Number of people in UMH CVC Pharmacy Services Department: 57
Maximum Salary$ 147,638.40
Average Salary$ 89,281.42
Minimum Salary$ 36,681.06

Department Results for UMH CVC Pharmacy Services 2018-19
NameTitleDepartment FTR (Salary)GF (Amount from General Fund)
Pleva, MelissaPharmacy ManagerUMH CVC Pharmacy Services$147,638.40$0.00
Dorsch, Kelli ReginaClinical PharmacistUMH CVC Pharmacy Services$142,664.50$0.00
Fitzgerald, Linda JeanClinical Pharmacist SpecialistUMH CVC Pharmacy Services$140,862.07$0.00
Butler, Simona OuzounovaClinical Pharmacist SpecialistUMH CVC Pharmacy Services$140,856.72$0.00
Miller, James TownsendClinical Pharmacist SpecialistUMH CVC Pharmacy Services$140,028.57$0.00
Nordbeck, Sarah SabineClinical Pharmacist SpecialistUMH CVC Pharmacy Services$139,163.70$0.00
Clark, AngelaClinical Pharmacist SpecialistUMH CVC Pharmacy Services$137,933.30$0.00
Pogue, Kristen TanyaClinical Pharmacist SpecialistUMH CVC Pharmacy Services$137,528.06$0.00
Robare, NancyClinical PharmacistUMH CVC Pharmacy Services$136,989.51$0.00
Dawe, John EClinical PharmacistUMH CVC Pharmacy Services$135,986.75$0.00
Kepler, Lisa AClinical PharmacistUMH CVC Pharmacy Services$135,986.75$0.00
Mian, Farah TariqClinical PharmacistUMH CVC Pharmacy Services$135,374.30$0.00
Gozdor, MichaelClinical PharmacistUMH CVC Pharmacy Services$134,918.22$0.00
Calvo, Lourdes DuenasClinical PharmacistUMH CVC Pharmacy Services$134,726.90$0.00
Richards, Carolyn MarieClinical PharmacistUMH CVC Pharmacy Services$133,752.97$0.00
Hanigan, SarahClinical Pharmacist SpecialistUMH CVC Pharmacy Services$132,804.87$0.00
Tischer, SarahClinical Pharmacist SpecialistUMH CVC Pharmacy Services$132,804.87$0.00
Caillouette, Carrie AClinical PharmacistUMH CVC Pharmacy Services$130,154.97$0.00
Schultz-Verdusco, Jessica RClinical PharmacistUMH CVC Pharmacy Services$126,901.10$0.00
Sheehan, Annalise DianeClinical PharmacistUMH CVC Pharmacy Services$126,017.83$0.00
Walter, ClaireClinical Pharmacist SpecialistUMH CVC Pharmacy Services$125,393.20$0.00
Schultz, Michelle ElizabethClinical PharmacistUMH CVC Pharmacy Services$124,356.20$0.00
Kilbourn, CourtneyClinical PharmacistUMH CVC Pharmacy Services$122,291.44$0.00
Batey, Madelyn KayClinical PharmacistUMH CVC Pharmacy Services$120,228.82$0.00
Merrill, Nicole MClinical PharmacistUMH CVC Pharmacy Services$118,766.42$0.00
Cotiguala, LauraClinical Pharmacist SpecialistUMH CVC Pharmacy Services$117,456.93$0.00
Adie, SarahClinical Pharmacist SpecialistUMH CVC Pharmacy Services$113,663.00$0.00
McMurry, KatieClinical Pharmacist SpecialistUMH CVC Pharmacy Services$113,633.00$0.00
Jahng, KatherineClinical PharmacistUMH CVC Pharmacy Services$112,785.00$0.00
Lim, MeganClinical PharmacistUMH CVC Pharmacy Services$111,413.00$0.00
Arnett, Annie KPharmacy Technician CoordUMH CVC Pharmacy Services$50,789.02$0.00
Starzec, Patricia LPharmacy Technician SeniorUMH CVC Pharmacy Services$50,466.31$0.00
Brooks, Martha APharmacy Technician InterUMH CVC Pharmacy Services$48,527.25$0.00
Buhagiar, Debra ColleenPharmacy Technician SeniorUMH CVC Pharmacy Services$46,181.08$0.00
Roadarmel, Megan KathleenPharmacy Technician SeniorUMH CVC Pharmacy Services$45,936.34$0.00
Villarreal, MariaPharmacy Technician SeniorUMH CVC Pharmacy Services$45,681.86$0.00
Mavi, CharanpreetPharmacy Technician SeniorUMH CVC Pharmacy Services$45,619.35$0.00
Miko, JenniferPharmacy Technician SeniorUMH CVC Pharmacy Services$45,619.35$0.00
Bakkila, NaomiPharmacy Technician SeniorUMH CVC Pharmacy Services$45,105.43$0.00
Rothman, SamanthaPharmacy Technician CoordUMH CVC Pharmacy Services$45,041.01$0.00
Nowicki, PamelaPharmacy Technician SeniorUMH CVC Pharmacy Services$44,960.92$0.00
Brown, Kristina MayPharmacy Technician SeniorUMH CVC Pharmacy Services$44,864.23$0.00
Brown, Kendall MariePharmacy Technician SeniorUMH CVC Pharmacy Services$44,784.46$0.00
Flynn, SeanPharmacy Technician SeniorUMH CVC Pharmacy Services$44,278.19$0.00
Zynda, SharonPharmacy Technician SeniorUMH CVC Pharmacy Services$43,846.80$0.00
Hammond, CarriePharmacy Technician SeniorUMH CVC Pharmacy Services$43,427.17$0.00
Holdampf, StephaniePharmacy Technician AssocUMH CVC Pharmacy Services$43,318.51$0.00
Yung, Sok TianPharmacy Technician SeniorUMH CVC Pharmacy Services$42,932.76$0.00
Dziubinski, EdwinPharmacy Technician SeniorUMH CVC Pharmacy Services$42,484.00$0.00
St Amour, KatherinePharmacy Technician InterUMH CVC Pharmacy Services$42,407.52$0.00
Frye, JosephinePharmacy Technician InterUMH CVC Pharmacy Services$41,175.16$0.00
Holcombe, StaciePharmacy Technician InterUMH CVC Pharmacy Services$41,175.16$0.00
Dwyer, ShelbyPharmacy Technician InterUMH CVC Pharmacy Services$41,174.89$0.00
Maksimovic, SamanthaPharmacy Technician InterUMH CVC Pharmacy Services$41,079.27$0.00
Maxwell, ErinPharmacy Technician AssocUMH CVC Pharmacy Services$39,937.84$0.00
Martin, BrycePharmacy Technician AssocUMH CVC Pharmacy Services$38,464.48$0.00
Johnson, DiamondPharmacy Technician AssocUMH CVC Pharmacy Services$36,681.06$0.00

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