Number of people in UMH Radiation Oncology Department: 78
Maximum Salary$ 159,957.66
Average Salary$ 79,622.39
Minimum Salary$ 31,333.12

Department Results for UMH Radiation Oncology 2018-19
NameTitleDepartment FTR (Salary)GF (Amount from General Fund)
Woch Naheedy, KatherineRadiation PhysicistUMH Radiation Oncology$159,957.66$0.00
Merkel, Sue MAdmin Manager Sr HealthcareUMH Radiation Oncology$125,094.08$0.00
Archer, Paul GRadiation Therapy DosimetristUMH Radiation Oncology$123,842.43$0.00
Marsh, Robin BRadiation Therapy DosimetristUMH Radiation Oncology$123,842.43$0.00
Yanke, BethanyRadiation Therapy DosimetristUMH Radiation Oncology$123,842.43$0.00
Evans, Vicki LRadiation Therapy DosimetristUMH Radiation Oncology$122,659.81$0.00
Burger, Pamela RRadiation Therapy DosimetristUMH Radiation Oncology$122,450.34$0.00
Tatro, Daniel SRadiation Therapy DosimetristUMH Radiation Oncology$122,330.15$0.00
Egerer, Nancy SNP MEDICAL SUBSPECIALTY TIER 2UMH Radiation Oncology$121,524.00$0.00
Weyburne, GrantSoftware ArchitectUMH Radiation Oncology$117,588.43$0.00
WIlkinson, Joel CalebRadiation Therapy DosimetristUMH Radiation Oncology$116,179.67$0.00
Chen, Xiaoping EricApp Sys Anlst/Prgm Staff SpecUMH Radiation Oncology$114,101.19$0.00
Jarema, David JRadiation Therapy DosimetristUMH Radiation Oncology$113,826.67$0.00
Johnson, Dawn JAdmin Manager Inter HealthcareUMH Radiation Oncology$112,742.07$0.00
Tipton Hendershot, ShawnNP MEDICAL SUBSPECIALTY TIER 2UMH Radiation Oncology$112,013.10$0.00
Stewart, Alissa AnnPhysician Asst Med SubSpec T2UMH Radiation Oncology$110,926.76$0.00
Dow, JanellRadiation Therapy DosimetristUMH Radiation Oncology$109,414.78$0.00
Kim, HeejinNP MEDICAL SUBSPECIALTY TIER 2UMH Radiation Oncology$109,183.98$0.00
Young, Lisa NRadiation Therapy DosimetristUMH Radiation Oncology$108,628.54$0.00
Mitchell, AmyreNP MEDICAL SUBSPECIALTY TIER 2UMH Radiation Oncology$108,352.40$0.00
Irrer, James CSoftware Developer SeniorUMH Radiation Oncology$106,690.90$0.00
Hola, Victor WREGISTERED NURSE - LEVEL EUMH Radiation Oncology$106,579.20$0.00
Maurer, Heather DawnRadiation Therapy DosimetristUMH Radiation Oncology$105,002.90$0.00
Rushlow, LouiseREGISTERED NURSE - LEVEL DUMH Radiation Oncology$102,856.00$0.00
Dougherty, Ashley MarieRadiation Therapy DosimetristUMH Radiation Oncology$98,137.57$0.00
Vineberg, Karen ADosimetrist Non-CertifiedUMH Radiation Oncology$95,606.88$0.00
Alcala, Christopher EladioRadiation Oncology SupervisorUMH Radiation Oncology$93,280.00$0.00
Lockhart, Christina MRadiation Therapy Tech ARRTUMH Radiation Oncology$89,471.18$0.00
Zegarowski, PhillipRadiation Therapy Tech ARRTUMH Radiation Oncology$89,397.26$0.00
Collard, Kathryn ERadiation Therapy Tech ARRTUMH Radiation Oncology$87,823.67$0.00
Machnak, Sherry LynneRadiation Therapy Tech ARRTUMH Radiation Oncology$87,823.67$0.00
Sharpe, Donald LRadiation Therapy Tech ARRTUMH Radiation Oncology$87,734.13$0.00
Dale, David ARadiation Therapy Tech ARRTUMH Radiation Oncology$87,717.59$0.00
Brezniak, Monica ElyseRadiation Therapy Tech ARRTUMH Radiation Oncology$85,489.53$0.00
Hamama, Danny SalmanRadiation Therapy Tech ARRTUMH Radiation Oncology$84,006.45$0.00
McClelland, Christopher DRadiation Therapy Tech ARRTUMH Radiation Oncology$82,035.43$0.00
James, JillREGISTERED NURSE - LEVEL CUMH Radiation Oncology$79,227.20$0.00
McPherson, SeanMRI TechnologistUMH Radiation Oncology$78,842.96$0.00
DeBoer, AngelaMRI TechnologistUMH Radiation Oncology$77,387.60$0.00
Al-Ghishan, Adriann ElizabethRadiation Therapy Tech ARRTUMH Radiation Oncology$74,920.21$0.00
Durbin, BonnieRadiation Therapy Tech ARRTUMH Radiation Oncology$73,937.42$0.00
Filpansick, Stephanie ElizabethRadiation Therapy Tech ARRTUMH Radiation Oncology$73,174.74$0.00
Carr-West, DeannaRadiation Therapy Tech ARRTUMH Radiation Oncology$72,713.44$0.00
Jankowski, LaurenRadiation Therapy Tech ARRTUMH Radiation Oncology$72,713.44$0.00
McKeever, Mary OliviaExecutive Assistant Assoc HlthUMH Radiation Oncology$71,050.66$0.00
Gooden-Richmond, Denise AnnAllied Health Intermediate SupUMH Radiation Oncology$70,119.00$0.00
Walker, KacieRadiation Therapy Tech ARRTUMH Radiation Oncology$69,869.83$0.00
Firestone, LaurenRadiation Therapy Tech ARRTUMH Radiation Oncology$69,283.23$0.00
Lashbrook, TaylerRadiation Therapy Tech ARRTUMH Radiation Oncology$68,288.73$0.00
Ryan, JerushaRadiation Therapy Tech ARRTUMH Radiation Oncology$67,518.00$0.00
McCarty, Brianna ElizabethRadiation Therapy Tech ARRTUMH Radiation Oncology$66,012.97$0.00
Hugan, TravisRadiation Therapy Tech ARRTUMH Radiation Oncology$65,871.30$0.00
Hinson, MontgomeryRadiation Therapy Tech ARRTUMH Radiation Oncology$64,628.19$0.00
Crowell, SamanthaRadiation Therapy Tech ARRTUMH Radiation Oncology$64,500.02$0.00
Morse, AshleyRadiation Therapy Tech ARRTUMH Radiation Oncology$63,700.51$0.00
Roberson, ChelseaRadiation Therapy Tech ARRTUMH Radiation Oncology$61,799.94$0.00
Bentley, DanaRadiation Therapy Tech ARRTUMH Radiation Oncology$59,999.94$0.00
Edwards, MartinaRadiation Therapy Tech ARRTUMH Radiation Oncology$59,999.94$0.00
Kennedy, LindseyRadiation Therapy Tech ARRTUMH Radiation Oncology$59,999.94$0.00
Moore, Karen LAdmin Asst Sr HealthcareUMH Radiation Oncology$58,720.64$0.00
Hearing, Linda DAdmin Asst Sr HealthcareUMH Radiation Oncology$58,368.83$0.00
Coppola, KelleyAdmin Asst Sr HealthcareUMH Radiation Oncology$48,050.08$0.00
Pillainayagam, MichaelLaboratory TechnicianUMH Radiation Oncology$43,165.57$0.00
Willis, Linda DarnellPatient Services IntermediateUMH Radiation Oncology$41,757.62$0.00
Harris, Alanna DMedical Assistant IntermediateUMH Radiation Oncology$40,963.81$0.00
Van, BenjaminLaboratory TechnicianUMH Radiation Oncology$38,579.07$0.00
Craddick, ChristaMedical Assistant IntermediateUMH Radiation Oncology$38,562.13$0.00
Martin, AndreaMedical Assistant IntermediateUMH Radiation Oncology$38,246.39$0.00
Downey, JillianMedical Assistant AssociateUMH Radiation Oncology$37,884.59$0.00
Brown, KirkAdmin Asst Assoc HealthcareUMH Radiation Oncology$37,156.23$0.00
Reeves, JacksonLaboratory TechnicianUMH Radiation Oncology$37,000.08$0.00
Miller, StephenMedical Assistant AssociateUMH Radiation Oncology$36,259.58$0.00
Gardner, EngliciaMedical Assistant AssociateUMH Radiation Oncology$36,186.80$0.00
Tipton, PaytonMedical Assistant AssociateUMH Radiation Oncology$34,229.39$0.00
Merillat, ChelseaMedical Assistant AssociateUMH Radiation Oncology$33,705.60$0.00
Robinson, SaraMedical Assistant AssociateUMH Radiation Oncology$33,431.62$0.00
McCallister, BrianMedical Assistant AssociateUMH Radiation Oncology$33,232.42$0.00
Leonardi, GabrielleMedical Assistant AssociateUMH Radiation Oncology$31,333.12$0.00

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Noel, Annemarie Information Resources Manager %Coll%Arch%Urban%Planning%
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Noble, Brian D stra Thoracic Surgery Section
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Nkansah, Jemimah professor School of MusicTheatre-Dance
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Cleaver, James Mechanical Technician Senior MI Dining - Administration