Number of people in UMH Emergency Department Department: 195
Maximum Salary$ 106,456.48
Average Salary$ 45,189.07
Minimum Salary$ 23,217.22

Department Results for UMH Emergency Department 2004-05
NameTitleDepartment FTR (Salary)GF (Amount from General Fund)
Holmes, Jennifer A GMGR CLINICAL DEPT IIUMH Emergency Department$106,456.48$0.00
Mamolen, Nancy LeeMGR CLINICAL NURSINGUMH Emergency Department$87,857.68$0.00
Pelham, Lori KaySUPR CLINICAL NURSINGUMH Emergency Department$76,725.73$0.00
Fairchild, Jon WSUPR CLINICAL NURSINGUMH Emergency Department$75,668.00$0.00
Bennett, Alma MCLIN NURSE IIIUMH Emergency Department$71,364.80$0.00
Berry-Bovia, Mary HEDUC NURSE COORDUMH Emergency Department$71,364.80$0.00
Catanzarite, Candice KCLIN NURSE IIIUMH Emergency Department$71,364.80$0.00
Sullivan, Deborah ColleenCLIN NURSE IIIUMH Emergency Department$71,364.80$0.00
Bauman, Dianna LCLIN NURSE IIUMH Emergency Department$68,307.20$0.00
Byrd, Michael RCLIN NURSE IIUMH Emergency Department$68,307.20$0.00
Doyle, John PCLIN NURSE IIUMH Emergency Department$68,307.20$0.00
Ebbeler, Linda RCLIN NURSE IIUMH Emergency Department$68,307.20$0.00
Harden, Suzanne MarieCLIN NURSE IIUMH Emergency Department$68,307.20$0.00
Lindahl, Marilyn RCLIN NURSE IIUMH Emergency Department$68,307.20$0.00
Lippert, Brigette LeeCLIN NURSE IIUMH Emergency Department$68,307.20$0.00
Morton-Wilson, Dorothy ECLIN NURSE IIUMH Emergency Department$68,307.20$0.00
Summers-Sitarski, Kathleen JCLIN NURSE IIUMH Emergency Department$68,307.20$0.00
Chinchen, Josephine BCLIN NURSE IUMH Emergency Department$65,374.40$0.00
Churches, Michelle RCLIN NURSE IUMH Emergency Department$65,374.40$0.00
Honey-Dunbar, Anita RCLIN NURSE IUMH Emergency Department$65,374.40$0.00
Hugonot-Haber, OdileCLIN NURSE IUMH Emergency Department$65,374.40$0.00
Kinner, Laura SCLIN NURSE IUMH Emergency Department$65,374.40$0.00
Mallon, Dawn MCLIN NURSE IUMH Emergency Department$65,374.40$0.00
Mullins, Donna SueCLIN NURSE IUMH Emergency Department$65,374.40$0.00
Rakovitis, JohnCLIN NURSE IUMH Emergency Department$65,374.40$0.00
Roelofs, Joann LCLIN NURSE IUMH Emergency Department$65,374.40$0.00
Thompson, Robert CCLIN NURSE IUMH Emergency Department$65,374.40$0.00
Walters, Dawn PCLIN NURSE IUMH Emergency Department$65,374.40$0.00
Dominiak, Christine TheresaCLIN NURSE IUMH Emergency Department$63,148.80$0.00
Johnson-Grimm, Julie AnnCLIN NURSE IUMH Emergency Department$63,148.80$0.00
Smith, Shari McArthurCLIN NURSE IUMH Emergency Department$63,148.80$0.00
Barberio, Sam AnthonyCLIN NURSE IIIUMH Emergency Department$62,192.00$0.00
Bottles, Lesa KCLIN NURSE IIIUMH Emergency Department$62,192.00$0.00
Sackrider, Misty LCLIN NURSE IIIUMH Emergency Department$62,192.00$0.00
Beatty, Stefanie DCLIN NURSE IIUMH Emergency Department$61,588.80$0.00
Arandela, Victor DoromalCLIN NURSE IUMH Emergency Department$61,027.20$0.00
Jackson, Orangelo YvonneCLIN NURSE IUMH Emergency Department$61,027.20$0.00
Machcinski, Carmen JCLIN NURSE IUMH Emergency Department$61,027.20$0.00
McWilliams, Jean RCLIN NURSE IUMH Emergency Department$61,027.20$0.00
Prater, Deborah KayCLIN NURSE IUMH Emergency Department$61,027.20$0.00
Wilson, Katherine MCLIN NURSE IUMH Emergency Department$61,027.20$0.00
Semlow, Margaret MCLIN NURSE IIUMH Emergency Department$59,508.80$0.00
Carlton, Linda KatherineCLIN NURSE IUMH Emergency Department$58,968.00$0.00
Maycock, Susan EllaineCLIN NURSE IUMH Emergency Department$58,968.00$0.00
Tawney, Patricia ECLIN NURSE IUMH Emergency Department$58,968.00$0.00
Weber, William CharlesCLIN NURSE IUMH Emergency Department$58,968.00$0.00
Wescott, ChristineCLIN NURSE IIIUMH Emergency Department$58,052.80$0.00
Hassan, Michelle RCLIN NURSE IIUMH Emergency Department$57,491.20$0.00
Arroyo, GuillermoCLIN NURSE IUMH Emergency Department$56,950.40$0.00
Babik, Emily AnnCLIN NURSE IUMH Emergency Department$56,950.40$0.00
Burns, April ACLIN NURSE IUMH Emergency Department$56,950.40$0.00
Muscott, Natashia LCLIN NURSE IUMH Emergency Department$56,950.40$0.00
Piatt, MelindaCLIN NURSE IUMH Emergency Department$56,950.40$0.00
Hahn, Denise MarieCLIN NURSE IIUMH Emergency Department$55,556.80$0.00
Navyac, David JADMIN ASSOC I NEUMH Emergency Department$55,200.60$0.00
MacArthur, Alexander DCLIN NURSE IUMH Emergency Department$55,016.00$0.00
Smith, Frederick DCLIN NURSE IUMH Emergency Department$55,016.00$0.00
Bovia-Brown, Jacqueline MCLIN NURSE IUMH Emergency Department$53,164.80$0.00
Day, Stephanie DeonCLIN NURSE IUMH Emergency Department$53,164.80$0.00
Lozinski, Dustin ACLIN NURSE IUMH Emergency Department$53,164.80$0.00
Koesler, Debra MCLIN NURSE IIUMH Emergency Department$51,854.40$0.00
MacManes, Matthew DavidCLIN NURSE IIUMH Emergency Department$51,854.40$0.00
Kelley, Mark ACLIN NURSE IUMH Emergency Department$51,355.20$0.00
Mason, TrinaCLIN NURSE IUMH Emergency Department$51,355.20$0.00
Bauman, Julie LynnCLIN NURSE IUMH Emergency Department$49,628.80$0.00
Bienkiewicz, Hao NCLIN NURSE IUMH Emergency Department$49,628.80$0.00
Byrnes, Michael PatrickCLIN NURSE IUMH Emergency Department$49,628.80$0.00
Cannon, Robert DCLIN NURSE IUMH Emergency Department$49,628.80$0.00
Barton, Jessica LynnCLIN NURSE IIUMH Emergency Department$48,401.60$0.00
Fortuna, Ezio LCLIN NURSE IIUMH Emergency Department$48,401.60$0.00
Chambers, James AustinCLIN NURSE IUMH Emergency Department$47,944.00$0.00
Dilk, Jessica AnneCLIN NURSE IUMH Emergency Department$47,944.00$0.00
Hutchinson, Tricia AnneCLIN NURSE IUMH Emergency Department$47,944.00$0.00
Lehman, Kathleen AnnCLIN NURSE IUMH Emergency Department$47,944.00$0.00
Mallory, Jennifer LCLIN NURSE IUMH Emergency Department$47,944.00$0.00
Stoll, David WilliamCLIN NURSE IUMH Emergency Department$47,944.00$0.00
Ward III, Harold IADMIN ASSOC IUMH Emergency Department$47,185.82$0.00
Espinosa, EricCLIN NURSE IUMH Emergency Department$46,321.60$0.00
Patrick, Stacie GailCLIN NURSE IUMH Emergency Department$46,321.60$0.00
Sauers, Wendy SCLIN NURSE IUMH Emergency Department$46,321.60$0.00
Biggs, Todd ACLIN NURSE IUMH Emergency Department$45,156.80$0.00
Carroll, Christine MichelleCLIN NURSE IUMH Emergency Department$45,156.80$0.00
Curtis, Renee MCLIN NURSE IUMH Emergency Department$45,156.80$0.00
Dusbiber, Kristofer ThomasCLIN NURSE IUMH Emergency Department$45,156.80$0.00
Keaton, JasonCLIN NURSE IUMH Emergency Department$45,156.80$0.00
Vicari, Margherita ACLIN NURSE IUMH Emergency Department$45,156.80$0.00
Walsh, Jacquelynne MarieCLIN NURSE IUMH Emergency Department$45,156.80$0.00
O'Grady, Barbara AnnADMIN ASST IIUMH Emergency Department$44,199.94$0.00
Brownrigg, AarikaCLIN NURSE IUMH Emergency Department$44,012.80$0.00
Dowell, Debra CCLIN NURSE IUMH Emergency Department$44,012.80$0.00
Dart Jr, James EEMERGENCY SVCS TECHUMH Emergency Department$43,158.70$0.00
Garza, Kenneth EEMERGENCY SVCS TECHUMH Emergency Department$43,158.70$0.00
Ervin, Clarence DEMERGENCY SVCS TECHUMH Emergency Department$42,848.00$0.00
Moore, Lyn TEMERGENCY SVCS TECHUMH Emergency Department$42,848.00$0.00
Clarahan, Patrick TEMERGENCY SVCS TECHUMH Emergency Department$42,432.00$0.00
Keeney, Patrick WEMERGENCY SVCS TECHUMH Emergency Department$41,776.80$0.00
McElmurry, Thomas EEMERGENCY SVCS TECHUMH Emergency Department$41,776.80$0.00
Thorington, Jean MEMERGENCY SVCS TECHUMH Emergency Department$41,776.80$0.00
Waters, Timothy PaulEMERGENCY SVCS TECHUMH Emergency Department$41,776.80$0.00
Cowan, Kara ACLIN NURSE IUMH Emergency Department$41,496.00$0.00
Illig, April AnnCLIN NURSE IUMH Emergency Department$41,496.00$0.00
Lentz, Rebecca AnnCLIN NURSE IUMH Emergency Department$41,496.00$0.00
Malear, Lisa ReneeCLIN NURSE IUMH Emergency Department$41,496.00$0.00
Osburn, Jamie DeniseCLIN NURSE IUMH Emergency Department$41,496.00$0.00
Purcell, SeanCLIN NURSE IUMH Emergency Department$41,496.00$0.00
Richard, Mary MCLIN NURSE IUMH Emergency Department$41,496.00$0.00
White, Angela LynnCLIN NURSE IUMH Emergency Department$41,496.00$0.00
Bradley, Anganeta AEMERGENCY SVCS TECHUMH Emergency Department$41,371.20$0.00
Kuhn, Richard FEMERGENCY SVCS TECHUMH Emergency Department$41,371.20$0.00
Geliske, Randy JEMERGENCY SVCS TECHUMH Emergency Department$40,705.60$0.00
Jarema, Richard RussellEMERGENCY SVCS TECHUMH Emergency Department$40,705.60$0.00
Marsh, Donald MiltonEMERGENCY SVCS TECHUMH Emergency Department$40,705.60$0.00
Miller, Marty ScottEMERGENCY SVCS TECHUMH Emergency Department$40,705.60$0.00
Smyth, Christopher RobertEMERGENCY SVCS TECHUMH Emergency Department$40,705.60$0.00
Wesley, Jeffrey EEMERGENCY SVCS TECHUMH Emergency Department$40,705.60$0.00
Phelps, Lynne REMERGENCY SVCS TECHUMH Emergency Department$40,560.00$0.00
Brown, Michael REMERGENCY SVCS TECHUMH Emergency Department$39,634.40$0.00
Elder, Michelle Rene'EMERGENCY SVCS TECHUMH Emergency Department$39,634.40$0.00
Sherman, DianaEMERGENCY SVCS TECHUMH Emergency Department$39,416.00$0.00
Wabindato, Wendy JEMERGENCY SVCS TECHUMH Emergency Department$39,416.00$0.00
Potrafka, ReneeEMERGENCY SVCS TECHUMH Emergency Department$38,563.20$0.00
Cunegin, Stella LOUTPATIENT CLERK IVUMH Emergency Department$38,365.08$0.00
Clayton, William SEMERGENCY SVCS TECHUMH Emergency Department$38,241.84$0.00
Harris, Lucinda MOUTPATIENT CLERK IVUMH Emergency Department$38,181.52$0.00
Liem, HestherUNIT PERSONNEL/PAY CLK IIUMH Emergency Department$38,131.86$0.00
Lundgren, Teri JEMERGENCY SVCS TECHUMH Emergency Department$37,492.00$0.00
Pastor, Daniel JEMERGENCY SVCS TECHUMH Emergency Department$37,492.00$0.00
Valderrama, Jose EEMERGENCY SVCS TECHUMH Emergency Department$37,492.00$0.00
McLaurin, Robyn MEMERGENCY SVCS TECHUMH Emergency Department$37,128.00$0.00
Tirb, Christopher RayEMERGENCY SVCS TECHUMH Emergency Department$37,128.00$0.00
Dillon, DeborahEMERGENCY SVCS TECHUMH Emergency Department$36,420.80$0.00
Flotte, Frances JEMERGENCY SVCS TECHUMH Emergency Department$36,420.80$0.00
Moneace, David MEMERGENCY SVCS TECHUMH Emergency Department$36,420.80$0.00
Page-Edwin, Robbin AADMIN ASST IUMH Emergency Department$36,402.34$0.00
Krause, Tamara PEMERGENCY SVCS TECHUMH Emergency Department$36,067.20$0.00
Lacey, Mary AliceOUTPATIENT CLERK IIIUMH Emergency Department$36,048.74$0.00
Esser, AngelikaOFFICE SUPRUMH Emergency Department$35,206.86$0.00
Boyle, Aaron JEMERGENCY SVCS TECHUMH Emergency Department$35,006.40$0.00
Hutchison, SarahEMERGENCY SVCS TECHUMH Emergency Department$35,006.40$0.00
Trombley, Rachel JenniferEMERGENCY SVCS TECHUMH Emergency Department$35,006.40$0.00
Meraj, KhalidEMERGENCY SVCS TECHUMH Emergency Department$34,794.50$0.00
Chappelle, Marie ElizabethEMERGENCY SVCS TECHUMH Emergency Department$34,320.00$0.00
Goode, Rebecca LinnEMERGENCY SVCS TECHUMH Emergency Department$34,278.40$0.00
Loughead, Marilyn DEMERGENCY SVCS TECHUMH Emergency Department$33,945.60$0.00
Patete, Jon-PaulEMERGENCY SVCS TECHUMH Emergency Department$33,945.60$0.00
Freeman, Sara AnnEMERGENCY SVCS TECHUMH Emergency Department$33,207.20$0.00
Higgins, Melissa CEMERGENCY SVCS TECHUMH Emergency Department$33,207.20$0.00
Tabor, Mark AEMERGENCY SVCS TECHUMH Emergency Department$33,207.20$0.00
Farmer, Ryan JefferyEMERGENCY SVCS TECHUMH Emergency Department$32,884.80$0.00
Poirier, Caleb GregoryEMERGENCY SVCS TECHUMH Emergency Department$32,884.80$0.00
Lyszak, Kathleen EOUTPATIENT CLERK IIIUMH Emergency Department$32,723.34$0.00
Smith, James AndrewEMERGENCY SVCS TECHUMH Emergency Department$32,240.00$0.00
Foulke, Lindsey BriceEMERGENCY SVCS TECHUMH Emergency Department$32,136.00$0.00
Morris, Patrick WEMERGENCY SVCS TECHUMH Emergency Department$32,136.00$0.00
Walker, Melissa AEMERGENCY SVCS TECHUMH Emergency Department$32,136.00$0.00
Senn, Marilyn HOUTPATIENT OFFICE ASSTUMH Emergency Department$32,069.96$0.00
Smith, April LOUTPATIENT CLERK IVUMH Emergency Department$31,826.86$0.00
Schwartz, Bradley JEMERGENCY SVCS TECHUMH Emergency Department$31,824.00$0.00
Deyonker, Karen LOUTPATIENT CLERK IIIUMH Emergency Department$31,270.98$0.00
Cheatham, Mary LADMIN ASST IUMH Emergency Department$30,330.04$0.00
Brown, Naida EOUTPATIENT CLERK IIIUMH Emergency Department$29,751.28$0.00
Lathrop, Maureen AOUTPATIENT CLERK IIIUMH Emergency Department$29,698.24$0.00
Phillips, CherylOUTPATIENT CLERK IVUMH Emergency Department$29,177.98$0.00
West, Rebecca JOUTPATIENT OFFICE ASSOCUMH Emergency Department$29,032.12$0.00
Lemus, Jonathon RichardOUTPATIENT OFFICE ASSOCUMH Emergency Department$28,846.22$0.00
Hannah, Audrey DawnOUTPATIENT CLERK IIIUMH Emergency Department$28,431.26$0.00
Streeter, Michele LOUTPATIENT CLERK IIIUMH Emergency Department$28,278.38$0.00
Mupepi, Mambo GovernorOUTPATIENT CLERK IIIUMH Emergency Department$27,482.52$0.00
Lemus, Jenness EOUTPATIENT CLERK IIIUMH Emergency Department$27,358.76$0.00
Kew, ThelmaOUTPATIENT CLERK IIIUMH Emergency Department$27,165.84$0.00
Berryhill, Melissa MOUTPATIENT CLERK IIIUMH Emergency Department$26,627.90$0.00
Shears, Tonya MOUTPATIENT CLERK IIIUMH Emergency Department$26,583.44$0.00
Barth, Julie AOUTPATIENT CLERK IIIUMH Emergency Department$26,379.08$0.00
Murphy, Tina LOUTPATIENT CLERK IIIUMH Emergency Department$26,331.76$0.00
Blair, Shauntel SOUTPATIENT CLERK IIIUMH Emergency Department$26,161.46$0.00
Grigsby, Gail AOUTPATIENT CLERK IIIUMH Emergency Department$25,982.32$0.00
Grubb, Rachelle COUTPATIENT OFFICE ASSTUMH Emergency Department$25,693.98$0.00
Makushik, Diane MarieOUTPATIENT OFFICE ASSTUMH Emergency Department$25,525.76$0.00
Williams, Amanda MicheleOUTPATIENT CLERK IIIUMH Emergency Department$25,495.08$0.00
Westbrook, Lashawn DOUTPATIENT CLERK IIIUMH Emergency Department$25,370.28$0.00
Gray, Faith MOUTPATIENT CLERK IIIUMH Emergency Department$25,360.14$0.00
Hughes, Susan JOUTPATIENT CLERK IIIUMH Emergency Department$25,324.78$0.00
Cicotte, Robin COUTPATIENT CLERK IIIUMH Emergency Department$25,046.84$0.00
Alkazaihi, Lorri LOUTPATIENT CLERK IIIUMH Emergency Department$24,989.38$0.00
Schneider, Jennifer AOUTPATIENT OFFICE ASSTUMH Emergency Department$24,963.12$0.00
Bryant, Helen AOUTPATIENT CLERK IIIUMH Emergency Department$24,706.50$0.00
Hamilton, Melanie SueOUTPATIENT OFFICE ASSTUMH Emergency Department$24,613.94$0.00
Woods, Akeiya SOUTPATIENT OFFICE ASSTUMH Emergency Department$24,495.90$0.00
Postema, AntjeOUTPATIENT OFFICE ASSTUMH Emergency Department$24,398.40$0.00
Powell, Aishia DOUTPATIENT CLERK IIIUMH Emergency Department$24,215.62$0.00
Riecks, Sarah KJOUTPATIENT CLERK IIIUMH Emergency Department$24,038.56$0.00
Westover, Kathleen COUTPATIENT CLERK IIIUMH Emergency Department$23,915.32$0.00
Losher, WandaOUTPATIENT CLERK IIIUMH Emergency Department$23,504.00$0.00
Smalley, Deborah AOUTPATIENT CLERK IIIUMH Emergency Department$23,296.26$0.00
Bundyra, KatarzynaOUTPATIENT CLERK IIIUMH Emergency Department$23,217.22$0.00

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