Number of people in UMH 6B1 Department: 69
Maximum Salary$ 113,364.37
Average Salary$ 69,042.87
Minimum Salary$ 33,347.31

Department Results for UMH 6B1 2018-19
NameTitleDepartment FTR (Salary)GF (Amount from General Fund)
Kendziora, Sandra LeeNursing SupervisorUMH 6B1$113,364.37$0.00
Bhullar, Sarabjit KREGISTERED NURSE - LEVEL DUMH 6B1$104,832.00$0.00
Jackson-Terry, Karla MREGISTERED NURSE - LEVEL DUMH 6B1$104,832.00$0.00
Dodson, Kharmyinni GynychiREGISTERED NURSE - LEVEL DUMH 6B1$102,856.00$0.00
Brennan, Judith LeeREGISTERED NURSE - LEVEL CUMH 6B1$101,108.80$0.00
Coleman, Kelly JREGISTERED NURSE - LEVEL CUMH 6B1$101,108.80$0.00
Etchill, Ning JinREGISTERED NURSE - LEVEL CUMH 6B1$101,108.80$0.00
Magiera, Dennis JREGISTERED NURSE - LEVEL CUMH 6B1$101,108.80$0.00
Belger, LoriREGISTERED NURSE - LEVEL CUMH 6B1$99,132.80$0.00
Bitoy, Josephine BayonaREGISTERED NURSE - LEVEL CUMH 6B1$99,132.80$0.00
Castillo, Jojie RellamaREGISTERED NURSE - LEVEL CUMH 6B1$99,132.80$0.00
Chintoan, CameliaREGISTERED NURSE - LEVEL CUMH 6B1$99,132.80$0.00
Gallardo, Zenaida AlmedaREGISTERED NURSE - LEVEL CUMH 6B1$99,132.80$0.00
Geiermann, MargaretREGISTERED NURSE - LEVEL CUMH 6B1$99,132.80$0.00
Leonor, Gina LaurelREGISTERED NURSE - LEVEL CUMH 6B1$99,132.80$0.00
Obaseki, AdesuwaREGISTERED NURSE - LEVEL CUMH 6B1$99,132.80$0.00
Tushek-Dearmond, Lisa AnnREGISTERED NURSE - LEVEL CUMH 6B1$99,132.80$0.00
Nkachukwu, Clare ChisaraREGISTERED NURSE - LEVEL CUMH 6B1$93,600.00$0.00
Villanueva, NicoleREGISTERED NURSE - LEVEL CUMH 6B1$93,600.00$0.00
Ibardaloza, Janice TiocsonREGISTERED NURSE - LEVEL CUMH 6B1$84,864.00$0.00
Slater, James CREGISTERED NURSE - LEVEL CUMH 6B1$84,864.00$0.00
Jiang, HuaREGISTERED NURSE - LEVEL CUMH 6B1$81,993.60$0.00
Fish, MichelleREGISTERED NURSE - LEVEL CUMH 6B1$79,227.20$0.00
Bielinki, FranciscoREGISTERED NURSE - LEVEL CUMH 6B1$76,544.00$0.00
Howell, Sarah MREGISTERED NURSE - LEVEL CUMH 6B1$76,544.00$0.00
Vitins, IngaEDUC NURSE COORD - COMPETENTUMH 6B1$76,065.60$0.00
Del Valle, AliceREGISTERED NURSE - LEVEL CUMH 6B1$71,468.80$0.00
Balch, LeslieREGISTERED NURSE - LEVEL CUMH 6B1$69,035.20$0.00
Frankfort, Megan KathleenREGISTERED NURSE - LEVEL CUMH 6B1$69,035.20$0.00
Demyan, RachelREGISTERED NURSE - LEVEL CUMH 6B1$64,937.60$0.00
Graves, CindyREGISTERED NURSE - LEVEL CUMH 6B1$64,937.60$0.00
Harteg II, CharlesREGISTERED NURSE - LEVEL CUMH 6B1$64,937.60$0.00
Slayton, CatherineREGISTERED NURSE - LEVEL CUMH 6B1$64,937.60$0.00
Vogel, AlexanderREGISTERED NURSE - LEVEL CUMH 6B1$64,937.60$0.00
Zimmerman, Ashley RuthREGISTERED NURSE - LEVEL CUMH 6B1$64,937.60$0.00
Bush, AshleyREGISTERED NURSE - LEVEL CUMH 6B1$64,022.40$0.00
Dede, SuzanREGISTERED NURSE - LEVEL CUMH 6B1$64,022.40$0.00
Geniac, AliciaREGISTERED NURSE - LEVEL CUMH 6B1$64,022.40$0.00
Hurley, MorganREGISTERED NURSE - LEVEL CUMH 6B1$64,022.40$0.00
Marsack, JessicaREGISTERED NURSE - LEVEL CUMH 6B1$64,022.40$0.00
Parker, LaurenREGISTERED NURSE - LEVEL CUMH 6B1$64,022.40$0.00
Spalding, JesseREGISTERED NURSE - LEVEL CUMH 6B1$64,022.40$0.00
Spindleman, BrittanyREGISTERED NURSE - LEVEL CUMH 6B1$64,022.40$0.00
Strain, JohnREGISTERED NURSE - LEVEL CUMH 6B1$64,022.40$0.00
Williams, LisaREGISTERED NURSE - LEVEL CUMH 6B1$64,022.40$0.00
Abbott, KelsieREGISTERED NURSE - LEVEL AUMH 6B1$63,918.40$0.00
Aguillon, HaileyREGISTERED NURSE - LEVEL AUMH 6B1$63,918.40$0.00
Gasior, Grace PatriciaREGISTERED NURSE - LEVEL AUMH 6B1$63,918.40$0.00
Gawkowski, TracyREGISTERED NURSE - LEVEL AUMH 6B1$63,918.40$0.00
Guminik, ParisREGISTERED NURSE - LEVEL AUMH 6B1$63,918.40$0.00
Radney, MyeshaREGISTERED NURSE - LEVEL AUMH 6B1$63,918.40$0.00
Speer, JenniferAdmin Asst Sr HealthcareUMH 6B1$42,618.83$0.00
Atiefu, Mavis StellaNURSE AIDE IIUMH 6B1$37,273.60$0.00
Borton, ShamNURSE AIDE IIUMH 6B1$37,273.60$0.00
Bush, Kendra LNURSE AIDE IIUMH 6B1$37,273.60$0.00
Cummings, CrystalNURSE AIDE IIUMH 6B1$37,273.60$0.00
Egbuogu, ChinweNURSE AIDE IIUMH 6B1$37,273.60$0.00
Ghiorghiu, PetrutaNURSE AIDE IIUMH 6B1$37,273.60$0.00
Leach, Kristen NNURSE AIDE IIUMH 6B1$37,273.60$0.00
McLaughlin, Cromer DNURSE AIDE IIUMH 6B1$37,273.60$0.00
Nastepniak, MelissaNURSE AIDE IIUMH 6B1$37,273.60$0.00
Olson, RebekahNURSE AIDE IIUMH 6B1$37,273.60$0.00
Powell, Ashley ElizabethNURSE AIDE IIUMH 6B1$37,273.60$0.00
Simon, CourtneyNURSE AIDE IIUMH 6B1$37,273.60$0.00
Swasey, CianaNURSE AIDE IIUMH 6B1$37,273.60$0.00
Voivod, JohnnyNURSE AIDE IIUMH 6B1$37,273.60$0.00
Williams III, BrodisNURSE AIDE IIUMH 6B1$37,273.60$0.00
Ramsey, TaylorNURSE AIDE IIUMH 6B1$36,171.20$0.00
Fortson, Brian KUnit HostUMH 6B1$33,347.31$0.00

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