Number of people in UMH H.O. Orthopaedics Department: 40
Maximum Salary$ 68,289.00
Average Salary$ 61,913.80
Minimum Salary$ 55,753.00

Department Results for UMH H.O. Orthopaedics 2017-18
NameTitleDepartment FTR (Salary)GF (Amount from General Fund)
Charles, RyanHOUSE OFFICER VUMH H.O. Orthopaedics$68,289.00$0.00
Gorsche, MarkHOUSE OFFICER VUMH H.O. Orthopaedics$68,289.00$0.00
Hedrick, BrittanyHOUSE OFFICER VUMH H.O. Orthopaedics$68,289.00$0.00
Hood, BrandonHOUSE OFFICER VUMH H.O. Orthopaedics$68,289.00$0.00
Morris, Mark StevenHOUSE OFFICER VUMH H.O. Orthopaedics$68,289.00$0.00
Pigott, MatthewHOUSE OFFICER VUMH H.O. Orthopaedics$68,289.00$0.00
Rosenbaum, Samuel LeeHOUSE OFFICER VUMH H.O. Orthopaedics$68,289.00$0.00
Zhu, AndyHOUSE OFFICER VUMH H.O. Orthopaedics$68,289.00$0.00
Blum, LauraHOUSE OFFICER IVUMH H.O. Orthopaedics$64,971.00$0.00
Etscheidt, JordanHOUSE OFFICER IVUMH H.O. Orthopaedics$64,971.00$0.00
Finney, Fred THOUSE OFFICER IVUMH H.O. Orthopaedics$64,971.00$0.00
Greatens, MarcusHOUSE OFFICER IVUMH H.O. Orthopaedics$64,971.00$0.00
Kirsch, JacobHOUSE OFFICER IVUMH H.O. Orthopaedics$64,971.00$0.00
Lee, EricHOUSE OFFICER IVUMH H.O. Orthopaedics$64,971.00$0.00
Schubert, Manuel FerdinandHOUSE OFFICER IVUMH H.O. Orthopaedics$64,971.00$3,248.55
Yee, MichaelHOUSE OFFICER IVUMH H.O. Orthopaedics$64,971.00$0.00
Bakshi, NeilHOUSE OFFICER IIIUMH H.O. Orthopaedics$61,735.00$0.00
Bullard, JaceHOUSE OFFICER IIIUMH H.O. Orthopaedics$61,735.00$0.00
Cibulas, GeorgeHOUSE OFFICER IIIUMH H.O. Orthopaedics$61,735.00$0.00
Delisca, GadiniHOUSE OFFICER IIIUMH H.O. Orthopaedics$61,735.00$0.00
Hundal, RajbirHOUSE OFFICER IIIUMH H.O. Orthopaedics$61,735.00$0.00
Lee, SimonHOUSE OFFICER IIIUMH H.O. Orthopaedics$61,735.00$0.00
Lindsey, BenjaminHOUSE OFFICER IIIUMH H.O. Orthopaedics$61,735.00$0.00
Nelson, JosephHOUSE OFFICER IIIUMH H.O. Orthopaedics$61,735.00$0.00
Davis, Max EvanHOUSE OFFICER IIUMH H.O. Orthopaedics$58,821.00$0.00
Gundlach, BenjaminHOUSE OFFICER IIUMH H.O. Orthopaedics$58,821.00$0.00
Rooney, EdwardHOUSE OFFICER IIUMH H.O. Orthopaedics$58,821.00$0.00
Schafer, Eric JohnHOUSE OFFICER IIUMH H.O. Orthopaedics$58,821.00$0.00
Semaan, Derek JohnHOUSE OFFICER IIUMH H.O. Orthopaedics$58,821.00$0.00
Singer, NatalieHOUSE OFFICER IIUMH H.O. Orthopaedics$58,821.00$0.00
Spiering, Tyler JamesHOUSE OFFICER IIUMH H.O. Orthopaedics$58,821.00$0.00
Wallace, NicholasHOUSE OFFICER IIUMH H.O. Orthopaedics$58,821.00$0.00
Butt, BilalHOUSE OFFICER IUMH H.O. Orthopaedics$55,753.00$0.00
Garcia, Stefan CarlosHOUSE OFFICER IUMH H.O. Orthopaedics$55,753.00$0.00
Gossett, TimothyHOUSE OFFICER IUMH H.O. Orthopaedics$55,753.00$0.00
McHugh, MichaelHOUSE OFFICER IUMH H.O. Orthopaedics$55,753.00$0.00
Patel, Vandan DilipHOUSE OFFICER IUMH H.O. Orthopaedics$55,753.00$0.00
Schaffer, Nathaniel ElliotHOUSE OFFICER IUMH H.O. Orthopaedics$55,753.00$0.00
Sjoquist, DanielHOUSE OFFICER IUMH H.O. Orthopaedics$55,753.00$0.00
Weick, Jack WilliamHOUSE OFFICER IUMH H.O. Orthopaedics$55,753.00$0.00

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, Ops Mgr Non-Manufacturing UMH H.O. Orthopaedics
Blasingim, Melanie Audiologist UMH Med Proc Unit - Tech
King, John Anesthesia Tech Senior %UMH%H%O%Surgery%Critical%Care%
Ratner, Steven Richard Accounts Payable Clerk Inter UMH Radiology UH
Bitter, Jori Student Affairs UMHS Shared Human Resources
Smola, Brian+M OS Programmer Inter UMH Pharmacy Administration
holmes, james employer% %Shared%Services%Center%
seyfried, Orthoptist Shared Services Center
Ward, Cynthia L HRIS Analyst Lead Library Operations - OUS
Klionsky, Lisa+R Admin Manager Assoc Healthcare %Mathematics%
Grazier, Kyle+Lynn physician asst %Univ%HR%Communications%