Number of people in UMH Path I/P Phlebotomy Department: 55
Maximum Salary$ 80,730.00
Average Salary$ 36,873.10
Minimum Salary$ 27,497.60

Department Results for UMH Path I/P Phlebotomy 2018-19
NameTitleDepartment FTR (Salary)GF (Amount from General Fund)
Slater, Jennifer AndreoliAdmin Manager Inter HealthcareUMH Path I/P Phlebotomy$80,730.00$0.00
Moorhouse, Weslier MarieTraining Specialist SeniorUMH Path I/P Phlebotomy$77,559.80$0.00
Bigham, CarlaAllied Health Intermediate SupUMH Path I/P Phlebotomy$61,500.00$0.00
Fera, Kimberly JAllied Health Associate SuprUMH Path I/P Phlebotomy$50,707.49$0.00
Tapp II, BrianTraining Specialist InterUMH Path I/P Phlebotomy$49,356.83$0.00
Matheny, Jessica LynnTraining Specialist InterUMH Path I/P Phlebotomy$48,887.38$0.00
Bahrou, Mary MAllied Health Associate SuprUMH Path I/P Phlebotomy$47,800.42$0.00
Squires, Thelma JeanPhlebotomist SpecialistUMH Path I/P Phlebotomy$44,118.88$0.00
Kelly, ShannonAllied Health Associate SuprUMH Path I/P Phlebotomy$43,480.54$0.00
Pope, AprilAllied Health Associate SuprUMH Path I/P Phlebotomy$42,420.04$0.00
Moses, PaulinaPhlebotomistUMH Path I/P Phlebotomy$40,087.99$0.00
McGill, JasonPhlebotomist SpecialistUMH Path I/P Phlebotomy$39,636.81$0.00
Wilson, TonyaPhlebotomist SpecialistUMH Path I/P Phlebotomy$38,972.96$0.00
Abraham, Chavonne MariePhlebotomist SpecialistUMH Path I/P Phlebotomy$38,734.71$0.00
Price, DawnPhlebotomist SpecialistUMH Path I/P Phlebotomy$36,989.40$0.00
Johnson, ShawnTelPhlebotomist SpecialistUMH Path I/P Phlebotomy$36,981.67$0.00
Brooks, TamikaPhlebotomist SpecialistUMH Path I/P Phlebotomy$36,946.76$0.00
Tedla, Lidia EPhlebotomist SpecialistUMH Path I/P Phlebotomy$36,555.01$0.00
Wood, SeanPhlebotomist SpecialistUMH Path I/P Phlebotomy$35,656.37$0.00
Chtraklin, GalinaPhlebotomist SpecialistUMH Path I/P Phlebotomy$35,406.12$0.00
Larock, JohnPhlebotomist SpecialistUMH Path I/P Phlebotomy$35,251.02$0.00
Tahir, MarthaPhlebotomist SpecialistUMH Path I/P Phlebotomy$35,220.91$0.00
Li, AnnaPhlebotomist SpecialistUMH Path I/P Phlebotomy$34,986.12$0.00
Beaver, SusanPhlebotomistUMH Path I/P Phlebotomy$34,605.34$0.00
Gill, BaljinderPhlebotomist SpecialistUMH Path I/P Phlebotomy$34,578.38$0.00
Reynolds, SarahPhlebotomist SpecialistUMH Path I/P Phlebotomy$34,205.01$0.00
Bhullar, SandeepPhlebotomist SpecialistUMH Path I/P Phlebotomy$33,939.62$0.00
Covington, TinaPhlebotomist SpecialistUMH Path I/P Phlebotomy$33,907.06$0.00
Papa, SusanPhlebotomist SpecialistUMH Path I/P Phlebotomy$33,809.26$0.00
Ramouni, SayidPhlebotomist SpecialistUMH Path I/P Phlebotomy$33,489.99$0.00
Schnurstein, KimberlyPhlebotomist SpecialistUMH Path I/P Phlebotomy$33,460.41$0.00
Distelrath, ChristinePhlebotomist SpecialistUMH Path I/P Phlebotomy$33,194.71$0.00
Tomini, AzbijePhlebotomist SpecialistUMH Path I/P Phlebotomy$33,178.08$0.00
Lewis, TeresaPhlebotomistUMH Path I/P Phlebotomy$32,896.76$0.00
Hauch, MeganPhlebotomist SpecialistUMH Path I/P Phlebotomy$32,704.88$0.00
Bennett, ErikaPhlebotomistUMH Path I/P Phlebotomy$32,675.83$0.00
Bromand Ansari, HusniaPhlebotomist SpecialistUMH Path I/P Phlebotomy$32,345.10$0.00
McKinstry, NatashaPhlebotomist SpecialistUMH Path I/P Phlebotomy$31,768.93$0.00
Geheim, KhaleelPhlebotomist SpecialistUMH Path I/P Phlebotomy$31,684.19$0.00
Williams-McGee, LaVinaPhlebotomist SpecialistUMH Path I/P Phlebotomy$31,435.81$0.00
Storms, VictoriaPhlebotomist SpecialistUMH Path I/P Phlebotomy$31,361.20$0.00
Hatfield, AndreaPhlebotomistUMH Path I/P Phlebotomy$31,119.66$0.00
Moore, MariaPhlebotomistUMH Path I/P Phlebotomy$31,100.55$0.00
McMahon, KennedyPhlebotomist SpecialistUMH Path I/P Phlebotomy$30,806.87$0.00
Kutaish, DanielPhlebotomistUMH Path I/P Phlebotomy$30,000.10$0.00
Ghumman, AishaPhlebotomist SpecialistUMH Path I/P Phlebotomy$29,596.84$0.00
Wilson, KathrynPhlebotomistUMH Path I/P Phlebotomy$28,995.20$0.00
Falkenburg, MaryPhlebotomistUMH Path I/P Phlebotomy$28,499.90$0.00
Winston, KristinPhlebotomistUMH Path I/P Phlebotomy$28,496.00$0.00
Pilkington-Hellard, JenniferPhlebotomistUMH Path I/P Phlebotomy$28,185.04$0.00
Ziegler, JaymiePhlebotomistUMH Path I/P Phlebotomy$27,999.92$0.00
Lee, ErionPhlebotomistUMH Path I/P Phlebotomy$27,499.94$0.00
Banks, ArielPhlebotomistUMH Path I/P Phlebotomy$27,497.60$0.00
McCown, LaurenPhlebotomistUMH Path I/P Phlebotomy$27,497.60$0.00
Pitts, BriannaPhlebotomistUMH Path I/P Phlebotomy$27,497.60$0.00

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, ASST PROFESSOR UMH Path I/P Phlebotomy
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