Number of people in UMH Rad - Assoc Department: 41
Maximum Salary$ 45,556.99
Average Salary$ 28,702.64
Minimum Salary$ 21,232.64

Department Results for UMH Rad - Assoc 2003-04
NameTitleDepartment FTR (Salary)GF (Amount from General Fund)
Briones, Dianne MADMIN ASSOC IUMH Rad - Assoc$45,556.99$0.00
Tubbs, Lynn AOUTPATIENT CLERK IIIUMH Rad - Assoc$39,999.96$0.00
Wollam, Krista FSUPR OUTPATIENT SVCSUMH Rad - Assoc$37,592.10$0.00
Harris, Dennis EPATIENT REFERRAL COORDUMH Rad - Assoc$37,492.26$0.00
Thomas, MoniqueOUTPATIENT CLERK IIIUMH Rad - Assoc$35,699.82$0.00
Denney, Joyce WOUTPATIENT CLERK IIIUMH Rad - Assoc$34,675.94$0.00
Clark, Penny MPATIENT REFERRAL COORDUMH Rad - Assoc$33,601.36$0.00
Burnett, Misti DOUTPATIENT CLERK IIIUMH Rad - Assoc$33,192.64$0.00
Thompson, Deborah LOUTPATIENT CLERK IIIUMH Rad - Assoc$33,172.10$0.00
Mallory, Mark EOUTPATIENT CLERK IIIUMH Rad - Assoc$31,377.32$0.00
Opal, Dana EOUTPATIENT CLERK IIIUMH Rad - Assoc$31,016.70$0.00
Rutkowski, Judith MOUTPATIENT CLERK IIIUMH Rad - Assoc$30,640.48$0.00
Johnson, Angela LOUTPATIENT CLERK IIIUMH Rad - Assoc$30,082.52$0.00
Helfen, Lisa EOUTPATIENT CLERK IIIUMH Rad - Assoc$29,981.38$0.00
Raupp, Valerie LynnOUTPATIENT CLERK IIIUMH Rad - Assoc$29,808.48$0.00
Whitaker, Karen KOUTPATIENT CLERK IIIUMH Rad - Assoc$29,698.50$0.00
Stephens, Barbara EllenOUTPATIENT CLERK IIIUMH Rad - Assoc$29,652.22$0.00
Burse, WandaOUTPATIENT CLERK IIIUMH Rad - Assoc$29,050.58$0.00
Wilson, Debra LOUTPATIENT CLERK IIIUMH Rad - Assoc$28,870.14$0.00
Freeman, Linda LOUTPATIENT CLERK IIIUMH Rad - Assoc$28,700.10$0.00
Jewell, Jacqueline LOUTPATIENT OFFICE ASSTUMH Rad - Assoc$27,193.14$0.00
Hines, Tabitha AnnOUTPATIENT CLERK IIIUMH Rad - Assoc$27,079.78$0.00
Hill, Brandye EOUTPATIENT CLERK IIIUMH Rad - Assoc$26,934.96$0.00
Paxton, Sarah KOUTPATIENT CLERK IIIUMH Rad - Assoc$26,808.86$0.00
Story-Hang, Susan MarieOUTPATIENT CLERK IIIUMH Rad - Assoc$26,228.80$0.00
Ostrowski, Dawna LPATIENT REFERRAL COORDUMH Rad - Assoc$26,124.28$0.00
Hamilton, Heather LOUTPATIENT CLERK IIIUMH Rad - Assoc$25,499.50$0.00
Kunzelman, Zandra DOUTPATIENT CLERK IIIUMH Rad - Assoc$25,373.92$0.00
Woolf, Sharon LOUTPATIENT CLERK IIIUMH Rad - Assoc$25,154.74$0.00
Jackson-Watson, MelissaOUTPATIENT CLERK IIIUMH Rad - Assoc$24,952.20$0.00
Curtis, Kara BOUTPATIENT CLERK IIIUMH Rad - Assoc$24,425.44$0.00
Hibbler, John DerrickOUTPATIENT CLERK IIIUMH Rad - Assoc$24,403.86$0.00
Salmons, Shannon MOUTPATIENT CLERK IIIUMH Rad - Assoc$24,315.98$0.00
Schock, NicoletaOUTPATIENT CLERK IIIUMH Rad - Assoc$24,237.72$0.00
Kennedy, Lori LOUTPATIENT CLERK IIIUMH Rad - Assoc$23,552.88$0.00
Vanfaasen, Kathryn ElizabethOUTPATIENT CLERK IIIUMH Rad - Assoc$23,376.34$0.00
Kopp, Jill MOUTPATIENT CLERK IIIUMH Rad - Assoc$22,835.80$0.00
Griffith, Tresa MOUTPATIENT CLERK IIIUMH Rad - Assoc$22,734.40$0.00
Marouf, Lamia ROUTPATIENT CLERK IIIUMH Rad - Assoc$22,468.94$0.00
Bonneville, Nicole MarieOUTPATIENT OFFICE ASSTUMH Rad - Assoc$22,012.64$0.00
Kim, Melanie AOUTPATIENT OFFICE ASSTUMH Rad - Assoc$21,232.64$0.00

Lists of recent searches of
Greenbaum, Alexandra Academic Advisor/Couns Inter UMH Rad - Assoc
Rogers, Tyler Radiation Therapy Dosimetrist BCSC Adult Multispecialty
Green-Cameron, Taquania adm% UMH MI Visiting Nurse Assoc
Peters, Business Administrator Lead athletics
Green, Tiffany program Manager G. Ford Sc Pub Pol
Green, Shelly Lynn Dosimetrist Non-Certified Ross School of Business
caste, Research Area Specialist Inter Industrial Operations
Green, Sheila Financial or Bus Analyst int %sustainability%
Green, Paul Eric medic Law school
Kuempel, Crystal Sara REGISTERED NURSE - LEVEL A SRC-Hrs