Number of people in UMH -Admissions Bed Coordinate Department: 38
Maximum Salary$ 97,957.35
Average Salary$ 66,721.16
Minimum Salary$ 32,447.38

Department Results for UMH -Admissions Bed Coordinate 2018-19
NameTitleDepartment FTR (Salary)GF (Amount from General Fund)
Herbst, EricaNursing SupervisorUMH -Admissions Bed Coordinate$97,957.35$0.00
Hart, Lashon CPatient Placement CoordinatorUMH -Admissions Bed Coordinate$96,990.00$0.00
Magiera, Gwendolyn LPatient Placement CoordinatorUMH -Admissions Bed Coordinate$96,990.00$0.00
Miller, Jennifer SPatient Placement CoordinatorUMH -Admissions Bed Coordinate$96,990.00$0.00
Pendell, Bethany APatient Placement CoordinatorUMH -Admissions Bed Coordinate$96,990.00$0.00
Hicks, Rachel ShiannPatient Placement CoordinatorUMH -Admissions Bed Coordinate$95,663.25$0.00
Zawadzki, Lisa MPatient Placement CoordinatorUMH -Admissions Bed Coordinate$91,198.92$0.00
Snider, Teresa GAdmission Triage CoordinatorUMH -Admissions Bed Coordinate$88,664.99$0.00
Carley, Joan CourtoisAdmission Triage CoordinatorUMH -Admissions Bed Coordinate$86,540.64$0.00
El-Sulayman, Jinnah SaharAdmission Triage CoordinatorUMH -Admissions Bed Coordinate$86,540.63$0.00
Wiggins, KristiPatient Placement CoordinatorUMH -Admissions Bed Coordinate$85,909.25$0.00
Wroblewski, Erin ElizabethAdmission Triage CoordinatorUMH -Admissions Bed Coordinate$83,671.29$0.00
Sergent, AllisonPatient Placement CoordinatorUMH -Admissions Bed Coordinate$83,086.20$0.00
Ryan, ErinPatient Placement CoordinatorUMH -Admissions Bed Coordinate$82,380.57$0.00
La Londe, Christine AAdmission Triage CoordinatorUMH -Admissions Bed Coordinate$79,621.92$0.00
McLean, BarbaraAdmission Triage CoordinatorUMH -Admissions Bed Coordinate$77,464.02$0.00
Sherman, AngelaPatient Placement CoordinatorUMH -Admissions Bed Coordinate$76,570.40$0.00
Sims, SantrellAdmission Triage CoordinatorUMH -Admissions Bed Coordinate$75,897.65$0.00
Kuempel, Crystal SaraAdmission Triage CoordinatorUMH -Admissions Bed Coordinate$71,956.69$0.00
Pudlo, AmandaPatient Placement CoordinatorUMH -Admissions Bed Coordinate$71,099.71$0.00
Eller, JoiPatient Placement CoordinatorUMH -Admissions Bed Coordinate$67,556.05$0.00
Orr, NeaarahAdmission Triage CoordinatorUMH -Admissions Bed Coordinate$64,591.32$0.00
Ianni, Darcy AAdmission Triage CoordinatorUMH -Admissions Bed Coordinate$63,681.79$0.00
Marquardt, Shannon MAdmission Triage CoordinatorUMH -Admissions Bed Coordinate$63,287.52$0.00
Steiner, Danielle ChristinePatient Placement CoordinatorUMH -Admissions Bed Coordinate$62,128.57$0.00
Truxall Jr, Eugene LPatient Services IntermediateUMH -Admissions Bed Coordinate$48,253.08$0.00
Raymer, Victoria RPatient Services IntermediateUMH -Admissions Bed Coordinate$47,138.44$0.00
Ziegler, Richard APatient Services IntermediateUMH -Admissions Bed Coordinate$46,826.02$0.00
Rombyer, Jessica HelenPatient Services IntermediateUMH -Admissions Bed Coordinate$37,073.02$0.00
Warford, KenishaPatient Services IntermediateUMH -Admissions Bed Coordinate$37,057.02$0.00
Pennington, EricPatient Services IntermediateUMH -Admissions Bed Coordinate$35,801.06$0.00
Atowo, DesmondPatient Services IntermediateUMH -Admissions Bed Coordinate$35,564.35$0.00
Wuellner, CherylPatient Services IntermediateUMH -Admissions Bed Coordinate$35,087.73$0.00
Woodard, DavidPatient Services IntermediateUMH -Admissions Bed Coordinate$35,066.24$0.00
Zywicki, BethanyPatient Services IntermediateUMH -Admissions Bed Coordinate$34,994.96$0.00
Isse, AbubakarPatient Services IntermediateUMH -Admissions Bed Coordinate$33,505.38$0.00
Namfukwe, MwakaPatient Services IntermediateUMH -Admissions Bed Coordinate$33,160.71$0.00
DeVee, MorganPatient Services IntermediateUMH -Admissions Bed Coordinate$32,447.38$0.00

Lists of recent searches of
, Allied Health Associate Supr UMH -Admissions Bed Coordinate
Svihra, Breanne OR INSTRUMENT PROCESSOR I UMH Oper Rooms - UH - Inst
Chambers, Marsha Ann Maria Safety% CW Oper Room-Mott-Instr
Carey, Lori J CUSTODIAN II UMH Environmental Svcs - DAYS
Henderson, Communications Specialist UMH CW Activa-CSS
LeBlanc, Diana L clinical info% UMH CW Activa-OR
Chardenet, Kathleen A UNIT CUSTODIAN UMH Environmental Svcs-EVE
Welch, Jason R OR INSTRUMENT PROC II UMH Oper Room-Mott-Instr
Henderson, N Env Ophthalm%
Ford, Nicholas Psychologist MA LSA communication studies
Overpeck, Jonathan Taylor %Business Analyst% %construction%