Number of people in UMH PMR-Med Rehab PT-OT Department: 34
Maximum Salary$ 98,810.74
Average Salary$ 73,005.32
Minimum Salary$ 27,185.08

Department Results for UMH PMR-Med Rehab PT-OT 2017-18
NameTitleDepartment FTR (Salary)GF (Amount from General Fund)
Herner, Andrew SPhysical Ther Clin SpecUMH PMR-Med Rehab PT-OT$98,810.74$0.00
Louis-Ferdinand, Amelia DPhysical Ther Clin SpecUMH PMR-Med Rehab PT-OT$98,577.03$0.00
Kartje, Paula SOccupational Therapy SuprUMH PMR-Med Rehab PT-OT$98,427.06$0.00
Krus, Linda HPhysical TherapistUMH PMR-Med Rehab PT-OT$97,204.96$0.00
Kartje, Paula SOccupational Ther Clin SpecUMH PMR-Med Rehab PT-OT$95,555.45$0.00
Johnson, DavidPhysical Ther Clin SpecUMH PMR-Med Rehab PT-OT$95,003.71$0.00
Wallis, Christine AnnPhysical Ther Clin SpecUMH PMR-Med Rehab PT-OT$94,253.25$0.00
Mikas, MarijaPhysical TherapistUMH PMR-Med Rehab PT-OT$92,339.21$0.00
Raymond, Danielle FPhysical TherapistUMH PMR-Med Rehab PT-OT$90,752.04$0.00
VanBuren, Pamela M BOccupational Ther Clin SpecUMH PMR-Med Rehab PT-OT$89,551.36$0.00
Agno, DianePhysical TherapistUMH PMR-Med Rehab PT-OT$87,962.13$0.00
Spirl, Erin KathleenOccupational Ther Clin SpecUMH PMR-Med Rehab PT-OT$83,425.09$0.00
Salla, Kristen ElainePhysical TherapistUMH PMR-Med Rehab PT-OT$80,257.24$0.00
Semple, Michelle LeePhysical TherapistUMH PMR-Med Rehab PT-OT$80,257.24$0.00
Sanghvi, Seema RPhysical TherapistUMH PMR-Med Rehab PT-OT$77,194.54$0.00
Ryan, Dayna KristinePhysical TherapistUMH PMR-Med Rehab PT-OT$74,724.53$0.00
Roskovensky, GregoryPhysical TherapistUMH PMR-Med Rehab PT-OT$74,664.00$0.00
Strang, RyanPhysical TherapistUMH PMR-Med Rehab PT-OT$73,697.45$0.00
Nourbakhsh, MinaPhysical TherapistUMH PMR-Med Rehab PT-OT$73,512.23$0.00
Thompson, EmilyPhysical TherapistUMH PMR-Med Rehab PT-OT$73,316.76$0.00
Hoag, Patrick EOccupational TherapistUMH PMR-Med Rehab PT-OT$72,255.28$0.00
Failing, RachelPhysical TherapistUMH PMR-Med Rehab PT-OT$70,708.95$0.00
Cabaj, Michelle JPhysical TherapistUMH PMR-Med Rehab PT-OT$69,732.63$0.00
Lin, PeggyPhysical TherapistUMH PMR-Med Rehab PT-OT$68,496.72$0.00
Summersett, SaraPhysical TherapistUMH PMR-Med Rehab PT-OT$68,496.72$0.00
Mottes, JasonPhysical TherapistUMH PMR-Med Rehab PT-OT$67,979.00$0.00
Zilch, AllisonPhysical TherapistUMH PMR-Med Rehab PT-OT$65,500.00$0.00
Johnson, SarahOccupational TherapistUMH PMR-Med Rehab PT-OT$59,603.22$0.00
Dodge, Sandra LCertified Occupational TherapyUMH PMR-Med Rehab PT-OT$57,849.02$0.00
Smola, Timothy DanielRehabilitation TechnicianUMH PMR-Med Rehab PT-OT$38,767.21$0.00
Dold, Jessica MRehabilitation Tech LeadUMH PMR-Med Rehab PT-OT$30,482.27$0.00
Wegner, CourtneyRehabilitation TechnicianUMH PMR-Med Rehab PT-OT$28,128.54$0.00
Wilson, AmberRehabilitation TechnicianUMH PMR-Med Rehab PT-OT$27,510.08$0.00
Miks, Ashley MarieRehabilitation TechnicianUMH PMR-Med Rehab PT-OT$27,185.08$0.00

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