Number of people in UMH PMR-Med Rehab PT-OT Department: 31
Maximum Salary$ 101,872.01
Average Salary$ 77,457.77
Minimum Salary$ 28,421.96

Department Results for UMH PMR-Med Rehab PT-OT 2018-19
NameTitleDepartment FTR (Salary)GF (Amount from General Fund)
Kartje, Paula SOccupational Therapy SuprUMH PMR-Med Rehab PT-OT$101,872.01$0.00
Herner, Andrew SPhysical Ther Clin SpecUMH PMR-Med Rehab PT-OT$101,775.06$0.00
Johnson, DavidPhysical Ther Clin SpecUMH PMR-Med Rehab PT-OT$99,612.58$0.00
Kartje, Paula SOccupational Ther Clin SpecUMH PMR-Med Rehab PT-OT$98,661.00$0.00
Raymond, Danielle FPhysical TherapistUMH PMR-Med Rehab PT-OT$95,331.65$0.00
VanBuren, Pamela M BOccupational Ther Clin SpecUMH PMR-Med Rehab PT-OT$95,164.79$0.00
Mikas, MarijaPhysical TherapistUMH PMR-Med Rehab PT-OT$95,109.39$0.00
Spirl, Erin KathleenOccupational Ther Clin SpecUMH PMR-Med Rehab PT-OT$93,231.71$0.00
Salla, Kristen ElainePhysical TherapistUMH PMR-Med Rehab PT-OT$87,211.53$0.00
Semple, Michelle LeePhysical TherapistUMH PMR-Med Rehab PT-OT$86,788.17$0.00
Sanghvi, Seema RPhysical TherapistUMH PMR-Med Rehab PT-OT$83,476.25$0.00
Ryan, Dayna KristinePhysical TherapistUMH PMR-Med Rehab PT-OT$82,500.18$0.00
Hoag, Patrick EOccupational TherapistUMH PMR-Med Rehab PT-OT$80,748.89$0.00
Roskovensky, GregoryPhysical TherapistUMH PMR-Med Rehab PT-OT$80,739.78$0.00
Strang, RyanPhysical TherapistUMH PMR-Med Rehab PT-OT$79,694.58$0.00
Nourbakhsh, MinaPhysical TherapistUMH PMR-Med Rehab PT-OT$79,494.29$0.00
Kelsch, LaurenPhysical TherapistUMH PMR-Med Rehab PT-OT$76,719.24$0.00
Failing, RachelPhysical TherapistUMH PMR-Med Rehab PT-OT$76,462.89$0.00
Weamer, ElizabethPhysical TherapistUMH PMR-Med Rehab PT-OT$75,436.93$0.00
Welch, JeannaPhysical TherapistUMH PMR-Med Rehab PT-OT$74,986.00$0.00
Mottes, JasonPhysical TherapistUMH PMR-Med Rehab PT-OT$74,810.80$0.00
Summersett, SaraPhysical TherapistUMH PMR-Med Rehab PT-OT$74,431.96$0.00
Aktakka, Karissa MielPhysical TherapistUMH PMR-Med Rehab PT-OT$74,013.20$0.00
Zilch, AllisonPhysical TherapistUMH PMR-Med Rehab PT-OT$70,830.06$0.00
Meyer, SamuelPhysical TherapistUMH PMR-Med Rehab PT-OT$69,430.00$0.00
Johnson, SarahOccupational TherapistUMH PMR-Med Rehab PT-OT$66,286.23$0.00
Iott, MaryOccupational TherapistUMH PMR-Med Rehab PT-OT$63,693.00$0.00
Dodge, Sandra LCertified Occupational TherapyUMH PMR-Med Rehab PT-OT$62,457.12$0.00
Smola, Timothy DanielRehabilitation TechnicianUMH PMR-Med Rehab PT-OT$39,930.32$0.00
Dold, Jessica MRehabilitation Tech LeadUMH PMR-Med Rehab PT-OT$31,869.40$0.00
Miks, Ashley MarieRehabilitation TechnicianUMH PMR-Med Rehab PT-OT$28,421.96$0.00

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