Number of people in UMH Path O/P Phlebotomy Department: 64
Maximum Salary$ 66,720.00
Average Salary$ 36,360.17
Minimum Salary$ 27,497.60

Department Results for UMH Path O/P Phlebotomy 2018-19
NameTitleDepartment FTR (Salary)GF (Amount from General Fund)
Kennedy-Stanfield, Jodi KAllied Health Intermediate SupUMH Path O/P Phlebotomy$66,720.00$0.00
Carey, Lori JAllied Health Associate SuprUMH Path O/P Phlebotomy$56,324.58$0.00
Stoklosa, ReneeAllied Health Associate SuprUMH Path O/P Phlebotomy$52,761.67$0.00
Spiegelberg, Rita AAllied Health Associate SuprUMH Path O/P Phlebotomy$51,033.15$0.00
Khiterer, DianaAllied Health Associate SuprUMH Path O/P Phlebotomy$50,510.54$0.00
Vallie, AmyAllied Health Associate SuprUMH Path O/P Phlebotomy$45,105.25$0.00
Rush, Annette TPhlebotomist SpecialistUMH Path O/P Phlebotomy$44,113.00$0.00
Robinson, Nicole LPhlebotomist SpecialistUMH Path O/P Phlebotomy$44,106.82$0.00
Piotrowski, Tegan MarieLaboratory TechnicianUMH Path O/P Phlebotomy$43,541.04$0.00
Smith, Mary CatherinePhlebotomist SpecialistUMH Path O/P Phlebotomy$43,269.74$0.00
Williams, Audrey MPhlebotomist SpecialistUMH Path O/P Phlebotomy$43,026.69$0.00
Herbert, Raymond MarkLaboratory TechnicianUMH Path O/P Phlebotomy$41,397.60$0.00
Daniel, Archer FPhlebotomist SpecialistUMH Path O/P Phlebotomy$40,273.75$0.00
Gosselin, Lorrie SPhlebotomist SpecialistUMH Path O/P Phlebotomy$39,508.89$0.00
Torres, Juan EduardoPhlebotomist SpecialistUMH Path O/P Phlebotomy$39,508.89$0.00
Jimenez, Rafael AntonioLaboratory TechnicianUMH Path O/P Phlebotomy$38,749.37$0.00
Scharf, NoraLaboratory TechnicianUMH Path O/P Phlebotomy$38,683.01$0.00
Rauch, Tonya LPhlebotomist SpecialistUMH Path O/P Phlebotomy$38,458.88$0.00
Glover, EvylinPhlebotomist SpecialistUMH Path O/P Phlebotomy$38,036.48$0.00
Bates, AndrewPhlebotomist SpecialistUMH Path O/P Phlebotomy$37,588.23$0.00
Lymas, Alvin RLaboratory TechnicianUMH Path O/P Phlebotomy$37,558.15$0.00
Lutz, Marie AnnettePhlebotomist SpecialistUMH Path O/P Phlebotomy$37,412.34$0.00
Caldwell, Rebecca JPhlebotomist SpecialistUMH Path O/P Phlebotomy$37,399.28$0.00
Bajwa, Kamaljit KaurPhlebotomist SpecialistUMH Path O/P Phlebotomy$36,350.87$0.00
Sevilla, TyiaPhlebotomistUMH Path O/P Phlebotomy$34,952.54$0.00
Beauregard, JoyPhlebotomist SpecialistUMH Path O/P Phlebotomy$34,907.77$0.00
Reppuhn, Charlene FernPhlebotomistUMH Path O/P Phlebotomy$34,887.52$0.00
Yassin, JasmineLaboratory TechnicianUMH Path O/P Phlebotomy$34,828.35$0.00
Johnson, BrandyLaboratory TechnicianUMH Path O/P Phlebotomy$34,796.83$0.00
Gill, BaljinderPhlebotomist SpecialistUMH Path O/P Phlebotomy$34,578.64$0.00
Gradomski, Jena MariePhlebotomist SpecialistUMH Path O/P Phlebotomy$34,523.48$0.00
Marx, MichellePhlebotomistUMH Path O/P Phlebotomy$34,246.58$0.00
Sneed, VirgiePhlebotomistUMH Path O/P Phlebotomy$34,246.58$0.00
Schoof, Barbara EllenPhlebotomistUMH Path O/P Phlebotomy$34,125.06$0.00
Shala, AferditaPhlebotomistUMH Path O/P Phlebotomy$34,100.04$0.00
Kaur, ParmjitPhlebotomistUMH Path O/P Phlebotomy$33,685.87$0.00
Castillo, EdithPhlebotomist SpecialistUMH Path O/P Phlebotomy$33,667.74$0.00
Daly, LuannePhlebotomist SpecialistUMH Path O/P Phlebotomy$33,567.54$0.00
Sawhney, PriyaPhlebotomistUMH Path O/P Phlebotomy$33,481.73$0.00
Crowley, CaitlinLaboratory TechnicianUMH Path O/P Phlebotomy$33,351.41$0.00
Goll, VictoriaLaboratory TechnicianUMH Path O/P Phlebotomy$33,351.41$0.00
Lenton, ChristopherPhlebotomist SpecialistUMH Path O/P Phlebotomy$33,083.04$0.00
Pomorski, TammyPhlebotomist SpecialistUMH Path O/P Phlebotomy$33,013.49$0.00
Crisostomo, MariaLaboratory TechnicianUMH Path O/P Phlebotomy$32,791.98$0.00
Beag, FatimaPhlebotomistUMH Path O/P Phlebotomy$32,651.77$0.00
Pruitt, KellyPhlebotomist SpecialistUMH Path O/P Phlebotomy$32,370.69$0.00
Reeve, KerriPhlebotomistUMH Path O/P Phlebotomy$32,100.12$0.00
Patel, AlpaPhlebotomistUMH Path O/P Phlebotomy$32,082.60$0.00
McCollum, Jessica maryLaboratory TechnicianUMH Path O/P Phlebotomy$32,000.02$0.00
Wazni, MayaPhlebotomist SpecialistUMH Path O/P Phlebotomy$31,951.92$0.00
Burnside, BonniePhlebotomistUMH Path O/P Phlebotomy$31,288.70$0.00
Bates, ThomasPhlebotomistUMH Path O/P Phlebotomy$31,180.89$0.00
Johal, Sonia-SangeetaPhlebotomist SpecialistUMH Path O/P Phlebotomy$30,992.00$0.00
Nicole, TifaniPhlebotomistUMH Path O/P Phlebotomy$30,458.02$0.00
McMurray, JosephPhlebotomistUMH Path O/P Phlebotomy$29,894.37$0.00
Haskin, SamanthaPhlebotomistUMH Path O/P Phlebotomy$29,494.40$0.00
Gibson, TaylorPhlebotomistUMH Path O/P Phlebotomy$29,192.41$0.00
Williams, MaddisonPhlebotomistUMH Path O/P Phlebotomy$29,149.90$0.00
Runyon, MichellePhlebotomist SpecialistUMH Path O/P Phlebotomy$29,099.20$0.00
Hensley, PamelaPhlebotomistUMH Path O/P Phlebotomy$28,995.20$0.00
Quasem, KhaleelPhlebotomistUMH Path O/P Phlebotomy$28,843.56$0.00
Akhlas, AmbarPhlebotomistUMH Path O/P Phlebotomy$28,185.04$0.00
Ruddy, HeatherPhlebotomistUMH Path O/P Phlebotomy$27,996.80$0.00
Sylla, OdiaPhlebotomistUMH Path O/P Phlebotomy$27,497.60$0.00

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