Number of people in UMH Otolaryngology - Tech Department: 67
Maximum Salary$ 121,357.70
Average Salary$ 53,363.13
Minimum Salary$ 28,537.32

Department Results for UMH Otolaryngology - Tech 2017-18
NameTitleDepartment FTR (Salary)GF (Amount from General Fund)
Kilbarger, Brian JPhysician Asst Surg Subspec T2UMH Otolaryngology - Tech$121,357.70$0.00
Urban, Janet LPhysician Asst Surg Subspec T2UMH Otolaryngology - Tech$117,791.20$0.00
Misko, Roberta LPhysician Asst Surg Subspec T2UMH Otolaryngology - Tech$113,230.80$0.00
Hester, Kristina SturmCLIN CARE COORD-COMPETENTUMH Otolaryngology - Tech$100,942.40$0.00
Middleton, Deanna RCLIN CARE COORD-COMPETENTUMH Otolaryngology - Tech$100,942.40$0.00
Miller, Tamara HCLIN CARE COORD-COMPETENTUMH Otolaryngology - Tech$100,942.40$0.00
Patterson, Mary Lou MitchellCLIN CARE COORD-COMPETENTUMH Otolaryngology - Tech$100,942.40$0.00
Pelto, Nancy AnnCLIN CARE COORD EXPERTUMH Otolaryngology - Tech$100,089.60$0.00
Jarema, Jennifer MCLIN CARE COORD-COMPETENTUMH Otolaryngology - Tech$99,049.60$0.00
Baker, Susan AREGISTERED NURSE - LEVEL CUMH Otolaryngology - Tech$97,219.20$0.00
Waller, BiancaREG NURSE - LEVEL C (B INC)UMH Otolaryngology - Tech$95,846.40$0.00
Welton, Dawn EREG NURSE - LEVEL C (B INC)UMH Otolaryngology - Tech$95,846.40$0.00
Gaines, LaurenPhysician Asst Surg Subspec T2UMH Otolaryngology - Tech$95,500.00$0.00
Lyden, TeresaSpeech Language Pathologist SrUMH Otolaryngology - Tech$91,682.85$0.00
Rosenberg, Marci DanielsSpeech Language Pathologist SrUMH Otolaryngology - Tech$87,039.19$0.00
Lock, Jamie LeeREGISTERED NURSE - LEVEL DUMH Otolaryngology - Tech$80,912.00$0.00
West, JacobAdmin Manager Inter HealthcareUMH Otolaryngology - Tech$74,160.00$0.00
Brinkmeier, Jennifer JeanREG NURSE - LEVEL C (B INC)UMH Otolaryngology - Tech$66,372.80$0.00
Imsande, LaurenCLIN CARE COORD-COMPETENTUMH Otolaryngology - Tech$66,060.80$0.00
Hardenbergh, AnnaSpeech & Language PathologistUMH Otolaryngology - Tech$65,767.83$0.00
Burns, Randall ScottPurchasing Clerk IntermediateUMH Otolaryngology - Tech$50,198.74$0.00
Penkwitz, Eileen KathrynCall Center Inter Supr InboundUMH Otolaryngology - Tech$48,272.40$0.00
Rogers, Denise LPatient Services SeniorUMH Otolaryngology - Tech$47,956.00$0.00
Nichols, Sue APatient Services IntermediateUMH Otolaryngology - Tech$45,265.82$0.00
Neary, Amanda RaePatient Services IntermediateUMH Otolaryngology - Tech$44,016.95$0.00
Ponzetti, MaureenPatient Services IntermediateUMH Otolaryngology - Tech$43,953.51$0.00
Dottery, Veronica LPatient Services IntermediateUMH Otolaryngology - Tech$42,965.26$0.00
Ford, TaraMedical Assistant SeniorUMH Otolaryngology - Tech$42,198.84$0.00
Stanley, Jenny MariePatient Services IntermediateUMH Otolaryngology - Tech$41,570.46$0.00
Turner, MatthewPatient Services IntermediateUMH Otolaryngology - Tech$41,259.98$0.00
Brann, DeborahPatient Services AssociateUMH Otolaryngology - Tech$40,643.19$0.00
Beaumont, SamanthaAdmin Coord/Project CoordUMH Otolaryngology - Tech$39,999.96$0.00
Mastro, HaleyPatient Services SeniorUMH Otolaryngology - Tech$38,857.14$0.00
Deppong, NancyPatient Services SeniorUMH Otolaryngology - Tech$38,574.23$0.00
Jordan, Bethany RaePatient Services IntermediateUMH Otolaryngology - Tech$37,622.45$0.00
Cox, Jodie LeeMedical Assistant AssociateUMH Otolaryngology - Tech$37,557.11$0.00
Kadwell, LaurenPatient Services IntermediateUMH Otolaryngology - Tech$37,425.58$0.00
Hensler, Samantha LynneCall Center Rep InterUMH Otolaryngology - Tech$36,680.98$0.00
Earl, SarahCall Center Rep InterUMH Otolaryngology - Tech$36,547.74$0.00
Fix, ChelseaPatient Services SeniorUMH Otolaryngology - Tech$36,381.08$0.00
Strange, MiaMedical Assistant AssociateUMH Otolaryngology - Tech$36,226.85$0.00
Haas, KristinaMedical Assistant AssociateUMH Otolaryngology - Tech$35,119.01$0.00
Volz, ErinPatient Services IntermediateUMH Otolaryngology - Tech$35,068.97$0.00
Bunt, Mary EllenPatient Services AssistantUMH Otolaryngology - Tech$35,054.77$0.00
Strable, Stacey LynnMedical AssistantUMH Otolaryngology - Tech$34,726.00$0.00
Muraco, AllysonPatient Services AssociateUMH Otolaryngology - Tech$34,674.40$0.00
McCoy, AmandaPatient Services IntermediateUMH Otolaryngology - Tech$34,338.85$0.00
Mallion, AshleyPatient Services SeniorUMH Otolaryngology - Tech$34,262.83$0.00
Hoang, MelissaPatient Services IntermediateUMH Otolaryngology - Tech$33,958.08$0.00
Spaulding, AprilPatient Services IntermediateUMH Otolaryngology - Tech$33,761.88$0.00
Jiga, AngelaPatient Services AssistantUMH Otolaryngology - Tech$33,561.95$0.00
Warren, TiaraCall Center Rep InterUMH Otolaryngology - Tech$33,312.50$0.00
Norton, DavidMedical AssistantUMH Otolaryngology - Tech$33,214.79$0.00
Slavin, MeganPatient Services IntermediateUMH Otolaryngology - Tech$33,030.92$0.00
Foley, JodiCall Center Rep InterUMH Otolaryngology - Tech$32,415.40$0.00
Bail, LisaPatient Services AssistantUMH Otolaryngology - Tech$32,305.54$0.00
Griffith, ErikaCall Center Rep InterUMH Otolaryngology - Tech$32,051.69$0.00
Borden, GabrielleCall Center Rep InterUMH Otolaryngology - Tech$31,282.11$0.00
Clayton, JessicaCall Center Rep InterUMH Otolaryngology - Tech$31,000.06$0.00
Martin, StephanieMedical AssistantUMH Otolaryngology - Tech$30,130.88$0.00
Pytlowany, Emmalynne NoelMedical AssistantUMH Otolaryngology - Tech$30,002.56$0.00
Potter, KatieMedical AssistantUMH Otolaryngology - Tech$29,822.38$0.00
Gardette, AnthonyMedical AssistantUMH Otolaryngology - Tech$29,715.40$0.00
Estacio, BrenicaMedical AssistantUMH Otolaryngology - Tech$29,516.04$0.00
Conde, FatoumataMedical AssistantUMH Otolaryngology - Tech$29,403.12$0.00
Toth, BarbaraCall Center Rep InterUMH Otolaryngology - Tech$29,191.88$0.00
Laycock, AmandaMedical AssistantUMH Otolaryngology - Tech$28,537.32$0.00

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