Number of people in UMH PMR IP OTPT Rehab Department: 48
Maximum Salary$ 108,462.18
Average Salary$ 68,863.48
Minimum Salary$ 27,201.98

Department Results for UMH PMR IP OTPT Rehab 2018-19
NameTitleDepartment FTR (Salary)GF (Amount from General Fund)
Douglas, Cynthia APhysical Therapy SupervisorUMH PMR IP OTPT Rehab$108,462.18$0.00
Douglas, Cynthia APhysical Ther Clin SpecUMH PMR IP OTPT Rehab$108,462.16$0.00
Pettitt, Debbie GOccupational Therapy SuprUMH PMR IP OTPT Rehab$102,968.04$0.00
Jeris, Timothy JPhysical Ther Clin SpecUMH PMR IP OTPT Rehab$100,290.07$0.00
Sproul, Nancy AnnPhysical Ther Clin SpecUMH PMR IP OTPT Rehab$99,904.12$0.00
Pettitt, Debbie GOccupational Ther Clin SpecUMH PMR IP OTPT Rehab$97,737.00$0.00
DeMott, Trina KPhysical TherapistUMH PMR IP OTPT Rehab$95,756.95$0.00
Zuba, Patricia MOccupational Ther Clin SpecUMH PMR IP OTPT Rehab$95,164.79$0.00
Bolen, Dawn MarieOccupational Ther Clin SpecUMH PMR IP OTPT Rehab$94,980.00$0.00
Ferguson, Robert COccupational Ther Clin SpecUMH PMR IP OTPT Rehab$94,980.00$0.00
Klein, Jo AnnPhysical TherapistUMH PMR IP OTPT Rehab$88,630.76$0.00
Baltz, Mathew JamesPhysical Ther Clin SpecUMH PMR IP OTPT Rehab$88,585.91$0.00
Funni, Marie FritziePhysical TherapistUMH PMR IP OTPT Rehab$86,412.68$0.00
Baltzell, Jamie LeighOccupational TherapistUMH PMR IP OTPT Rehab$82,340.89$0.00
Guerrero, Trisha JanelPhysical TherapistUMH PMR IP OTPT Rehab$79,607.88$0.00
Lentz, AngelaPhysical TherapistUMH PMR IP OTPT Rehab$77,989.08$0.00
Lee, CarolynPhysical TherapistUMH PMR IP OTPT Rehab$74,635.14$0.00
Watts, CailinPhysical TherapistUMH PMR IP OTPT Rehab$74,070.68$0.00
Brock, ChristianaPhysical TherapistUMH PMR IP OTPT Rehab$73,893.51$0.00
Bramble, KatherinePhysical TherapistUMH PMR IP OTPT Rehab$73,347.88$0.00
Newsom, TracyPhysical TherapistUMH PMR IP OTPT Rehab$73,171.93$0.00
Precht, Abby ElizabethOccupational TherapistUMH PMR IP OTPT Rehab$72,640.66$0.00
Childs, MaribethOccupational TherapistUMH PMR IP OTPT Rehab$71,483.50$0.00
Crum, EllenPhysical TherapistUMH PMR IP OTPT Rehab$70,830.06$0.00
Smoot, MichaelOccupational TherapistUMH PMR IP OTPT Rehab$68,931.02$0.00
Herring, LakenOccupational TherapistUMH PMR IP OTPT Rehab$68,817.60$0.00
Drouin, EthanOccupational TherapistUMH PMR IP OTPT Rehab$67,914.38$0.00
Blackstock, MichaelOccupational TherapistUMH PMR IP OTPT Rehab$67,883.52$0.00
Toeppe, Kelsey ReneeOccupational TherapistUMH PMR IP OTPT Rehab$67,808.79$0.00
De Bear, KevinOccupational TherapistUMH PMR IP OTPT Rehab$66,611.60$0.00
O'Connell, AshleeOccupational TherapistUMH PMR IP OTPT Rehab$65,050.34$0.00
Weiss, AmandaOccupational TherapistUMH PMR IP OTPT Rehab$63,773.34$0.00
Kasper, KayleneOccupational TherapistUMH PMR IP OTPT Rehab$63,693.00$0.00
Cummins, NicoleTherapeutic Recreation SpecialUMH PMR IP OTPT Rehab$60,698.98$0.00
Hartman-Leahy, AmyPhysical Therapist AssistantUMH PMR IP OTPT Rehab$56,194.13$0.00
Chapman, NicholePhysical Therapist AssistantUMH PMR IP OTPT Rehab$48,554.92$0.00
Sims, DanielleCertified Occupational TherapyUMH PMR IP OTPT Rehab$48,154.42$0.00
Veiga, MeghanTherapeutic Recreation SpecialUMH PMR IP OTPT Rehab$46,966.84$0.00
Oginsky, NicoleCertified Occupational TherapyUMH PMR IP OTPT Rehab$44,382.11$0.00
Combs, DarleneRehabilitation Tech LeadUMH PMR IP OTPT Rehab$44,116.94$0.00
Stagg, TiaraTherapeutic Recreation SpecialUMH PMR IP OTPT Rehab$43,921.28$0.00
Niethammer, KariTherapeutic Recreation SpecialUMH PMR IP OTPT Rehab$42,806.92$0.00
Foeller, SarahPatient Services IntermediateUMH PMR IP OTPT Rehab$37,521.12$0.00
Pruitt, ArnettaPatient Services AssociateUMH PMR IP OTPT Rehab$34,458.21$0.00
Redman, EmilyRehabilitation TechnicianUMH PMR IP OTPT Rehab$28,426.06$0.00
Sloan, HannahRehabilitation TechnicianUMH PMR IP OTPT Rehab$27,609.92$0.00
Mack, MieishaRehabilitation TechnicianUMH PMR IP OTPT Rehab$27,603.94$0.00
Fallon, AbigailRehabilitation TechnicianUMH PMR IP OTPT Rehab$27,201.98$0.00

Lists of recent searches of
, Research Lab Specialist Senior UMH PMR IP OTPT Rehab
Pantolin, Jan E Research Lab Specialist Inter LSA Psychology
Jahn, Andrew RES ASSOC II HLTH SCI %%%%%%%%%%
Ha, Jinkyung Research Lab Specialist Lead Ross School of Business
Larkin, Dennis D Financial Specialist Senior LSA Physics
Lewis, Alfor Research Process Manager SOE-Student Services
Yang, Huibin %Director% ORSP
Stuart, Philip E CUSTODIAN II Int Med-Cardiology
Meixner, Walter M Grants/Contracts Acctant Inter UMH Sleep Laboratory
Sobczyk-Kojiro, Katarzyna SR ACCOUNTANT LSA Dean: Procurement
GUNAL, Administrative Assistant Inter HITS FA Finance