Number of people in UMH 7West Department: 86
Maximum Salary$ 104,832.00
Average Salary$ 70,062.13
Minimum Salary$ 29,760.11

Department Results for UMH 7West 2018-19
NameTitleDepartment FTR (Salary)GF (Amount from General Fund)
Kavanaugh, PamelaREGISTERED NURSE - LEVEL DUMH 7West$104,832.00$0.00
Layne, Cindy FayREGISTERED NURSE - LEVEL DUMH 7West$102,856.00$0.00
Mason, Sandra SREGISTERED NURSE - LEVEL DUMH 7West$102,856.00$0.00
Sveska, MargueriteREGISTERED NURSE - LEVEL DUMH 7West$102,856.00$0.00
Taylor, Kimberly LREGISTERED NURSE - LEVEL DUMH 7West$102,856.00$0.00
Glover, Laurie AREGISTERED NURSE - LEVEL CUMH 7West$101,108.80$0.00
Lieberman, Melisa KREGISTERED NURSE - LEVEL CUMH 7West$101,108.80$0.00
Sumner, Kathleen RREGISTERED NURSE - LEVEL CUMH 7West$101,108.80$0.00
Barnett, JosephREGISTERED NURSE - LEVEL CUMH 7West$99,132.80$0.00
Barr, TerriREGISTERED NURSE - LEVEL CUMH 7West$99,132.80$0.00
Henry, Melanie EREGISTERED NURSE - LEVEL CUMH 7West$99,132.80$0.00
Hudacek, Kathryn GraceREGISTERED NURSE - LEVEL CUMH 7West$99,132.80$0.00
Martinez, AudreyREGISTERED NURSE - LEVEL CUMH 7West$99,132.80$0.00
Rillo, RomelaREGISTERED NURSE - LEVEL CUMH 7West$99,132.80$0.00
Shelp, Jodi ReneeREGISTERED NURSE - LEVEL CUMH 7West$99,132.80$0.00
Schembri, Josette AndreaREGISTERED NURSE - LEVEL EUMH 7West$96,720.00$0.00
Bush, Sarah JREGISTERED NURSE - LEVEL CUMH 7West$93,600.00$0.00
Donbrosky, Lisa MarieREGISTERED NURSE - LEVEL CUMH 7West$93,600.00$0.00
LeCompte, Deanna ElizabethREGISTERED NURSE - LEVEL CUMH 7West$93,600.00$0.00
Phillips, Elisha DawnREGISTERED NURSE - LEVEL CUMH 7West$93,600.00$0.00
Southard, Sarah AlexandriaREGISTERED NURSE - LEVEL CUMH 7West$93,600.00$0.00
Boonstra, Laura MichelleREGISTERED NURSE - LEVEL EUMH 7West$87,984.00$0.00
Whitehouse, Pamela AREGISTERED NURSE - LEVEL DUMH 7West$86,944.00$0.00
Ijames, Allison MarieREGISTERED NURSE - LEVEL DUMH 7West$84,073.60$0.00
Hanson, Charisse AnnREGISTERED NURSE - LEVEL CUMH 7West$81,993.60$0.00
Henkle, Erica JREGISTERED NURSE - LEVEL CUMH 7West$81,993.60$0.00
Mueller, JenniferREGISTERED NURSE - LEVEL CUMH 7West$81,993.60$0.00
Blyler, Alexandra NicoleREGISTERED NURSE - LEVEL DUMH 7West$81,307.20$0.00
Akerley, Shellie MREGISTERED NURSE - LEVEL DUMH 7West$78,624.00$0.00
Reddick, Randeep KaurREGISTERED NURSE - LEVEL DUMH 7West$78,624.00$0.00
Jones, Elizabeth AnneREGISTERED NURSE - LEVEL CUMH 7West$76,544.00$0.00
Harding, ChelseaEDUC NURSE COORD - COMPETENTUMH 7West$76,065.60$0.00
Beadle, EmilyREGISTERED NURSE - LEVEL CUMH 7West$71,468.80$0.00
Jones, MichaelREGISTERED NURSE - LEVEL CUMH 7West$71,468.80$0.00
Mark, Jenna MicheleREGISTERED NURSE - LEVEL CUMH 7West$71,468.80$0.00
Murphy, KeithREGISTERED NURSE - LEVEL CUMH 7West$71,468.80$0.00
Schemanske, Marisa AREGISTERED NURSE - LEVEL CUMH 7West$71,468.80$0.00
Nelson, Emily JoyREGISTERED NURSE - LEVEL CUMH 7West$69,035.20$0.00
Alderton, KevinREGISTERED NURSE - LEVEL CUMH 7West$66,539.20$0.00
Bryngelson, NicholasREGISTERED NURSE - LEVEL CUMH 7West$66,539.20$0.00
Conklin, JoshuaREGISTERED NURSE - LEVEL CUMH 7West$66,539.20$0.00
Keveney, KristenREGISTERED NURSE - LEVEL CUMH 7West$66,539.20$0.00
Mathison, JennyREGISTERED NURSE - LEVEL CUMH 7West$66,539.20$0.00
O'Donnell-See, LisaREGISTERED NURSE - LEVEL CUMH 7West$66,539.20$0.00
Winne, AndreaREGISTERED NURSE - LEVEL CUMH 7West$66,539.20$0.00
Clarke, MeghanREGISTERED NURSE - LEVEL CUMH 7West$65,249.60$0.00
Hawkins II, JohnREGISTERED NURSE - LEVEL CUMH 7West$64,937.60$0.00
Sun, YiREGISTERED NURSE - LEVEL CUMH 7West$64,937.60$0.00
Benedetto, ElizabethREGISTERED NURSE - LEVEL CUMH 7West$64,022.40$0.00
Brabbs, RobertREGISTERED NURSE - LEVEL CUMH 7West$64,022.40$0.00
Gehrke, NatalieREGISTERED NURSE - LEVEL CUMH 7West$64,022.40$0.00
Hughes, AlexREGISTERED NURSE - LEVEL CUMH 7West$64,022.40$0.00
LaBarge, Ashley LynnREGISTERED NURSE - LEVEL CUMH 7West$64,022.40$0.00
Lanski, MeredithREGISTERED NURSE - LEVEL CUMH 7West$64,022.40$0.00
Loftus, MarcREGISTERED NURSE - LEVEL CUMH 7West$64,022.40$0.00
Perroud, KaylaREGISTERED NURSE - LEVEL CUMH 7West$64,022.40$0.00
Rossini, CarolineREGISTERED NURSE - LEVEL CUMH 7West$64,022.40$0.00
Sherwood, EmilyREGISTERED NURSE - LEVEL CUMH 7West$64,022.40$0.00
Spears, Courtney LeeREGISTERED NURSE - LEVEL CUMH 7West$64,022.40$0.00
Woo, CharisREGISTERED NURSE - LEVEL CUMH 7West$64,022.40$0.00
Zabel, NicoleREGISTERED NURSE - LEVEL CUMH 7West$64,022.40$0.00
Zalewski, AaronREGISTERED NURSE - LEVEL CUMH 7West$64,022.40$0.00
Bearse, VictoriaREGISTERED NURSE - LEVEL AUMH 7West$63,918.40$0.00
Henry, MeganREGISTERED NURSE - LEVEL AUMH 7West$63,918.40$0.00
Hnilicka, Morgan FREGISTERED NURSE - LEVEL AUMH 7West$63,918.40$0.00
Mouch, HannahREGISTERED NURSE - LEVEL AUMH 7West$63,918.40$0.00
Navarro Gupta, EmmaREGISTERED NURSE - LEVEL AUMH 7West$63,918.40$0.00
Price, JacobREGISTERED NURSE - LEVEL AUMH 7West$63,918.40$0.00
Quin, CrystalREGISTERED NURSE - LEVEL AUMH 7West$63,918.40$0.00
Salata, AbigailREGISTERED NURSE - LEVEL AUMH 7West$63,918.40$0.00
Roehm, Jacki LynnAdmin Asst Sr HealthcareUMH 7West$58,655.29$0.00
Michoski, Janet ReneeAdmin Asst Sr HealthcareUMH 7West$41,720.90$0.00
Cogswell, Lisa BrandiePatient Care Tech AssociateUMH 7West$38,224.42$0.00
Zeidan, FalastinePatient Care Tech AssociateUMH 7West$35,520.82$0.00
Ogbonna, Emmanuel ChukwudiPatient Care Tech AssociateUMH 7West$35,500.11$0.00
Sizemore, Jessica Ann-BranhamPatient Care Tech AssociateUMH 7West$35,283.01$0.00
Philo, Jessica MaePatient Care Tech AssociateUMH 7West$34,835.44$0.00
Ciobanu, Claudia CarmenPatient Care Tech AssociateUMH 7West$32,450.04$0.00
Douthat, Maria NicolePatient Care Tech AssociateUMH 7West$32,137.36$0.00
Purica De Decan, MartaPatient Care Tech AssociateUMH 7West$31,480.29$0.00
Hamilton, MaghenPatient Care Tech AssociateUMH 7West$30,663.51$0.00
Harsh, MeganPatient Care Tech AssociateUMH 7West$30,210.34$0.00
Drallmeier, MadisonPatient Care Tech AssociateUMH 7West$29,910.40$0.00
White, KylePatient Care Tech AssociateUMH 7West$29,910.40$0.00
Miller, TaylorPatient Care Tech AssociateUMH 7West$29,762.24$0.00
Ayles, BrookePatient Care Tech AssociateUMH 7West$29,760.11$0.00

Lists of recent searches of
, LEO Lecturer I UMH 7West
Wozniak, Veneca Elizabeth Info Resources Assistant Assoc DENT Ortho/Peds Dentistry
Kiernan, Kimberly Stoll is director Central Campus W Region
Collins, Kathleen Susan HR Mgmt Top Exec W/IR UMTRI - CMISST
Vitous, Susan M Acquisitions Editor Senior %LSA%Women%Studies%
McCormick-Deaton, Catherine M Brand/product analyst lead Mechanical Engineering
Panyard, Melanie L Surgical tech DENT Budget - Finance
Ranalli, Lauren Ultrasound Practitioner Orthopaedic Surgery
Murphy, Colin student admin % CW Environmental Svs-MN
Miller, Malissa phlebotomist CW Family Center
Morrow, Thomas D Revenue Cycle Accts Rec Dir CW Environmental Svs-EVE