Number of people in UMH Ophthalmology Clinic-PRO Department: 36
Maximum Salary$ 55,434.60
Average Salary$ 36,292.59
Minimum Salary$ 29,149.90

Department Results for UMH Ophthalmology Clinic-PRO 2018-19
NameTitleDepartment FTR (Salary)GF (Amount from General Fund)
Irwin, MarilynCall Center Inter Supr InboundUMH Ophthalmology Clinic-PRO$55,434.60$0.00
Brown, Rebecca SusanOphthalmic Technician SeniorUMH Ophthalmology Clinic-PRO$52,173.77$0.00
Ludwig, SusanPatient Services AssistantUMH Ophthalmology Clinic-PRO$44,772.00$0.00
Allore, KarenAdmin Coord/Project CoordUMH Ophthalmology Clinic-PRO$41,670.67$0.00
Black, JustinOphthalmic Technician InterUMH Ophthalmology Clinic-PRO$41,529.23$0.00
Collazo, CiaraOphthalmic Technician InterUMH Ophthalmology Clinic-PRO$41,499.90$0.00
Bray, JaclynOphthalmic Technician AssocUMH Ophthalmology Clinic-PRO$40,499.94$0.00
Lang, SylviaGuest Services SpecialistUMH Ophthalmology Clinic-PRO$37,095.47$0.00
Winegardner, AmandaCall Center Rep AssocUMH Ophthalmology Clinic-PRO$36,147.53$0.00
Reeves, SheilaOphthalmic Technician AssocUMH Ophthalmology Clinic-PRO$36,024.11$0.00
Bush, EmilyOphthalmic Technician AssocUMH Ophthalmology Clinic-PRO$35,936.42$0.00
Elliott, RebeccaOphthalmic Technician AssocUMH Ophthalmology Clinic-PRO$35,936.42$0.00
Furman, NicoleOphthalmic Technician AssocUMH Ophthalmology Clinic-PRO$35,936.42$0.00
Lewkowicz, RebeccaOphthalmic Technician AssocUMH Ophthalmology Clinic-PRO$35,936.42$0.00
Mandziara, TaylerOphthalmic Technician AssocUMH Ophthalmology Clinic-PRO$35,936.42$0.00
McKee, AbigailOphthalmic Technician AssocUMH Ophthalmology Clinic-PRO$35,936.42$0.00
Barker, TravisOphthalmic Technician AssocUMH Ophthalmology Clinic-PRO$35,590.10$0.00
Frye, CourtneyOphthalmic Technician AssocUMH Ophthalmology Clinic-PRO$35,590.10$0.00
Launstein, MatthewOphthalmic Technician AssocUMH Ophthalmology Clinic-PRO$35,590.10$0.00
Ludwig, WhitneyOphthalmic Technician AssocUMH Ophthalmology Clinic-PRO$35,590.10$0.00
McKolay, ClareOphthalmic Technician AssocUMH Ophthalmology Clinic-PRO$35,590.10$0.00
Nikkila, LisaPatient Services AssistantUMH Ophthalmology Clinic-PRO$35,554.03$0.00
Boss, MadisonGrad NonCert Patient Care TechUMH Ophthalmology Clinic-PRO$34,858.47$0.00
Smith, JuarrezzGrad NonCert Patient Care TechUMH Ophthalmology Clinic-PRO$34,261.77$0.00
Rodrigues, AndrewGrad NonCert Patient Care TechUMH Ophthalmology Clinic-PRO$34,008.26$0.00
Morgan, ChristinaCall Center Rep AssocUMH Ophthalmology Clinic-PRO$33,771.10$0.00
Purcell, BrandiMedical Assistant AssociateUMH Ophthalmology Clinic-PRO$33,675.72$0.00
Cook, AdamCall Center Rep AssocUMH Ophthalmology Clinic-PRO$33,220.43$0.00
Borton, SarahCall Center Rep AssocUMH Ophthalmology Clinic-PRO$31,852.56$0.00
Zdawczyk, AshleyPatient Services AssistantUMH Ophthalmology Clinic-PRO$31,745.21$0.00
Nguyen, Chan TranMedical Assistant AssociateUMH Ophthalmology Clinic-PRO$31,657.60$0.00
Desjarlais, EricMedical Assistant AssociateUMH Ophthalmology Clinic-PRO$30,903.87$0.00
Montgomery, TiaraCall Center Rep AssocUMH Ophthalmology Clinic-PRO$30,823.00$0.00
McCloud, NicoleCall Center Rep AssocUMH Ophthalmology Clinic-PRO$30,478.00$0.00
Miller, David JMedical Assistant AssociateUMH Ophthalmology Clinic-PRO$30,157.14$0.00
Sow, MamiMedical AssistantUMH Ophthalmology Clinic-PRO$29,149.90$0.00

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, ELECTRICIAN UMH Ophthalmology Clinic-PRO
Voss, D Ann Admin Specialist Inter Health Ross School of Business
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thompson, anna Academic Program Manager %
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Beavers, Dawn Student affairs associate dir UMH Anes Back - Pain Ctr
lassiter, IS Director BRCF Biomedical Research Store