Number of people in UMH CVC Clinic Department: 74
Maximum Salary$ 117,418.32
Average Salary$ 62,773.45
Minimum Salary$ 26,867.60

Department Results for UMH CVC Clinic 2014-15
NameTitleDepartment FTR (Salary)GF (Amount from General Fund)
Hughes, Susan DianeNP SURG SUBSPECIALTY TIER 2UMH CVC Clinic$117,418.32$0.00
Romans, Tracey AnnNP SURG SUBSPECIALTY TIER 2UMH CVC Clinic$115,285.50$0.00
Boyle, Mary JoNP MEDICAL SUBSPECIALTY TIER 2UMH CVC Clinic$113,402.92$0.00
Ziarkiewicz, MelanieNP MEDICAL SUBSPECIALTY TIER 2UMH CVC Clinic$113,402.92$0.00
Fellows, Elaine PatriciaNP SURG SUBSPECIALTY TIER 2UMH CVC Clinic$112,599.93$0.00
Quillin, LindaNP SURG SUBSPECIALTY TIER 2UMH CVC Clinic$110,823.07$0.00
Harris, Clare HNP SURG SUBSPECIALTY TIER 2UMH CVC Clinic$109,320.33$0.00
Eschelbach, AnnNP SURG SUBSPECIALTY TIER 2UMH CVC Clinic$106,610.86$0.00
Kantola, Michele LynnNP SURG SUBSPECIALTY TIER 1UMH CVC Clinic$101,800.01$0.00
Luciano, Ann ElizabethNP SURG SUBSPECIALTY TIER 2UMH CVC Clinic$99,691.27$0.00
Bertha, Rebecca LCLIN CARE COORD MASTERYUMH CVC Clinic$99,382.40$0.00
Minard, Charleen SueCLIN CARE COORD MASTERYUMH CVC Clinic$99,382.40$0.00
LaForge, William PCLIN CARE COORD EXPERTUMH CVC Clinic$98,675.20$0.00
Hooker, Susan LynnCLIN CARE COORD-COMPETENTUMH CVC Clinic$97,635.20$0.00
Johnson, Monica LynnCLIN CARE COORD-COMPETENTUMH CVC Clinic$97,635.20$0.00
Lack, Diane MREGISTERED NURSE - LEVEL DUMH CVC Clinic$97,635.20$0.00
Salata, Diane LREGISTERED NURSE - LEVEL DUMH CVC Clinic$97,635.20$0.00
Young, Susan MarieCLIN CARE COORD-COMPETENTUMH CVC Clinic$97,635.20$0.00
Kaus, Carol AREGISTERED NURSE - LEVEL EUMH CVC Clinic$97,531.20$0.00
Clayton, Raquel CasarezCLIN CARE COORD-COMPETENTUMH CVC Clinic$95,784.00$0.00
Hendee, LynnCLIN CARE COORD-COMPETENTUMH CVC Clinic$95,784.00$0.00
Passow, Mary CCLIN CARE COORD-COMPETENTUMH CVC Clinic$95,784.00$0.00
Travis, KatherineCLIN CARE COORD-COMPETENTUMH CVC Clinic$95,784.00$0.00
Gordon, Shannon PREGISTERED NURSE - LEVEL CUMH CVC Clinic$92,060.80$0.00
Smith, Michelle LREGISTERED NURSE - LEVEL CUMH CVC Clinic$92,060.80$0.00
Guerin, DanielleNP MEDICAL SUBSPECIALTY TIER 2UMH CVC Clinic$90,772.27$0.00
Lassey, Shelly AnnREG NURSE - LEVEL C (B INC)UMH CVC Clinic$90,729.60$0.00
Steeves, Barbara ArleneREG NURSE - LEVEL C (B INC)UMH CVC Clinic$90,729.60$0.00
Purcell, CarolNursing SupervisorUMH CVC Clinic$89,107.79$0.00
Krajacic, Marguerite CCLIN CARE COORD-COMPETENTUMH CVC Clinic$80,891.20$0.00
Murphy, Elisabeth GREGISTERED NURSE - LEVEL DUMH CVC Clinic$80,891.20$0.00
Siedlik, KellyREG NURSE - LEVEL C (B INC)UMH CVC Clinic$71,073.60$0.00
Sprayberry, Jane MarieREGISTERED NURSE - LEVEL CUMH CVC Clinic$71,073.60$0.00
Ryskamp, Susan HermanDietitian SeniorUMH CVC Clinic$60,881.37$0.00
Turner, Kathleen AClerical Senior SupervisorUMH CVC Clinic$51,932.73$0.00
Byrnes, MaryannPatient Services AssistantUMH CVC Clinic$51,625.34$0.00
Landers, Sharon LPatient Services AssociateUMH CVC Clinic$48,909.85$0.00
Keiser, Jeanne AAdmin Asst Inter HealthcareUMH CVC Clinic$47,745.60$0.00
Watson, IanAdmin Specialist Assoc HealthUMH CVC Clinic$44,850.00$0.00
Schultz, LoriAllied Health Associate SuprUMH CVC Clinic$43,154.88$0.00
Chartier, Karen AMedical AssistantUMH CVC Clinic$39,874.83$0.00
Hutchison, Jodi LynnMedical AssistantUMH CVC Clinic$39,183.30$0.00
Hurst, DonnaPatient Services AssociateUMH CVC Clinic$38,999.71$0.00
Trussell, Tonya MMedical AssistantUMH CVC Clinic$37,774.65$0.00
Skvarce, DawnAdmin Asst Assoc HealthcareUMH CVC Clinic$36,664.44$0.00
Kaericher, LisaMedical Assistant SpecialistUMH CVC Clinic$35,744.40$0.00
Kos, Christine DPatient Services AssociateUMH CVC Clinic$35,009.52$0.00
Love, Herman LPatient Services AssistantUMH CVC Clinic$34,554.12$0.00
Ryan, Michelle ElizabethPatient Services AssociateUMH CVC Clinic$34,187.10$0.00
Coy, Luann MMedical AssistantUMH CVC Clinic$34,088.35$0.00
Embry, Torisha FPatient Services AssociateUMH CVC Clinic$33,946.92$0.00
Stanley, BrentMedical Assistant SpecialistUMH CVC Clinic$32,506.54$0.00
Lorusso, DonnaPatient Services AssistantUMH CVC Clinic$32,460.29$0.00
Arbanas, Lynn MMedical AssistantUMH CVC Clinic$32,193.64$0.00
Hinzman, EmilyPatient Services AssociateUMH CVC Clinic$32,165.72$0.00
Plumley, ColleenPatient Services AssociateUMH CVC Clinic$31,589.22$0.00
Decker, Donna JeanPatient Services AssistantUMH CVC Clinic$31,435.17$0.00
Koukoumtzis, Laura MariePatient Services AssistantUMH CVC Clinic$30,812.28$0.00
Robinson, LisaMedical AssistantUMH CVC Clinic$30,603.32$0.00
Turner, Leslie AnnettePatient Services AssociateUMH CVC Clinic$30,383.20$0.00
Welch, Julie CPatient Services AssistantUMH CVC Clinic$30,151.64$0.00
Singleton, Kendra AliciaMedical AssistantUMH CVC Clinic$29,749.94$0.00
Dreisbach-Jordan, JuliePatient Services AssistantUMH CVC Clinic$29,500.58$0.00
Staton, AmiPatient Services AssistantUMH CVC Clinic$29,306.77$0.00
Avery, JessicaMedical Assistant SpecialistUMH CVC Clinic$28,944.93$0.00
Ayers, Antoine AlanPatient Services AssociateUMH CVC Clinic$28,832.70$0.00
Odglen, Holly MichelleMedical AssistantUMH CVC Clinic$28,546.57$0.00
Dorman, CorrinneMedical AssistantUMH CVC Clinic$27,864.98$0.00
Gruss-Lopez, JenniferPatient Services AssistantUMH CVC Clinic$27,568.84$0.00
Shumaker-Morris, JackMedical AssistantUMH CVC Clinic$27,307.80$0.00
Zigmantaite, VickyMedical AssistantUMH CVC Clinic$27,248.83$0.00
Johnson, LatalyiaMedical AssistantUMH CVC Clinic$27,053.69$0.00
Fitzpatrick, CozettePatient Services AssistantUMH CVC Clinic$26,985.37$0.00
Shanes, HeatherMedical AssistantUMH CVC Clinic$26,867.60$0.00

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