Number of people in UMH H.O. Med/Ped Department: 32
Maximum Salary$ 64,971.00
Average Salary$ 60,320.00
Minimum Salary$ 55,753.00

Department Results for UMH H.O. Med/Ped 2017-18
NameTitleDepartment FTR (Salary)GF (Amount from General Fund)
El-Dalati, SamiHOUSE OFFICER IVUMH H.O. Med/Ped$64,971.00$0.00
Helmstetter, NicholasHOUSE OFFICER IVUMH H.O. Med/Ped$64,971.00$0.00
Jahns, ElizabethHOUSE OFFICER IVUMH H.O. Med/Ped$64,971.00$0.00
Mahowald, MadelineHOUSE OFFICER IVUMH H.O. Med/Ped$64,971.00$0.00
Pfarr, MarieHOUSE OFFICER IVUMH H.O. Med/Ped$64,971.00$0.00
Razon, AngelicoHOUSE OFFICER IVUMH H.O. Med/Ped$64,971.00$0.00
Taylor, JenniferHOUSE OFFICER IVUMH H.O. Med/Ped$64,971.00$0.00
Wilson, Samuel Robert John KojoHOUSE OFFICER IVUMH H.O. Med/Ped$64,971.00$0.00
Barrett, JulieHOUSE OFFICER IIIUMH H.O. Med/Ped$61,735.00$0.00
Holzemer, NicholasHOUSE OFFICER IIIUMH H.O. Med/Ped$61,735.00$0.00
Jacobson, EmilyHOUSE OFFICER IIIUMH H.O. Med/Ped$61,735.00$0.00
Kluk, MarkHOUSE OFFICER IIIUMH H.O. Med/Ped$61,735.00$0.00
Lust, HannahHOUSE OFFICER IIIUMH H.O. Med/Ped$61,735.00$0.00
McAleenan, Kayla AnneHOUSE OFFICER IIIUMH H.O. Med/Ped$61,735.00$0.00
Murphy, Anne ElizabethHOUSE OFFICER IIIUMH H.O. Med/Ped$61,735.00$0.00
Wummel, JessicaHOUSE OFFICER IIIUMH H.O. Med/Ped$61,735.00$0.00
Allexan, Sarah SonyaHOUSE OFFICER IIUMH H.O. Med/Ped$58,821.00$0.00
Alperin, TraceyHOUSE OFFICER IIUMH H.O. Med/Ped$58,821.00$0.00
Bender, Jonathan DavidHOUSE OFFICER IIUMH H.O. Med/Ped$58,821.00$0.00
Cobb, AshleyHOUSE OFFICER IIUMH H.O. Med/Ped$58,821.00$0.00
Cooney, Ryan EllisHOUSE OFFICER IIUMH H.O. Med/Ped$58,821.00$0.00
Hautman, EmilyHOUSE OFFICER IIUMH H.O. Med/Ped$58,821.00$0.00
Nuga, Adewunmi AbisayoHOUSE OFFICER IIUMH H.O. Med/Ped$58,821.00$0.00
Paice, Kelli MichelleHOUSE OFFICER IIUMH H.O. Med/Ped$58,821.00$0.00
Broome, TaylorHOUSE OFFICER IUMH H.O. Med/Ped$55,753.00$0.00
Raglow, ZoeHOUSE OFFICER IUMH H.O. Med/Ped$55,753.00$0.00
Schaffer-White, ArielleHOUSE OFFICER IUMH H.O. Med/Ped$55,753.00$0.00
Smith, Erica MitchellHOUSE OFFICER IUMH H.O. Med/Ped$55,753.00$0.00
Wang, AmyHOUSE OFFICER IUMH H.O. Med/Ped$55,753.00$0.00
Wilson, Steven JamesHOUSE OFFICER IUMH H.O. Med/Ped$55,753.00$0.00
Wytiaz, Victoria AnnHOUSE OFFICER IUMH H.O. Med/Ped$55,753.00$0.00
Zakutansky, Stephani KristinHOUSE OFFICER IUMH H.O. Med/Ped$55,753.00$0.00

Lists of recent searches of
, Audiologist UMH H.O. Med/Ped
Phillips, Reginald Allied Health Intermediate Sup Dbn Office of the Registrar
Boluyt, Shanelle HR Officer Lead %Foundation%Relations%
Vander Ploeg, Jillian Rose Office Assistant/Clerk UMH Social Work
Golbus, Jessica+Rachel CLINICAL INSTRUCTOR %Health%Well%Being%Admin%
McIntyre, Sandra Ann Clinical Res Project Mgr Hlth Office of the President
Burrus, Sean Hlth Mgmt OSCR
Frederick, Jeanette L Cont Improvement Spec Inter %%%%%%%%%%
Li, HaiJun Media Digital Photographer %CW%Ped%Multi%Specialty%FL8%
Opalecky, Andrea+Marie Information Center Consultant %UMH%SANE%
Kimballl, Iran Chief communications LSA Ecology and Evolutionary Bio