Number of people in UMH MedSport Dominos Tech Department: 94
Maximum Salary$ 127,125.63
Average Salary$ 54,023.90
Minimum Salary$ 27,202.02

Department Results for UMH MedSport Dominos Tech 2018-19
NameTitleDepartment FTR (Salary)GF (Amount from General Fund)
Snyder, CoreyPhysical Therapy ManagerUMH MedSport Dominos Tech$127,125.63$0.00
Milgrom, PatriciaAdmin Manager Sr HealthcareUMH MedSport Dominos Tech$119,224.56$0.00
Pagorek, StaceyPhysical Therapy SupervisorUMH MedSport Dominos Tech$103,327.13$0.00
Hazard, Dale DPhysical TherapistUMH MedSport Dominos Tech$101,054.74$0.00
Blum, StevenPhysical Ther Clin SpecUMH MedSport Dominos Tech$99,612.58$0.00
Muntean, Ernest MPhysical Ther Clin SpecUMH MedSport Dominos Tech$99,577.19$0.00
Sievert, Karen KPhysical TherapistUMH MedSport Dominos Tech$97,531.43$0.00
Schuyten, Kristen HopePhysical Ther Clin SpecUMH MedSport Dominos Tech$97,256.54$0.00
Kufel, Gary JPhysical TherapistUMH MedSport Dominos Tech$94,516.39$0.00
Kellum, JessicaPhysical Ther Clin SpecUMH MedSport Dominos Tech$90,443.82$0.00
Houze, Michael LeePhysical TherapistUMH MedSport Dominos Tech$88,298.74$0.00
Bolley, TylerPhysical TherapistUMH MedSport Dominos Tech$82,556.04$0.00
Dyer, Dennis PatrickAllied Health Senior SuprUMH MedSport Dominos Tech$81,964.28$0.00
Swartout, AndrewPhysical TherapistUMH MedSport Dominos Tech$79,668.16$0.00
Cauzillo, AmyPhysical TherapistUMH MedSport Dominos Tech$74,952.26$0.00
Brejnak, CourtneyPhysical TherapistUMH MedSport Dominos Tech$73,510.80$0.00
Springer, Sherrie LynnAthletic TrainerUMH MedSport Dominos Tech$71,600.19$0.00
Agbabian, VahanAthletic Trainer Clin SpecUMH MedSport Dominos Tech$68,625.12$0.00
Batchik, Katherine AnnRadiologic TechnologistUMH MedSport Dominos Tech$64,408.79$0.00
Harrison, LaTishaAdmin Manager Assoc HealthcareUMH MedSport Dominos Tech$63,652.59$0.00
McDonald, KristinaRadiologic TechnologistUMH MedSport Dominos Tech$63,415.81$0.00
Bausick, Denis ARadiologic TechnologistUMH MedSport Dominos Tech$63,293.22$0.00
Maciejewski, MichaelAthletic Trainer Clin SpecUMH MedSport Dominos Tech$61,042.01$0.00
Demeniuk, ThomasPhysical Therapist AssistantUMH MedSport Dominos Tech$60,697.00$0.00
Paulauski, MikePhysical Therapist AssistantUMH MedSport Dominos Tech$60,254.58$0.00
Brimacombe, Susan ReneeAthletic TrainerUMH MedSport Dominos Tech$58,717.75$0.00
Klinger, DeboraAthletic TrainerUMH MedSport Dominos Tech$58,717.10$0.00
Lachance, Suzanne CAthletic TrainerUMH MedSport Dominos Tech$58,572.80$0.00
Romaniski, Renita PattonAthletic Trainer Clin SpecUMH MedSport Dominos Tech$58,386.64$0.00
Freeman, Jeremiah ReubenAthletic Trainer Clin SpecUMH MedSport Dominos Tech$57,525.89$0.00
Hermans, ErikRadiologic TechnologistUMH MedSport Dominos Tech$57,094.96$0.00
Froberg, Erick BAthletic TrainerUMH MedSport Dominos Tech$55,606.72$0.00
Franklin, Jamie MichelleAthletic TrainerUMH MedSport Dominos Tech$55,578.22$0.00
Anderson, Ryan JAthletic TrainerUMH MedSport Dominos Tech$54,804.70$0.00
MacDonald, DennisAthletic TrainerUMH MedSport Dominos Tech$54,804.70$0.00
Newcom, Cynthia MAdmin Asst Sr HealthcareUMH MedSport Dominos Tech$54,766.28$0.00
Eggleston, AmandaPhysical Therapist AssistantUMH MedSport Dominos Tech$54,667.04$0.00
Yao, DarleneProject Associate ManagerUMH MedSport Dominos Tech$54,581.33$0.00
Vaughn, Bethan MariAthletic TrainerUMH MedSport Dominos Tech$54,570.79$0.00
Fitzsimmons, Katie LeighAthletic TrainerUMH MedSport Dominos Tech$53,653.39$0.00
McCullar, Kerry LeighAthletic TrainerUMH MedSport Dominos Tech$53,561.51$0.00
Gillman, AndreaRadiologic TechnologistUMH MedSport Dominos Tech$52,702.85$0.00
Johnson, Jesse PaulAthletic TrainerUMH MedSport Dominos Tech$50,932.63$0.00
Schley, Laurie BCall Center Rep InterUMH MedSport Dominos Tech$50,897.08$0.00
Kramer, JenniferAthletic TrainerUMH MedSport Dominos Tech$50,560.59$0.00
Gurtowsky, Michael LawrenceAthletic TrainerUMH MedSport Dominos Tech$50,069.80$0.00
Arsenault, BrianneAthletic TrainerUMH MedSport Dominos Tech$49,631.19$0.00
Mierzwiak, AngelaAthletic TrainerUMH MedSport Dominos Tech$49,570.37$0.00
Madigan, Emily BethAthletic TrainerUMH MedSport Dominos Tech$49,206.97$0.00
Andrews, MichelleAthletic TrainerUMH MedSport Dominos Tech$48,697.45$0.00
Heinz, LauraPhysical Therapist AssistantUMH MedSport Dominos Tech$48,338.57$0.00
Tran, DienRadiologic TechnologistUMH MedSport Dominos Tech$47,748.48$0.00
Bearce, KarenAthletic TrainerUMH MedSport Dominos Tech$46,980.72$0.00
Williamson, JenniferAthletic TrainerUMH MedSport Dominos Tech$46,160.33$0.00
Harris, LeoraPatient Services IntermediateUMH MedSport Dominos Tech$46,156.47$0.00
Maxe, VictoriaAthletic TrainerUMH MedSport Dominos Tech$45,865.45$0.00
Spring, Sandra MarieCall Center Rep AssocUMH MedSport Dominos Tech$45,620.64$0.00
Floyd, Sarah AnneAthletic TrainerUMH MedSport Dominos Tech$45,369.47$0.00
Snyder, AshleyAthletic TrainerUMH MedSport Dominos Tech$43,681.28$0.00
Kilpatrick, EricAthletic TrainerUMH MedSport Dominos Tech$43,443.16$0.00
Ward, KanishaAthletic TrainerUMH MedSport Dominos Tech$42,953.33$0.00
Otte, SarahAthletic TrainerUMH MedSport Dominos Tech$42,824.50$0.00
Rucano, SarahAthletic TrainerUMH MedSport Dominos Tech$42,583.00$0.00
Mahoney, MeganAthletic TrainerUMH MedSport Dominos Tech$42,217.01$0.00
Ernst, Brooke Nicole-RachelAthletic TrainerUMH MedSport Dominos Tech$42,111.53$0.00
Stark, AndieAthletic TrainerUMH MedSport Dominos Tech$41,803.79$0.00
Scott, LaurenAthletic TrainerUMH MedSport Dominos Tech$40,977.00$0.00
Plouhar, SarahPatient Services SeniorUMH MedSport Dominos Tech$40,698.81$0.00
O'Reilly, VirginiaCall Center Rep AssocUMH MedSport Dominos Tech$40,094.68$0.00
Ray, Cassandra AnnePatient Services IntermediateUMH MedSport Dominos Tech$40,044.02$0.00
Benedetti, Audrey KayPatient Services AssistantUMH MedSport Dominos Tech$37,203.40$0.00
Glenn, ChristinaPatient Services AssociateUMH MedSport Dominos Tech$37,018.72$0.00
Gutierrez, KathrynCall Center Rep SeniorUMH MedSport Dominos Tech$37,013.70$0.00
Slay, Lisa JaneMedical Assistant AssociateUMH MedSport Dominos Tech$36,518.50$0.00
Ferguson, Angel-MarieMedical Assistant AssociateUMH MedSport Dominos Tech$36,150.46$0.00
McClumpha, Sandra O'DellPatient Services AssociateUMH MedSport Dominos Tech$35,839.45$0.00
Brown, IeshaMedical Assistant AssociateUMH MedSport Dominos Tech$33,983.28$0.00
Freeland, SaraPatient Services AssistantUMH MedSport Dominos Tech$32,780.57$0.00
McClaine, MeLindaCall Center Rep AssocUMH MedSport Dominos Tech$32,757.92$0.00
Rida, BilalPatient Services AssistantUMH MedSport Dominos Tech$32,708.78$0.00
Thomas, JamicaCall Center Rep AssocUMH MedSport Dominos Tech$31,571.68$0.00
Pobursky, KellyCall Center Rep AssocUMH MedSport Dominos Tech$31,429.06$0.00
Costantini, MilanaCall Center Rep AssocUMH MedSport Dominos Tech$31,170.10$0.00
Brown, AmandaPatient Services AssistantUMH MedSport Dominos Tech$31,151.90$0.00
Dale, CeciliCall Center Rep AssocUMH MedSport Dominos Tech$30,811.04$0.00
Taylor, EricaPatient Services AssistantUMH MedSport Dominos Tech$30,498.00$0.00
Diggs, CharquisePatient Services AssistantUMH MedSport Dominos Tech$29,756.24$0.00
Sims, AshleyMedical AssistantUMH MedSport Dominos Tech$29,385.53$0.00
Prusi, Megan JeanRehabilitation TechnicianUMH MedSport Dominos Tech$29,003.46$0.00
Rosier, TranaziaCall Center Rep AssocUMH MedSport Dominos Tech$28,933.73$0.00
Norris, Victoria CarrasRehabilitation TechnicianUMH MedSport Dominos Tech$28,435.55$0.00
Hofsess, RachelRehabilitation TechnicianUMH MedSport Dominos Tech$28,018.00$0.00
Keith, MadelineRehabilitation TechnicianUMH MedSport Dominos Tech$27,744.78$0.00
Iafrate, Arielle EliseRehabilitation TechnicianUMH MedSport Dominos Tech$27,202.02$0.00

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