, Nikki LeaRadiologic TechnologistUMH Radiology UH$42,281.05$0.00
Steele, AutumnRadiologic TechnologistUMH Radiology UH$42,281.05$0.00
Knight, Robin LPatient Services AssistantUMH Radiology UH$42,224.87$0.00
McMillen, EmilyRadiologic TechnologistUMH Radiology UH$41,600.00$0.00
Langley, SpencerRadiologic TechnologistUMH Radiology UH$41,349.88$0.00
Reed, ReminaRadiologic TechnologistUMH Radiology UH$41,349.88$0.00
Whitaker, ReneeCall Center Rep Inbound InterUMH Radiology UH$39,960.18$0.00
Fordyce, Jared APatient Care Tech AssociateUMH Radiology UH$39,877.50$0.00
Byrd, Leah LPatient Care Tech AssociateUMH Radiology UH$39,626.80$0.00
Loving, Ta'iPatient Care Tech AssociateUMH Radiology UH$39,536.15$0.00
Rohraff, Jan ACall Center Rep Inbound InterUMH Radiology UH$38,350.46$0.00
Mallory, Mark EPatient Services AssistantUMH Radiology UH$38,252.81$0.00
Burse, WandaPatient Services AssistantUMH Radiology UH$37,790.30$0.00
Drummonds, Sylvie HPatient Services AssistantUMH Radiology UH$37,790.27$0.00
Raupp, Valerie LynnPatient Services AssistantUMH Radiology UH$37,790.02$0.00
Bulick, Dana ECall Center Rep Inbound AssocUMH Radiology UH$37,789.56$0.00
Jackson-Watson, MelissaPatient Care Tech AssociateUMH Radiology UH$37,350.21$0.00
Salmons, Shannon MPatient Care Tech AssociateUMH Radiology UH$37,336.06$0.00
O'Grady, Matt ThomasPatient Care Tech AssociateUMH Radiology UH$36,458.71$0.00
Hooven, Jonathan RaymondPatient Care Tech AssociateUMH Radiology UH$36,413.68$0.00
Thigpen, Tanya MariePatient Services AssistantUMH Radiology UH$36,413.08$0.00
Withrow, TinaPharmacy Technician InterUMH Radiology UH$35,977.50$0.00
Chaustowich, RobinCall Center Rep Inbound InterUMH Radiology UH$35,801.48$0.00
McClellan, Angelique NPatient Services AssistantUMH Radiology UH$35,289.19$0.00
Brunson, TaliaPatient Care Tech AssociateUMH Radiology UH$35,276.17$0.00
Moore, Rhonda JeanPatient Services AssistantUMH Radiology UH$35,193.98$0.00
Miller, StacyPatient Services AssistantUMH Radiology UH$34,833.63$0.00
Butler, Thomas MPatient Care Tech AssociateUMH Radiology UH$34,743.48$0.00
Szappon, CrystalCall Center Rep Inbound InterUMH Radiology UH$34,682.26$0.00
Taylor-Crawford, KimberlyPatient Services AssistantUMH Radiology UH$34,619.78$0.00
Pulk, Sandra RPatient Services AssistantUMH Radiology UH$34,593.73$0.00
Thomas, Brittany LPatient Care Tech AssociateUMH Radiology UH$34,573.59$0.00
Aschenbrenner, ElaineCall Center Rep Inbound InterUMH Radiology UH$34,509.99$0.00
Grima, Christine ElizabethPatient Care Tech AssociateUMH Radiology UH$34,459.36$0.00
Patterson, ElizabethPharmacy Technician InterUMH Radiology UH$34,400.08$0.00
Scott, MieshaCall Center Rep Inbound InterUMH Radiology UH$34,018.17$0.00
Marecle, StephanieCall Center Rep Inbound InterUMH Radiology UH$33,865.52$0.00
Edwards, Ashley ErinPatient Services AssistantUMH Radiology UH$33,855.57$0.00
Burns, ShawnaPatient Care Tech AssociateUMH Radiology UH$33,812.80$0.00
Williams, MeghanPatient Care Tech AssociateUMH Radiology UH$33,812.80$0.00
Coulter, SusanPatient Care Tech AssociateUMH Radiology UH$33,742.48$0.00
Turner, MatthewCall Center Rep Inbound InterUMH Radiology UH$33,592.27$0.00
Maki, Lisa AnnePatient Services AssistantUMH Radiology UH$33,329.30$0.00
Rosebush, GerridPatient Care Tech AssistantUMH Radiology UH$33,312.50$0.00
Lee, DarianCall Center Rep Inbound InterUMH Radiology UH$33,018.57$0.00
Ponce, AmyPatient Care Tech AssociateUMH Radiology UH$32,999.98$0.00
Kunzelman, Zandra DPatient Services AssistantUMH Radiology UH$32,714.37$0.00
Young, AmyPatient Care Tech AssociateUMH Radiology UH$32,500.00$0.00
Sprague, Ashley NPatient Care Tech AssociateUMH Radiology UH$32,392.90$0.00
Hopkins, NicholPatient Care Tech AssociateUMH Radiology UH$32,086.72$0.00
Sullivan, TheresePatient Services AssistantUMH Radiology UH$31,156.05$0.00
Wallace, JenniferPatient Services AssistantUMH Radiology UH$31,132.90$0.00
Woods, Akeiya SPatient Services AssistantUMH Radiology UH$31,096.58$0.00
Story-Hang, Susan MariePatient Services AssistantUMH Radiology UH$31,038.63$0.00
Schmalzried, JesseCall Center Rep Inbound InterUMH Radiology UH$31,011.24$0.00
Fredette, Aaron CharlesPatient Care Tech AssociateUMH Radiology UH$30,632.90$0.00
Lanehart, Kristie MichellePatient Services AssistantUMH Radiology UH$30,264.96$0.00
Chwastek, AlexanderPatient Services AssistantUMH Radiology UH$29,190.46$0.00
Adkins, SaraPatient Services AssistantUMH Radiology UH$29,130.94$0.00
Connor, AdriannaPatient Services AssistantUMH Radiology UH$29,071.38$0.00
Scott, StaciPatient Services AssistantUMH Radiology UH$29,059.72$0.00
Bostelaar, JeffreyPatient Services AssistantUMH Radiology UH$29,009.82$0.00
Faubert, EmilyPatient Services AssistantUMH Radiology UH$28,912.25$0.00
Stauch, EricaPatient Services AssistantUMH Radiology UH$28,824.12$0.00
Buisson, AngeliquePatient Services AssistantUMH Radiology UH$28,636.30$0.00
Napolitan, JohnPatient Services AssistantUMH Radiology UH$28,629.92$0.00
Truskowski, StaceyPatient Services AssistantUMH Radiology UH$28,565.05$0.00
Hall, AaronPatient Services AssistantUMH Radiology UH$28,519.40$0.00
Miner, Laverne MariePatient Care Tech AssociateUMH Radiology UH$28,333.50$0.00
Bolish, AshleyPatient Services AssistantUMH Radiology UH$28,302.66$0.00
Karabelski, KathrynPatient Services AssistantUMH Radiology UH$28,047.50$0.00
Hensley, CraigPatient Services AssistantUMH Radiology UH$27,908.40$0.00
Hayes, TanishaPatient Care Tech AssociateUMH Radiology UH$27,710.02$0.00
Mwai, CatherinePatient Services AssistantUMH Radiology UH$27,656.98$0.00
Wright, JoshuaPatient Services AssistantUMH Radiology UH$27,068.60$0.00
Bloxam, DavidPatient Services AssistantUMH Radiology UH$27,031.16$0.00
Foster, BrittanyPatient Services AssistantUMH Radiology UH$26,798.98$0.00
Michalowski, BryanPatient Services AssistantUMH Radiology UH$26,619.32$0.00
Jaynes, MelissaPatient Services AssistantUMH Radiology UH$26,217.88$0.00
Evans, MorandaPatient Services AssistantUMH Radiology UH$26,152.62$0.00

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