Number of people in UMH Pathology Blood Bank Department: 42
Maximum Salary$ 99,335.48
Average Salary$ 63,287.11
Minimum Salary$ 32,089.18

Department Results for UMH Pathology Blood Bank 2018-19
NameTitleDepartment FTR (Salary)GF (Amount from General Fund)
Downs, Theresa AAdmin Manager Inter HealthcareUMH Pathology Blood Bank$99,335.48$0.00
Kreiner, Eileen MClinical Technologist SeniorUMH Pathology Blood Bank$84,368.24$0.00
Gruszczynski, Phyllis TClinical Technologist SeniorUMH Pathology Blood Bank$83,114.87$0.00
Hugan, Sheri LClinical Technologist SeniorUMH Pathology Blood Bank$79,346.34$0.00
Alfsen, Deborah AnneClinical Technologist SeniorUMH Pathology Blood Bank$77,582.54$0.00
Herrst, Michelle MClinical Technologist SeniorUMH Pathology Blood Bank$75,850.00$0.00
Bensette, Michelle HMedical Technologist SpecUMH Pathology Blood Bank$75,443.49$0.00
Rohrkemper, DavidMedical Technologist SpecUMH Pathology Blood Bank$75,130.35$0.00
Clevenger, Amy RMedical Technologist SpecUMH Pathology Blood Bank$75,022.47$0.00
Cornwell, Pamela AMedical Technologist SpecUMH Pathology Blood Bank$74,863.31$0.00
Schroeder, Jonathan MichaelMedical TechnologistUMH Pathology Blood Bank$71,048.74$0.00
Hoag, Meredith LeighMedical Technologist SpecUMH Pathology Blood Bank$70,968.42$0.00
Devine, Salika AieshaClinical Technologist SeniorUMH Pathology Blood Bank$70,424.27$0.00
Yang, LiMedical TechnologistUMH Pathology Blood Bank$69,062.83$0.00
Bodary, Jennifer MMedical TechnologistUMH Pathology Blood Bank$68,995.52$0.00
Tallmadge, TerriMedical TechnologistUMH Pathology Blood Bank$68,995.52$0.00
Wilson, HollyLaboratory SupervisorUMH Pathology Blood Bank$68,380.00$0.00
Ko, JohnLaboratory SupervisorUMH Pathology Blood Bank$67,080.00$0.00
Brown, DonnaMedical TechnologistUMH Pathology Blood Bank$63,500.06$0.00
Novak, BrianClinical Technologist SeniorUMH Pathology Blood Bank$61,062.67$0.00
Dari, Heywyda HMedical TechnologistUMH Pathology Blood Bank$60,875.17$0.00
Boone, BrookeMedical Technologist SpecUMH Pathology Blood Bank$59,985.15$0.00
Isles, SarahMedical TechnologistUMH Pathology Blood Bank$57,808.11$0.00
Johnson, KrystalMedical TechnologistUMH Pathology Blood Bank$57,181.57$0.00
Demeter, JohnMedical TechnologistUMH Pathology Blood Bank$56,403.93$0.00
Byars, MichaelMedical TechnologistUMH Pathology Blood Bank$56,383.94$0.00
Trescott, LauraMedical TechnologistUMH Pathology Blood Bank$55,807.23$0.00
Holden, StevenMedical TechnologistUMH Pathology Blood Bank$55,247.58$0.00
Hunt, NicoleMedical TechnologistUMH Pathology Blood Bank$55,222.53$0.00
Yee, Lian-FaiMedical TechnologistUMH Pathology Blood Bank$55,053.84$0.00
Ivan, AmberMedical TechnologistUMH Pathology Blood Bank$55,009.06$0.00
Perry, Shelby IreanMedical TechnologistUMH Pathology Blood Bank$54,953.63$0.00
Anacker, KristynMedical TechnologistUMH Pathology Blood Bank$54,700.10$0.00
Voss, JuliaMedical TechnologistUMH Pathology Blood Bank$54,172.25$0.00
Irelan, MonicaMedical TechnologistUMH Pathology Blood Bank$54,100.83$0.00
Bishop, Cheryl LynnAdmin Asst Inter HealthcareUMH Pathology Blood Bank$53,372.98$0.00
Brandt, GalleryMedical TechnologistUMH Pathology Blood Bank$51,500.02$0.00
Chadwick, EmilyMedical TechnologistUMH Pathology Blood Bank$51,500.02$0.00
Rudnickaite, RazmaMedical TechnologistUMH Pathology Blood Bank$51,500.02$0.00
Stanton, DemiMedical TechnologistUMH Pathology Blood Bank$51,500.02$0.00
Schairer, Karen AnnPatient Care Tech AssociateUMH Pathology Blood Bank$44,116.24$0.00
Butcher, JuliePatient Care Tech AssociateUMH Pathology Blood Bank$32,089.18$0.00

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